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Who is responsible for getting Tannehill hit?

Nine sacks in two games. That's a lot.

That's the second-worst mark in the NFL right now. The Dolphins are getting quarterback Ryan Tannehill hit way too often so far this year. And it's one reason the quarterback is nursing a shoulder issue that had him missing part of practice on both Tuesday and Wednesday -- although the club was only required to report Tannehill's limitation on Wednesday.

Nine sacks is what the Dolphins have given up. The team has also given up 18 hurries.

So it's the offensive line, right?

Well, right. But not totally right.

Each member of the Dolphins offensive line has thus far given up at least half a sack this year.

LT Jonathan Martin has yielded one.

LG Richie Incognito has yielded half a sack.

C Mike Pouncey has yielded half a sack.

RG John Jerry has yielded a sack.

And RT Tyson Clabo has given up three sacks.

Clabo and Martin lead the Dolphins with six hurries allowed each. John Jerry has yielded five hurries by my count.

But it doesn't end there.

As tight ends and running backs also have pass protection duties for the Dolphins, they also are responsible for giving up hits on Tannehill.

Running backs Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas each has allowed a sack on Tannehill. Oh yeah, and Tannehill is also responsible on getting hit occasionally when he holds the ball too long.

One sack the Dolphins gave up is probably being charged to a blocker but I put it on Tannehill. He held the ball too long. He basically got himself sacked in my book. So one sack allowed for him.

“Yeah, I had one in the game where I had all day," Tannehill said Wednesday. "We repped the play in practice several times and obviously it played out well in practice, it didn’t play out so well in the game and I didn’t have the right reaction to get rid of the ball and that is what it comes down to. The offensive line did a great job giving me all day to throw, it just a matter of getting the ball out."

Now that his right shoulder is dinged, Tannehill might be wise to get the ball out quicker. And yes, the Dolphins have to tighten up the protection of their quarterback.

All of them apparently.


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take this FIRTS!!!

wHERE YOU AT FIRTS.How does it feel to be third.

major issue.....not a shocker, but a little surprising, to see this many hits/sacks.....Im hoping Clabo just needs time to adjust and learn the offense (the guy shouldnt suck)--and Sherman has to help alot too......call plays to get the ball out quickly, at least for a game or two--none of its ideal but gotta address it.....and TH has to do a much better job too, of getting rid of the ball, rolling out, etc--9 sacks is no only embarrassing, its gonna land our QB on the sideline

Tannehills pocket awareness is not that great, hopefully it gets better with playing time.

Believe the hurries and sacks will increase in each of the next three games

Tannehill had a nice lil run and earned his
300 passing YDs against the colts as expected and by the NFL deciding to give the Dolphins the win, .... seems us fans quickly 4get:
The officials took away 2 TDs in a row scored by the Colts
The second TD the officials claimed Reggie Wayne was in motion (lol)
Wayne is allowed to be in motion by NFL rules

The NFL took away the TD and the Colts win
Is a nice feel good story the Dolphins are winning

Tannehill averaging 1 Passing TD per game
PFF ranks the Stay Puff Marshmallow man near last again this season

So thank God
Jeff Ireland had an outstanding 2013 FA

Go Dolphins!

Home has the Miami Dolphins beating Hotlanta by 10

Oh Yeah
Dolphins by 10

have a HAARPy day! ;)

Truth (from the last blog),

You hang onto this argument that Trent Richardsom isn't anything special as a running back because he had ONE receiving TD last year. We first of all, he's not that type of back. He's a straight ahead, power back in the same mold as AP. the Browns used him in thesame way (only problem is they have no line and no weapons). madr Richardson's job much harder.

But the real CLINCHER for me istat AP, the best back inth game today, only had ONE receiving TD last year too. In ract, he's had one in EACH of the last four years he's played. By your argument, would you ALSO say he's 'nothing special'?

And this idea that he's a 'bust' because the Browns got rid of him already? You make it seem like the Browns or Lomnbardi don't et it wrong very often. The reality is they are one of the sadest franchises in pro sports cause they get it wrong very often.

