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McKinnie: The timing, 'Big Mac,' Philbin reaction

As I shared with you in the last post, the Dolphins' plan for Bryant McKinnie is to play him at left tackle. Only left tackle. Period.

And today, McKinnie confirmed he worked only at left tackle during practice. Jonathan Martin said he worked at both left and right tackle during practice.

"I'm a left tackle," McKinnie said. "All I've ever played. I've never taken a snap at right tackle."

So, again, when McKinnie is up to speed and ready to play, he is the left tackle and Martin will move to right tackle.

I believe this is a deal general manager Jeff Ireland had to make. It was a must-do move because to sit by and watch Ryan Tannehill get hit week after week was a recipe for ruining the young quarterback, if not getting him hurt.

So I approve. Bryant McKinnie is not a great player at this late stage in his career. But this is a rental to survive the season. It had to be done.

But the timing of this move boggles.

Why didn't the Dolphins do this trade two weeks ago during the bye? McKinnie was available then. The Ravens were shopping him then. The idea of trading for McKinnie was no secret to anyone -- least of all readers of this blog.

Everyone knew Tyson Clabo was struggling for weeks. It should not have come as an epiphany to the Dolphins on Monday -- the day after Clabo once again gave up game-defining sacks against Buffalo -- that their offensive line needs help. Clabo gave up game-defining sacks against Baltimore the last time the Dolphins played.

So why the timing of this move now instead of the last several weeks when it made more sense?

"We considered a lot of factors and made the decision and we thought this was the right time," coach Joe Philbin said today.

I hope he's fibbing. I hope he doesn't really believe the timing here was right. If he does, the Dolphins are in bigger trouble than anyone might think.

As you know the McKinnie addition fits like Chad Johnson fit. In other words, he doesn't fit the culture. Everyone knows it. And everyone accepts that desperate times call for desperate measures, thus this trade.

But Philbin said he's expecting McKinnie, a well-known party animal with a history for visiting all sorts of clubs on late night jaunts, to fit in with the Dolphins.

"We expect anyone who works for the Dolphins, coaches for the Dolphins, plays for the Dolphins to represent the organization in the right way on and off the field ... All of us have a responsibility to act accordingly," Philbin said.

McKinnie said his party reputation won't be a problem because when he's working, he's working. He said his party persona only applies to when he's off. McKinnie said "Big Mac" is his offseason persona. Bryant is his in-season persona.

(First of all, it's never good when a player claims to have an alter ego. Secondly, the infamous Love Boat incident in Minnesota in 2005 and Party Bus incident in Baltimore this year happened during the football season).

"I'm concerned about what he does in this building," Philbin said. "I don't mandate what people do outside the building. I enjoy my free time when I have free time. I expect him to be a professional just like the other guys."

Dolphins should keep their fingers crossed.



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No Evidence

The. Best OL in the league is?.....

Publicado por: Craig M | October 22, 2013 at 05:16 PM

The 49ers without a doubt followed by the Seahawks and the reason they can go smash mouth when needed like S.F. has without WR's. The Pats OL when healthy is a very good group as well.

fin4life | October 22, 2013 at 05:21 PM

I expect to see him at Trick Daddy's joints by Mid-Nov. I really don't care if he handles his but if you do any partying in this City you've come across the retired/pseudo retired hard partying Older Canes fellowship (Family as it's known around Town) McKinnie is a part of.


From the last blog....

Totally agree that the Niners have the best OL in the league. They've drafted well and invested heavily in that line.no surprise that they're successful.

'hawks are good but they miss Okung.


Maybe after covering the team for another 20 years you will begin to realize that coaches and GM's are not going to be honest with you. Why are you continually surprised by their answers? They talk to the media as you know only out of obligation mandated by the NFL. You can basically rule out anything they tell you as being the truth.

Dashi, far more often than not, 3rd rd picks seem to be developmental picks. The entire 6 seasons of this current fo, when have we had a 3rd rd pick be a 1st year impact player?

