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A look ahead and PFF look back at Saints game

This is a short week for the Dolphins and this blog so let's combine a look ahead with a look back, shall we?

Looking ahead to the Ravens, the Dolphins are practicing today. Well, most of the Dolphins are practicing today.

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson is not practicing. Indeed, he's not even rehabbing his groin injury on the sideline. He comes out for the stretching portion of practice and leaves when the practice or rehab work begins.

Not good.

Linebacker Jason Trusnik and defensive back Don Jones -- two special teams stalwarts -- are not practicing but working with trainers off to the side. With Trusnik's injury, now you understand why the team signed Austin Spitler today.

Defensive end Cameron Wake is working. He was working at his usual position with starters during the open portion of practice. So that suggests he'll be available against the Ravens barring a setback.

Now a bit of a look in the rear-view mirror for the final time this year. Here's ProFootballFocus.com's study of the Dolphins loss to New Orleans:


WR Brandon Gibson got his highest grade (+2.4) this season and played the most snaps (49) he has seen in 2013.

WR Mike Wallace had his lowest graded performance (-3.3) since his very first game as a pro in 2009.

RT Tyson Clabo (-2.5) had another poor performance, allowing 4 hurries, 2 hits and a sack.

Tight ends Dion Sims (7 snaps) and Michael Egnew (6 snaps) didn’t see much playing time, with the Dolphins employing their 11 personnel for much of the game.

The Saints were able to generate pressure without blitzing. Against the blitz, quarterback Ryan Tannehill was 3-for-3 for 78 yards, including his 50-yard checkdown to Marcus Thigpen.

All four sacks of Ryan Tannehill came when the Saints did not blitz. That does not speak well of the Miami protection.

The Dolphins gained 75 yards on 9 designed rushes to the left side, and just 18 yards on 7 carries up the middle and to the right.

Brandon Gibson and Charles Clay caught at least one pass against five different defenders.

The Dolphins’ receivers had 150 yards after the catch on 22 receptions.


OLB Philip Wheeler had another poor game, but did not miss any tackles. He missed six tackles last week. Wheeler allowed all seven targets against him to be completed. They came against Kenny Stills, Pierre Thomas, Marques Colston, and Darren Sproles, who had two.

Dion Jordan played 23 snaps as a nickel defensive end. He rushed the passer 17 times and dropped into coverage twice.

DT Marvin Austin played 18 snaps in his Dolphins debut, showing well against the run (+1.3).

CB Jamar Taylor was forced into action due to injuries and saw 29 snaps, primarily at right cornerback for Nolan Carroll. He was beaten for a TD and three first downs.

Taylor was picked on by Drew Brees, giving up Jimmy Graham’s 27-yard touchdown, and two Colston catches for a total of 60 yards.


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agree wheeler has sucked every year of his career. i like ellerbes upside but agree both wayyyyyyyyy over paid

Our coaches put the players in a very bad spot sproiles killed us all night,we had linebackers covering wideouts all night ,and where the hell is the gameplan this was a prime time game at New Orleans hello excuse me yea that's right drew Bree's and Sean Peyton camon now things must improve we where in this game at halftime.then it came crashing down on us

I say hire Rex Ryan as our next defensive coordinator we must fire coyle he is the worst

Coyle sucks he should be a shoe salesman


Maybe you're right, but I can go by what I see. It seems that there's a difference between say, Zach Thomas leading the team in tackles, and Ellerbe, and it's all about where the tackles occur. I agree with you on the monster game though.

I'm pretty happy with where we are at. When I looked at the schedule early, I thought we'd be lucky to be 2-2 now, more realistically 1-3. I'm ecstatic of where we are at.

To me, it's not that big a deal losing to the Saints....what's more important is how we bounce back. I think Baltimore is very beatable. We'll have to play better, but it will give us all an indicator of where we are at now.

The saints exposed us the whole league will try to do the same I hate this defensive scheme we have brought back the three man rush yea that's really the answer just horrible

We are in trouble this man must go

It seems our corners are playing way to far from the ball you must play a press defense in this league you can't give the receivers that much room that is not winning football

whole league doesnt have drew brees and j graham

I blame them more than the players this week.

