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Not the same Tom Brady, Patriots

A couple of weeks ago, as I was watching Tom Brady have another poor outing against the New Orleans Saints, I asked the question on twitter:


I asked the question when Brady failed not once but twice to move the football in the final two minutes of the game against New Orleans. On one of those crunch time possessions he threw a lame, floating interception that seemed so unBradylike, it looked like Dan Marino during his decline.

Then Brady got the ball back a third time in the final seconds and led the Patriots to a game-winning score -- an impressive, arching 17-yard pass to Kenbrell Thompkins -- that rescued the Patriots from defeat and set my twitter followers off on a mockfest of me that only recently subsided.

All because I had the nerve to ask the question that given the result seemed so ridiculous.

And yet, as the Dolphins prepare to play the Patriots on Sunday, I must note that TD pass on Oct. 13 is the only one Brady has thrown in the last three games.

And that game was the only time Brady has completed more than 50 percent of his passes in the last three games. (He was under 50 percent against Cincinnati and the New York Jets last week.)

And Brady's quarterback rating this year is 20 points lower than his career rating. And his completion percentage this year is eight points lower than his career completion percentage.

So if Tom Brady isn't showing some early signs of decline, then the loss of Wes Welker and Aaron Hernandez basically has turned him into a mediocre quarterback.

Either way, that is so far not the same Tom Brady the Dolphins are preparing to face this week.

"I'm not buying any of that," Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said Wednesday.

And I'm not buying that Philbin, a New Englander and someone rooting for the Red Sox to win the World Series, doesn't see it.

Brady simply hasn't been as effective this season as he has in the past. And not all of that is a betrayal from the Patriots personnel department in giving him too few weapons. It has reached a point where Brady spent part of his press availability this week fielding questions about his mechanics, his touch, even the New England offense's poor production coming out for the third quarter.

"We haven’t done great on offense this year period, so there are probably a lot of places we’ve struggled: in the third quarter and at the end of games and third downs and red area and short yardage," Brady said. "So, I think we are trying to work on a lot of things, and it is basic overall execution. There are no special plays or things like that for situations. We just haven’t done a great job executing period at certain points.

"But you know, this a new week, so we are going to go out there and try to execute our best. If we do that, we’re confident that we are going to win. That’s the best part of football, is we get a chance to line it up every week. Guys are focused and losing sucks. It sucks to be around here when we lose, but it’s happened and you move on and try to do better next week."

Dolphins fans are jumping off the bandwagon without parachutes the past few weeks because their team has lost three games in a row. You know what? The Patriots have lost two of their last three outings and that improbable TD pass -- that single TD pass Brady has thrown in nearly a month -- is the only reason New England isn't also on a three-game skid.

The most convincing of those losses came at the hands of the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Bengals made Brady and the Patriots offense look ordinary. Pedestrian. Borderline inept. The Patriots managed only two field goals. Brady had a a 52-game TD pass streak snapped. He was sacked four times. Afterward, Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer got a game ball.

All of that is significant to the Dolphins.


Well, the Bengals on defense are basically a blood relative of the Dolphins on defense. Everything the Bengals do on defense the Dolphins do on defense. The approach is similar. The scheme is similar. That's because Miami defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle came from the Bengals and brought the system with him.

And Coyle has the advantage of having three solid defensive tackles that are a key to beating Brady because the quarterback simply does not like pressure up the middle.

"Brady is  a  pure  pocket  passer, as good as there is in the game and all pocket passers don’t like  people  getting  into  their  comfort  zone," Coyle said. "Hopefully those  guys  will  be  able  to  do  some  things  in  that  nature, in  terms  of  compressing  the  pocket  on  the  quarterback, making  him  have to throw and not  set  his  feet.  All three of those guys is playing at a very high level and having the rotation I think has helped all of their play."

The Dolphins would love to get the kind of results the Bengals defense got against Brady. Frankly, the results the Jets got against Brady was pretty good, too.

If they do, what looks like a time of struggle for Brady -- or the early stages of a decline -- just might continue.


