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A look ahead and PFF look back at Saints game

This is a short week for the Dolphins and this blog so let's combine a look ahead with a look back, shall we?

Looking ahead to the Ravens, the Dolphins are practicing today. Well, most of the Dolphins are practicing today.

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson is not practicing. Indeed, he's not even rehabbing his groin injury on the sideline. He comes out for the stretching portion of practice and leaves when the practice or rehab work begins.

Not good.

Linebacker Jason Trusnik and defensive back Don Jones -- two special teams stalwarts -- are not practicing but working with trainers off to the side. With Trusnik's injury, now you understand why the team signed Austin Spitler today.

Defensive end Cameron Wake is working. He was working at his usual position with starters during the open portion of practice. So that suggests he'll be available against the Ravens barring a setback.

Now a bit of a look in the rear-view mirror for the final time this year. Here's ProFootballFocus.com's study of the Dolphins loss to New Orleans:


WR Brandon Gibson got his highest grade (+2.4) this season and played the most snaps (49) he has seen in 2013.

WR Mike Wallace had his lowest graded performance (-3.3) since his very first game as a pro in 2009.

RT Tyson Clabo (-2.5) had another poor performance, allowing 4 hurries, 2 hits and a sack.

Tight ends Dion Sims (7 snaps) and Michael Egnew (6 snaps) didn’t see much playing time, with the Dolphins employing their 11 personnel for much of the game.

The Saints were able to generate pressure without blitzing. Against the blitz, quarterback Ryan Tannehill was 3-for-3 for 78 yards, including his 50-yard checkdown to Marcus Thigpen.

All four sacks of Ryan Tannehill came when the Saints did not blitz. That does not speak well of the Miami protection.

The Dolphins gained 75 yards on 9 designed rushes to the left side, and just 18 yards on 7 carries up the middle and to the right.

Brandon Gibson and Charles Clay caught at least one pass against five different defenders.

The Dolphins’ receivers had 150 yards after the catch on 22 receptions.


OLB Philip Wheeler had another poor game, but did not miss any tackles. He missed six tackles last week. Wheeler allowed all seven targets against him to be completed. They came against Kenny Stills, Pierre Thomas, Marques Colston, and Darren Sproles, who had two.

Dion Jordan played 23 snaps as a nickel defensive end. He rushed the passer 17 times and dropped into coverage twice.

DT Marvin Austin played 18 snaps in his Dolphins debut, showing well against the run (+1.3).

CB Jamar Taylor was forced into action due to injuries and saw 29 snaps, primarily at right cornerback for Nolan Carroll. He was beaten for a TD and three first downs.

Taylor was picked on by Drew Brees, giving up Jimmy Graham’s 27-yard touchdown, and two Colston catches for a total of 60 yards.


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DolFan Rick, You are a GOOD FANatic. 1973 and counting and you are advising patience. If you had started following Dolphins in 1974 at the age of 20 you would have memories of Marino to Clayton and Duper, some Ricky Williams and a whole lotta bad football as you turn 60.

Kindry, You can keep the faith all you want. The Dolphins don't read these forums and their play will not be influenced by how some people` critique their play.


Lee Robinsons(sp.?)the linebacker that played in the CFL. I think he was probably the better of the two.

But, I think Spitler is probably the better Special teamer, which I why I think they went that way.

The deep pass wasn't a terrible throw. It wasn't perfect. Both guys are at fault. Got to get the timing down. The main problem is they usually don't have enough time to go deep. There are also other ways to go down the field than a 7step drop and a go route. How about some rollouts and deep post/corners. Play calling sux.

As far off the line as the NO defense was on #11's side I was waiting for 11 to run a go route and then have us slip L.Miller in behind that on a wheel route, didn't see it once, but again I went to bed in the 3rd quarter.

Are we going to shelve that play for the rest of the season just because of one incomplete pass on it in the previous game? That's a potential home-run play every time, so why is Sherman leaving it in the playbook but not using it?

Cant put the blame fully on Wheeler. Look at the guys he was covering. DB's have a hard time covering those guys, let alone a LB. The bottom line is the Fins were out coached big time on defense. Coyle should be embarrassed. Sherman out coached himself with one bonehead call. You all remember going into the final minutes of the second half the commentators were talking about how Miami was beating up on NO at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Half time adjustments is where the fins were killed.

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