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Dolphins acquire LT Bryant McKinnie

The Dolphins have acquired left tackle Bryant McKinnie from the Baltimore Ravens, The Herald has confirmed.

McKinnie, who played collegiately at the University of Miami, was available because the Ravens traded for Eugene Munroe three weeks ago. That trade sent McKinnie, who had been underperforming and was overweight in Baltimore, to the bench.

It also made him available.

The Dolphins will almost certainly move left tackle Jonathan Martin from left tackle to right tackle. But that will happen only after McKinnie gets comfortable with the Miami system. Once that happens, McKinnie would be Miami's left tackle.

Tyson Clabo, who has given up eight sacks in six games, would likely go to the bench or be traded. Or eventually cut.

McKinnie was eager to leave Baltimore (because he was benched) and go to Miami (because he'll be starting). He also is familiar with the city -- which, with his history for partying, might not be such a great thing.

FoxSports was the first to report the story. Barry Jackson of The Herald confirmed it.

The compensation for the trade is unknown but I would not bet that it's very high. Perhaps a seventh or conditional sixth rounder.

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin spoke to the media before the trade was public so he was not asked about it. Dolphins offensive coordinator, who just spoke with the media, declined to discuss the topic.



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We can simply make a list of the formations/plays that the Jets used to beat NE and run the exact same plays from the exact same formations in the exact same order.

I wonder how much we paid for McKinnie?

During the bye I posted I was "IFFY" on this Coaching staff and their pigheadedness on playing schemes that don't seem to fit the personnel on D and the lack of shifting the WR's on O using more draws ect... I'm now shifting my position to being officially down on this Coaching staff and lay the teams lack of play on them for a number of reasons.

1)We were not only coming off a bye but the Bills with Thad Lewis at QB were coming off a game Vs. the Bengals. That would be the same Bengals D scheme we play to a TEE! Coyle had film to watch what they would try and do Vs. his D from a scheme stand point. With a very mediocre showing for it.

I know some of you have brought up the screens they were using that were KILLING us on 3rd Down but that was mostly in the 1st Half with them catching our DL's up field push and catching the MLB (Trusnik) out of Pos. I thought rookie Jenkins (I felt the Personal foul was a BAD call given he planted his helmet in Lewis's chest and the jarring hit is what lodged the helmet) and moving R.Jones up closer to the line shut it down for the most part later but the Bills countered by moving Stevie Johnson into the slot putting him on J.Wilson and this cost us on those F.G. drives the Bills had in the 2nd Half. In other words they shifted they're personnel and found the miss-match!

2) On O there was some miss-direction and reverses but no shifting of the personnel??? Or for that matter using our T.E.'s or Clay to exploit the Bills LB's??? We basically stayed true to form?? I believe aside from shifting our personnel we should put our WR's in more motion while using more double T.E. formations, It may have helped late! After Williams moved sides on the guy Trick-or-Treating as our Right Tackle. Why didn't we shift our protection???

All of this and the BIGGEST problem for me which is I feel this Coach has lost hos Locker Room! This team was FLAT, I REPEAT FLAT!!! For a home game to start their Div. push, INEXCUSABLE!!!! I can deal with them insisting on getting their scheme right at any cost as long as the team seems to be playing for them and yesterday I just got the feeling the team has TUNED out the Coaches and the D QUIT! At the end on the 3rd and 4 were F.Jackson just ran over the rightside of our line to basically seal the win! All that and Thigpen sets them up at Mid-Field with 30 ticks and we had NO ANSWER for the 15 Yds NEEDED to give us a shot at a winning F.G. This is a very talented team that could be doing better but are saddled with a Coach unable to adjust giving them a shot, JMO!!

Oscar, read Arnsparger's post at 2:36.
My personal prediction is that McKinnie onlys if there is an injury ...
This coaching staff had two weeks to do soemthign about Clabo and still thought the status quo was good enough.
THen they saw Clabo almost get Tannehill put in a wheelchair.
Tomorrow they will tell you Clabo was excellent except he got beat by one of the ebst players in the league for two plays and that will happen to anyone.
Clabo will start next week again while they spend the next 9 weeks getting MCkinnie (up to speed).
haven't you guys been paying attention?

I wonder if Mando still thinks we are better than the Niners or better than the Broncos because we beat the Colts.

That was such retarded twisted logic to begin with which has sine been proven by our futility of the last 3 weeks.

The Saints exposed us. I fear for Tanny's life against the Jets with this oline. McKinney or not!

There goes Ireland again.

Throwing draft picks out the window to compensate for his terrible roster assembly.

He'll get it right one of these days! LL

Oh good, a fat tackle. Well, gotta try something.

Wish we'd traded Mike Sherman for him.

More trades need to be made. MJD is out there and we need another TE or FB that can catch. We cannot continue to take the field in 11 personnel and think we can run or pass block out of that personnel. We are in that personnel 95% of the time because we just don't have the right players

We are very predictable to opposing Defense's. That's why they can just tee off on our OL.

That trade sent McKinnie, who had been underperforming and was overweight in Baltimore, to the bench.
- Salguero on McKinnie

Sounds just perfect for us

I am no Ireland fan but I have to say that this may not be all Ireland. This coaching staff is the worst. Everyone not named Kacy Rodgers should be fired.

