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Not the same Tom Brady, Patriots

A couple of weeks ago, as I was watching Tom Brady have another poor outing against the New Orleans Saints, I asked the question on twitter:


I asked the question when Brady failed not once but twice to move the football in the final two minutes of the game against New Orleans. On one of those crunch time possessions he threw a lame, floating interception that seemed so unBradylike, it looked like Dan Marino during his decline.

Then Brady got the ball back a third time in the final seconds and led the Patriots to a game-winning score -- an impressive, arching 17-yard pass to Kenbrell Thompkins -- that rescued the Patriots from defeat and set my twitter followers off on a mockfest of me that only recently subsided.

All because I had the nerve to ask the question that given the result seemed so ridiculous.

And yet, as the Dolphins prepare to play the Patriots on Sunday, I must note that TD pass on Oct. 13 is the only one Brady has thrown in the last three games.

And that game was the only time Brady has completed more than 50 percent of his passes in the last three games. (He was under 50 percent against Cincinnati and the New York Jets last week.)

And Brady's quarterback rating this year is 20 points lower than his career rating. And his completion percentage this year is eight points lower than his career completion percentage.

So if Tom Brady isn't showing some early signs of decline, then the loss of Wes Welker and Aaron Hernandez basically has turned him into a mediocre quarterback.

Either way, that is so far not the same Tom Brady the Dolphins are preparing to face this week.

"I'm not buying any of that," Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said Wednesday.

And I'm not buying that Philbin, a New Englander and someone rooting for the Red Sox to win the World Series, doesn't see it.

Brady simply hasn't been as effective this season as he has in the past. And not all of that is a betrayal from the Patriots personnel department in giving him too few weapons. It has reached a point where Brady spent part of his press availability this week fielding questions about his mechanics, his touch, even the New England offense's poor production coming out for the third quarter.

"We haven’t done great on offense this year period, so there are probably a lot of places we’ve struggled: in the third quarter and at the end of games and third downs and red area and short yardage," Brady said. "So, I think we are trying to work on a lot of things, and it is basic overall execution. There are no special plays or things like that for situations. We just haven’t done a great job executing period at certain points.

"But you know, this a new week, so we are going to go out there and try to execute our best. If we do that, we’re confident that we are going to win. That’s the best part of football, is we get a chance to line it up every week. Guys are focused and losing sucks. It sucks to be around here when we lose, but it’s happened and you move on and try to do better next week."

Dolphins fans are jumping off the bandwagon without parachutes the past few weeks because their team has lost three games in a row. You know what? The Patriots have lost two of their last three outings and that improbable TD pass -- that single TD pass Brady has thrown in nearly a month -- is the only reason New England isn't also on a three-game skid.

The most convincing of those losses came at the hands of the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Bengals made Brady and the Patriots offense look ordinary. Pedestrian. Borderline inept. The Patriots managed only two field goals. Brady had a a 52-game TD pass streak snapped. He was sacked four times. Afterward, Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer got a game ball.

All of that is significant to the Dolphins.


Well, the Bengals on defense are basically a blood relative of the Dolphins on defense. Everything the Bengals do on defense the Dolphins do on defense. The approach is similar. The scheme is similar. That's because Miami defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle came from the Bengals and brought the system with him.

And Coyle has the advantage of having three solid defensive tackles that are a key to beating Brady because the quarterback simply does not like pressure up the middle.

"Brady is  a  pure  pocket  passer, as good as there is in the game and all pocket passers don’t like  people  getting  into  their  comfort  zone," Coyle said. "Hopefully those  guys  will  be  able  to  do  some  things  in  that  nature, in  terms  of  compressing  the  pocket  on  the  quarterback, making  him  have to throw and not  set  his  feet.  All three of those guys is playing at a very high level and having the rotation I think has helped all of their play."

The Dolphins would love to get the kind of results the Bengals defense got against Brady. Frankly, the results the Jets got against Brady was pretty good, too.

If they do, what looks like a time of struggle for Brady -- or the early stages of a decline -- just might continue.


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Tannehill may develop a deep throw lol. When has any quarterback ever "developed" a deep throw. Accuracy is something a QB either has, or he doesn't. Tannereach is a bust people. I've been saying it all off season. Had many a doucheb@g tell me I was this that or the other thing because I was mentioning something they didn't want to believe. Tannehill is inaccurate, same as Chad Henne. Like Henne, his accuracy will not improve. Name one quarterback in NFL history who had accuracy issues early in his career and then with hard work...voila, he became accurate. It doesn't happen. Certain things can be improved...accuracy is not one of them. Tannereach = Tannebust.

