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Dolphins acquire LT Bryant McKinnie

The Dolphins have acquired left tackle Bryant McKinnie from the Baltimore Ravens, The Herald has confirmed.

McKinnie, who played collegiately at the University of Miami, was available because the Ravens traded for Eugene Munroe three weeks ago. That trade sent McKinnie, who had been underperforming and was overweight in Baltimore, to the bench.

It also made him available.

The Dolphins will almost certainly move left tackle Jonathan Martin from left tackle to right tackle. But that will happen only after McKinnie gets comfortable with the Miami system. Once that happens, McKinnie would be Miami's left tackle.

Tyson Clabo, who has given up eight sacks in six games, would likely go to the bench or be traded. Or eventually cut.

McKinnie was eager to leave Baltimore (because he was benched) and go to Miami (because he'll be starting). He also is familiar with the city -- which, with his history for partying, might not be such a great thing.

FoxSports was the first to report the story. Barry Jackson of The Herald confirmed it.

The compensation for the trade is unknown but I would not bet that it's very high. Perhaps a seventh or conditional sixth rounder.

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin spoke to the media before the trade was public so he was not asked about it. Dolphins offensive coordinator, who just spoke with the media, declined to discuss the topic.



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Agreed! Would you consider coming in for an interview?

Bryan be careful or The Blog will tell you your not funny or interesting and then Benz will start to attack you with childish name calling

Bill, I found it funny when my cousin today was crying that the refs cost the Pats the win ..., that's rich, the pats fans complaining about lack of calls....

DC, that jones penalty was just stupidity on the player. I know that rule, how can any professional football player not know that rule? Did he just start playing or hasn't he watched football for his 23 years on this planet and played it since he was probably 5 years old. That does come into coaching still though ...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | October 21, 2013 at 04:11 PM

You're on a roll Dummy!

Belicheck admitted today he or his ST coordinator instructed his player to do that & also to do it against the Saints last week but, it wasn't called.

Any more whoppers you wanna cough up today?

Mark it was all of NE crying that today and yes very ironic.

mcKinnie has only allowed one sack this year?

If he's amassed that stat playing even half a game, he automatically becomes the team's best pass protector.





JUst FYI....it was rather insightful for Mar in Toronto to make that comment having not seen the Belicheat news conference like you and I did!! Wouldn't you say?

Bryan be careful or The Blog will tell you your not funny or interesting and then Benz will start to attack you with childish name calling

Posted by: Bill Arsnparger | October 21, 2013 at 04:14 PM

Sorry Bill. You're the only dull, boring, lame, retardo like character I'm picking on today.

Nice attempt to deflect the negative attention you receive to try to recruit others to disregard the "truth" said about you.

Suck it up buttercup.

FYI @ 4:15, my post was talking about Donnie Jones of the MIAMI DOLPHINS penalty on special teams yesterday. What does this have to do with the Pats and Belichek. Try to keep up, dummy!

One disagreement with use of DE Cameron Wake. Philbin said he's 100 percent but team has turned a star into another guy in a rotation.

Did you see this tweet from Armando? This is the stuff that makes you scratch your head and wonder what is going on in this organization.

You also have to wonder why is Jordan not playing more?

Why is Sherman calling pass plays when they should be running plays to continue running down the clock...heck, why when you have the ball on the less-than-one-yard line do you try to run around the end?

Why does RT not change the play at the line when he sees a blitz coming? -- I do give him a bit of a break, because he really hasn't been a QB for very long - but you won games by changing the call - going against your coach - then told everyone about it after the win...Come on! This is the NFL.

Why go out and get a guy who has been benched for not many positive reasons...he's not going to do much for you here.

They need to change the mentality on that team, in the locker room, in the front office. That does not mean they have to get rid of everyone - but THEY ALL need to change it up - if you try to get out a door and run into the wall, do you just keep running into the wall? It's getting nuts down there!

Play your best players, create a game plan that is dynamic, outsmart your opponent, and execute the game plan...this all comes together in New England...right?

I love buttercups! Im Bill Arnsparger dammit I demand respect!

Many thanks to Craig M. My loyalist comrade in Dolphin Country! Without you're unwavering support, I might be fired.

BTW...What did you think of that Vontae Davis locking down D. Thomas all night last night? Aren't you glad I got that 1 right too? Another SOLID move for my resume!

Or How about using one of the Marshall draft picks for Egnew?


You just waste away letting your opponents dictate the match ups, you have an embarassment of riches in talent compared to most and to have the defense ranked in the bottom third of the NFl is just inexcusable.

At least Sherman has Tannehill in the middle of the pack amongst NFL qbs ...