It's ridiculous to think the Jets MIGHT be the best team in the division because of their D.

In a year where the Pats are VERY vulnerable, the playoffs & Wildcard are right there for the taking & our team is a steaming pile of cow flop.

L Miller > R Bush
N Carroll > S Smith
J martin > J Long
B McKinnie > Every T on our team

As long as we have Ireland making the personnel decisions and Philbin coaching them...well you know.

So considering the coaches did nothign about the OL for two weeks when they had the chance to institute a change .. and then a day after getting embarassed on their home field, is this the GM sending a sign to the coaching staff?

i.e. you guys fix it, I'm not taking the hit here?

Its funny....seems like one person is posting under a bunch of names because all the post are anti Dolphin, negative and short?? Is Daytona back?

Daytona speedway must be closed today...go to Volusia Mall or something!! Leave the REAL Dolfans alone already!

I'm not anti-Dolphins (or posting under different names). I'm just tired of coaches who are anti-winning.

ETF maybe you should follow the Jets? You have absolutely nothing good to say about the Dolphins! Yes Ireland and staff need to go but you still would not be happy.

ireland has continually whiffed (5 yrs) on getting us an OLINE. he was offered brandon albert from KCity in the offseason. he declined and moved our RT martin to LT and signed clabo who was let go by the falcons. that says it all.

Reggie Wayne has a torn ACL. bad news for the Colts

They should have made the trade LAST week so they could get McKinney up to speed during the bye week. Now, it will take a couple of weeks. T

This is classic Ireland always late to the show. Just as he was 2 years late to identify TE's being the new trend in the NFL & trying desperately to make Egnew what he isn't. AKA A Football player!

Anyone still hoping that light bulb comes on? LMAO

Cutler tore his balls, I mean groin. Out four weeks.

Where's rdubs?

Now wait a minute....when we got Clabo everybody thought it was a great move? Atl wanted to resign Clabo for less money that's why they cut him.

Rams QB done too!


Baltimore dumps Bryant McKinnie on Miami

Classic title by PFT! Read the article, makes Miami sound awfully desperate.

Cutler out 4 weeks
Foles out

Bill @ 2:56

Every post in here since yesterday has been negative, how is it that you have singled me out as someone that should go root for the NYJ?

I posted a few negative posts this morning and few sarcastic ones this afternoon, and that is among hundreds of posts here so again how are you singling me out?

Is it because you and I are the only posters in here? Is that how you know that I am only person other than you? If so you have more that 100 negative posts in the past 24 hours and I have less than 10.

Shouldn't you be the one to go root for the Jets?

That's true Arnsparger. Most everyone liked that move when it was made. The dumping on Ireland for that one is classic revisionist thinking.

Now changing Martin for Long has pretty much equated to a push. He's ranked pretty even with martin. Bradford also has a torn ACL although I'm not sure if Long played a role in that one.

Muscle Hamster done for season

Tannehill is simply not the QB that everyone has been making him out to be. Rodgers, Romo, either Manning would have made that throw to Hartline with 20 secs left. Tannehill has no concept to throwing a touch pass. I understand he is young, but either you can throw a touch pass or not. He was running forward and still threw that pass as hard as he could and overthrew Hartline. I understand he is young, but the interception in the end zone in the first quarter was all on him. Just a horrible throw. It cost us at least a fiel goal. He is slow reading coverages. Intellectually he is a midget. He got a taste of success in the first two games and now you don't see the preparation showing up on the field. Lets start preparing to draft another QB in 2 years.

@ Mark in Toronto.......It shows how slow to act this front office is when evaluating talent. They had 5 games and a bye week and still didn't make a move to improve the o-line. Now, after we are 3-3 and the season is hanging by thread, we go get a left tackle that is just as bad, and older, than Tyson Clabo.

ETF your negative post are constant and never done too help the Dolphins. My post called for Ireland and staff to be let go. We have had 5 yrs of his rebuild and they have us as far as they can get us. I clearly stated I like most of the players we currently have. I just think we need a coach/GM like Cowher to get us to the next level....that's not negative my friend?

a week too late
so retarded, should of added him during bye week and got on same page and ready for ne maybe even buffalo.. way to go jeff... i cant wait for the draft, guess we are going rt/lt in 1st, rg in second and lg in free agency. We def need quality, maybe even trade back into first and get quality guard, do what san fran did, draft a beast oline, because lets face it every team has quality pass rushers (at least one). it all starts with a good oline, ask brady or manning thats the key in todays game, if tanny has time he looks amazing. Go oline!!! well at least next year.

Look at how well all the players we have let go the last 2 seasons are doing with there new teams for proof. Good coaching makes good players great.
Just to name a few. Integral parts of their new team.

Like trading turnstile for revolving door, according to Pete Priscoe.

Another terrible O line guy.

Rodgers, Romo, either Manning would have made that throw to Hartline

Posted by: A Realist | October 21, 2013 at 03:02 PM

Not if they were playing behind the Dolphins O-line.

