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Who is responsible for getting Tannehill hit?

Nine sacks in two games. That's a lot.

That's the second-worst mark in the NFL right now. The Dolphins are getting quarterback Ryan Tannehill hit way too often so far this year. And it's one reason the quarterback is nursing a shoulder issue that had him missing part of practice on both Tuesday and Wednesday -- although the club was only required to report Tannehill's limitation on Wednesday.

Nine sacks is what the Dolphins have given up. The team has also given up 18 hurries.

So it's the offensive line, right?

Well, right. But not totally right.

Each member of the Dolphins offensive line has thus far given up at least half a sack this year.

LT Jonathan Martin has yielded one.

LG Richie Incognito has yielded half a sack.

C Mike Pouncey has yielded half a sack.

RG John Jerry has yielded a sack.

And RT Tyson Clabo has given up three sacks.

Clabo and Martin lead the Dolphins with six hurries allowed each. John Jerry has yielded five hurries by my count.

But it doesn't end there.

As tight ends and running backs also have pass protection duties for the Dolphins, they also are responsible for giving up hits on Tannehill.

Running backs Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas each has allowed a sack on Tannehill. Oh yeah, and Tannehill is also responsible on getting hit occasionally when he holds the ball too long.

One sack the Dolphins gave up is probably being charged to a blocker but I put it on Tannehill. He held the ball too long. He basically got himself sacked in my book. So one sack allowed for him.

“Yeah, I had one in the game where I had all day," Tannehill said Wednesday. "We repped the play in practice several times and obviously it played out well in practice, it didn’t play out so well in the game and I didn’t have the right reaction to get rid of the ball and that is what it comes down to. The offensive line did a great job giving me all day to throw, it just a matter of getting the ball out."

Now that his right shoulder is dinged, Tannehill might be wise to get the ball out quicker. And yes, the Dolphins have to tighten up the protection of their quarterback.

All of them apparently.


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didn't leach lead for foster 2 when he led the league in yds.?,what's the denominator?

2 watt,not arguing that he hasn't played well, just saying that as the season goes on,he will get more comfortable next to jerry and work more cohesively...remember Jerry was out all preseason so they didn't get much time to work together as a unit....good offensive lines work as a unit...not just one guy blocking the guy in front of him...

Yeah Mark, its only been 2 games so I still hope the O-line can step it up. I honestly like our O-line much more against Atlanta than Cleveland or Indy. We go up against an old Osi instead of Kruger, Desmond Bryant, Mathis, and Werner.

f4l, f*** the colts ... bring em again and we will whip their arse again. I spit on Luck and the Colts!!!


Let's face it: if you are a reporter flying to Miami to watch a sold-out game between 2 good teams then it is a big event and you look forward to it like a free vacation.

When the team plays lousy then the games are meaningless, the stadium is empty, it is unbearably hot and humid. Then it is not like a vacation. Then it is like visiting places where grafitti, noise, litter, crime etc so the reporters would rather not come to the game.

The publisher is happy to save the money to not send you to the game and everybody just reads Mando's column.

f4l, just be glad they aren't in our division anymore like years past....lol

I'm going to disagree with you on the Richardson trade.
Why did we bring Wallace? So that his speed will stretch the defense and open up the field.
With H-B and Hilton Indy can stretch the field and both run and pass like they did with Ballard.
In that scenario not only is Indy a better team but it will be a different team in the playoffs if we meet them there.

F4L, I agree with Mark. All you say is true and yet we kicked their a@@. In their house!!

If their staff is great, Ireland is superman!

In regards to Tannenhill and "pocket awareness" I had said that this can be coached or taught. But after further reflection, this may be a either you have it or you don't. THill would make leaps and bounds with improvement in this area...so it begs the question; can pocket awareness be coached?

and if we see em in the playoffs it'll be in OUR HOUSE as DIVISION CHAMPS!!!

Irsay is a clown!!!

ETF @ 1:01PM,

Don't forget one of the worst staduim experiences when they lose is watching and listening to the other teams fans on the way out. You have no Idea how many times I've had to hold my temper from being put in the back of a squad car.

We won the game but Indy had a chance to win up until the last play of the game, I wouldn't necessarily call that 'Kicking Thier Axx'. And Ahmad bradshaw off the street averaged 6 yds/car, replacing him with Richardson has to help them.

Listen I don't care about Indy/Luck/Richardson one way or another I'm just saying I think they are better today then thay were on Sunday.

The only thing I like about Indy is Tyler Hansbrough.

I don't know I think if Richardson was as good as everyone says ... we would've seen something by now.