Over the past 6 seasons, 3rd rd picks have been bust or near the bubble of bust. So why not try something new with a 3rd rd pick? Ireland hasn't been very successful with this pick anyway.

This draft is supposed to be deep at QB. If Tannehill hasn't shown he's the guy by the end of the year the organization needs to draft a QB third round or higher. There needs to be a contingency plan in place.

So what is it? Yes or No?

I know you are just a Contrarian.

Crying when we didn't sign McKinnie in the Off season. And now crying that we did get him. What is it?

No Objectivity whatsoever. I understand it is your job to write about the team so sometimes you have to switch your opinions so you have something to write about. But always picking the Opposite opinion isn't journalism. IT IS TABLOID PROPAGANDA.


I expect that from a 2nd class paper or a 3rd world Journalist.

And NONE OF YOU SAY L.KUECHLY. Cause only Dashi has stated that a Great MLB is as important for a Teams success as a QB. Even Now. Kuechly had over 200 Tackles a Season in College. The Numbers spoke for itself. Dashi would've taken J.Mayo over J.Long and the 2 Scrub QBs in 08. And would've picked P.Willis and his family over T.Ginn and his in their draft also.

And I don't want to hear that you would've taken R.Wilson #8. Nobody had him as a First Rounder. R.Wilson is a product of a Supremely talented team. Doubt he would have the same success in Miami.

Dashi | October 22, 2013 at 05:26 PM

Except me! You know how I felt about Koochie in that draft and don't get me started on P.Willis in 07! I will disagree with you in one spot and that's taking a QB between Rds 3-4 if one fell there I liked. It was the Ron Wolfe way which sent a multitude of teams to the S.B. not just the Pack! Hasselbeck took the Hawks after traded while Warner took St. Louis and Arz by the way last pick before retiring was Rodgers who we passed for Ronnie Brown who maybe on his way to better than the legend he replaced. I in the coming draft am looking at Xavier Sa'u-Filo out of UCLA A NASTY BIG ATHLETIC SAMOAN GUARD to finally pair with Pouncey and given amount of QB's in the next draft a real gem like N.C.'s LT James Hurst could be there for you RD-2. By the way Freson QB Derek Carr is an interesting guy who maybe falls into the 4th or 5th Rds.

I'm not saying don't get another QB to challenge T-Hill next season. Just that it would be a waste of a Pick. I would sign a young FA next season. Some guy that we can get for a good value.

Next Draft should go as followed so far from the weakness I see.

1-LT or RT. Whichever one is rated higher.
2- LG
3- RG
4- TE
4- LB (Compensation pick)

Following how Ireland Drafts, the Next draft will be mostly Offense since this past draft was mostly defense.

The O-Line is a very important part of an offense. Hopefully those who think this is Arena Football and Linemen aren't important to an Offenses Success have learned their lesson.

Remember 11 Starters on Offense. 5 of them play O-line. Half the Players Block, the Other half goes out (QB doesn't run routes). And more times than not you have more players blocking than going out for patterns.


Why should he? He gets paid the same whether on the bench or in the training room.
This is his last season and he is being made a fool of by Bal and Mia.

Posted by: Craig M | October 22, 2013 at 05:37 PM

Craig, I absolutely LOVE that you've come around to my thinking on the QB position from pre-2010. Doesn't mean you have to start the rookie. Doesn't even mean you have to get the QB in the 1st round (doesn't mean you shouldn't either). ESPECIALLY in this new CBA-era, I agree 100% with "you have to have a contingency plan." At the most important position in all of sports, that is a FACT if you want to compete.

But we also need OL/CB/LB/RB/TE help too (between draft and FA). I really hope Miami is changing, but we'll see in due time.

Only one here I remember liking Luke Kuechly was odin and when he pointed him out to me, I jumped on his bandwagon.


Agreed. It was a very select few who liked Koochie here. I was saying that more to the 3-headed twink monster we have here.