Could have had Andy Reid and Alex Smith.

Could have had Pete Caroll and Russell Wilson.

Nope, Ross really really likes Ireland.

Ireland doesn't think accuracy is important in a QB.

WR's aren't important either.

Neither are LB's in the draft.

Next year the Dolphins draft another DE in the first round.

New logo, new era.

Move over Miami Heat, this is a football town lmao.

Kris, completely agree on the defense. Simply average. Won't lose you a game but will never do anything about winning one either. It's a placeholder, ntohign more.

Darkoak, yeah, Sherman put our worst player in a position to make a game defining play two weeks in a row. That is god-darn awful coaching by definition.

Win with your best and try not to lose with your worst. Try to familiarize yourself with the concept Sheerman.

So in short we have a defense that is neither here nor there and an offense that is determined to have it's worst players be major factors...


I agree T-Hill developing a deep throw was really reaching. Above all I'm an optimistic fan. Perhaps in this case a little delusional. Go Dolphins! Wishful thinking on my part.

promichael I wasn't trying to be rude man, don't take it that way. I just like to rile up some of the people here. I loved the Dolphins for years but they've burned me too many times with Ross and Ireland. It takes wishful thinking to believe in anything Ireland does. Sadly, it won't begin to get better until he's gone.

I will say this, I wanted Andy Reid (thought he had a great offensive mind). I wanted Marty Mornhinweg (ditto). We got what we got. Wasn't my first choice, but I was glad Philbin's offensive approach was modern. I decided to give him a chance. I made excuses Year 1 because he didn't have all his players yet and was working in a rookie QB. But I'm seeing the same problems in play-calling and scheme in Year 2 as Year 1. And that's not consoling. It's downright worrisome. I get that our OL needs dramatic fixing, and that colors what the offense can do. But that sweep to Thomas on a 3rd-and-1 in the red zone? Not running it inside of 3 mins on their side of the field? These are pretty amateurish mistakes. Doesn't scream competence to me. Doesn't give me confidence in the ability of the coaching staff.

So if Ellerbe may not actually runa 4.6, then everyone else's 40 time is inflated too ... Fact is speed is not missing in Ellerbe's game. His mental reaction time may be a little slower but once he starts running, he's fast.

Mark in Toronto | October 24, 2013 at 10:54 AM

Agreed Mark speed isn't the case he actually looks real fast on the field. The problem with him again goes bac to scheme. In last Yrs. S.B. march the Ravens (who employ a 3/4) had Ellerbee with Ayanbadejo/Bynes at MLB. Ellerbee's contribution was as the Mike LB (COVERAGE Backer) until Lewis returned in the Playoffs were the G.O.A.T. came off the field on obvious passing downs with Ellerbee in.

Your now asking him to call the D in the 4/3 (probably part of what slows him down having him thinking on the field) while the lone LB in the Middle resonsible for shooting the gaps and defending sideline to sideline when not reading the RB coming out of the backfield. These are 2 VERY DIFFERENT POSITIONS your asking out of him. Wheeler the same who was a 3/4 MLB as well now a WOLB in the 4/3. Odrick's pass rush inside has been great but he was susceptible to the inside runs in the early games when we gave up alot of inside runs that went for yardage. I don't care what anybody says I don't get signing players who excel at a certain scheme then moving them it's what we did with OLB Dansby which failed as well.

Its time to talk draft. RB, QB and LT?

There's two things that Tannehill does have going for him, the fact that he is a bit inexperienced playing against better talent (college and pro) and he does have a garbage O-Line which can only get better. He may be the first guy who has his accuracy improve. Eli Manning has had accuracy issues his whole NFL career but played outside of himself in the playoffs and has two rings to show for it.

Nat Moore,

In what order? LT 1st, QB 2nd, RB 3rd

Regarding the Jets/Pats game last weekend...

Ivory ran the ball 34 times for 104 yds - a 3.1 average/carry, but the Jets apparently stuck to the running game.

Kinda makes you really wonder what's up with the Dolphins averaging about 5 yds/carry against the Bills and our rb's get 21 carries...