Posted by: Bane | October 02, 2013

I don't know if I would go as far as to say "More", but certainly as much.

I would call this a complete "TEAM LOSS" if there ever was one. You can just about pass around blame equally.


I get what you're saying and I agree some of the time.

But, comparing Ellerbe(or anybody for that matter)to Zach Thomas, might not be a fair comparison. At least not in my opinion, because I'm a Zach Fan and think he was one of Greatest.

I get what you're saying though and where I agree is how neither have Wow'ed me yet. Wheeler was getting close one game, that's it.

And the record is awesome compared to what I was thinking-LOL.

I can live with 3-1 on the Quarter!

Resigning Austin Spitler is.......Troubling-LOL!

I read that and I was like:


(Deep Breath.........).........

Yeeeeeeeah! Go Team(sarcasm)........

Armando banned some trolls and now his blog hits are less than half what they were! He will lose the blog just like he lost is super dumb radio show, that was god awful pathetic.

Nobody to blame but himself. He cut freedom of speech, felt he was above the 1st Amendment, and so....karma...what goes around comes around.

New Orleans’ Junior Galette had some choice words about Miami. ‘I don’t think that team was as good as everybody was saying,’ he said.


Personally, I don't think Tanne is going to survive this year. He is going to get hurt because this OL is that bad.


Do what you can to boos the blog hits. Cut and paste, post some links to pictures of your 'hottie's' ;)

Whatever you can to boost blog hits because otherwise this here will vanish with no warning,

p.s. I'm a banned troll. Armando, with an internet blog still doesn't realize how the mechanics of the blog work. : No surrprise. Bible thumpers are typically content to remain ignorant.

Anyone with Internet 101 experience can not be banned. For you others, well just wait for your ip address to automatically renew, it will every few weeks, and then you can come back :)

One of the biggest reasons there seemed to be NO pass rush on Monday night was because the Brees, P.Mannings, Marinos of the world have a quick read and release, pre-snap etc. They play action, use screens, trips (almost pic) plays, throw to spots trusting the recievers even before the breaks. You see that a little with T-Hill and Hartline developing. What you need to do and this is very difficult is disguise coverage against them, jump and succeed routes, block/impede the throwing lanes and yes, not to cause injury but you gotta HIT this type of QB early and often even if there is a PF penalty to let em know your coming all night. Everything being pointed out by most of you should be tempered by the fact that other than well Starks and Soliai, Hartline, these Cats are in years 1,2,3 etc. Need time to Gel, most just arrived here. It was the 3rd road game of the year against tough opponents. Patience... holes yes, panic no.

Go Phins!!!

Look - we had our chance to sign free agent OL help and still had plenty of cap room. Instead we draft a position where we are deep - DL. Missed opportunity in my opinion.

Lololzzozzz. It's official. Wallace is the hundred and third best receiver in the league only to like receivers in the entire league areworse than Wallace.

Let me say it right. It's official. Wallace is the second to worst receiver in the entire league is; number 101 out of 103.

This has the potential to get ugly..... I was thinking that New Orleans just had better talent. Now I wondering if they exposed us and now the rest of our schedule will do the same.... Even if we implode like I fear we wil 3-0 felt mighty fine while it lasted

I'm not saying we're going to the super bowl but it is a tad early to jump off a cliff just yet.

I don't think there's quite enough data to cut everybody and fire all the coaches lol.

I mean the 49ers got thrashed by Seattle and Indy. After getting off the snide and whooping the Rams, no one is saying the 49ers suck.

Lets see how we do against the Ravens. They aren't the old Ravens but we'll have to play well to beat them.

If we do we will be 4-1 going into the bye and we all should be happy campers.

If we lose then I think that ending that post season drought starts look a little shaky.

Tannehill is committing way too many turnovers and sacks. His decision making is very slow. Why not make the switch to Matt Moore and let Moore mentor him and give Tanny another try next year?

Its not Coyle. Its Philbin who is getting outcoached. He's a rookie coach making rookie mistakes.

