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Whole must be better than parts for Dolphins OL

I'm talking with a Dolphins person earlier this week and this person tells me there's only one area on the team to worry about because it can wreck the season.

Tight end, I guess because Dustin Keller's injury really, really hurt this team.


The secondary, I guess because I'm not sure about Dimitri Patterson, the rookies (Will Davis and Jamar Taylor are injured) and Nolan Carroll is, well, Nolan Carroll.


The running game, I guess because Lamar Miller is mostly an unknown, Daniel Thomas is average on good days, and the offensive line is still coming together.

You're close.

The offensive line.

And then I hear how the line is still an issue and if it remains an issue, there goes the running game, there goes the deep passes to Mike Wallace, and there goes Ryan Tannehill.

One unit affecting everything on offense.

And not in a positive manner.

So that got me thinking -- which is rare and never good. What is it about this offensive line? Is it truly an issue? Is it a team weakness? Is it bound to be the reason the Dolphins offense struggles?

There is evidence that suggests there's reason for concern.

First there's what offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said this week:

"I still think it is a work in progress," he said of the line. "John (Jerry) is coming off of an injury. Getting him back into the fold is going to be huge. He’s been out for a little bit, but I’m excited about having him back. We certainly needed him back. I’m anxious for him to get more comfortable in there with the other guys and get more used to what we are doing."

Think about this. We are three days from the regular-season opener and the offensive line is still a work in progress? Pardon me for being old school, but the preseason and training camp was the alloted time for doing the work and progressing.

The regular season is here. It's time to roll.

Also this: John Jerry is the saviour of this line?

John Jerry is an average NFL guard. He's not Larry Allen. The fact the Dolphins are seriously counting on him to be healthy, well-conditioned, and then play at a high level without many missed assignments tells me there's a lot of wishful thinking going on.

Jerry is not in great shape yet. Yes, Sherman said Jerry inexplicably lost weight during his five weeks of knee rehab, but I don't imagine him being slimmer is the reason coaches identified him as the only starter on the entire team that needed to play in the fifth and final preseason game.

So what is it about this offensive line that worries?

Well, it's simple. This line today seems to have solid parts (assuming Jerry gets up to speed). The individuals are good. But as a line has to play as a unit -- with one heartbeat and soul and purpose -- the Dolphins offensive line seems lacking because the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

And what you need is for the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts.

Consider that, again, the parts range from excellent to solid.

At left tackle Jonathan Martin has come miles from the first eight days of training camp when he struggled as Miami's new fulltime left tackle. He was beaten like a drum by Olivier Vernon that first week. Since then, he's played very well in preseason and been a non-issue. He may not be the beast Jake Long was when healthy. But he's good. Solid.

At left guard, Richie Incognito is a snarling bulldog that can push bigger men backward with his initial punch. That is great. He's smart. He knows all the tricks. He moves better than he's given credit for. Not an issue.

At center, Mike Pouncey is not quite elite yet. But he's darn close. He's excellent. He's smart. He studies the opposition. He moves very well. He's cleaned up his shotgun snaps. I'd say 90 percent of NFL would take him as their starting center.

At right guard, John Jerry is the saviour. Having him is "huge," Sherman said. I kid, obviously. But the truth is last year was a good season for Jerry. He emerged. So he has the talent to be solid.

At right tackle, Tyson Clabo is a consummate professional. He typically knows his assignments. He knows his opponents. He uses good technique. And with his experience and all the other factors, he can usually overcome what physical deficiencies he might have. It can be argued the Dolphins upgraded at right tackle to start this season over last season when they had Martin starting as a rookie.

So that's the rundown of the individuals. All good.

Yet as a group, there's still something missing. Something is still not quite right. It's still "a work in progress."

Last season, the Dolphins had a new starting right tackle, a new starting right guard and Jake Long was working to get his knee 100 percent during the latter stages of training camp. And the group played very well early in the season, anyway. The Dolphins had the NFL's second-ranked running game after two weeks in the regular season.

But here's the bad news: They got worse as the season wore on.

The running game went to No. 4 in Week 3 ...

No. 5 in Week 4 ...

No. 8 in Week 5 ...

No. 11 by Week 8 ...

No. 13 one week later ...

Then it jumped around in the upper teens until finishing the season at No. 17.