Mark in Toronto | October 21, 2013 at 04:01 PM

I agree with you 100% don't know what game Craig saw but the drop in rank to 20th is NO MIRAGE! That was Thad Lewis out there making clutch plays Vs. our D! I don't believe the significance of my last sentence can be over-stated!

I believe DJ is very comparable to Aldon Smith thing is A.Smith plays WOLB in the 49ers 3/4 when not in rehab! While not possessing the cover skills Jordan has displayed, IMO.

Did you catch the play late with DJ lined up behind the DT like a blitzing LB then dropping into coverage breaking up a 3rd down attempt underneath?? It was a nice play were we had 3 down lineman in one of the few 3/4 looks we gave which seemed to really catch the Bills off-Guard!

Our personnel with Solia, Starks and Odrick up front and DJ at WOLB with Misi on the Strongside and the speed of Wheeler and Ellerbee inside just makes perfect sense to me in the 3/4 but what do I know?

Well I gotta go back to torture furry lil creatures.....no wait that's The Blog and Benz past time. Im Bill Arnspager dammit. Dolphins haven't won a damn thing since I left. I was passed over. I demand respect! Bye all.

Good convo today Mark. Peace brother.

I love buttercups!

Posted by: Bill Arsnparger | October 21, 2013 at 04:20 PM

You act like 1 too.

Guys we all know that Billichek and the pats have been benifitting from calls for years and years. The moment they dont get one going their way the crying begins. Look no further than one of the biggest calls of all time in the TUCK rule. When is that ever called, but ask the Raiders and that day in snowy NE it sure helped the pats out. Billicheat is nothing but a whiner and confirmed cheater. I will be interested to see this week if the game comes down to the wire with the fins and see who gets the calls. I can pretty much know that it wont be the road team. Go fins

Mc Kinny sighned a 7 Mil. 2 yr contract in May. Hes 34. Ravens were dying to dump him and his contract. if we gave up mare then a # 6 pick we are crazy. I don't know if all or any part of the contract is guaranteed. Hope he steps up like he did last year in the playoffs

Mark, Jones should have known that rule. Maybe he didn't know he stepped out of bounds. My thing is add that to penalties, and you're starting to have a team showing signs of poor coaching.

I'm haven't given up on the coaching staff yet (except maybe Sherman). I think the philosophy of not getting conservative with a 1 pt. lead is sound. But that doesn't mean you don't run it with 3 mins. to go near the 50 (when your OL JUST gave up a sack in the 2min drill last week). There are just some things I've noticed last few weeks that give me pause about the coaching. Like the adjustments you've mentioned (or lack thereof). It's not just the players, it's Philbin too. It's the players, the entire coaching staff, everyone needs a swift kick in the *ss. 8-8 would be such a waste of the best start to a Season in years. And looking at the schedule, 8-8 might be our ceiling. How far the mighty have fallen.

Nice contract to absorb. So long cap space!

DC Dolfan | October 21, 2013 at 04:28 PM

In reading alot of the posting today I happen to agree with you completely! You've been very spot on today!

there is unreast in the locker room. Its all about Solili and Starks being treated like they are not wanted by Ierland and Philbin. Not starting Starks in the early games made them even more upset. Other players are wondering if they are going to be treated the same way when their contract comes up. Very bad managment. Thats why we are seeing a lack of excitment from this team.

Well the good thing about McKinnie is it will tke a few seconds to go around him, Leaving a little time for Hennehill to either fumble or throw a INT...
Go Fins..

For those concerned about McKinnie's cap space, it's $1M this year, next year $3M, but he can be cut and they can claw back $2M of that. So in short they are risking $2M in cap hit deferred over two seasons .. peanuts, jump on another topic.

Bark, I was thinking the originally . if he jsut stands still, Tannehill will get more time to throw than he's been getting.

Thanks for the info.

Am I reading a comment thread? Y'all sound like nagging wives. .. never satisfied. Am I the only person that saw our defense give up 9 points after tannehill's mistakes. Mike Nolan? ? Are you on crack? We all knew the glaring needs of this team was the oline. Honestly I thought they'd be better than this but hey. Jonathan Martin gave up no sacks while clabo gave up the game. I'm not excited about the trade either, however anything is better than this

WOW! Fireland is on top of it. Probably traded the next 5 first rounders.


Even if McKinney gets in shape enough to help out, it probably won't be for a few more games. And at his age this is just a temporary fix. But at least Ireland did something, anything to try to solve an issue that's been brewing for... many years.

what has happened to dashi since our team has lost 3 straight games? Has he gone underground?

what has happened to dashi since our team has lost 3 straight games? Has he gone underground?

Posted by: dolphin dan 13 | October 21, 2013 at 04:53 PM

Hopefully he took Odin & Mouth with him.