For example, when Ricky was here, we had Jamie Nails and mark Dixon and Todd Wade as his best linemen - Fiedler's rocket arm at Qb, and Oronde Gadsden and the inconsistent Chris Chambers at WR and yet ... Ricky ran for almost 2,000 yards.

Fine Ricky was special, but shouldn't Richardson have got at least 1,000-1,200 yards last year even with no support given he got the ball a lot... I think excuses are only made when the job is not accomplished. RBs are not like Wrs or QBs - they should come ready out of the box to be used - not take two or three years to develop.

Tyler Hansborough is a Toronto Raptor, thank you very much!!!


That is the real story.
Irsay realizes that the balance of power is shifting in the AFC and he wants his team to move to the top.

Exposing The Fraud,
What is your true obsession with Henne?


And not only did he not have to move up to get it he didn't need to pay extra.

If the Colts go 10-6 then he would've gotten Rcihardson for the number 24 or so pick.

Sounds kind of smart to me.

I was watching the 1st Michigan game of Henne's freshman season.
Henne started from game 1.
I was amazed that by the 2nd series of the game Henne was audibleing because that meant that he had learned the whole Michigan offense and how to read a big time college defense at the line, before he ever set foot in the classroom. (The college season starts before classes do).

I instantly became a fan and followed his storied career.

At the end of his Jr year had he come out he would've been the number 1 overall pick.

He should be a top QB in the league but he ended up coming here when Parcells/Soprano/NoodleArm/BACKDOOR football/Ginn/Camarillo etc were in full force and it's harmed his career.

Then he made it worse by signing with Jax.

For the record he was on his way to Seattle when Jax called him back and upped the offer and he took it. He was that close to being on Seattle.

Fins are lucky the opponents starting RB's have been injured the week before we play them. Stephen Jackson being out is HUGE!

I like how Tannehill gets picked 8 but he isn't really a #8 pick but Richardson went at 3 and its absolutely a #3 pick... OOOOOkay...

Results of Analysts:

Although many were mentioned, the top guys: Positive: Tom Jackson (3) Sterling Sharpe(3) Howie Long (2). Negative: Deirdorf (2) Berman (2) Gruden (2). Positive and negative: Joe Buck and 1 "she's da bomb" Suzy Kolber.

Back to work...Have a great day!.....PEACE

When was the last time a power back had any success on Miami? I spit on 32 year old Stephen Jackson - total non factor.

We will see how everyone feels about the trade when TR/AL and the rest of the Colts get raped by the 9ers this week...

So they will be 1-3 after this week...then 2-3...then 2-4..that loss to Miami hurt...Irsay and the Colts paniced...

Deaners, I actually said berman is the devil so that should count more than just being negative...

I have to agree with ETF. The Colts are a better team today with Richardson on the team. If guys aren't seeing that, then I don't know what they are looking at.


Coach Pagano actually received text messages from Ravens players thanking him for getting Richardson out of the division. If that doesn't tell you what opposing players think of Richardson, then I don't know what will convince you. Truth wants to look at stats but stats are deceiving. For example, is it fair to judge Tannehill based on his stats last year and the receivers he had to play with? I think this year will be a much better barometer of who he is as a QB.

..Rdubs..Good post..My point started the other day when some posters were upset because they felt we were being slighted by the media. My original point was that I didn't believe we were. That we will when we win on a consistant basis..That we haven't desered much coverage because the team was not very interesting on a national level(that doesn't mean we aren't its just non Phin fans could care less..I see it at the bar when game day comes..Nobody wants to watch the Phins..I have to watch at home)

It kind of digressed from there...It isn't that I don't want coverage of the Phins. I was just mentioning reasons as to why I didn't think it mattered..Some folks..Mark, yourself , Deaners gave good reasons as to why it would matter(media respect) I get it..

I still think that although we have won 2 road games. There is not much excitement about this team on a National level. It will get there, along with the respect. But we have to keep winning. We don't have interesting, or controversial players, coaches that stir the pot that create that annoyoing over coverage that I think some are pining for.

Tyler Hansbourgh is garbage just bc he came from unc... Duke fan here through and through... The other reason i dont like him is anytime he gets something done to him, he waits until his teammates are close to him to "hold" himi back.. until then he wimpers off the court..
Prime example.. Gerald Handerson busted his nose with an elbow "going for a rebound".... they were face to face.. doesnt do a thing.. his teammates get close to him and then he starts acting like he is going to do something..