Yeah He's making too many turnovers for a second year guy behind a shaky line, no real TE and shaky running game and new receivers? Let's bench him! Let's bench Eli Manning and Joe Flacco and Rothgrabassburger too! Oh yeah...they won Superbowls and don't currently have any of the above either. LOL!

Go Phins!!!

We're not going to implode. We already have. We haven't put together a good, complete game yet. We keep bumbling along........Like.......Imploded already.

We somehow managed to win 3 of 4, with our opponents out gaining us in every category. This is "US" at our Worst!

Just wait till things start coming together. They will too, I guarantee it-LOL!

We are not an elite team yet ,we where totally outclassed by the saints oh well next up the ravens good gosh

Ya think we will see a lot of screen passes to ray rice out of the backfield ,,,you bettya

We need to get pressure with our front four less blitzing

The area on the team I do worry about the most is the secondary. The o-line obviously needs to improve but I think the personnel is there to do it.

In the secondary we have Grimes who is very good, Jones who is good, Clemmons, and Patterson who are average at best. Then of course Patterson hasn't even played so we have a less than average player starting at corner.

I assume the thinking was that Jamar Taylor would eventually unseat Patterson but he just played his first game Monday.

I think maybe their just hoping Clemmons improves because they had so many other holes to address. I hope that happens but I don't really see it.

Btw...Go Rays!!!!


Like that's gonna help.

Tannehill is committing way too many turnovers and sacks. His decision making is very slow. Why not make the switch to Matt Moore and let Moore mentor him and give Tanny another try next year?

Posted by: MiramarDave | October 02, 2013 at 07:46 PM

Dave, I thought Philbin was going to bench him on
Monday nite. He was just horrible.

wallace dropped 3 very catchable balls and held up on a slant that resulted in an int. tannehill had his share of mistakes too but he is a 2nd year QB, what is mike's excuse?? he's far from a rookie. he is getting paid in a big way. what's the deal??


67. Reggie Bush
68. Davone Bess
69. Mike Wallace

Look for yourself:


I'm a watchin you.

Tells us again, has it been 2 years or 6 months since you abandoned your many name? LMFAO!

More like 3 minutes ;)

Busted again.


Exposing the Fraud is a Fraud.

A many named troll here to play with you all. Any which way he can. If you respond to him, well that makes you a clueless idiot feeding those that laugh in your face.



Name changes won't help you. Nope. Keep them coming if you want.

I will bust you time and again, and again and again. You sir are lower than a bowel movement.


Peace out.

But....to quote the Terminator....

I'll be back....

What about tempting the Browns by offering our 2014 first rounder (and maybe an additional 3-7 rounder) for Joe Thomas??? dat pick is probably going to the OT department anyway.

Sitting Clabo to play Thomas + Martin should be an improvement.

3rd Eye,
I know you love me and admire me and want to be me.

3rd Eye = odinseye

I enjoy reading the posts here with the exception of certain specific bashing. Such as.......

T-hill is a bum, he never will amount to much! It's to early to tell but most have seen and reported that he's the most improved QB in the NFL. One reason is that he has a year of experience under his belt. Next we had, aside from Hartline, receivers that just couldn't get separation. They just weren't very good. But we remedied that with our FA signings this summer. Now he has a bad OL that is an opinion of probably 98% of the fans and media.

T-hill isn't the problem. Yes, I agree about the OL but what gives me more concern is the play of Whealler (can seem to get the spelling right for the life me) and Rashad Jones both are going to be Dolphin for a least 2 more years after this one tying up needed monies. Also I think that Clemon's days are 12 games plus playoffs away from unemployment.

We have a real shot a being 4-1 or at least 3-2 going into the bye week. We never had an elite team but a playoff team! But nothing more! That still means we're going in the right direction. So enjoy it.

Wallace has the dropsies WORSE than Marshall.

Tannehill is an exact repeat of Henne. He sux.

Just Saying.....your just not saying much!

Well, clearly Tanny was not worth a 1st rd pick.

How are Ellerbe and Wheeler getting paid to much.