Said before the bills game it was a must win and the season was heading into critical condition. After yesterdays debacle, the season is now on life support. This team cannot fall to the pats and hope to make the playoffs. if the pats beat us they will be 3-1 in the division. We will be 0-2. To big a hole to climb out of to win the division. Going the wild card route really isnt an option. One wild card will go to the broncos or chiefs. The other wild card i see going to san diego, ravens or jets. Ravens have the tie breaker already on us. Lose this week and its time to play the youngsters and see what we drafted

I;ve got good news and bad....
The good news is I won Fant. Football this weekend..The Bad news is we still have Ireland as GM..

Cuban, wish the problem was just Ireland

Somethings never change; The Dolphins GM thought he was smarter than anyone by not going after OL in the draft and giving up on his best OL Jake Long. He had Jake evaluated with a number. What does an out of shape 34 y/o who is good but has seen his best day and may not be the most motivated LT in the league get numbered or evaluated at by the genius Jeff Ireland. I think it's called 'D' for Desperation...The genius acorn expert has really made making big splash mistakes a work of art. He left the Dolphins without enough talent at WR last season and has proceeded to do the same at the OL position this season. Some things never change......

This just goes to show you that sometimes a coaches loyalty can hurt him. Every one of us fans (and that's all we are, not coaches) could see that Clabo was not going to turn it around and get better. Sometimes fans can actually see things first. Not because we know more than coaches, but because we don't have any loyalties. The scary thing is that Philbin will have 10 times more loyalty to Sherman. Mark my words, Sherman is what he is and will be the downfall of Philbin. He will not put Sherman out to pasture and it will cost him his head coaching career.

Is it time for Moore to come off the bench....

How many tun-overs is Tanne allowed to have before this becomes a real possibility...


This is for you die-hard....Tanne can do no wrong FIN FANS....

Phins 78



Nobody is cleaning house..... Fraud.....

Craig M...

To answer your question....

YES...I think Philbin should have the right to build the team in his image...give him his 4 years to right this ship....we haven't had a "system" in miami in so long...I am curious to see what we might be able to do as a team if we could ever develop one....

Now...who Philbin decides to keep for the ride (Sheramn/Coyle/OL coach)...that is his (Philbin's) choice....

If Philbin doesn't have the ballllls to send Sherman home to spend "more time with his family" this off-season...then things could change....and then he will get everything he deserves from Mr. Ross....

Is it time for Moore to come off the bench....

posted by Kris
Yes! the anointed one T-Hill is slow in every aspect; releasing, moving in the pocket, reading defenses, and for an athletic guy he does not have that much quickness and agility. He is not accurate on long and medium range passes. However he was coached in college by the OC and anointed by Jeff the acorn Ireland and desired as a 'FRANCHISE' QB by the owner. So he must be good just wait and see. He was not pressured on either of his interceptions so let's not blame Clabo for everything. Matt Moore should be given a chance to get this team to the post season because T-Hill certainly will not.



promichael @ 5:39

Almando is the final arbiter of who is or is not an elite, franchise QB.


The question definetly deserves to be asked....its not like we are in the middle of a 3 game winning streak....

if we drop these next 2 (real possibility)...and Tanne is no better than average (or worse)....do we give anoher QB a shot to save this season....

I would say...how can you not consider it....

Wallace has ZERO chemistry with Tanne...and the reason the fumble happened...was cause Tanne was waiting for his butttt buddy Hartline to come open on a comeback...or a back shoulder throw (tanne's words...not mine)....

I got news for Tanne...he can throw to other guys other than his facebook friend Hartline....and he would ever look to them on a more consistent basis...maybe he wouldn't be sacked as much....

Trade for a overweight booze bag? Why did Ireland even resign Garner? Why does Ireland even still have a job? We all knew that the O-Line was the biggest problem before the season even started!!!! LT is a joke, RT is a bigger Joke. Why did we draft 2 CB's? They don't contribute. Dallas Thomas cant get on the active roster. The front office and its coaches are incompetent!!!!!

A note to owner Stephen Ross. Mr. Ross when I make a mistake in business I accept it, change the mistake and proceed in a different direction. T-Hill is not a 'Franchise QB', moreover Jeff Ireland who left your team without quality WR's last season and without quality OL this season is not a GM you give complete power. Accept your loses and the added contract you just gave him as a write off, you can afford it...

Amazing how Tannehill is not a NFL QB by the standards of many fans. He is mot perfect but has shown progress. The Manning with 2 SB rings is having a worse year behind a similar horrid Oline. So tell me that an oline doesn't help make a QB. How about that KC QB, the one no fin fan wanted a couple of years ago? Fin fans wanted Flynn, how has he turned out? Tannehill has taken a beating but still is looking downfield and not at the rush and that is good. Prome example of a young QB that got killed and got the deer in the light stare when a pass rush wasn't even close is David Carr.
Tannehill has had 4 good games and two horrible games, we need a good line to determine whether he is an average QB or one that is good but not elite. The GM and coaching staff are to blame for the oline mess.