Jets win a close one, Dolphins lose a close one.

f4l, i buy what you're selling so wouldn't it make sense to flip Ellerbe and Wheeler in that case?

Signal, yes, the last two weapons the Pats have on defense are their DEs and Aqib Talib. Both of those are nullified if we are balanced on offense. As long as the game is close, we better see darn close to 50/50 balance on run/pass. Otherwise we are exposing our biggest weakness which plays into their biggest strength.

Fire Ross,

I was serious! I agree with you on the T-hill evaluation. I just sometimes write and think like a fan....so that's what
comes out. However I know that the Dolphins will never ever
improve until Jeff acorn Ireland is out of power on personnel decisions. I mentioned that often in my previous posts today. He goes for the big splash and it just never works out. He had all the cards to build a great offensive line and decided that Jake Long was not worth it and then....he starts to rely on his evaluation of Jon Martin as a LT, how absurd is that. The best defense is an offense that can keep the ball (time of possession) and keep their own defense off the field.

Isn't this nice, Daytona having a conversation with himself....

f4l, i buy what you're selling so wouldn't it make sense to flip Ellerbe and Wheeler in that case?

Mark in Toronto | October 24, 2013 at 11:48 AM

If your going to stay in the 4/3 although Wheeler is to undersized to man the middle in the scheme and will get blown out of the lanes/gaps by the Guards. I still think that moving them inside together with Misi on the field on run downs inside as well with Wake at SOLB and DJ at WOLB is the way we get our best talent and fit on the field but like I posted earlier what the hell do I know! The COMBO of Starks, Solia and Odrick inside is impossible to run on out of the 3/4 because all 3 can tie up 2 blockers allowing the LB's to shoot the gaps and make plays.

When we last played the formation in 2011 we excelled with a GERIATRIC JT and of course Misi at SOLB, Wake (new to the Pos.) at WOLB, Dansby completely out of Pos. inside with Burnett the only true 3/4 MLB in the group. The key was the DL Clogging/tying everybody up on the OL allowing them to make plays in the run game thus the high ranking in run D. Where they were murdered outside Burnett was in pass D because JT as your SOLB didn't have the same cover skills and Dansby couldn't run with anybody in the seam. This group is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STORY! The only thing maybe sacrificing DJ's all out rush ability some putting him at SOLB with the coverage responsibility instead of Wake, JMHO Bud!

ya'll really want the glorified scout pixing the top 5 and top 37th pix of next seasons draft?

Yeah, well that would be even better but this coaching staff is hell bent on running a passive defense so forget that.

I'm with you on Jordan. man, this guy could be such a weapon. Instead they see him as only a situational pass rusher. He can run with the TEs, has covered TEs, can rush the passer. I know we have good bodies at DE but find a way to get this guy on the field more.

well since ya'll all r takin' bout it.

Look at all the space over the middle of the field set up by the Dolphins D. They play so far off and then have poor tackling from their safties and LB's. Work against Ellerbe, Jones, Clemons or Wheeler and they almost always miss the first ackle or are way out of position to make plays.

Ellerbe is a big bust, so far than Wallace.

Another Ireland Failure Forward Fast

2 watt, you would have nothing to post about if Ireland was fired or the team was one of the top 3 or 4 in the league. You'd be miserable. You should pray for Ireland to get a 5 year extension.

As far has Bradys weapons being unsigned or hurt, well.... What you have heard all along about TB is he and BB can coach anyone up and elivate their play. So I ask what is it then?? Shouldnt TB then be making his existing receiver corp look good? Can't have it both ways.

no worries,
i have a list of things 2 b.tch 'bout 'till the phinz winz an sb.

Fire Mike Sherman and cut Clabo now. Insert Zac Taylor as the signal caller or even Dan Campbell, he has the players respect and balls. Philbin is not a leader and has lost this locker room.

Mark, I agree get Jordan on the field as LB and take Ellerbe off. Jordan has been tackling better thatn Ellerbe, even though he whiffed on the Luck move.

Whoa now, I never said take Ellerbe off.

It is good that we are a good pass-rushing Team and that will make it closer up there. However, we must NOT play zone against Brady as he is the kind of QB that feasts on that and soon will make minced meat out of you.

We have arguably the worst starting QB in the league and arguably the best backup QB in the league so why not switch?