I know we can find a good QB in the Mid rounds. I just feel this team has bigger needs than wasting a mid rd pick next season on a QB. T-Hill deserves at least 1 more year.

Now we can take a flyer on a 6th rd QB. Sometimes you can hit on those.

If next season T-Hill isn't at least a Top 10 QB in the NFL. Then, Yes, Dashi agrees. Use a 1st, 2nd or 3rd Rd pick on a QB. But to say that T-Hill should be replaced in his 2nd Season while he is playing OK (Not great), shows that they have a secret agenda. That they don't want to be objective. That they didn't want him in the first place. And are happy he is only doing OK, even though T-Sizzle has ZERO PROTECTION.

People forget this was suppose to be T-Hill's Rookie Season.

I pointed out DeAndre Hopkins and Kenny Vaccaro here and nobody paid any attention here except YG.

You also pointed out the fins should've drafted Mark Ingram in the first round.

I didn't expect you to be dumb enough to take this bait Pal....they have given up LESS SACKS THAN CLABO!! Broncos OL=5 sacks
Clabo=7 sacks

Facts baby....just facts!!

Bill Arnsparger | October 22, 2013 at 05:18 PM

Common Bill Really???

Maybe behind the Org. starting-5 but not the group we saw Sunday Night! Even with the Org.-5 Manning will get rid of it in a hurry but the group now will get him killed unless they scale back on some of those long patterns themselves and I know you understood what I meant!

Relax, FIRELAND is already on the case looking for a first round long snapper. Probably even trade up to get that long snapper.

But to say that T-Hill should be replaced in his 2nd Season while he is playing OK (Not great), shows that they have a secret agenda. That they don't want to be objective. That they didn't want him in the first place. And are happy he is only doing OK, even though T-Sizzle has ZERO PROTECTION.

People forget this was suppose to be T-Hill's Rookie Season.

Dashi | October 22, 2013 at 06:04 PM

I don't advocate replacing him in Yr.3 but he gets that Moore (under contract in 2014) is NO THREAT to him. I simply want to bring in a guy middle-Rds to push him some and give him credible competition which he may need.

Really Philbin??? THIS was the right time? Not the week Mac became available? Who's running this God awful Dingey? ROSS, IRELAND, PHILBIN OR APONTE????

HoHo, Don't lie. I guess I was wrong there.

My success rate in any endeavor I undertake is 90%.


What I am saying is get someone like a J.Freeman or M.Sanchez next season. Someone that can challenge him but also has experience.

We have bigger needs in the Draft. (The Line)

I believe you use the Draft to build long term, while you use FA to build short term. We still don't need a long term replacement for T-Hill. But we need long term replacements on our O-line.

T-Hill needs real competition. We can even sign a guy like M.Vick or M.Schaub. a veteran that can compete and will help in the classroom. A guy that will not only challenge T-Hill but also Challenge M.Moore for a Roster spot if it doesn't work.

philbin saying deal was made at right time instead of back when they had bye, give me a break philbin just making yourself look like a complete idiot

Self Confidence is a wonderful thing to have. But when it is mixed with lying it is a very dangerous combination. We call those people Sociopath's. But hey, Most "Psychologist" are considered Sociopath's anyways.

This coach is starting to concern me the way he explains the moves and the playing calling. I am losing confidence in this team.


Dashi | October 22, 2013 at 06:22 PM

No right or wrong way here just semantics really, I got a feeling last nights showing aside that Freeman can be the guy in Minnesota though, just a gut feeling given the speed at WR & talent with his arm. He just needs to back up the LB's some and AP will get them were there going!

No! Not draft talk already. Hopefully Mckinnie can play decent enough to make this year relevant. If u can stay above 500, u can make playoffs in AFC. Never mind, we'll be under 500 after this week. Damn u Clabo, Martin, and Sherman for making football irrelivent before November. U suck!

Gees a sinking ship brings in a very big lifeboat. Lets hope he swims and carries some of these turds to safety.
The last time I seen the team look like last week was the final game of last season. Half the Phins did not come to play on Sunday and including the coaches.
Now we are talking draft again in week 6. Sheesh 4 years in a row and by week 6 (2 years ago week 3) we are talking next draft. Snoooore.

