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Not the same Tom Brady, Patriots

A couple of weeks ago, as I was watching Tom Brady have another poor outing against the New Orleans Saints, I asked the question on twitter:


I asked the question when Brady failed not once but twice to move the football in the final two minutes of the game against New Orleans. On one of those crunch time possessions he threw a lame, floating interception that seemed so unBradylike, it looked like Dan Marino during his decline.

Then Brady got the ball back a third time in the final seconds and led the Patriots to a game-winning score -- an impressive, arching 17-yard pass to Kenbrell Thompkins -- that rescued the Patriots from defeat and set my twitter followers off on a mockfest of me that only recently subsided.

All because I had the nerve to ask the question that given the result seemed so ridiculous.

And yet, as the Dolphins prepare to play the Patriots on Sunday, I must note that TD pass on Oct. 13 is the only one Brady has thrown in the last three games.

And that game was the only time Brady has completed more than 50 percent of his passes in the last three games. (He was under 50 percent against Cincinnati and the New York Jets last week.)

And Brady's quarterback rating this year is 20 points lower than his career rating. And his completion percentage this year is eight points lower than his career completion percentage.

So if Tom Brady isn't showing some early signs of decline, then the loss of Wes Welker and Aaron Hernandez basically has turned him into a mediocre quarterback.

Either way, that is so far not the same Tom Brady the Dolphins are preparing to face this week.

"I'm not buying any of that," Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said Wednesday.

And I'm not buying that Philbin, a New Englander and someone rooting for the Red Sox to win the World Series, doesn't see it.

Brady simply hasn't been as effective this season as he has in the past. And not all of that is a betrayal from the Patriots personnel department in giving him too few weapons. It has reached a point where Brady spent part of his press availability this week fielding questions about his mechanics, his touch, even the New England offense's poor production coming out for the third quarter.

"We haven’t done great on offense this year period, so there are probably a lot of places we’ve struggled: in the third quarter and at the end of games and third downs and red area and short yardage," Brady said. "So, I think we are trying to work on a lot of things, and it is basic overall execution. There are no special plays or things like that for situations. We just haven’t done a great job executing period at certain points.

"But you know, this a new week, so we are going to go out there and try to execute our best. If we do that, we’re confident that we are going to win. That’s the best part of football, is we get a chance to line it up every week. Guys are focused and losing sucks. It sucks to be around here when we lose, but it’s happened and you move on and try to do better next week."

Dolphins fans are jumping off the bandwagon without parachutes the past few weeks because their team has lost three games in a row. You know what? The Patriots have lost two of their last three outings and that improbable TD pass -- that single TD pass Brady has thrown in nearly a month -- is the only reason New England isn't also on a three-game skid.

The most convincing of those losses came at the hands of the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Bengals made Brady and the Patriots offense look ordinary. Pedestrian. Borderline inept. The Patriots managed only two field goals. Brady had a a 52-game TD pass streak snapped. He was sacked four times. Afterward, Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer got a game ball.

All of that is significant to the Dolphins.


Well, the Bengals on defense are basically a blood relative of the Dolphins on defense. Everything the Bengals do on defense the Dolphins do on defense. The approach is similar. The scheme is similar. That's because Miami defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle came from the Bengals and brought the system with him.

And Coyle has the advantage of having three solid defensive tackles that are a key to beating Brady because the quarterback simply does not like pressure up the middle.

"Brady is  a  pure  pocket  passer, as good as there is in the game and all pocket passers don’t like  people  getting  into  their  comfort  zone," Coyle said. "Hopefully those  guys  will  be  able  to  do  some  things  in  that  nature, in  terms  of  compressing  the  pocket  on  the  quarterback, making  him  have to throw and not  set  his  feet.  All three of those guys is playing at a very high level and having the rotation I think has helped all of their play."

The Dolphins would love to get the kind of results the Bengals defense got against Brady. Frankly, the results the Jets got against Brady was pretty good, too.

If they do, what looks like a time of struggle for Brady -- or the early stages of a decline -- just might continue.


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The answer to whether we shutdown Brady lies with Cameron Wake. If he can go 100% our defense will have there chances to make impact plays like we did the first 3 weeks.

