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Who is responsible for getting Tannehill hit?

Nine sacks in two games. That's a lot.

That's the second-worst mark in the NFL right now. The Dolphins are getting quarterback Ryan Tannehill hit way too often so far this year. And it's one reason the quarterback is nursing a shoulder issue that had him missing part of practice on both Tuesday and Wednesday -- although the club was only required to report Tannehill's limitation on Wednesday.

Nine sacks is what the Dolphins have given up. The team has also given up 18 hurries.

So it's the offensive line, right?

Well, right. But not totally right.

Each member of the Dolphins offensive line has thus far given up at least half a sack this year.

LT Jonathan Martin has yielded one.

LG Richie Incognito has yielded half a sack.

C Mike Pouncey has yielded half a sack.

RG John Jerry has yielded a sack.

And RT Tyson Clabo has given up three sacks.

Clabo and Martin lead the Dolphins with six hurries allowed each. John Jerry has yielded five hurries by my count.

But it doesn't end there.

As tight ends and running backs also have pass protection duties for the Dolphins, they also are responsible for giving up hits on Tannehill.

Running backs Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas each has allowed a sack on Tannehill. Oh yeah, and Tannehill is also responsible on getting hit occasionally when he holds the ball too long.

One sack the Dolphins gave up is probably being charged to a blocker but I put it on Tannehill. He held the ball too long. He basically got himself sacked in my book. So one sack allowed for him.

“Yeah, I had one in the game where I had all day," Tannehill said Wednesday. "We repped the play in practice several times and obviously it played out well in practice, it didn’t play out so well in the game and I didn’t have the right reaction to get rid of the ball and that is what it comes down to. The offensive line did a great job giving me all day to throw, it just a matter of getting the ball out."

Now that his right shoulder is dinged, Tannehill might be wise to get the ball out quicker. And yes, the Dolphins have to tighten up the protection of their quarterback.

All of them apparently.


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I agree NJ but Sherman couldnt utilize Bush last year in this manner and I dont see him changing that much.. This offense could be alot more dangerous than it is..

agree on Howie ....oh and the ABOSLUTE WORST.....Heath Evans!!

Missing Reggie Bush & Jake Long

matty,and i was screaming last year for sherman to get Bush out in space then too...Just can't fathom why he won't implement it.....also RT needs to have a back to check down to when the pocket collapses....Marino used Nathan, Page and Byars regularly and would get 8-10 yard a clip consistently

hahaa, matty, from down the street from me ... wow, he's a clown but made a little bit of money for himself I guess ... good for him.

Snow, the white Canadian rastafarian rapper ... who knew there was a market for that?

Unless Sherman is just stubborn because he has had past success and thinks he knows it all... but those that dont change get left behind which could be why he has been fired.. we shall see

At least in the 1990's there was a small market.. Same market for Marky Marky and the Funky bunch

Well he did listen to Wallace, so maybe Miller needs to mouth off about some screen plays...lol not likely from a second year unproven back....

NJ I think Philbin listened to Wallace and Sherman listened to Philbin lol

lol that's probably true too....it's just so freaking frustrating that we and the majority of ppl i've seen on this blog can all see something that the OC can't...

and I'm not advocating that we should've kept Bush ,but it's not surprising that when Detroit utilized him in this fashion ,he went off....

It might not be that he cant see it but doesnt believe in or wants it a part of "his" offense... but thats hard to believe bc at the end of the day its the W and L columns that count so Id think he'd want to do whatever it takes..

agreed, but more to the point,it actually accoplishes a twofold purpose...getting Miller out in space as well as keeping the d-line honest


he must believe in the screen to some degree as Wallace scored on a receiver screen...

"A trade for a unicorn is more likely"
...HAHAHAH!!! Nice...

I dont want to sound like a queer or anything...but I think unicorns are kickass!!!

will show tally score @ 1:30pm....

guys, I'm sure Sherman (and Philbin) are trying to get Miller in space (and did for Bush too) but its not that simple-other teams know that too, so they shadow those guys, or blitz to keep the RBs in......coverage/defense often dictates that too--you really think Philbin, who was the OC in a creative GB offense, doesnt want to create space for these RBs?--alot of factos dictate that....and Bush "went off" for 1 game, so relax...he's good, but the fact that he was in space surprised nobody I'm sure.

Deaners, Schlereth is one i like to listen to and get some pretty good insight from as well

Benz, yes but the screen pass has always been used to beat the blitz,and usually result in big gains when called against a blitz...