Last point, Truth:

Marvin Lewis, head coach of the Bengals is glad to see Richardson leave the division. They go toCleveland next week. 'I feel a little better about that. He's a fine player and I think he has a big career ahead of him'.

Notice he didn't say anything about him having one receiving TD last year or his YPC last year or him being a 'third overall bust'. The guy seems quite relieved tht he's out of the division. Interesting,

I think its time to take advantage of one of T-Hills attributes and one that is prevalent in the NFL of 2013. It is one that always exist in a young QB coming out of college, the ability to roll out and move the pocket, and the target (himself).So ad another name to the list of culprits, the coaches.

72 sax?
need 8 qb's.

Some and maybe most of it falls on THill himself, I think it was Dashi who pointed out the game still maybe a little too fast for him, but he's still learning. This maybe very true.

Also note....

1- in a WCO with 1 to 5 receiver sets, including a tight end, the QB has to go through it's progressions to hit the open receiver. In today's NFL with all the focus on speed, the QB only has a FEW (2-3) seconds to make a right decision and hit the receiver quickly and accurate.

This is one of the reasons for the "dink & dunk," type of offense. Timing and progressions due to lack of time for the QB.

2- the offense O line can only be reasonably expected to give 2-3 seconds time, anything longer would probably cause a lot of holding penalties and as we saw our line (including the whole team) didn't get flagged. That's remarkable, an awesome stat!

THill probably needs to go through a 1-2 progression in his head or what he thinks the defense is giving, PRIOR to the play going off no matter what the receiver set is, could be 1-5 receivers lined up but he's only going to do a 1-2 player look.

3- Marino was famous for the quick release, it's been stated the THill has a quick release also. He'll use that quick release, but needs to incorporate more pump fakes to make the line jump due to the batted balls. If we can get the run game going, play-action would really help and maybe some roll-outs.

Needs to develop the "look offs," Marino was amazing at this, he would be looking down a receiver then quickly turn his head and fire the ball to another. I remeber in an interview with Edwin Pope, he was asked "how do you do that?" He said he knew where the other receiver would be.

No wonder Marino would get SOOOOO pissed off if they ran the route wrong, and get in the receivers face. I remember Marino having the WTF look in his eyes at times when talking to Clayton, Duper, Moore, etc.

No doubt, if he keeps getting hit he won't last the whole season. I like Moore as a backup, but a backup that never puts the clip board down. Cuz it seems every time he gets put into a game...sure enough he turns it over.

4- picking up a solid O-Liner at this stage of the game is extremely difficult. Most teams are like us, injuries and still trying to feel out their own problems. It takes a long time for an O-line to mesh, I don't see any team trading or releasing a decent O player. It's probably either scraps or off the pratice squad.

Hoping that our coaches have a diamond in the rough with Watson, the supposed 1st round bust from Philly. Maybe he'll do better in our system? Many times a player who busts out on a team will turn it around with another, just look around the league and you"ll see many FINS players on other teams.

Nice way to skew stats there Home ... try it this way ...

I was wrong about Tannehill ... he is a very good NFL QB... I was wrong ... I act like I know it all but I don't know most.

I was also wrong about Cam Newton ... he's a pile of crap

If oyu just said that ... it would look a lot better on you.

By the way, don't neglect to mention the three rushing TDs that got to the red zoen through passing plays on Tannehill's arm.

He's been better than Kaep, Luck, and RG3, and probably Wilson through two weeks. Thanks for coming out, eh!

We can beat Atlanta!!!

GO FINS!!!! JUST DO IT !!!!!

If these guys can remain healthy they will pull it together...I am more troubled by the whiff "blocks" I have seen our RBs "make"...Hell I even saw Pouncey get beat pretty bad last week...the unit will figure it out...but tannehill most certainly needs better adjustments in the pocket to help them out...

Craig, Richardson is nothign special. he was a bad pick 4th overall... power back with no special moves or speed. And Cleveland has no line??? They have Alex Mack and Joe Thomas and three times the line Indy has ...either way, Cleveland is a mess... keep finding new ways to be awful.

