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Dolphins acquire LT Bryant McKinnie

The Dolphins have acquired left tackle Bryant McKinnie from the Baltimore Ravens, The Herald has confirmed.

McKinnie, who played collegiately at the University of Miami, was available because the Ravens traded for Eugene Munroe three weeks ago. That trade sent McKinnie, who had been underperforming and was overweight in Baltimore, to the bench.

It also made him available.

The Dolphins will almost certainly move left tackle Jonathan Martin from left tackle to right tackle. But that will happen only after McKinnie gets comfortable with the Miami system. Once that happens, McKinnie would be Miami's left tackle.

Tyson Clabo, who has given up eight sacks in six games, would likely go to the bench or be traded. Or eventually cut.

McKinnie was eager to leave Baltimore (because he was benched) and go to Miami (because he'll be starting). He also is familiar with the city -- which, with his history for partying, might not be such a great thing.

FoxSports was the first to report the story. Barry Jackson of The Herald confirmed it.

The compensation for the trade is unknown but I would not bet that it's very high. Perhaps a seventh or conditional sixth rounder.

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin spoke to the media before the trade was public so he was not asked about it. Dolphins offensive coordinator, who just spoke with the media, declined to discuss the topic.



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Trading Wallace lol

Wallace is fine, he does what he came here to do. We just have no one who can throw to him. He is almost always underthrown. He was not meant to be Wes Welker, he's meant to be a deep threat, and he is.

Oh yeah...Wes Welker....we got rid of him too lol

ETF jealousy is a mortal sin. I am jealous of no man! You are very full of yourself.....if you are soooo right all the time and filled with sooooo much talent you must be filthy rich. That would explain why you have so much time to be spreading your negative comments on this blog 24/7!
Listen Pal..opinions are like arse holes everybody has one.....its just that yours STINK!

does anyone know if there is any top tier guards coming out in the draft? kinda like chance warmack/ jonathon cooper? Maybe get big albert in free agency, move martin back to rt, resign incog and draft a stud at guard with number one pick... dam that line would be much improved! make it happen jeff!!! piece by piece, year by year we are getting more quality players, now if we can get the coaches to wake the heck up, play calling/scheme is horrible, makes me wish we had a coach half as good as belicheat (even know i hate him) wishin harbaugh would of changed his mind a few years back.

Sorry Mark, not as fast a typer as you lol

I see WR's wide open when other teams play. Why does it always take a perfect throw to complete a pass to our wide outs? The TD pass to A.J.Green was way underthrown but the coverage was so bad that it was no problem. Great play by Dalton? Yea, Right.

Penalty on the Pats sets up the Jets, Great 4th quarter comeback by Geno? Yea, right, same thing happened in Tampa. That is 4 great comebacks by him, by the way.

Our plays are way too organized and therefore, predictable.

And at the end of the game, the other team's O-line holds and gets away with it. Can't we?

From top to bottom this whole organization is just PATHETIC. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Brady is going to make us regret every laying foot in NE this Sunday. Only question now is do we lose by 3 TD's or 4. At least the stadium looked full on TV yesterday...oh wait. Heat season will be here soon enough.

That's why I want Wallace traded. There is a reason Pittsburgh let him walk. They said he was one dimensional WR. He is a 54.9% WR rate 77 out of 107. Those are career numbers folks.

One post of mine from the previous entry worth re-writing here. It is a sobering fact to see how early in his career Philbin has managed to lose this Team, as f4l said above. That was no listless comment. Anybody that knows Football know that the Team that showed up to play yesterday at Sun Life Stadium was flat as a pancake. Also, 2 weeks ago, before the Balt Game, Philbin threw a reporter from the Major Networks out of the room for remarking how bad the last practice before the Ravens Game had been. This is serious stuff, guys, nothing to not pay attention to.

The only people that will benefit from the McKinnie acquisition are the local strip club owners and dancers. He will do nothing for the Dolphins.

sick and tired;

What were u looking at?...the paid attendance was 10k less than capacity and that was pd attendance...the uppers were empty...GET a CLUE..OUR fan base is basking in the god**** sun in Ft Lauderdale

Ticked off in MD

# 3:19 -- That is not the question i asked you. I asked which sack he shoudl have avoided since you said he should ahve avoided most of the sacks he endured this year which is absolutely bullcrap.