You should pray for Ireland to get a 5 year extension.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | October 24, 2013 at 12:14 PM

Thats what Jets fans are praying for.

Only a loser would talk draft in October. What misery...



This is arguably one of the worst comments/observations one could possibly make, so why do you post?

In fairness to Brady, up until last week he had only 1 reciever he had played with prior to the season (Edleman). So they get Gronk back week 7, but the rest have all been new guys. I think you have to give him some slack. With the major overhall, they are still 5-2 and atop the divison.

Truthfully, we should be tied with them and this should be a battle for first place. These last two losses were to inferior football teams. Blame rests on this coaching staff and quarterback.

The staff for shoddy play calling and sheer lack of creativity. Some how they are unable to get the ball in the hands of our most talented offensive players in positions where they can actually do something with it. This was an issue they had last year I felt with how they used Reggie Bush. In the prior regime, they brought in the Wildcat because it utilized our two most talented players (Brown & Williams) and it worked, albeit for a short time. Not an ounce of that with this offense.

Tannehill, because the only thing consistent about his game is turning the ball over. Fumbles, interceptions, it doesn't matter he gives it away regularly. He has been a QB in this league for a season and a half. Those two picks were horrendous last week and are the reason we lost this game. Its a 14 point swing right there. By the time he fumbled it, this game should have been so far out of reach the only play call should have been a kneel down.

"Not the same Tom Brady........" LOL, man, I never thought I'd see stupidity get this old. Look, you moron, who has Brady been having to throw to???? Answer that question (you obviously can't) and your stupid one will be. "Are we seeing him decline?" LOL, unf&^%ng real.

Tom Brady is still the best QB to ever play the game. He's winning with no help at all!!


Until the irrelevancy that is the dolphins SHOW they can beat tom brady and the pats in NE sunday, I don't care how much brady is on the decline as you say, it mean diddly sh$t if tannehill and company keep playing the way they have the last three games.....Brady is light years ahead of thad lewis and Miami couldn't even completely shut down him when it counted....so this is a moot article....JUST SAYIN!!!

A lot of great QB's had great WR's but Brady won a SB with no WR's and is now winning with horrible WR's. He can singlehandidly put any team in SB competition. He doesnt need great RB's, WR's, OL, or defence. He is truly one of a kind.

Some alarming stats about those that love to lick Brady's bollas here on this board.

Brady has a 55% completion rate

He also is 30th in the NFL in yards per attempt at 5.99 per attempt.

26th in the NFL in rating at 75.3

There are many other alarming #s that I can bring up too about this guy.

So as I don't doubt that he can tear the doors off on any given Sunday ... the days of the Pats being a powerhouse are over if those trends don't improve.

And a lot of you like to make excuses for a 14 year vet ... look at his receivers, look at his TE, etc, etc. Fact is there are a lot of other QBs that are doing better with faulty supporting casts.

Steve, those days are over ....

Mark, those stats mean nothing. The only stat that matters are the W's. Brady gets those.

If someone gave me the choice of betting my last $100 on NE or, giving me 1 million $'s to bet on Miami, I would take the $100 choice.

brady 5-2
tfumble 3-3 mark.

Not the same Tom Brady? Wonder if Armando realizes we just lost to a PRACTICE SQUAD QB?

In his worst decline, I doubt Brady will ever be a PRACTICE SQUAD QB.

After losing to a practice squad qb, all wind has left my sail. I'll be shocked if we win 3 more games this year(6-10).

That's assuming somehow we split with the Bills/Jets and beat Tampa Bay. See The Remaining Schedule:

8 Oct 27 1:00PMEDT * AT Patriots

9 Oct 31 8:25PMEDT , Bengals

10 Nov 11 8:40PMEST + AT Buccaneers

11 Nov 17 1:00PMEST * Chargers

12 Nov 24 1:00PMEST ) Panthers

13 Dec 1 1:00PMEST * AT Jets

14 Dec 8 1:00PMEST * AT Steelers

15 Dec 15 1:00PMEST * Patriots

16 Dec 22 1:00PMEST * AT Bills

17 Dec 29 1:00PMEST * Jets

Hey, if the Bills beat the Dolphins in 95 degree heat they stand a great shot at beating the Fins at Buffalo in late December.

Again, people with reading comprehension problems in here. I didn't say it meant anything against us, I meant overall. NE is no longer an elite team.