Our Defense looks lost at times out there and I honestly think Coyle's scheme has been the problem.

We have the perfect starters to be a 3-4 base team with Starks/Solia/Odrick on the line and Jordan and Wake playing OLB.

Put Misi and Ellerbe is ILB and get Wheeler off the field. That guy is always chasing the play from 5yds behind in pass coverage.

TanneBust gets shutout when he plays the Pats. Start Matt Moore.

So if Tom Brady isn't showing some early signs of decline, then the loss of Wes Welker and Aaron Hernandez basically has turned him into a mediocre quarterback.

If Dan Marino had Mark Duper and Mark Clayton leave the team and new receivers to become familiar with, his rating would have dropped. The fact that Tom Brady's two most talented receivers have been injured is also a factor. Your premise is flawed and therefore your conclusion is wrong. Many people thought that Peyton Manning was done. What happened with that nonsense. Just stop it, your smarter than the nonsense you just placed in this article. When Tom Brady beats the Dolphins what will you write then. The Dolphins need to play Matt Moore especially if T-Hill has a shoulder issue. The Patriot defense is hurting due to the following; nose tackle out, LB defensive leader out, their shut down corner Talib is coming off injury. That's what the Dolphins have to exploit. Not Tom Brady and what you wrote about his lower ratings.

Well, if we are going to catch the Patriots in down-mode, this week is the week. Only problem is that we have been down too.


Brady failed to move the football twice in the final minutes against New Orleans due to dropped passes.....Then he threw as great pass for a game winning TD.....





I watched the jets game. .. man he is far from the qb he was. .. I have to agree with Armando on this one. .. I get your point in his receivers missing but his passes are off and I mean way off... if people feel Tannehill has accuracy issue s then watch Bradys games this year. .


You missed my point; his rating and level seems off due to not having familiar receivers and his most talented receivers out with injury. Both are due to play against the Dolphins.

Dolphins need to sack him and hit him often and he will turn the ball over, the Jets beat them for gods sake

This is not rocket science. If we play like we did against the Bills last week,we lose,but if we play like we did against the Colts in week two,we win. There,simple math! Of course you must factor in that equasion, the Dolphins are the most under-achieving team in the NFL! Maybe some good coaching (which we do not have)will man them up?

It's the coaching, stupid! Lol

I think the reason the Pats win eventhough players have left, are injured, or not even playing well is that they have the best head coach in the NFL.
He makes adjustments, and keeps winning.He wins with defense, with offense, and with or without a running game.
He might not be liked as a person in the NFL, but you cant argue with his record unless you like to argue with facts.
My only issue with him was that he was caught cheating a few years ago when it wasnt necessary,he had the best team in football they went undeafeated until the superbowl,could it have been a sort of karma that they lost the game and a chance to make history.

anyone notice that philbin is starting to sound like sparano?

It's game week and I'm supporting my team. And yesterday Jj (and others) "mocked" (it wasn't that harsh, so no foul) me for saying we had a chance to win this week. But that still doesn't mean I live in a bubble, or will suspend disbelief of what I witnessed this past week, which was a practice squad QB converting HALF of his 3rd downs. Now, take away Thad Lewis, and insert Tom Brady, and you see how any comparison to the Cincinnati Bengals' highly rated defense is silly. At least not how we've played the past few games. Our defense has bent, similar to a twig in the hands of Andre the Giant. Giving up chunk yardage, giving up 3rd downs, giving up momentum and field position.

Plus, our Achilles heel since forever is the TE position. And we're probably going up with the best TE in the league (after giving up TDs to some of the others: Jordan Cameron, Jimmy Graham, etc.).

In order to win, Miami has to be almost perfect. That's a small margin-for-error. I'm not so sure this team is up to it. Hopefully the same disdain for losing that permeates the Patriots locker room is permeating ours. And ours should be more toxic.