The line was getting worse results even as Long was still in the lineup and Martin and Jerry on the right side worked together longer.

The worse results also affected the passing game because the protection for Tannehill got worse. The Dolphins gave up 16 sacks the first half of the season -- only three the first three games. And 21 sacks the second half of the season, including 10 in the final three games.

None of this means the Miami line will get worse this year. I believe these individuals should be good enough to provide the offense with a good running game. I believe these individuals should be good enough to protect Ryan Tannehill and give the passing game a chance to succeed.

But these individuals must come together quickly. They must play better as a group.

The whole must be better than the sum of the parts.  




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The only time you know about the Brothers is when they are banging your Ex. Leroy and 'em have a Field day on that Poon Poon.

7TH MANNING TD.... WOW................................


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Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | September 06, 2013 at 12:40

You will be lucky to ever be wtih a desirable woman again.


YG-closet Jet freak

Peyton Manning 26/41 452yds 7tds 0 ints

= 140.45 QBR

Henne > Tannehill

Buzzard Ross let Peyton Manning get away............

Hw happy is Wes Welker he got off the Dullfins?



Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | September 06, 2013 at 12:40

You will be lucky to ever be wtih a desirable woman again.


After watching Manning tonight, you Tanne-lovers have really gotta upgrade your Tanne-cuses.


TanneBust will have 7 INT's BEFORE the bye week.

Does Welker even remember playing for the Dolphins? Man you sound moronic.

One time for Manning and the read option. Who would have thought?

Joe Haden picked me off back in 2010 but now I will destroy him.
I represent Fin Nation.
I am Mike Wallace aka Mike fast.

What is hurting me is that Cuban Menance has Peyton. That is my opponent this week. Peyton by himself might outscore my whole team. Should've picked up J.Thomas.

Dashi, Lucky for you a TD pass is only worth 4pts and not 6 in MarksFF league or you'ld be right.....
Should have joined a league from a American League and not Marks, I guess in Canada a Passing TDs worth only 4 points.....
Oh Well....
(Mark BTW just kidding)

Armando's comments are fair and accurate in this case. I take the comments as a reflection of a larger issue - coaching. Ross did his job ponying up the bucks and Ireland did his job bringing in talent. The Dolphins have adequate talent to do well - no perfect, some gaps esp with the loss of Keller and the trade of Bush, but adequate to potentially make the playoffs. But they assembled them with a particular strategy - taking advantage of the fact that the CBA made young players cheap and veterans expensive, the Dolphins dumped their non-playmaker vets and vet backups, loaded up on young players and used the money they saved to hire superstars like Wallace. This put a burden on the coaches to coach up the young players to an NFL level of technique, to create a playbook taking advantage of the speed and versatility the new players allow and to coach everyone, especially the players new to the system, up to such fluency on the playbook that they play well as a habit, automatically. We are pretty much there on defense other than a tendency to miss tackles. But on offense we see penalties, dropped passes, fumbles, missed assignments, failure to coordinate force at the point of attack, players getting beaten for reasons of technique - and that is with plain vanilla offense. Philbin and Sherman have a lot of work to do. The offensive line is a specific instance of the general principle that the fate of the Dolphins turns as much on the competence of our coaches as it does no the arm of Tannehill. (As an aside, I think Tannehill has moved to the level of being good and over this year should progress to very good - he is not my concern, the coaching is my concern). Go Phins!!!!!!

I'm fed up about the Dolphins' OL this, the OL that. That's the unit that has perhaps giving most attention at, and yet, year after year there are concerns. During the Shula years, it never happens.
Frankly, it's boring. Ireland is stupid as well as the staff.
Moreover, If TE was a key position, why relying only in just one experieced player (Keller). Again, a stupid decision. This is another area the Dolphis have never addressed for good. They should have kept Fasano.
RB's the same thing. Every two or three years they change everything.
This team has no stability whatsoever.


It's unreal to me that Randy Starks gets away with giving the finger to Joe Philbin in front of the whole world. This is really the tail wagging the dog. The Phins' should punish him in some way, you're going to pay someone over 8 mill to get treated like that. Can any long time Phin-fans even imagine ANYONE flipping off Don Shula back in the day? Shula wouldn't have even taken that crap from Joe Robbie!!!

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