BY the way nice butt slide yesterday ... best butt moment since mark Sanchez' butt fumble.

Seems like an entire team effort by Mando's stats but Clabo indeed needs to pick it up. He was a lot better in Atlanta. And Jerry, put down that porkchop and do some cardio!!

U have to be set when the ball is snapped so that was the right call

I will take it.

If we can sit here and complain that our biggest problem is that we give up to many sacks. I can take that.

The Line also wasn't Run Blocking week 1. So it hasn't showed a lot in the 2 games.

Atlanta doesn't have a pass rusher that strikes fear to me. And they just lost their MLB.

We need to be able to run the ball successfully on Sunday. L.Miller and D.Thomas need to get at least 100 yds between the two of them.

As long as Tannehill doesn't turn the ball over I'm OK with him getting sacked. Clabo needs to tighten up.

At least we know what our First 2 picks in next years draft will be. RT and RG.

I would even make it a LT. And make the Rookie and J.Martin compete in Camp. The Loser moves to RT.

Say it with me. Even though he will probably get hurt this year and She didn't want to sign with Miami even though Ireland was offering More. We Should've Signed Jake Long.

I also blame M.Moore for not signing Jake Long. If the Fins would've resigned Henne instead of M.Moore, J.Long would've stayed in Miami.

But I agree with the coaches. Henne would've been a Distraction for Tannehill. M.Moore knows his role.


I look forward to having this conversation with you and Truth down the road. I'll stick with my original point, that the Colts just got themselves back into the playoff race. Kudos to them. If Richardson stays healthy I believe he'll flourish in Indy.

Note to whoever has him in the pool : i' minterested in acquiring him.

@9:21, of course it was the right call. Home just doesn't know how to say he is wrong ... all that dung he talked about Tannehill before the season looks bad on him now.

Dashi, yeah I was with you on Long but f*** him. He could've jsut as easily stayed. Leadership council my buttocks - he was a fraud. He's a turncoat and not a Dolphin. With that stupid Michigan tattoo on his arm - he can go suck a fat one ... he was no Richmond Webb.

I think everyone is happy that while the other rookies were running a Gimmick Offense. Sherman had Tannehill running a Real NFL Offense from the Pocket with No Receivers. And No Real RB. Last Season. Tannehill is further along in his development than the other QBs.

Reggie Bush wouldn't have finished that game with an 8 yard run like L.Miller. It was either him or the Safety getting a Concussion.

Tannehill didn't even have to throw it once in that last drive.

Dashi, Long hated Sourh Florida hea a Midwest type of guy. The Dolphins offer was on par with the Rams he just stuck it to the Dolphin

Shoulda signed Jake Long and Vontae Leach.

Wow, im surprised the Dolphin OL allowed one sack let alone 9. The OL was supposed to be a Dolphin strong suit? Ireland hasn't paid enough attention to the OL, this yr nor last yr, nor the yr before. Mondo wonders why Miller cant make people miss and the answer is the OL sucks, stinks, no talent. And everyone was so excited after the Cleveland game, Dolphins got real lucky (no other word) at Indy. Atlanta is gonna to be a different story. Keep in mind Atlanta let Claybo walk for a reason, GMs never seem to understand that concept.

Thats right Mark. F long in his F'N a@@

I am done with long. I'm just saying that if someone wants to say we should've kept 1 Free Agent from last Season. It isn't Reggie Bush. It was Jake Long. He would have had a better role this season.

Long was already poisoned from hanging around Dansby and B.Marshall to long.

Incognito did his job. If we can for the right price, I would try and keep Incognito for the rest of his Career(2-3years). You want to set an example to the other players. At the right price though. Incognito needs to know the market is tough.

Mando, I'm disappointed. For a guy who's working with PFF, you're data is off.

Martin, Incognito, Jerry, and Clabo all allowed 1 sack in week 1. In week 2, Pouncey allowed 1/2 a sack, Clabo allowed 2 1/2 sacks, and Clay and Thomas each allowed 1 sack.