In my opinion the Dolphin's issues are not coaching. The first 3 games Philbin made adjustments that allowed this team to win. The facts are that T-Hill is not a franchise QB and needs work in many areas. We knew that when he was drafted due to his short college work. Moreover Martin is not the strongest OL around and may never be a star even though he was drafted # 20 overall. Clabo is ready to retire and is another Colombo story at RT. They are doing the best they can do. The Dolphins need a GM who can project NFL talent as opposed to reacting to his own mistakes. That means knowing when guys on the team need to be upgraded such as the OL. It's to late now but moving Long to RT and paying him his due, trading for Albert, who must be doing ok in KC and then drafting an OG who can get out in front for the screen pass that the Dolphins do not have the personnel for now.

Hate to say this,but I can see Brady shredding our D for 350+,and what about Gronkowski? Every TE this year has torched us..Do you think the Pats coaching staff hasn't seen that? Honestly,we have talent on both sides of the ball,but our coaching staff doesn't use them corrrectly..Sherman needs to go,or go-go.

You must read this.http://www.dolphinstruth.com/

Pretty much sums up what I've been saying about our coaches for weeks.

when the offense is giving up pic-6s and fumbling on key drives then it don't matter what #12 does. hopefully Ellerbe is back this sunday and Jordan gets full time.

Salguero, if Tom Brady is currently a "mediocre quarterback", as you state today, what would you say Tannehill currently is? You are something else! You are simply writing to fill spaces and making dumb statements

If the coaching staff does nothing out of THEIR ordinary to take Gronk away, they should be fired, plain and simple. I have need a fan of this team for 30+ years, and would be satisfied (at least for now) with a competent GM and coach who don't constantly have to react to self-inflicted crises. Years of getting my hopes up only to be let down. I used to tell my father every preseason, "This is the year the Dolphins win it all." He would just laugh:). I'd be happ right now with Marty-ball; at least he got his teams to the playoffs consistently.

Jj, look at the film of Martin who is often overpowered at left or right tackle. T-Hill was not hurried on his two interceptions against the Bills. He is not accurate and that is really tough to teach. Reading comes with time and reacting in the pocket should be an instinct by now. One can coach only so much. When the NFL ability is not there, it's an exercise in futility. Martin is a smart hard working guy with great character. He just lacks the talent of a McKinnie, who might be to old to help. We will see what happens.....

I predicted Drew Brees would have his way with our secondary and everyone here scolded me for dissing the Fins.

Well I was right.

...and I predict that Tom Brady will have his way with our secondary and throw for 3 TD's in a rout.

Let's get one thing straight, I bleed Aqua & Orange and hate to have my favorite team lose.
Last time we won in Foxboro was when we unleashed the Wildcat. (remember that game... pure joy!)

Brady has had two bad weeks against some very good defenses (CIN & NYJ)....Yes the Jets have a decent defensive unit.

Tom knows this is a very important game, against an AFC East team with first place on the line at home...he does not lose these types of games.

Pats 28
Fins 14

Sorry homies, gotta call it this way based on facts not emotions.



Your humility touches my heart and something else



No doubt that this isn't the same Brady and Patriots. heck, Tannehills #s are better in a few key areas. However, don't underestimate him. he's one of the all timers and on any given Sunday, he will remind you of that - like he did to the Saints - even if he can't do it every Sunday anymore.

No wonder our defense is underachieving and mediocre. We emulate the Bengals...

No sense trying to do what the Patriots have done on defense or the Seahawks or 49ers - you know defenses that do half the offenses job and continually take the ball away.

let's emulate the forever mediocre Cincinnati bengals. let's strive to be cannon fodder in the divisional playoffs like they do every year.

I think the arguments on both sides of this are valid.

This is one of those games where if the Dolphins get blown out, I'd say to myself I saw this coming. Think about all the facts that scare you about playing what is probably an angry Pats team.

On the other hand, if the Pats were/are vulnerable, this is the perfect time to beat them and maybe even start the decline of their past decade plus dynasty.

Pressure Brady, hit the receivers off the line and disrupt the timing. Control Gronk. We're probably not stopping him entirely. Play the defense we're capable of playing. Tackle better.

Get Tannehill going early. Stop worrying about Wallace - Gibson looks like a better pick up right now, and significantly better than Bess. Run the ball...we had what looked like to me our first good running game. Use it. Win the turnover ratio.