We're all asking the wrong questions. The question needs to be: Is Tannehill better now than Montana in his prime? Maybe not, but it's a close call.

and since we're playing a little with house money at 2-0, I'd max protect for TH vs Atlanta, and/or roll him out more--until we can get a better handle on/improve our protection, max protect to keep him upright, and hope our WRs can win enough of their matchups--our WRs are pretty good, and Wallace should be able to do that at times with his speed.....and his 60 mill--run the ball and when passing, be creative and send 2-3 guys out

also, this is Sherman's offense from A&M as we have all heard how that has helped RT's development being comfortable in the system...It's not Philbin's system from GB

for this game I agree with you as Falcons pass rush isn't very formidable with only 2 sacks in two games,and they have two rookie corners starting against hartline and wallace...recipe for success

NJ, PFT pointed out that Miller was wide open on a wheel route on the first pass to Wallace. I think Sherman is aware of Miller's potential. I agree we need to get him the ball past the line of scrimmage.

My problem is it seems that the coaches seem concerned about the length of the season and the various player's durability, but Tannehill is getting mugged. Without him, I'm not sure how valuable the other guys are.

If we can keep him healthy, Tannehill will be a top 5 QB by the end of the season.

Everybody, yes and to that point exactly is why the wheel route ,or screen or even shovel pass would effectively slow down a pass rush and aid our o-line to help protect T-hill as well as get our backs involved and make the defense bring safety help up which in turn would open up wallace later on

He did not utilize Bush last year how we are talking.. Detroit did.. The opposing defense knew to be prepared for it and he went off...

I remember vividly,for all the bombs Marino threw to duper,clayton,fryar etc..his patented two minute drills and come from behind victories more often than not would be dinking and dunking in the middle of the field to page,nathan,byars,or Jensen

exactly matty...and i'm sure the defense game planned for bush to be utilized that way and still couldn't stop him...playmakers in open space can use their abilities and speed to negate even a perfectly called defense..

Marino. 1-10 in road P/O's.
Yeah. that 2 minute drill only works at the Orange Bowl

I hear you matty, about Bush, but it was only 1 game against an opponent that wasnt as familiar with him--and he's good, no doubt, so not shocking a very good player went off for 1 game--thats the way it goes sometimes.....just saying that its unlikely he'll continue to produce at that pace, whether he's in space more or not....plus teams will limit that space for him going forward as well

Daryl Dunphy,

Let me start by saying, I usually read all your posts. You are a smart poster who's posts are usually well thought out and well typed(unlike mine) With that being said, I think you are being selfish when it comes to not wanting the Dolphins to get more coverage, because of some dumb analysts.

I think over the years we have earned our negative press or lack thereof. We have been a crappy team that arent very fun to watch. That is changing this year and the media is taking notice. There will always be analysts who will hold certain prejudices against certain teams, we all do.

For me personally, I hate the fact that they have to fill an hour or more of show with stories, clips, etc, yet they would never talk about the Dolphins. I dont remember any particular hate fueled talk about our team by analysts, but I am sure it happens. I dont watch FOX or ESPN for pregame. I usually watch NFL network.

I feel as a true Phin fan we must support our team to the fullest all the way up to the owner. Mr. Ross has tried everything under the sun to make this team a winner and FINALLY he is seeing it come into focus. The reason I bring up Ross, is because more articles , clips ,general Dolphin banter on a national show, helps put money in Ross' pockets. What company wants to invest or sponsor a crappy team that gets no national coverage? Ross has had to buy tickets just so his local fans can watch the game. A better team with coverage will fill the stadium and perhaps get out of town Dolphin fans to come see their team in Miami. More television time can also get our players more accolades or endorsements. All these pregame shows are really just NFL propaganda or free advertisement the teams they cover. We need this team to be covered. We need this team making money,we need our stadium upgraded, we need this team to reclaim their fan base and expand it in the process ,national coverage will help with all these things.

Sorry this got so long winded, but I hope somehow this helped with seeing a bigger picture of national coverage. I would hate to see Dolphin fairweather fans walking around, like Steeler fans. But i have to sit back and realize every shirt, hat, jersey sold, helps our team.

Go Phins!

also matty, Bush had a number of good games for us last year, plenty of times was in space or just had the ability to create and make a play on his own....I dont agree that "we didnt use him" that way--he was very productive for Miami....what, Sherman gets no credit for that?--his teammates blocking for him get no credit?--he had games here that were similar or close to his DET game....

Armando, who picked the groceries for this putrid OL Since 2008.?

whatever....you guys are overdoing it with the Bush situation....remember that he was the #2 pick in the draft, Heisman winner, total stud out of college....forget how you think Sherman did or didnt use him, but could it be that he might just be alot better than Miller?--did you think about that?

That is what is so special about these first two victories! We have been able to throw the ball down field! We have been a dink and dunk, check down team forever.

We are throwing to the wide receivers! And that is exciting.

I know that eventually teams will stop that, but when they do, the dink and dunk will work better. So will the running game.

It is a great time to be a Dolphin fan!!!