He held the ball long for maybe 2 or 3 of the sacks tops. otherwise this line has been a complete abortion.

As for your astute observation that Tannehill can't play in the league, he is on pace for 4,200 yards and 24 tds this year. Yes the turnovers haave been high, but that is not exactly uncommon for 2nd year Qbs.

You'll have to excuse me if I don't take your analysis or word for being worth 2 cents.

I'd love to know what Garner did to this coaching staff. He is persona non grata. How much sense does it make to play McKinnie and stunt JM's growth. I mean, unless he's going to be Miami's RT from now on and we draft another LT next year. But if eventually he's moving back to LT, I think it's stupid to move him mid-year. Give him a year of experience so we can see if he's worth keeping at that side. Or we could've moved Jerry over there, JM to RT and Garner to RG. If McKinnie is too fat for Baltimore (anyone see their offense lately), who's to say he's a starter here?

Bill.....Pittsburgh didnt "let Wallace walk"--they offered him a 5 yr, 55 Mill $ deal that he rejected....hardly a sign of team that didnt think he was pretty good--Wallace is fine....he was very productive in Pittsburgh obviously, so he's not the issue--the OC/coaching staff cant figure out how to use him.

Also, RT is NOT Martin's natural position.

Bud Adams died.

and dealing with right now, today....whats the problem with trading a late round pick for McKinnie? Most here dont like Irelands draft picks anyway....which way do you want it?

Dr Canosa very good point...however you must know we lost Home field the day we left the Orange Bowl. Just look at the home record since then. Philbin made it clear when Marshall, Davis, Bush, Dansby, Smith, Cinco were allowed to go that talent does not matter. Only ethical good guys can play here.

The Ravens had NO CHOICE but to make an in-Season trade for Jax LT E.Manroe and we trade for the guy they felt needed replacing. A guy NOTORIOUS for owing Trick Daddy's Father over 400K for his Miami spending habits at the Strip Clubs in the Off-Season aside from being a player who refuses to play on the rightside? A player whose career has been on the brink played well in last Yrs. Post-Season and responded by showing up at close to 400 Pds with the Bus incident to boot were the Hooker "Sweet Pea" hit teammate Jacoby Jones with a bottle??

The most upsetting thing isn't the red flags but the fact we could have had him a couple of weeks ago! The thing for me is were does he play on top of everything else? Do you give up on Martin at LT and slide him to the right giving McKinnie the shot on the Leftside which is were he always played and made his stink about playing last Yr. in Baltimore?? Who keeps this guy in check at night is another ? with this former Cane?

Ahhhhhh! Well it can't get any worse so we will see!

DC Garner got a traffic ticket when he was 15. That's why Philbin wont play him. He should be cut any minute.

Does not matter who they bring in. Yes glad to see some O line help but it is the game plan that stinks. Sherman when in GB had Brett Favre who won a SB with Holmgren, but under Sherman only racked up the yards and TD's but no SB. Sherman gets fired,McCarthy comes in and gets rid of Favre because they had a different (very successful) plan to move on. GB is now one of the most dominant teams that make the playoffs every year and has the best QB. Hey Sherman. Quit trying to make Tannehill another Favre, because you did not win a SB with him and you cannot with Tannehill. It is your play calling that is the problem. Run the DAMN ball.

Hilarious that today The coaching staff validated just how clueless we think they are.

They have spent the whole bye week saying they are confident in the guys they have and would stick with them.

Then, suddenly after the 1st game back, they changed their minds? LMAO!!!!!!!!


Now, it'll take 2 game weeks when it could have been done with him being able to play 1st game here.

BTW, how is it that they refused to change up the oline? NO WAY IN HELL Garner is worse than Clabo!

Should have tried Martin, Cogs, Pouncey, Garner, Jerry at RT. These coaches stubbornness to not adapt to the hand they're dealt is costing us games.

Watkins must be 1 sh*tty player to not be able to crack this starting lineup!

Just FYI.....Watkins is great player but hwas caught with an extra biscuit at Dinner and Philbin accused him of staeling....THOU SHALL NOT STEAL!! He will be cut any minute now


This trade is laughable!

f4l, McKinnie won't see the field. This is Ireland trying to do something ... anything to make it better. You think Philbin would give the thumbs up on McKinnie. Far be it form me to be a conspriacy theorist but we are not the only ones questioning the coaching ...