DC, Cincinnati's defense is worse than ours statisitcally in total defense by yards and turnover ratio (two most important def stats in my opinion). We also have fewer passing yards allowed, rushing yards allowed, and a better red zone defense.

Even though we are average, we should be able to do the same.

Yes, Martin is overmatched. Ireland!
The two picks Tannehill threw are on Tannehill, his fault. The 3 TD's he threw made up fo those, I would say. He also had the lead at the end when Sherm called the pass play instead of running the clock out. He also had them in position at the end of the ravens game. Sack, missed FG. Sherm/Philbin also refuse to run the ball; what is a young qb's best friend? A good running game, and a good defense. The running game has proven to be at least good enough for 4+ yds/carry since week 2, but is not used. Tannehill does not have the accuracy of Brees, and not every throw will be perfect. Lets agree that Tannehill is an average qb at this EARLY stage of his career? I don't see the coaches doing him any favors, that's all I'm getting at. Did you read the article? Someone posted it yesterday...

Promichael, we didn't draft martin 20 overall. I've seen you make this same mistake before. So before you come on here and start making judgements on players, you should get your facts straight or it takes away any credibility to your conclusions. he was a 2nd round pick. I believe somewhere in the low 40s overall.

You're crazy if you think Brady is declining or turning mediocre. If our fins keep making huge mistakes, if the o-line keeps giving up sacks and hurries, there is no chance in hell we'll beat them in Foxborough.

The Pat's LBs can't cover anyone and their defense lacks speed overall. The Jets ran the ball down their throats. If we can't put up at least 24 points against them something is seriously wrong. But then again, Sherman will probably call pass plays 75% of the time and Nimkovich and Jones will probably put Tanne on IR.
The Pat's offense however, matches up well against our defense. They run the ball very well, and our defense has never been able to handle their no-huddle, hurry up that they employ throughout games. Add in the fact that Gronk will eat our LBs and Safeties alive, and this game does not bode well for us.

Dave, couldn't agree with you more regardng #11. Anyone else notice how much better our offense was when we weren't worrying about #11. Just spread the ball out. Hit whoever is open, despite the # on his back. Once the media and all the idiots in here demanded we get #11 more involved despite being 3-0 Tannehill started turning the ball over and we started losing games.

#11 will determine if he gets the ball, not the qb. If he's open, our qb will get him the ball.

Philbin will get out-coached...end of story.

@9:12, if an teams can't protect their qb or continually tunr the ball over, they lose, Denver and Peyton manning included. This affliction of losing when we don't protect the ball is not isolated to us. it's the key to every single football game played in this league. That's why we are seeing more a shift to the run again. Everyone can pass now pretty much but the better running teams are coming out ahead.

FYI, Martin was not picked 20th overall. He was a 2nd rd pick at no. 42. Regardless, that was still way too early. Scouting reports clearly mentioned he lacked strength and was considered soft - I guess Ireland and Co. didn't read those.
This is what happens when your GM only watches YouTube videos to scout players.

In a blame battle between the GM and the coaches,last year Ireland was clearly playing for this year trading starters before the season Davis and Marshall for draft picks, but this year he brought in the players that everyone thought they needed.I think they released R Bush because of the coaches and the coaching to me has been more to blame by far this year than the GM.Dont forget that the WHOLE coaching staff was replaced in the same year.

Dolphins going back to London in 2014 to face the Raiders.

It was pretty easy to see Brees was going to tear us up. Brees was playing well, our defense (wake, Patterson, Carroll and ellerby) were banged up and we were playing our 3rd road game out of 4. Brady hasn't been playing well. Even if amendola plays, Brady hasn't had much practice time with he or gronk. It should be close and could go either way. If we turn over the ball like we did w the Bills, we will lose. Our D is fully healthy and if we don't give the Pats a short field we can win. The Pats have hardly been dominant at home. They barely beat the jets and it took a miracle against the saints. The only team they somewhat beat was Tampa.


Worst 2013 free-agent signings
Mike Wallace headlines FA additions who haven't worked out thus far





I think the Dolphins should be the team moving to London, where they would be appreciated . I love the Dolphins but hate Miami and their fairweather fans. London is the only place I would approve a team move or Raleigh, NC, since I live around there!