As long as I don't have to listen to Dan Fouts on anymore games...then I'm good...that guy HAS to be legally RETARDED..."metally challenged" for you PC dBaggers...

One other point about Richardson:

He played in 15 games last year and ran for 950 yards and 11 TDs. A lot of the time the team was behind and they abandoned the run, as they did versus us in week one. The other part of this was even though Richardson played in 15 games, I remember there were a few games where he was a little banged up and not playing at 100 per cent.

Anyways, I see him as a star running back in the NFL and potentially a top 5 back. He's going to get that chance to show it in Indy. If he flops you guys can remind me just how wrong I was.

My remedial arithmatic was wrong in the one post...wutevs...you Jack!asses don't read my shyt anyway!!! fk you fk you fk you...you're cool...fk you I'm OUT!!!


Craig, you know what would convince me? production, not anecdotal stories about text messages. I would like to see something with my own eyes...

I have no problem retracting something when it's proven otherwise like I have with Ireland and now martin but like Stephen Colbert says "You're on Notice!". he's on the board...

matty, you know we have to fight now!!!

joking, I can care less about Baseketball... well until my young Canadians come of age then I will pay attention to international events where we will celebrate finishing 2nd!

Craig @ 1:41

It sounds like you're saying, "Good teams make a QB good and crappy teams make a QB crappy".

That is the complete opposite of the Mando Doctrine: Elite,franchise QBs can elevate any pile of crap to the playoffs and crappy QBs would bring down the best teams in the NFL.

Oh yeah, before I forget. I'm at Club paradise last night with a buddy and some ripper comes and sits on lap. She's meh and smells a bit too. Anyway, I play nice and she asks me where I was born ... I say down the street .. I'm from Toronto ... rippers seem to think I have an accent for some reason ... anyway, I ask her where she's form and she says Boston ... bah! i lose it, I told her "f*** Boston!" ... "F*** the Patriots, f*** the Bruins! Just f*** Boston!"

Anyway, she calls me a hater and she thinks I'm joking around ... so she asks if we're going to have some fun tonight ... I tell her "yeah, I don't think that's going to happen!'.

Then she gets mad and asks me to tell her ... I say because I'm a priest trying to save my friend here from the sinners! She says I'm an awful liar and leaves ... good fun.

* asks me to tell her why I won't have fun with her

I would not trade Miller straight up for Richardson. Speed kills, especially in RB's.

As I said earlier, I am sick of dink and dunk, grind it out football. Give me speed and finesse.

Marino may not have been the greatest QB of all time, but he was the most fun to watch.

Jack @ 1:48, werre you at the Player haters ball?

hate hate hate hate hate


Something you might find interesting, the Colts-Saints SB a couple of years ago I was lucky enough to attend media day at the stadium. My middle school aged niece was studying journalism at the time was lucky enough to be selected by the powers at be to interview anybody that would speak to her. My bro-in-law asked if I would be interested in chaperoning, naturally, I said yes. Of the many that I approached for her, Berman looked more like Frankenstein more than the devil. First, he's about 6'6...and then he was wearing these Frankenstein shoes that looked like a size 16. He had a serious scowl on his face as I approached, but allowed me to ask for an interview for my niece. He backed off and politely granted it. On an interesting note, Jaime Dukes and Steve Mariuchi were the best. Dion, Warren Sapp and Rich Eisen were terrible...very arrogant and boring.

Good story but 1 question: what is a ripper?

Remember I don't live in a big city anymore.


I just had to watch Brady last week versus the Jets. Looked AWFUL!! He's got nobody to help him. One of the best QBs of our generation looked completely ordinary and they were lucky to win the game.

Lets see how much magic he has from now until the end of the season.


I have NEVER been a Colts fan and am NOT one now nor a SOUNDING BOARD for all things Colts! You post, "bring em on again and will kick their Butts again"

Were you expecting me to disagree with that??

I am simply stating something obvious about the core they've assembled while going further and seeing what they still lack. They have NO interior presence on either side of the line which even in today's pass happy game is still a NO NO, there Achilles heel much to our delight given if Luck were a Bengal they'd be the front runner right now!

The Colts need to draft heavy at OL & DL before they're a LEGIT perennial contender (it's where were much better) but can see them and their young core much like the one in Cincinnati making some noise in the ladder half of this decade. The Bengals have the "FULL" compliment at their core but are saddled with a SUB-PAR QB for our fortunes because I can think of 5 QB's in the game RIGHT NOW that would win it all with the team in Cincinnati! Dalton is very overrated from my perspective.