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You are right. I should of phrased it better. My point though was that the Dolphins will go to New England Lay an egg and get blown out. That Armando's article on the demise of Brady is premature. He will have his way with the Dolphins and the media's love affair with Brady will resume after this game.

Here are parts of a scouting report on Martin prior to the 2012 draft. When Ireland drafted him at #42 I knew it was a mistake:
I don't like Jonathan Martin. He is soft. I don't think he's the athlete he's made out to be. I would take him in the 4th (round). I would like to play against him. I hope he comes to our division.

Still need a QB.

yea BUT we also get killed by the te and scatbacks pretty much every week. We just got beat by a bills team with a 3rd string qb and there 2 running backs severly hampered. The linebackers are super slow. I would love to see them put Jordan as an outside linebacker in the base package to give them more speed.I do think our corners are doing an excellent job this season. Obviously the absence of our best player (Wake) has hurt but overall this defense has not been as advertised.


what do you have against PLAY MAKING WRs.....good Lord man....

are you a former disgruntled OL-man....

These guys...Marshal and Wallace produced BIG TIME before they came to the FINS....and Marshal still perfoms BIG TIME after he left the FINS...

Ireland paid 60 MILLION DOLLARS for Wallace's service's for a reason...

This isn't all on Tanne...it has as much if not more to do with the coaching staff...they have to get more creative...look less predictable....

If these guys are good before they get here....and then continue to thrive after they get here...

is it the player...or team...or the system (not adaptive).....

I vote for the latter....

Slam, first off our Linebackers are not slow at all. I would like to see more of Jordan as well.

Point is, the scheme for both teams doesn't take full advantage of the talent. You want to know who the best defenses are, look at the top of the turnover ratio and nothing else.

Turnovers = victories. Top 10 turnover ratio teams have a .676 win %.

kansas City, Seattle, Chicago, Indy, .. these are the defenses that win football games.

Kris, don't look now but Marshall will miss the playoffs again ....

Also Mark....

Do you want to blame Tanne's fumbles on #11 to.....

We can also ignore the fact that only one of his pics were thrown in # 11 direction....

As far as #11, I'm believing more and more that was all Bruce Arians and Big Ben at his peak. Since Arians left, Wallace's production has been worthy of a #3 WR.

And I'm not sure it was Ireland that wanted Wallace that bad as much as it was the owner. i mean mid way through last year, he said objective #1 was to get a top WR.

Now if we got ourselves a co-ordinator in the mold of Bruce Arians, wow, that would really make me happy.

The defense that rushes the passer best & creates the most turnovers will win this game. IT'S THAT SIMPLE !!!!!

I think it's clearly the system and rigid/clueless coaching staff, but Wallace has dropped nearly as many as he's caught. Playmakers make plays...

Maybe so Mark...

but his HOF #s continue....

do you want to have a discussion on another HOFer who carreer nver enned with a win in the final game...and only got there once...


I know...it blasphemy...

Maybe were on the wrong key butI think you missed my point bc im not talking about his stats... im talking about his throws in general. His passes arent on target, not meaning he isnt used to his receivers routes but over throwing, underthrowing, and just off in general..

Mark, don't know where you got your stats from (so can't speak to their legitimacy). But go look at NFL.com > Team Stats > Defense 2013, and you will see the following:

Total Defense - Cincy = 9 Miami = 21
Pass Defense - Cincy = 13 Miami = 25
Rush Defense - Cincy = 8 Miami = 15
Sacks - Cincy = 10 Miami = 12
INT - Cincy = 8 Miami = 6 (the one stat I saw where we are better than they are)
TD - Cincy = 9 Miami = 11

So not sure who's stats are right, but NFL.com is a pretty legitimate source.

Also, by the simple and unscientific eye test, I don't think our defense is better than theirs. On paper, maybe. But when you compare us week to week, we've simply not lived up to the hype Pre-Season. Parts of our defense are pretty good (DL, Grimes, Safeties at time), but other parts are not.