Mckinnie will be better than having clabo on the field that is almost a given.

More importantly he is a guy with fire in his heart and will encourage the offensive showing leadership.

Ireland is responsible for putting us in this situation and really has very poor talent assessment skills. the talent he does find he can't wait to get rid off.

This move should keep all the hookers and strip clubs happy. The truth be told if McKinnie is preoccupied with women, he will not be consuming as many Big-Mac's. The girls in this town will get this guy back in shape. Go Dolphins! now if we can only keep Jeff Ireland from evaluating anymore OFFENSIVE LINEMEN PERHAPS THE DOLPHINS WILL MAKE THE PLAYOFFS NEXT SEASON.....

October is draft talk time in Miami.

sadly jay it is again this year. hopefully we totally bomb from here out and not win some meaningless games to kill our draft and schedule next year, and maybe just maybe we can force ross to fire ireland

I have to think that Philbin believed that (1) giving Clabo a talking-to and (2) the 2 weeks off would stand a good chance of redressing the problem.

Mando's illustrated why Philbin would have pause about McKinnie. Sunday's game may have left him with no other choice, after Ross got done talking to him.

Can we now, Mr. Ross, get rid of Jeff Ireland?

All Miami Dolphins fans want to see their team do well, which is why it is so hard to differentiate between hope and false hope. I got so caught up in wanting the Dolphins to be a good team that I convinced myself that Chad Henne could get over the hump and become a good quarterback. It wasn't until we let him go, and I saw him from the other side, that I realized how ridiculous that was. That being said, I feel that Ryan Tannehill is a different case. When I watch him play, he looks like a good player that is poorly coached, and often times still overcomes that coaching. We need smarter people running the Miami Dolphins. That's all there is to it.

As awful as this six game stretch has been, there is no hope nor
Help on the horizon immediate or otherwise. Having said that we all need to keep in mind this is just year two of a new Regime, System both Offensively & Defensively, Along with a whole Crock Pot full of New Offensive Ingredients. Not to state the übber obvious RT1 HAS TO DATE PLAYED IN 41 REPEAT AFTER ME 41 GAMES AS A QB 19 AT TEX A&M , 22 IN THE OH SO EASY NFL !!! Continuity's the name of the game in this league. How long did SF, KC, NE, DEN, SEA, all seem to struggle in there newly installed systems before hitting pay dirt? AND KC ALL THIS RECENT SUCCESS WITH THE SAME INGREDIENT FILLED CROCK POT, PROVING MY POINT TO CONTINUITY.

I would like to think this move came too late because Ireland tried something bold before falling back to McKinnie. Maybe he was asking for Joe Thomas or something. I hope.

ireland is dumb as a rock, has destroyed this franchise

Good post, Shaun. I totally agree about Tannehill. He has plenty of potential, but I'm afraid he's doomed to fail with the current coaching staff.

Fail Forward Fast.

Brought to you this season by Jeff Ireland and Joe Philbin.

Special Guest Giveaway King, Ryan Tannehill.



After a 3-0 start, they're on a three-game losing streak. One of those games, I can forgive. Two losses, I can live with. But the third loss crossed the line.

The Dolphins enter their toughest stretch of the season, as they're set to play two games in four days. One game is a road matchup against an ornery Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Then a Halloween night matchup against a Cincinnati Bengals squad that looks to go far in the playoffs this season.

If the Dolphins finish that stretch at 4-4, it will be a miracle. Realistically, you can see them at 3-5.

A 3-5 record ends all playoff hopes. Sure, they'll have a seemingly easy November against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, San Diego Chargers and Carolina Panthers, but the Bills game on Sunday was seemingly easy as well.

If the realistic prediction of 3-5 after Cincinnati comes true, then Miami will miss the playoffs.