Mark in Toronto,
Thanks for correcting me! He was drafted early in the 2nd round, # 42, my mistake. The point is that he may not be in the Dolphins plans to upgrade the OL. However with his work ethic perhaps by next season he will be physically stronger to be a better RT.

Once the media and all the idiots in here demanded we get #11 more involved despite being 3-0 Tannehill started turning the ball over and we started losing games.

Which is eerily similar to what happened with Brandon Marshall in my opinion Mark. People talk about what ruined Henne - I think Marshall was a big part of it..

Unless you have a Marino type QB, I'm starting to think you're better off with a group of good, but not great receivers.


Mark my words, Brady will have a career game against the Dolphins. He will throw at least 3 TD passes and New England will blow out the Dolphins scoring around 40 points.

Brady and the Pats got their 2 Jets games out of the way, they should sweep the rest of their division games. The Dolphins will need to start worrying about going to London next year vs the Raiders. It's a Dolphins road game by the way, better worry about the draft Dolphinsfans. Be on the lookout for the best OT'S-OG'S in this draft !!


You are not terribly smart. A 3 TD game is not a career game for Tom Brady


Please delete Albert's post, because it has no reason to exist. Just kidding, you can leave it up, so we can laugh at the FOOL


I have to disagree with you on Martin. There were a number of moks that had Martin as a late first round pick, so to get him at 42 was good value. Understand this is coming from a guy who isn't really a Martin fan.

I think what we've seen this year and last is that Martin very likely won't be a good LT in the NFL. I'd draft a LT early next year and Martin to me becomes the RT or perhaps even trade bait. I don't believe he'll ever be good enough to be a good LT in this league.

in defense of the bengals defense it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the dolphins defense. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy better

slam, based on what grounds for 2013. The #s say otherwise.

Yep, we've learned that martin is not and never will be a great left tackle. he may apsire one day to be an average one but he's still even far off from that.

Hope Ireland learned his lesson and never again to draft a tackle that benches less than the members of the Canadian National Women's Hockey Team and expect him to be a day one starter.

rdubs, you are from Ric Flari country ... awesome ... WHOOO!

based on my eye test. Those guys get after the qb and stop the run. That defense also brings the wood and energy everytime they play. Numbers don't tell the whole story. Last game fins only gave up 2 sacks which sounds good but unfortunately the 2 sacks came at the worst possible time and tannehill got hit after pretty much every throw. The defense ONLY gave up 16 points but missed key tackles(Wheeler) on the final drive. They also continue to give up 3rd and over 15 and above on a consistent basis.

The Patriots rout the bottom feeder Dolphins this weekend. Anyone who thinks the Dolphins actually have a chance in this game is on crack. Jimmy Wilson, Nolan Caroll and Ellerbe and Wheeler in coverage on Gronk. Belichick vs. Grandpa Philby, it's almost that simple.

I'll give delusional Dolphins fans some hope though.
Last year, offensive guru Granda Philby and his fine protege' Tannereach didn't score a single point.
This year they get shut out again, but the soon to be in last place Dolphins manage to muster two points when the Patriots punter steps out of bounds.

Patriots 59 Sea World 2

ha! Rams called Brett Favre after the Bradford injury. Was Fran Tarkenton unavailable?

Or maybe they just needed a Qb with a camera phone with sharp resolution?

Big whoop that Miami plays in England next year, who cares......some herald reporters all jazzed about it, unbelievable wannabes like its really cool, NOT
dolphins need to win here and be concerned with the now.....that England trip is ridiculous use of teams time and energy...Goodell and Ross should both go back to their other line of work...

slam, we also sack the Qb a lot when we are healthy. however, both defenses are mediocre. Both give up way too many yards for their talent and neither produce turnovers at all. They are mirror images of each other. both loaded with talent a philosophy that pizzes it all away.

The best teams in the league are still the teams that are best in the trenches. The more the NFL changes the more it stays the same. Ireland forgot that lesson from his old buddy parcells. Ireland stay true to your roots my man even if it gets you fired!

Frank, the question is if the Dolphins play in England will any of the locals notice?

Play Matt Moore period.

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