The sacks dont concern me a TON if T-Sizzle can avoid the direct hits...or being driven into the ground...be light of foot bruddah!!! They can be DRIVE KILLERS though...

Tanny is slow making decisions too.

...This is a prime example of why we had better run the ball...If we cannot figure it out(we did a pretty good job last week) Tannehill isn't going to play 16 games..IMO

Give him the Otto Delaney wake up call!!

Dashi, Ireland tried ... treated him fairly ... nothing more we could've done.

Think Cleveland would give up Joe Thomas for Miami's 2nd round pick, giving them 2 picks in each of the first three rounds? ... I know its wishful thinking but I would never want to assume that the Browns would ever want to make a smart decision.

...On the Richardson trade..A win win for both teams.. The Colts want to protect Luck. For a lot of the same reasons we need to find a running game. The Colts know that Luck will end up taking to many hits. Their new offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton is a power run guy. He isn't Bruce Arians who wants to throw it down the field ala Norv Turner.

The Browns get a great deal as well. What a statement by the new regime. Good for them. They get a first round pick for a position that is important..Very important. But is it a position that you need to spend a top 5 pick on, even first round??? So to me they got good value. add to it they will probably be have a premium choice in the draft. And now they can once again rebuild for the future underneath the vision of their new regime. If that position includes quarterback..Good for them. It is a new era. These guys aren't going to get the time they used to to prove themselves. I think people in Cleveland have seen everything they need to see out of their guy Weeden.

I still can't believe the colts pull off that trade.

They're going to be a problem

The Colts IMO aren't any different as a team than they were on Tuesday...added a power runner to the offense...and thats cool...but its not a move that will propel them to some next level...AND...no #1 pick next year...I personally don't think it is a bad move...but one that lacks a little vision...

DD, how bad was it when Cleveland

a) had a top five pick and then traded downa dn down again to only end up with a C. A good one but still - fans go into the draft with a top 5 picka nd end with a C. Bah

b) have two first round picks - staring right at RG3 and they just let Washington leapfrog them when they are armed with two first round picks and then subsequently spend those two first picks on players who won't be on their roster come opening day next year.

And then people fly banners for Ireland .. they don't know how much worse it can be

I actually think he injured his shoulder when his arm was held back on the throw they called a fumble. That's the first time he started shaking his arm as if he were in pain. You can pull all kinds of muscles and tendons in your shoulder if you're in the process of throwing and your arm is held back.

Home knows that Tannehill will def lose to Hotlanta but

the Homer in Home will take/hope Dolphins by 10 points

Last year I was laughing my arse off when the Browns actually traded UP to get Richardson. You never take a RB in the top ten anymore unless they are very special like Adrian Peterson. RB's are less valued now that the NFL is a pass happy league, and 2 back systems are almost a necessity. Richardson benefitted alot from Alambama's close-to-NFL-caliber offensive line, just like Mark Ingram the year before. That is why Eddie Lacy was not taken in the 1st round. These are 2nd round backs at best.

I'm with jack - next year's draft will be filled with OTs in the teen picks and you cna always find a quality RB in the 2nd round. Richardson has shown to be only meh so far despite having two very good linemen in front of him. Indy loves burning picks too - 2nd for Vontae, first for Trent ... I don't know if they will have enough ammo to build a team around Luck very soon.

Home, you don't know jack... no offense to Jack.

Home knows that Tannehill will def lose to Hotlanta but

the Homer in Home will take/hope Dolphins by 10 points

10 points - Fins Up !

So shouldn't people be talking about Ryan Tannehill in a better light now considering the facts? The guy is getting hit at a record breaking rate and has little to know running game with three tight ends with little to no experience and he's still putting up respectable numbers.