If that happens, then general manager Jeff Ireland, head coach Joe Philbin and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman must be shown the door.

Progress is something that the Dolphins haven't shown this season. They seemed to show it in their first three games only to regress to the mean like a hot-shooting team in the second half against the Miami Heat.

How can you justify keeping the same regime in place when there isn't any progress shown? How can you justify this when your quarterback is regressing at a rate that's putting him closer to Chad Henne than Dan Marino?


What I am saying is get someone like a J.Freeman or M.Sanchez next season. Someone that can challenge him but also has experience.

We have bigger needs in the Draft. (The Line)

Posted by: Dashi | October 22, 2013 at 06:22 PM

Absolutely, Mark Sanchez or Freeman could have helped tank the season and given 2014 1st overall pick. Then we take Teddy Bridgewater.

As far as oline, problem is everyone but Pouncey is replaceable. Cogs has a couple more seasons at best. Martin wasn't great at LT or RT. Jerry, we not need mention.

We need at least 2 1st rd picks(LT, RT, LG, RG) to really place a dent into fixing the oline. No way to do it with so little time and so few premium picks.

Even a 2nd rd olineman pick is usually an average olineman at best. Most 2nd rd olinemen block well and pass protect poorly. Or pass protect and run block poorly. Reason they fall to 2nd rd.


I believe Freeman was being mishandled in Tampa. He is a lot better than people give him credit for.

are you serious @ 6:47....

mo...of course your not....

dashi freeman was probaly the worst ive ever seen a qb play last night


I believe you gave the most logical explanation on why this didn't happen earlier. The fins were looking for something better.

Now why does someone who gets paid to dig for info make radical baseless comments is beyond me.

Oh, I know. Propaganda.

All Miami Dolphins fans want to see their team do well, which is why it is so hard to differentiate between hope and false hope. I got so caught up in wanting the Dolphins to be a good team that I convinced myself that Chad Henne could get over the hump and become a good quarterback. It wasn't until we let him go, and I saw him from the other side, that I realized how ridiculous that was. That being said, I feel that Ryan Tannehill is a different case. When I watch him play, he looks like a good player that is poorly coached, and often times still overcomes that coaching. We need smarter people running the Miami Dolphins. That's all there is to it.

Posted by: Shaun | October 22, 2013 at 06:40 PM

Good post. I was hopeful of Henne until he started reminding me of Fiedler. Fiedler was a much better athlete, but the similarities were uncanny. Excellent between the 20's, good for 3/4's of a game, then bam, an absolutely stupid interception.

I like THill, he's better than Henne for sure, and probably Fiedler, and I'm hopeful, but here's my problem: when Marino was drafted, he sat behind Woodley (and Strock) for I think 7 games. That said, it was clear from the very first training camp he was special. No doubt whatsoever from the fans, the media, and more important.y, Shula and his teammates.

I'm not expecting Marino, BUT, it's pretty clear he's not going to be elite. Good maybe, which might be enough, but he's not an elite guy, or we would have seen it. Just my opinion..hope for pretty darn good, but we're not looking at the next Marino, but hopefully the next best thing. Right now, he reminds me a little of Fiedler. Great athlete, lots of potential, not the savior, and lots of mistakes. He's young...hopefully he'll grow.

You actually question WHY they were late to make a move.....BECAUSE THEY ARE LATE IN REACTING TO EVERYTHING.


Philbin said that "we considered a lot of factors and we thought this was the right time". Coach, stop this BS double talk and say it like it is. You did not pull the trigger with this deal because the FO was "negotiating" with the Ravens to bring the price down. That's all that hapenned. Those were the "lot of factors" considered.The intention was to bring the price (draft picks) down regardless whether the team needed the trade sooner to get the player up to speed with the playbook.

Mr. Philbin should worry more about winning games, not what guys are doing on their own time. It's not going to matter anyways if this losing continues. As far as fans are concerned, the honeymoon is over!! I don't care if McKinnie plays with a hangover as long as Tannehill stays upright and injury free.