In case you are wondering, we don't find your posts the least bit humorous.


McKinney will sit for at least a few weeks while he "learns the system." Just long enough for Tannehill to hit IR. And let's not kid ourselves; Philbin is Sherman's puppet, and we all agree that Sherman is horrible.

Sherman: "I don't think you can protect a 21-20 lead in this league."

No, Sherman. YOU can't protect it.

Bill....seriously?--there were other issues involved with letting most of those guys know, namely salary cap, age, production--how many teams lined up to sign Dansby?--he was out of work for awhile, and signed a minimal/short term deal--same with Cinco....dude hasnt played since so teams were hardly tripping over themselves to sign him--Smith and Bush were not troublemakers, thats not the reason they let them walk (and again, how many teams were dying to sign Bush to that deal that he got, at his age?)--gimme a break.

And what do you propose, Bill, get back there? Unfortunately, for one reason or another, our last 5 HCs have lost the Team's respect in a quick hurry. Any idea why that happened?

Mark, you make no sense at all.

Ireland loves draft picks! Especially those late rounders. HE LOVES ACORNS!

To think he'd give up one of his beloved acorn picks for a guy he doesn't expect to be on the field just shows how dumb you are.

Yeah, it's my intellect that can be questioned here ...

true oscar, RT is not Martins natural position (and he wasnt very good at it last year)--but he aint that impressive at LT either, plus several of the 1st rd LTs are playing RT so far (L Johnson, Joeckel before his injury I think....maybe Fisher too?)--its not that uncommon.

Had to really digest this loss before commenting. TanneHill had a real bad first half. Instead of throwing he was aiming and trying to touch passes in. The second half he was better, liked the roll outs but the turnovers, poor play calling and a missed FG doomed us.
I'm really disappointed in the play and play calling. As far as McKinnie goes, he was definitely overweight and look totally disinterested in warm ups during the Baltimore game. I hope for the best with this move. I've watched way to much football in life to say New England is a lose. Seen to many teams have an awful game against bad teams then come back and beat a good team.

Benz....facts are horrible things.
Bush salary for this year is $1million! Dansby leader of the Cards D and they got him cheap.
We had no WR last year Cinco was better that none?
Smith is credited with solidifying the 7-0 KC D

As for me not being funny MR Blog...my post are not trying to be funny fool. They are sad actually. Sad at what this coaching staff is doing to this team. WAKE UP.

wherever and whenever they play, its hard to think that Martin/McKinnie wont be an upgrade over Martin/Clabo--almost has to be an upgrade.

I am good with the McKinnie trade for a 6th or 7th rounder. This should of been done before the bye week to give McKinnie time to drop 45 double cheese burgers not after. This trade makes it pretty clear that GM and Coaches have to be beat into submission to make a change.

At this point Martin/Colombo would be an upgrade ... as sad as it is, it is also factual.

A RB Bush's age usually doen not see the final years of a contract so please forget about the numbers thrown around in regards to his contract. Ask Mark in Tornoto he understands numbers and contracts better than most on here.


f4l, McKinnie won't see the field. This is Ireland trying to do something ... anything to make it better. You think Philbin would give the thumbs up on McKinnie. Far be it form me to be a conspriacy theorist but we are not the only ones questioning the coaching ...

Mark in Toronto | October 21, 2013 at 03:42 PM

The worst part about this Coaching Staff is the history between Philbin/Sherman were Philbin was the mentor/student. I don't believe he makes any move on his mentor and it will have to be forced upon him. The D scheme is KILLING me as well wasting the talent at hand. If were not careful Starks or Solia maybe replacing the Older Wilfork in N.E. instead of re-signing both going more 3/4 at least Coyle gets he needs them inside with Odrick outside which nobody has mentioned. The trade up for the #3 pick at this point seems lost on Coyle who can't for the life of him figure out how to use him. The lack of creativity on your scripted plays straight out of your Bye was down right laughable! But the BIGGEST thing I see Mark is a Locker Room which doesn't seem to be showing any emotion for this Coach! I believe they've tuned him out which is worse than any Coaching gaff on the field!

The team got pushed around in it's own house.
I would take a personal foul before I would let them hit the qb that hard especially again and again. They were in Tanne's face so so many times, I don't think Tanne knew what color uniform his teammates were wearing.