I believe we're definitely one of a small group ASCENDING in the AFC who will battle out the Conf. and S.B.'s running out this decade. I'm simply keeping an eye on the competition as well, much like a Steelers fan eyeballed the Pats last decade....

Deaners, that sounds like an amazing experience. Wow, Super Bowl I can only imagine.... Great game too. You should know that my wife's idiot friend booked her child's baptism on that day and I couldn't enjoy the game throughly ... I mean booking a baptism on Super Bowl Sunday ... sheesh

o yea, f*** berman!


And not only did he not have to move up to get it he didn't need to pay extra.

If the Colts go 10-6 then he would've gotten Rcihardson for the number 24 or so pick.

Sounds kind of smart to me.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | September 19, 2013 at 01:18 PM

My thoughts exactly.........

ETF, ripper (peeler) = stripper

f4l, no not taking any shots at you ... I'm just pumped right now and wish teh game was tonight! WHOOOO!

And I agree with your assessment of Dalton - barely above game manager status in my opinion. he missed so many chances against Pitssburgh that it was almost comical. They should just have Sanu in the backfield handling the snaps on every play.

Like everything else, pocket awareness comes with experience.

The party happiest about the trade is probably Trent Richardson himself.

ETF @ 1:01PM,

Don't forget one of the worst staduim experiences when they lose is watching and listening to the other teams fans on the way out. You have no Idea how many times I've had to hold my temper from being put in the back of a squad car.

Posted by: Deaners | September 19, 2013 at 01:12 PM

I remember well in 89 having some Jets fans remind me after a loss how the Dolphins had never beaten the Jets at JRS (built in 87) with their usual colorful remarks and was almost put in the back of a squad car! The Pats fans always fill out the seats as well also the Bills faithful back in the 90's!

They should just have Sanu in the backfield handling the snaps on every play.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 19, 2013 at 02:11 PM

At this point Dalton is the one holding back a very physical team with weapons on O, can you imagine Brady,Rodgers, Peyton or Brees with that team?

As we keep tlaking about no media exposure, I just come across a Reuters article on Ryan Tannehill....

Yo Salguero will you be responsible if the following occurs after you have tried and convicted Clabo without a trial or any due process on this blog by using PFF stats as your unequivacal evidence that he is the primary culprit for T-Hill getting hit and injured.
The fans that enter the stadium already drunk circumventing the CLEAR BAG RULE and just carrying a mini whiskey bottle on their person to recharge their inebriated batteries,getting hit and injured by Mr Clabo with a forearm shiver when he has had enough of CAN CLABO CHANTS from disgruntled and drunk asfore previously mentioned fans that have circumvented the CLEAR BAG RULE and have entered the Dolphins shindig completed trashed.

Mr Clabo will have had enuff gruff from sign waving fans asking for his demotion and will administer a forearm shiver to a drunk fan that got too close to Clabo after the game,ala Dusty Rhodes from the old wrestling show.

Seems to me that the reason that THill gets hit so often is because the opposition is actually trying to hit him. Weird eh?
A couple of screens and a better running game and maybe a couple of good fakes, a draw and then a few quick outs and that rush starts to fade pretty fast.

As we keep tlaking about no media exposure, I just come across a Reuters article on Ryan Tannehill....

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 19, 2013 at 02:22 PM

NFL Network's around the League is about to run a report on Miami as well.


I hear you.....I don't know how long it's been since you've been to the stadium but after a Pats loss, all I do on the way out is look straight ahead and go for my car as quick as I can...and have to waive a Pats fan outta my face on the way at least 3 times.....I'm telling ya, it aint fun.

klndry I hear you, play calling can remove some of those pressures. Sherman doesn't like to change his plan to accommodate what's happening or apparently to hide weaknesses. Once again my usual disclaimer that I am not a fan of Sherm.

kindry,darkoak...i posted earlier that some screens to miller,even shovel pass or wheel routes would not only slow the pass rush,but also get miller in open space and the chance to take it to the house......

U have to be set when the ball is snapped so that was the right call

Posted by: jjoel | September 19, 2013 at 09:21 AM

Home? Isn't that just another of "You Know Who's" aliases? Let me answer that: Yep!

Anyways, he just reaching, it WAS the right call. You can go in motion, you can remain in motion.

BUT, this is where the infraction occured, if you stop, you have to be stopped/SET for a full second before the snap. Wayne wasn't, he stopped and the ball was snapped almost instantly.

It's a bit confusing, but the Ref made the right call.

Having said all that, I was AMAZED that the Ref actually made that call CORRECTLY. He was on his Game!

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