We keep talking about the offense and Tannehill, but I've been very disgusted with our defense last few weeks. Yeah, yeah, the offense isn't moving the ball, keeps them on the field more, but stellar defenses thrive on being the heart and soul of a team. Ours unfortunately hasn't stepped up to the task of putting the team on their backs while the offense gets their act together. Therefore helping their 2nd year QB (like Seattle's defense does). I hope I hear Cameron Wake's name vs. the Patriots (not sure I heard it last week).

agree Jj...

That I conceed about #11...more drops than I expected to this point of the season....he needs to clean that up....

Kris, no the fumbles are on a historically bad set of OTs (worst ever in the history of the NFL). Tannehill would still have some but nowhere near as many. Also I'm not as concerned as some about the # of fumbles. You see who else is at the leader board at # of fumbles? Kape, Russel Wilson, and Peyton Manning. I knwo there are reasons for those fumbles and it isn't a chronic thing like it was for Duante Culpepper or Dave Krieg though. I don't know what that has to do with WR production though.


Ok bro, I just wanted to make sure you werent a troll just being a butthole on here.

You are probably right, Brady will probably play well. Although I am hoping our defense decides to show up and put Brady on his butt.

This is what I hate about myself and the Dolphins. I was so let down last Sunday by the embarrassing loss, now I am hopeful again. I am sure I will be let down again.

I mentioned a while ago that since Arians left Pittsburgh, the offense there has been garbage. Arians here would be f'ing awesome!

But Kris, Marshall has never even played IN THE PLAYOFFS. If marshall even made the conference championship game, he would probably demand his salary be doubled and allowed to get another teammate killed.

Our game plans on offense and defense will determine early if we have a shot in that game at all. I'm not holding out hope here. Talent wise I think this team could be 10-6 this season but coaching is holding us back, especially on offense.

Mark @ 10:24...too funny....

DC, my stats are from ESPN. I assume you are using total yards allowed as a baromoter. The one way I can the stats changing is if your use yards per game or if the people in Connecticut are completely drunk at this hour.

DC, both defenses are average. At least their deployment is...

And agreed about our defense. I said at the beginnign of the year. For us to be a success, our defense would have to be elite. I fully expected our passing game to be average and it is. I hoped our run game would be average as it was last year - you can argue it is but underutilized. But the defense - nowhere near good enough considering the investment and career stage of the players.

Miami Dolphins to play Raiders in London in 2014??

Another money making ploy by Ross that will hurt the teams performance.

The defense that rushes the passer best & creates the most turnovers will win this game. IT'S THAT SIMPLE !!!!

Mark the Bengals D is a lot better than ours and skilled players in every group on defense. Are any of our tackles better than Geno? Is Patterson better than Newman? Is Misi better than Burfict? I don't see it.

And Kris, to answer your question. I don't hate play makign WRs. I love Gibson and hartline - they are football players.

Marshall is a piece of garbage and I thought that even when he wore our uniform.

#11? he's a little b**** that cries too much when he isn't fed and drops balls when they come his way.

Dolphins play in England next year and even the Brits get to laugh at those uniforms and the logo.

Brady may have been off in the last few weeks.... But he will pass for 400+ yrds on us this week... Our coaching staff will make sure of that!!!

Fact is Darkoak, it's subject in some areas as who is better than who. For example, I can say that for the positions they paly, nobody on Cincy has a pass rusher as lethal as Wake, a corner as good as Grimes, a SS as good as Jones, or a run stopper as good as Soliai. These games can go both ways.

However, in neither case do I see a championship defense unless it is coupled with a top ten offense. Cincinnati is closer to being a top 10 offense which is why they win more games.

In either case i see an opportunity given personnel that both teams coupld create more turnovers but the scheme is too soft. It allows for mismatches, it allows for the QB to be too comfortable. Sure neither gives up the big play but man, you don't go anywhere in the NFL unless you force the issue.