Tanne has his head up his butt.

The coaching staff? Lets just say it was a really really poor performance. And we couldn't run on 2nd and then 3rd down. After watching Tanne get creamed all day. That was just a dumb play call.

And to think some posters were questioning whether Jeff Ireland would fix the offensive line. Well done, sir!

Daniel Thomas salary 2013 $807,500
Lamar Miller salary 2013 $645,000

Reggie Bush has more production this year than entire Dolphins RB's!! Facts not opinions!

Bush is a $2M cap hit this year ... peanuts...

$4.5M cap hit next year but he can be cut and the team would gain $1.5M in cap space.

It was a low risk contract by the Lions.


We respectfully ask you to go back to wherever you came from. You are stinking up the joint with your stale jokes & sarcastically retarded viewpoint.

Disrespectfully yours,

Bill...facts?--whats Bush's deal worth on average, over the course of the deal?--clown....you do have to include little things that affect the salary cap like signing bonus, dont you? (or maybe you dont)--again, answer the questions...how many teams wanted Dansby, at anywhere near the numbers he wanted? (signed a ONE year deal at 1.55 mill, dopey)--who wanted Cinco?....anyone? Those are the facts....

The NFL world lost a Bud and a Bum in less than a week.

f4l, I was talking to Craig earlier saying how bad Coyle has been and his opinion is that the defense is doing fine.

Chiefly is the treatment of Jordan. you as a D co ordinator is given a gift here. A 265lbs DE that can run a 4.6, cover TEs and si a terror rushign the passer.

I can understand him being a backup when wake and Vernon are playing well because they are both doing quite well. But Wake has been out - and you give more snaps to derrick Shelby??? WTF is Shelby going to do for you in life???

You could also line up Jordan as an OLB (and considering youhave injuries to you Lb corps, more reason to do so), you don't do that much either.

You just waste away letting your opponents dictate the match ups, you have an embarassment of riches in talent compared to most and to have the defense ranked in the bottom third of the NFl is just inexcusable.

At least Sherman has Tannehill in the middle of the pack amongst NFL qbs ...

Oh and I hope Philbin hasn't lost the team because as you said, that the kiss of death, and that means another start from scratch rebuild ,,,,

Thanks Mark Bush's salary is $1million and $1million prorated signing bonus. So I will give the cap hits for Miller and Thomas:

Thomas $882,717
Miller $601,500

Posted by: APPLEJACKSON411 | October 21, 2013 at 03:52 PM

AJ, it's that BS coach-speak we hate so much. They're deflecting and moving their lips while saying nothing of any consequence. Did you hear Belichick's answer about that FG penalty, he took ownership, saying it was the coaches fault for not teaching it.

But you don't hear anything like that on the Don Jones play. He's a rookie, might not be up on that rule. Of course it's not a coaching fault. To Philbin, no one's at fault, sometimes these things just happen and they have to do better next time. He'll be saying that until the day he gets fired for incompetence. TAKE OWNERSHIP!

Last year Martin was a bigger turnstile than Clabo at RT. Don't expect much of an upgrade at RT. Martin is weak and will get run over as usual. Play calling is horrific and Tannehill is about as bright as a night lite.

Benz I post facts. Let me educate you Bush will never see the end of his contract when the numbers get big. His contact was worth $5million because that was what was guaranteed. Now please go away you name calling, abusive little man.


Also, f4l, please answer me how a team that can easily stop the run with their front 7 and has a bounty of pass rushers can be so bad defensively? It's not like you need to bring an extra body to stop the run..

How is this possible?

Even without Wake and the proper deployment of the #3 pick in the draft, the team has decent sack totals.

It's only logical at this point to trade up in this years draft to take a punter to compete with Fields.

Dansby had offers from the Bengals, Cardinals and Bills. Had interest from Jets, Texans and Falcons. Facts are wonderful!

DC, that jones penalty was just stupidity on the player. I know that rule, how can any professional football player not know that rule? Did he just start playing or hasn't he watched football for his 23 years on this planet and played it since he was probably 5 years old. That does come into coaching still though ...

Mark....Belicheat said that is how they coach the players to react during FG tries. He said they did the week they played the Saints and it wasn't called. So its just Belicheat doing what he does best....CHEAT!!

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