This is what happens when a below average team like the Dolphins are desperate to fix its problems. I was once a believer in the no nonsense team first mentality of the Dolphins that Philbin wanted to establish. Problem is the team is not disciplined and not prepared enough each week and this week showed it. Now they bring Mckinney in who is undiscplined. I believe Philbin wasnt on board with this but he is losing his authority every week that passes by. He made no changes to the Oline during the bye week and look what happened. next is the running backs. If by some miracle the Dolphins stay afloat next week and are 500 after thursdays night game and the running backs arent producing another move might be made with Jacksonville. I doubt it because 3-5 seems like a very strong possibility. This team is a complete joke and it sickens me because all the doubters are now laughing again after yesterdays debacle saying "I told you that the Dolphins were overrated" Even at 3-3 any fan, especially Dolphin fans can see that this train is about to crash.

Kris that statement about the final fumble is crazy, you do realize that right? Tannehill had like what two seconds until the sack Clabo was so thoroughly beat on that play. Try taking a 5 step drop and then going through you progressions with Mario Willams barreling into you.

That play was on Sherman for thinking Clabo could block Williams solo when the game was on the line.

Trade for a overweight booze bag? Why did Ireland even resign Garner?
Posted by: Bri54 | October 21, 2013 at 05:48 PM

Good question. Garner is making a decent contract to only spot fill? He must be in the dog house or something because it doesn't make a lot of sense.

Jeff Ireland Bozo
Joe Philbin Ronald McDonald
Mike Sherman Krusty
Kevin Coyle Mr Giggles
Jim Turner Blinko

Trade Matt Moore for Jake Long....

"The Dolphins need to rid themselves of the front office and coaching staff this year if they don't make the playoffs. If they don't, then Sun Life Stadium will be even emptier when the Buffalo Bills come to visit next season."

Thats it, in a nut shell folks. THill is getting mugged each and every week. He is starting to show signs of playing scared, and the obvious mistakes that come along with it. This latest effort (or lack of) to shore up the OL with a middle aged, over weight, party animal is not going to be our savior, that I can assure you.

Trades that could have and should have been made weeks and months ago were just frittered away. Overall I agree with the statement above. Bench THIll for the reminder of the season to save him from the onslaught that awaits. Toss this staff and front office out the door at season's end. Play Moore and let him be the tackle dummy for the remainder of the season. We may not win many games, I wasn't expecting anything other than an honorable mention this year anyway.

Ireland needs to go away... The offensive line has been a work in progress since he got here. Many draft choices, no production (except Pouncey). Even Jake Long was a bet he would last 10 years (ala Richmond Webb). Bad bet... Matt Ryan was the right call (hindsight is 20/20). Tony Sparano was an offensive line coach.... No excuse for this.


This may be our new home in a few years. Nice stadium, been there several times over the years, mostly concerts in the 70's, but hey the mock stadium would be a real upgrade and the fan base is desperate for a team.

Ireland's strategy is to draft/ trade hurt and hope for the best. Thinks he's smarter. However, How many of this year's crop was injured at Draft time... Dion Jordon )first defensive player picked... really?). Dallas Thomas (how's that working out?) Jamar Taylor? Will Davis? and how about the savior at guard we signed from Chicago... he'll heal. Dimitri IR... Brent Grimes worked out, so I guess he's one for 45.

Get someone who might be a decent QB but let him get pulverized with no protection.

Sign a big name big money WR but only use him as a decoy.

Hire a bunch of clowns for GM and coaching staff and expect everybody to be entertained.

Mr Ross does not have an organization, he has chaos.

GO DOLPHINS despite your lack of leadership.

Next game against Pats will be a blow out because the coaching staff will get spank with Xs and Os...
They are horrible and the reason for 3-3 record.
Bill and Tom will make them look stupid.

Philbin and Sherman have done NOTHING to garner any respect from the players.....Nothing has worked since they got here....and there is NO IMPROVEMENT. Even with their WR who throws the ball

A realist. Go watch the first pick again. Yes he should have thrown it elsewhere but maybe the offense is too predictable for them to jump the first pass play like that. The Bills DB said as much. Even though it was a quick throw to the flat Tannehill still got planted by Mario Williams who blew by Martin...what happened to Manning late last night when his banged up line couldn't protect, he floated an easy pick. I think WAY too much is being made of Tannehill holding the ball too long. He does do that on occasion. Most of the time the pressure is on him before he plants his back foot on his drop. The more he gets sacked., the more questionable decisions he's going to make.

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