Our linebackers aren't slow? Have you watched any of the games. If teams don't get hit in the backfield they always outrun the linebackers to the edge. Misi was a de in college. Ellerbe and wheeler are slow. They are not athletic. Why do you think we cant cover screens? They are not good in space. That's a fact buddy

You guys almost sound surprised by Mando's remarks regarding the similarities between us and the Bengals Defensively?? I've been posting it now for weeks that we were a CARBON COPY of they're D given Coyle is a Zim disciple but our personnel up front seemed better suited for the 3/4. Odrick, Starks and Big Paul inside on the DL with Wake and DJ at OLB and Ellerbee (not a true 4/3 MLB) inside with Misi and Wheeler alternating and this D is much better but what the hell do I know! I would have loved to see DJ on Gronk this week allowing S.S. R.Jones to freelance more (like he did last Yr.) which seems to be what he's better suited for.

The talk of Brady losing his touch and arm strength are a bit exaggerated here. This Pats WR Corp. with Amendola (as we all knew out) is a street group led by a guy named Kenbrell Thompkins on one side and another guy named Dobson on the other (not exactly striking any fear) They've brought A.Collie out of Pseudo-Retirement after a 2 Yr. hiatus and before last week the T.E. was a guy named Hoomanawanui, you couldn't make this C H I T up if you tried! I don't recall another HOF type QB saddled with such a mediocre/pedestrian group in my personal history watching this game.

The Pats did it early with the run this Yr. teams have figured it out and are playing alot of single coverages selling out on shutting the Pats down on the ground. I expect to see Odrick stay outside at DE (even with Wake back) with Solia/Starks inside for this one. I know that once checked at the line it will be R.Jones drawing the coverage on Gronk in the middle of the field but here again wonder what the thinking is because again we have a 6'6"/260 Pd. DE/LB who actually officially posted a better 40 in DJ with above average coverage skills but again what do I know!

Everybody RIPPING the talent but I believe this team isn't being properly schemed to win and am I the only one who sees the Mckinnie injury as FISHY? Wouldn't his physical have shown structural damage to the knee? Get the feeling Philbin will hold off on playing him??

I mean, look at Seattle - relentless and attacking. they have a Qb who's a game manager and has more turnovers than TDs but still, #2 overall in turnover ratio. That is a unit that rolls you right through this league.


If we are going to get this season turned around...it not gonna be on the shoulders of NO YAC Hartline...and SOME YAC Gibson....

The BIG plays are gonna come from the 60 MILLION dollar man....Wallace.....the ONE GUY on our team that can turn a slant into a TD....

You may not like it...but if we are gonna go to the play offs ((Mora)...then it will be because Tanne has started connecting with Wallace in a consistent basis...and stops trying to make his facebook buddy Hartline happy...

slam, ellerbe runs a 4.6 which is pretty good for a 260 lbs man.

he does not run a 4.6. I don't care what the clock says when he was back in college. And if he by some miracle run a 4.6. He DOESNT play fast. 4.6?? Your kidding me. I bet reshad jones and clemons run 4.6s.

It'd be a lot easier for Tannehill/Wallace if our defense created as many 3 and outs as our offense does, that's all I'm saying.

Kris, nothing would make me happier than #11 pulling in a 1,100 yard, 6 td season.

And I will not put this all on the Qb because he has three receivers headed to career years. You may argue a lot of things about this kid but he can throw the ball.

slam, type Dannell Ellerbe's name in Google and look at the 40 time it says on the right of the screen.

hey mark,
tfumble has lead the phinz to 16 pts. in 2 match ups with the pats'

True DC...

This 3rd and 40...and we give up 41 yards is for the birds....

I'm not surprised tho....our D has been doing it for years....

Many on here posted about how great our would be...and we are top 10..or top 5....but i didn't see it...my eyes have always told me different about our D...reardless of stats...most of the guys just seemed to be going thru the motions...thts how you give up 3rd and forever...EVERY GAME....

Stats are nice....I love stats...but the eye ball test is what really matters...and that is were me and Mark seem to part ways...

I love you, 2 watt!!!

Yea cause everything is right on the internet!! You obviously never played football before. Let me school you on something buddy. When you play football in college and the nfl, people inflate your measurables. If your listed at 5 10 your really more like 5 8. If your listed at 350 your more like 370. If you run a 4.6 your more like a 4.8 especially after you've been in the league for more than 3 years. This is a known fact.

So what you're saying is Ellerbe's #s are inflated more than everyone else's?