They are getting paid average Salaries for their position. We aren't paying them like Top 5 or Top 10 for their position. They are getting starter money, not Superstar Money. The Franchise Tag for LBs is $9.5 Mil a season we are paying both of them combined about that much.

But sure keep spewing senseless nonsense how they are getting paid to much.

Ellerbe is leading the League in Tackles. How is that overpaying.

Dansby by himself was getting paid $9 Mil a Season. Ellerbe has already tied Dansby's last season with 10+ Tackle games.

And they are still adjusting to the new team. LB is one of the most difficult position to play on defense. We run multiple schemes. Right now they are still reading and not reacting.

Plus, Dansby chocked in the 4th Qtr. Ellerbe and Wheeler still haven't choked at the end of games.

T-hill should try bombs to Hartline or Wallace more often. That's why wallace was paid millions. Moore does so on regular basis. Its a landmark of good QBs.
Coaches must stop being conservative, like that 4th and inches. Specially with the best teams. Nothing worst than conservative or weak coaches.
There are ways of loosing games.

And please don't skew history.

Penelas wanted to raise taxes to eliminate tolls and make the Metro-rail free. The other Cuban Politicians in Miami thought that was a dumb Idea and never approved the Penny Tax. Since not raising the Taxes, Tolls have quadrupled and The Public Transit has doubled.

Penelas had it right, but the dumb Republicans in Miami got it wrong.

Don't Blame Penelas. Blame the Cartel that is still in power in Miami.


The Same ones who were against funding the Upgrades.

Now Jacksonville is taking that state money for the Jags. And it will cost us Double to upgrade in a couple years.

Miami has the Smartest Politicians in the whole USA.

I don't know why when this is the first time any of them have been a part of a Democracy. And you can tell by the way they act they lack experience running a Productive Gov't.

Very few commentators here for this time of night. Have they banned some People from here? I don't mind Daytona at all, neither that imbecile that was extolling his trip to Havana and the prostitutes there on a Miami based Blog. If he could only try to understand and restrain himself...

3rd Eye = odinseye

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | October 02, 2013 at 08:42 PM

Lets add false accusations onto the LONG list of your SHORT comings-LOL.

Nope, not even. I haven't been posting about ANYTHING except Football lately.

I do however expect that "3rd Eye" learned about and learnd how to deal with you because of Me! I like to think I'm "The Original".

PS: We signed Spitler because Trusnik's down. So, that probably means we will now see Spitler at Linebacker(like we did Trusnik)when Misi bangs his shoulder up again.

People want to complain about Ellerbe and Wheeler. Just wait until it's 3rd and long and Spitler's on the field-LOL! (At least Trusnik was tall and could stand there with his hands up in the air-LOL)

My only hope is that Philbin "miscalculated" in preparing this Team for NO. We'll find out soon on Sunday if that was the case, or not.

I believe we should let Tannehill pick a spot EVERY Quarter where he just drops back and sends Wallace Deep.

When you have someone that supposed to be as good as Wallace is, you have to play the odds. You take a Deep Shot every quarter at least. We'll get a Pass interference called once every 4 tries. If Wallace catches even ONE of the other 3, we're batting .500 on the Deep Ball.

I don't know any other way to say it: "That would be HUGE!"

Tannehill should just be allowed to audible to it once a quarter(at least)when he sees a match up he likes.

I do not think the coaches miscalculated, I think we mis-calculated.
On the last drive of the Cle game Cl was in position to win it. Josh Gordon missed game.
On the last drive of the Indy game Indy had the chance to win it. Starting RB out for season.
We needed the last drive to take lead and win at against Atl and they were down both starting tackles.

We didn't blow away the first 3 opponents, we barely won the first 3 games against teams with flaws.

N.O. showed the NFL how to beat us: just start going deep and keep doing it until they fold.

Any other valid options to our signing of Spitler that you know of, odin?

I agree with odin that Wallace should be tested deep more often, covered or not. But please, throw it right.

So, ETF, what you are saying is that we probably win only 2 or 3 more Games from now. What do you think we can do about it to prevent that? Give us options also, please.

Options, please.

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