Hate Gruden on MNF...

agree about Gruden.....brutal

YES IT IS EVERYBODY!! I've been a Dolphins fan since the Griese,Csonka days and it's been a long time since we've had such a promising start and the potential for success....GO DOLPHINS!!!

it seems the media bias against the dolphins began with JJ squeezing out Shula.....the media was never so negative to the shula led teams...

Of course shula being on the rules committee didn't hurt...lol

I think you did Chef.....why are you asking Mando?

Tony Paige #49 - what a beauty FB

armando,any phinz at camp davie working on the off day?

Mark, yea and he was like a bowling ball after he got rolling...lol tough to bring down...ALWAYS got he 1st on 3rd and short too

We arent talking about giving credit to the linemen that block for him etc... Im just talking about utilizing him off of screens and different routes. He never had a game as a Fin close to what he did in Detroit.. youre right he wont be replicating that game for awhile bc he is hurt..
The point is Sherman did not utilize him as much as he could...
Lets say they shut him down from what he did in his first game as a Lion, thats ok, the receivers open up or maybe thats why he had so much space bc of the threat of the receivers..
I think we just disagree on Sherman actually using him as he needed to be..

I'm really surprised at how bad Clabo has been. I actually thought he would be above average this year. O-line looks like the biggest hole for this team by far going into next year.

shuld of got leach,
led blox 4 2 diff, leading rushers 2 seasons in a row,
a coinkydink.?

well, atl. got it right wit clabo and wrong wit grimes.

rdubs, nice post @ 12:34...

matty that is absolutely on point....

Thanks Mark. I usually just like to make wiener jokes and dont like to be preachy. I just want whats best for our team, over our individual wants

Perhaps the Fins coaches should assign one assistant to follow T-Hill during pregame drills--just to ensure he doesn't step in to another vat of concrete.Please move your feet T-Hill and you won't find yourself at the bottom of the tackle pile as often.

2 watt...it's two games and o-line takes a little longer to develop chemistry working as a unit....clabo didn't go from pro bowl to garbage over night.....this oline will improve as the season progresses and they develop more cohesiveness....which is why until then Ive been advocating using screens and wheel routes etc to help slow the dline down


You guys know Henne is my favorite QB and he put up a rating of 92 and 250 yds in his start against Oak but frankly, at this point, I'd rather have Gabbe take that beating.

Henne is UFA after this season so there is nothing to gain by getting injured.

Richardson has shown to be only meh so far despite having two very good linemen in front of him. Indy loves burning picks too - 2nd for Vontae, first for Trent ... I don't know if they will have enough ammo to build a team around Luck very soon.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 19, 2013 at 10:36 AM

It doesn't much matter how good your Center is if he's covered up by 2 BAD OG's! In our game Vs. the Browns they had that guy Gilkey at RG that was personally killing drives with all kinds of penalties while allowing alot of inside pressure on Weeden. The LG wasn't fairing great given the field day Starks was having on him. As good as Mack is he's essentially lost in support up the gut to be of any help in the run game much less picking up the MLB's in the hole.

I thought there inside dilemma with their stud Center very closely mirrored ours. The 1st drive they ran a few plays off tackle both left and right behind Thomas and Schwartz were they were picking up good yardage. In the next drive we pulled Odrick for Starks (faaar superior inside presence) and he and Solia were collapsing inside forcing Richardson to improvise before the play could develop. We basically adjusted, you must have seen this in the difference between the 1st couple of drives??

The Colts by the way in 2 drafts (including 2014 #1) have already built their core on O. They have Luck,Fleener,Dwayne Allen,Hilton with Richardson added along with Ballard back in 2014 along with BIG BONUS in today's game a LT in Costanzo. The only guy they need to replace will be Reggie Wayne outside that they have their core. This ENTIRE group by the way is working on there rookie deals and don't get the BIG EXTENSIONS TILL 2016 Season!

By CBA rule your not eligible for FA and/or contract extension till Yr. 5 ensuring that NO TEAM has to deal with 2nd Yr. player looking for BIGGER MONEY deal! I suspect the Colts target interior lineman on both sides in the next draft solidifying themselves for real SB RUNS! AS IN PLURAL! I like our core nucleus but barring catastrophic injuries the Colts are built to compete for the foreseeable future and only need to beef up inside to really be good to great while a thorn in our side for Yrs. to come.

I hope Klutz makes you guys forget about Leach. I am sick of hearing that name.

We are not the Ravens. Leach would not be that important to this offense.

neMo @ 12:50 ... yeah very disappointing ... unlike Oclombo there was no harbinger of things to come based on last year's play... the one unpleasant surprise ... oh well not everythign can come up roses ... hopefully he picks it up because there is no solution in house like there is for let's say Vernon going on being unproductive.

nj.3 sax in 2 games from right side, do the math.

hey, don't go all serious on us now and forget the weiner jokes!!

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