So if Ellerbe may not actually runa 4.6, then everyone else's 40 time is inflated too ... Fact is speed is not missing in Ellerbe's game. His mental reaction time may be a little slower but once he starts running, he's fast.

Our offense hasn't been good in a long time. Even as bad as they've been recently, they are still more potent than a lot of offenses we've had in years past. But our defense, that's been the side of the ball we've been able to compete. That's where the heart and soul of the franchise resided.

Fred Jackson, hobbled, can barely walk, gets a first down on a play that HAD to be stopped to give your offense any chance of driving down the field. At HOME. How do you not make that play? As a proud man? How do you not get any push, or get past that block? I mean, the long pass over the CBs outstretched fingers (when Thad got a roughing the passer penalty), I've seen that play OVER AND OVER against our CBs, so that's nothing new. But we can't make a stop at the most critical moment of the game? Against a guy who was 40% at best? Inexplicable, unconscionable, and totally unacceptable. Can you tell I still have a bad taste in my mouth?

Kri, when have you seen me defend this defense. As I said before outside of the o tackles, this defense is the biggest reason we don't have a better record.

Love Grimes on the D tho....he passes the eye ball test...always around the ball....reciever is usally draped if he does make the catch....

Dusty was spot on...with that call...

What im saying is he doesn't play fast. He looks like an ordinary guy out there. I don't see an upgrade from dansby. What does he do great? Nothing.

Kris @ 10:49am, sadly, that seems to be the case. They aren't there when it matters most. And that's really all that matters. NFL games come down to a handful of plays. We have consistently not been able to make those plays when they matter (on either side of the ball). And that's the biggest reason we continue on our Mediocrity Forever Tour. Our athletes don't make the play when it counts.

The kind of money that was paid to #11 Wallace was a lot! I believe he has helped the other receivers get less coverage and attention and therefore more receptions. That's why Miami needed his over the top speed. Wallace needs a guy with an accurate deep arm and of course an OL to give the QB protection and time. T-hill is just not that accurate deep right now. He may develop his deep throw with his strong arm. Personally I would play Moore with T-hill having a shoulder issue. The value of Wallace is diminished by the OL and by T-Hills issues in developing.

slam, I saw him play great last year, this year not bad. I think Wheeler has been much worse and this was the one signing I really questioned personally.


I didn't mean you specifically.....

I meant before the season..and during pre-season...a lot of sign-in names were telling the blog how good the D was gonna be....based off of past years.....

To be honest...the last time I was impressed with our D...it was the Minnisotta game a few years back...when they made that goal line stand...

its been all down hill or mediocre @ best since then....imo...certainly not imposing....or even game changing on any level...


I read it on the internet, it's a fact. The Dolphins are a laughingstock. Down to #16 in the power rankings. Lmao @ the improbability of a LB running a 4.6. Ellerbe isn't 260 either. Hey, FIRE ROSS will be the next Dolphins GM. Read that on the internet too.

Where is the passion on this team? I see guys strolling out on the field to start the next series.
They say teams take on their coaches personalities and we all know Philbin is a very chill guy.

I don't know much about Coyle, but that D-line has got to make a better push to get to the QB..."like a pack of crazed dogs" to quote the great Lawrence Taylor.

Until that day comes...we will continue to be an average team with average results.

Mark, Mike Sherman is the biggest reason we don't have a better record.

New logo, new era.

This just in !!
Jeff Ireland plans to buy two new linebackers to replace the current pair of linebackers he bought who replaced the last pair of linebackers he bought. With such a sharp mind acquiring talent, and an ingenious blue print for building a team, the Dolphins are in good hands.


Do you know if Ireland plans to unload anymore former pro bowl players in their contract year. This due to his genius system of placing a numeric value on a player who he thinks will not have a pro bowl year.

Daytona, I will reference you on this only to educate you. At the latest NFL combine, 3 of the top ten ILB ran a time in the 4.6s and 8 of the 20 top OLB prospects ran 4.6s or better. So yeah, the probability of a LB running a 4.6 time is almost 37% of the top LB prospects last year alone... yeah, unheard of.

Almost as unheard of as you being relevant to anything in life.

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