Did any of you that attended the game yesterday notice as I did, that on our very first series that the team looked like they had just gotten out of bed and were sleep walking out to the huddle?

It looked like we were fielding a team of zombies, no emotion, no spunk, no fight in them. How do you play the first division game of the season at home, against a scrub team, and you don't have a fire lit under your ass?

If something doesn't change soon, we will win absolutely zero games from here on out this season, Joe P. does not appear to be a coach that instills a sense of emotional effort, the head coaches job is not just to create a game plan, decide on players/positions etc but he also needs to be the emotional leader of the team. And he needs to find a player on offense and defense to carry that emotion out onto the field with him to fire up the rest of the squad.

Fired up is a not a description that I could place on anyone wearing a Phins uni yesterday, doused seems to describe their emotions yesterday. They are playing for payday, not worrying about the result because they don't trust the coaching staff or the game plan.

@ Realistically.....Those guys could play behind a pop warner o-line and still do better than Tannehill. Some sacks are on the o-line, but a lot are on Tannehill because he is slow reading these coverages;even after a bye week against a mediocre team. Not a good sign.

Realist, at least the fornt office acquires players. This coaching staff can't properly integrate new players at all. heck they still haven't made the #3 draft pick really useful. If the front office is slow, the coaching staff is molasses by comparison.


The disturbing thing is that SHERMAN stated that if we had better players at any position they would play them. So basically, we have no other linemen that can improve a line that is record breaking bad? How is that possible? And then on top of that he calls plays that have to rely on the weakest group on our team in the most crucial moments of the game? I can't buy that. Reading the posts -- everyone seems to see the problems as clearly as they present themselves week in and week out.

I've also reserved judgement on our offseason. While we made ourselves better -- we also gave up players that would have made us a better team. Not retaining Reggie Bush -- who is a headache for defenses and a great leader -- makes zero sense right now. The fact that we began this weeks game with 2 runs with Daniel Thomas says it all. Why not on the first play of the game try a flee flicker to Wallace or something that could make a statement that we want to jump all over the opposing team. The second player that we could have had is Jake Long. I don't think I need to justify why this would have been something we should have fought harder for. We should have been more uncomfortable with trying to move forward without a sturdy left tackle -- especially when trying to preserve out investment of a growing franchise QB. This stuff is just so obvious that I can't understand why on earth we decided to venture down a path that we knew was going to lead to exactly where we are today. In big, big trouble. We can't beat anyone right now.

100% correct John in Springs

A Realist. Tell me which sack Tannehill was supposed to avoid yesterday. The one that happened in one second after the snap or that one that happened in two seconds after the snap when he was still cringing from the first one he took a play before and had his 240lbs running back and 330lbs right tackle launched into him?

RT will be hurt before the end of this season, it's inevitable.

I will say, I am losing faith in our coaching staff. I don't blame Ireland. The coaches had 2 weeks to prepare and this is what we get. Sad showing!!!

BTW Im still waiting for the trade that Armando reported we were working on last week. The reason we cut Austin was allegedly due to a trade being worked.

Wonder what they will draft first? A tght end or O-line?

I will judge this move when i see how it plays out on the field. McKinnie hopefully will be motivated to come home and shore up a glaring need. Remember guys he was good enough last year to help the ravens to a super bowl win. Not saying he was the reason baltimore went all the way but teams dont win championships without a solid blind side protector. Remember as well that his forte is pass blocking which is our weak spot on the line. I like the move overall only for the fact that atleast the fins are noticing a flawed area on the team and addressing it. Only bad part is they waited this long to pull the trigger


Time to trade Moore for a player to help us.
Tim Tebow back up

As long as he Dolphins have been awful
it's been the same people picking players.
Since way long before they got rid of
Welker because he was just too good at
actualy CATCHING the ball.

It's not the players (they don't pick
which teams buys or drafts them).

S D Rodrian

If they don't fix the line we will need Moore.

The truth is that you are jealous.

Six months ago everybody but me crowned the Phins SB champs. I was the only person on earth that pointed out that we lost more talent than we gained based on last years production.

During the Summer I was the one and only that claimed teams would throw deep early to put us in a whole because our secondary sucked and then they would tee off on Tanne after we had to abandon the run.

There was one other major story this Summer and everybody jumped on board except me, remember what it was? Let me help you: THERE IS NO EVIDENCE AGAINST AARON HERNANDEZ BECAUSE HERNANDEZ DIDN'T KILL ODIN, THE GUYS FROM THE CLUB DID.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | October 21, 2013 at 03:13 PM

Realist - answer the question.

We don't need Tebow. Devlin is better than Moore. I agree we should trade Moore to the Rams. Iggles, Texans or Chicago. I would also look into trading Wallace.


@ Mark......The o-line played better yesterday and did not account for either of those interceptions that Tannehill threw. The first one he stared down the reciever and the second he severely underhrew the pass. In both instances he had time to throw and a clean pocket, but failed to make the throw. On the first one he didn't even look at any other receiver besides the one he threw to?! I know it hurts to admit (even for me being a D-Phin fan), but he is not the QB of the future.


I am very confident that you gave Mike Nolan this defense we would be better.


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