In response to Craig M.'s comment about drafting a QB next year. First let me say this.... "I agree"...
But not because I think RT has shown anything other then growth and promise. I think it is PRUDENT POLICY in an NFL environment where franchise QB's are litteraly worth they're weight in gold... To have an established QB development program.
It doesn't matter what the circumstances or where you do it... The moment you start talking about QB's everyone is both a critic and an expert. it brings out the very worst in fans and blog atmosphere's and is a virtual guarantee to set someone off.
That being said... Drafting a QB in the 3rd round or thereabouts and coming across a talent like Russel Wilson, who has been as consistent as any QB starting in the NFL. Or even a Kaepersniffer, who took a VERY good team to the next level is too good of a risk to not pursue.
I think drafting and either developing or dealing away QB's is good business. But here's the rub... The moment Jeff Ireland blows up a 3rd or 4th round pick on a player who MIGHT... MIGHT see the field in a few years OR get traded in a couple, even if it is on a QB who may or may not be franchise level... Fans will go berserk. Just look what they say about Daniel Thomas who was ranked the #4 overall RB the year he was drafted after he didn't become a star.
It's REAL FREAK'IN EASY to talk about drafting a potential franchise player... But... players drafted on POTENTIAL are coach killers. More guys have been undone by player POTENTIAL then any other reason when it is about rosters. So..... Think it all the way through.... Can you live with giving up a 3rd rounder on a HUNCH?... If so, great... If not... Don't whine about Tannehill.

The deal could of been made in the off season. Mckinnie was available as was Brandon Albert.

As you all recall after Ireland made the decision to let Jake Long test the market he said not to worry. "if we lose him we have a plan".

So we all sat waiting and wondering what the plan was. Would it be Brandon Albert for a 2nd rder or will we draft one of the many big tackles available in the draft??

Guess what? Neither. Suddenly the guy they weren't sold on to play LT (Martin) would be ok. Probably because moving him there and signing Clabo to play RT was the cheapest solution available.

Of course the fact that Ireland wanted to use the 2nd pick that KC wanted for Albert, to make the shock of every dolfan's world trade to get Dion Jordan, factored strongly into the decision.

Dion Jordan btw may well turn into an elite pass rusher who knows. One thing I'd be willing to bet on though is by the time he does, the Fins won't be willing to sign Wake to another big contract and we still won't have two good ends.

I'm generally as big a homer as there is but it's like a vicious circle with this team. The same inept BS over and over.

I really begin to wonder if these guys really want to win. Now it appears with the signing of Mckinnie they're gonna let the fans and media run the team. Which is truly a sad state of affairs.

Then again if there gonna let us run the show, they need to listen the first time. because like Oscar said. We could have had guys like Vaccaro or Hopkins or Kyle Long or Chance Warmack etc. on our team.


I've seen worst. Weeden, Ponder, Gabbert. Freeman is still getting acclimated to the Vikings. 1 INT, 1 Sack in 53 Attempts isn't bad. Yes, he was off on many passes. But that was the first game with those WRs.

Josh Freeman's 2012 Season

4065 Yds
27 TDs
17 INT

Not bad if you ask me.

albert was def the guy to get, most of u didnt want him. huge mistake dashi thats great in 2012. the current version of freeman was last night and it was beyond horrible

I was right there with you on Albert dusty. If you can believe the media though, the Chiefs wanted our top 2nd rd pick but we only were willing to give up the lower 2nd rder.

I mean seriously...Either you want to win or you don't. Your gonna quibble over 10 or 15 spots when your season could depend on it??

Like I say. I'm really not sure If they care if they win or not. Because surely there not just that stupid.

yeah rick could of had eifert and albert instead of dion. yikes

"'We considered a lot of factors and made the decision and we thought this was the right time,' coach Joe Philbin said today."

Translation: Jeff gave me one week to fix the problem and I couldn't so he made the trade.

These bunch is one group of incompetent baboons and they need to be fire ASAP andf try to get some like Jim Mora.

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