I'm no Tannehill apologist,. But what's fair is fair. If we're going to pick apart every single shortcoming shouldn't these facts also be taken into account?

no not know, smh

...Mark..Yeah it was bad there. But they have new guys. Lets see what they do. They haven't had any luck with their first round guy(injury bug as well)..if your a Browns fane. You have to hope this new regime has it together. Part of that is finding the quarterback. I think that the mistake Cleveland made was drafting a 30 year old rookie quarterback. If I was a Cleveland fan I would be hoping they would make a move, and stop with this fantasy that Weeden will be the guy someday..

He may be..But by the time he figures it out(if he ever does)..He will be 33-34 years old..How much good does he do at that point? Weeden had to be good right away for that experiment to work.

Sorry Truth, Craig schooled you at 8:28. Dems da facts!

Tannehill is having a great year as opposed to last season

Tannehill is one pace to match
Peyton Manning's 1st game TD performance

Of course it will take
Tannehill on pace in 7 games to match what
Peyton did in 1 game, his very 1st of the season

There u go
Tannehill = 1 Passing TD per game

which is a marketable improvement over last season

Go Phins !

Dashi great call on the gimmick offenses. Who knows how long they will last, defenses always adjust and already this year there are less option plays being taken by the qb.

And I would have to say your reasoning is sound. How are the qbs going to do if they don't have that wrinkle protecting them. I think Kaepernick is the only one who would come out on top in that scenario. Tannehill has definitelty got his reps in when it comes to pocket passing.

John Jerry = Another Irescum bust

Home, he's also on pace to go 16-0 and put up 23.5 points a game. Just because 3 of the teams scores were runs you shouldn't penalize him.

who in the hell is Vontae Leach? That player does not exist. I love when very stupid people make comments.

Tannehill is TOO SLOW getting rid of the ball. He doesn't ever seem to know WHERE his receiver is. Watch the good QB's 2 seconds later ball in the air and accurate. Tannehill is always looking and running. Terrible. Not a GREAT QB. He needs some sessions with Marino to practice 1,2, throw!

Good point NeMo

Now if u want to make that wager
that TanneFAIL will go 16-0
please see Home's publicist and of course we take
Visa /MC/ AmEX and Pay Pal

Fact is TanneFAIL
will never even have a game this season as good as Mike Vicks last week in a loss
Vick over 400 YDs 3 Passing TDs 1 Rushing TDs No INTS

My God
Imagine if Tannehill was responsible for 4 TDs over 400 YDs and No Ints against a real team ?

the Kool Aid drinkers would wet themselves

... just saying

have a HAARPy day ;)

None taken...
And agreed...Indy should have been eyeing a lineman with that first pick...whether it be OL or DL...I mean Irsay himself said they NEEDED to protect Luck BETTER...now they arent eyeing anything until day 2...and a mid to later day 2 pick at that...they felt good at RB until they lost theirs for this year...you signed Jacobs who looked pretty strong against us for the most part...just lack of vision IMO...no one is going to the Super Bowl on the back of their RB...just ask Minnesota...

Salguero, the answer to your question is IRELAND. He's the responsible for the sacks. After several 1st and 2nd rnd picks he never managed to fix the OL problem. He even fired Long. This is unacceptable for a GM.
About T-hill, what do you want, whether he holds the ball or he gets intercepted. He has 5 seconds or so to decide what's the best. Do you want to exchage 1/2 sack for an interception ?
The OL has been an eternal problem within the Dolphins during Ireland's bad management, period.

My bold predictions is Hartline and Wallace will each go over 1000 yards this season. With 6 TD each. Gibson with 650 and 3 TD

Whhaaaaaa? Looking and running? How in the hell do Gibson, Hartline,Wallace, and Clay have the numbers they do? Why are Clay and Gibson two of the hottest pickups in fantasy football right now?

Must be because their qb sucks. Glad the blog hit trolls are back. I'm out , see ya.

100's of excuses for Ryan Tannehill? Same ones we heard for Henne?


Yesterday you responded to a post of mine about the Fins getting media love, I said I didn't like or need the attention. You said more media attention brings more TV pre-game analysis and more Dolphin coverage. That's something that didn't occur to me....great point. Thanks!

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