Sheesh, I'm convinced most of you in here don't have jobs.

2 watt, what's your cute little nickname for Ruseel Wilson and RG3. YOu know the guys with the same amount of experience as Tannehill and have as many or more fumbles than our QB?

T-Fumbles turnovers to td's is pathetic.

True, Pats are no longer elite, neither is Buffalo and their practice squad qb. With this Dolphins squad I would not be comfortable winning even if we were playing the 1976 Tampa Buccaneers.

You can blame Tannehill all you like for the loss against the Bills, but the truth is this: The coaching staff blew it - just as it did in the loss to the Ravens. Even if the Fins had run the ball three times and punted, that would have been far preferable to having Tannehill throw a pass looking to his left, where he couldn't see Williams. Especially since Clabo is very inconsistent (I'm being generous)in pass protection. VERY BAD PLAY! Run the ball three times and put the outcome in the hands of your defense. Much better strategy! But if you want to pass, fine: One step drop, swing pass, play action (from under center); all better choices. Sorry, the coaching staff blew it!!

You can blame Tannehill all you like for the loss against the Bills, but the truth is this: The coaching staff blew it - just as it did in the loss to the Ravens.

Posted by: Lance | October 24, 2013 at 02:09 PM

Lance, exactly why I'll be shocked we win another game. Between the players, coaches, and Jeff Ireland's incompetency we've become a very terrible football team.

It isn't just a single problem here, single problem there. It's becoming an AVALANCHE OF INEPTITUDE.

I normally don't subscribe to troll-ism but www.dolphintruth.com pretty much sums up how stupid the defining moment in the game was last Sunday.

The Heat were great lastnight. I thank the Miami basketball gods for NBA in Miami. Now, maybe I won't slit my wrists.

It seems crystal clear that our 60 Million dollar WR Mike Wallace is frustrated with the 2nd year QB Tannehill who consistently misses Hartline and himself and/or often over/under throws the wide open Dolphin WRs
Wallace was quoted after the Bills game, “We clearly gave away that game”

We all know he is referring to Tannehill who’s 1st pass was a pick-6 and then missed Hartline for a TD in the end zone, instead another INT and then of course Tannehill’s “awful” play and inaccuracies to close the game b4 fumbling the game away

Wallace had 8 TDs last season and this season with Tannehill only has 1 TD as we near the halfway point

Fans clearly are seeing the light on Tannehill being a loser of football games, not a winner

Home would make the trade
Tannehill for a 2nd or 3rd round pick
Time to start Moore and end the Tannehill experiment

mark, i don't have any 'cuz
has them all taken up.

Home would make the trade
Tannehill for a 2nd or 3rd round pick
Time to start Moore and end the Tannehill experiment

Posted by: Home | October 24, 2013 at 02:21 PM

No one is giving a 2nd or 3rd for TanneBust. He's as worhless as Henne.

i read somewhere that texas a+m threw a parade when thenne and sherman left.

clever, 2watt.


irecorn will worx his magic and get the phinz a 2nd rd'er for tfumble but it is for the 2011 draft.

Again, people with reading comprehension problems in here. I didn't say it meant anything against us, I meant overall. NE is no longer an elite team.

Sheesh, I'm convinced most of you in here don't have jobs.

Mark in Toronto | October 24, 2013 at 02:02 PM

I follow your sentiment here and like the mistake of giving Shula G.M. duties bit Miami it's now biting N.E. They went 3 Yrs. with multiple picks in the top 3 Rds. NON-STOP! I remember at the time thinking it was ILLEGAL! Yet Belichik the G.M. blew about 80% of those picks conservatively. Even before the Wilfork injury (and I LOVE the Big guy outta the U) he looked so much slower, his replacement isn't great then add the loss of Mayo and we should be able to run here. There so desperate at this point they pulled Andre Carter out of retirement! The loss of Talib hurts as well, if we get blown out here as some suggest then the Season is truly lost! I think we give them all they can handle!

that moron marino inquires 'bout an fo spot at the phinz, he fits right in with all of the other morons in that fo.

For those who say Tannehill not responsible for last lost. What about the Hartline floater int in Buffalo's endzone?

Even an incomplete pass is a chipshot fg. We lost 23-21. With those 3pts we're up 24-20 and Buffalo's forced to score a game winning td, not the fg, after the strip sack. The score's then:

Dolphins 24 Bills 20

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