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Dolphins at Bills: Live blog plus inactives

Creeping closer to game time today and here's what's up:

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson is active for the first time since Week 2 against Indianapolis. He still is not starting. Nolan Carroll will continue to be the starter.

Middle linebacker Dannell Ellerbe (shoulder) is out today as expected. Jason Trusnik will start in his place.

The other inactives are Pat Devlin, Michael Gillislee, Josh Kaddu, Will Davis, Danny Watkins and Dallas Thomas.

If you haven't done so already, kindly catch up with my column today that should offer perspective on where the Dolphins are today despite the fact they haven't had a lot of success lately. It's good.

I don't see a lot of obvious changes or tweaks from the Dolphins other than, as I reported earlier this week, there should be quite a few screen passes today. At least that's the plan.

And as always on game day, there's a live blog. Join me inside the live blog.


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These guys look totally unprepared,no life.If I'm Ross,this is not even close to acceptable.

Remember all the coaches that turned down this Dolphin Job as the wanted to have their own Director of Personnel...not Ireland....This clown owner is as much of a footaball person as I am a jockey at 6.6 and 290.

This week off was great ... I actually enjoyed football for once last week. Now I can see what the problem is ... THIS TEAM IS PATHETIC!!!!!

Kind of hoping they don't win another game this year. Force some changes

Football is pretty simple else, well, football players would not be able to play. Yet even this simplicity overwhelms so of these geniuses.

Sherman needs to game plan for our weaknesses. His only answer is "block better". That is why our offense is useless.

unreal how pathetic is this and stadium half empty so sad watching this trash

That play shows you how poorly coached this team is, every game there is 4 or 5 of those plays/calls

Told you Lewis would outplay Tanny bust

GMs sometimes miss on first round pikcs. We have one that we picked up a couple of weeks ago. The Eagles cut Watkins Guard after taking him in the first round a couple of years ago.

So very bad. Fins won't win another game. Vanilla zone look...can't cover a te named Lee Smith.

About to be down by 14 at home.

Team has no sizzle on offense. Wr's suck..qb sucks.

Spiller always kills the poor tackling dolphins

Wow ... just making us look bad. Grilling us on our home field!

This blog is so much better than this team.

New logo sucks and the team still sucks. At least with the old logo they at least looked good while they were losing.

We can't even hang with the pathetic Bills, with a backup practice squad QB. Fire Ireland and Philbin

The Dolphin Players not playing it out. WTH is going on?

Practice squad player looks more comfortable than our first rounder does.

After a big week ...the poor staff has this team about as prepared as Clemson was for FSU. LOL!

We look awful in all phases of the game. This is the absolute worst I've seen Tannehill.

It if we keep playing like this and lose this game it will be time to demand answers from both GM and coach. The worst possible scenario is unfolding right this second. Tannehill's confidence is shaking up by the snap bc he knows he will get hit. That is aboslutely the worst case scenario. This is what you yield when a moron GM gambles for a luxury pick that has yet to pay off and does not address the weakest link on the team: OL. There was NO need to trading up! Inept! Waste of a pick(s). Philbin better fire Sherman or he himself will get the axe. Pathetic!

Henne > Tanny

this is a bad football team fellas theres just no other way to spin it. sadly this team should move also, nobody goes to games. see why they play so much better on road

Just give the Bills the td. 14-0. Team has never been able to cover a te. Coming out flat after a bye week is unacceptable.

TD here for the Bills and Game. Over.

Is Philbin a leader of men?

The team as a whole does seem to be regressing.

How can this team be getting worse each week?

I see a possible blowout today. And that it's all on FIRELAND for drafting s h I t. And that great coaching staff FIRELAND put together
Guys. I posted three weeks ago after the falcons win that this team can easily lose three straight I am on my way. To that fact.
Why because of coaching. And of course FIRELAND

Tannehill has been bad today. At some point you have to ask yourself, if Matt Moore should be put in just to give the fins a shot in the arm.

Right now Thad Lewis is outplaying Tannehill. Dolphins are not looking like a playoff team.

Wow 14 to nothing.

Now Vernon out lol. Sorry but its the same old Miami. Ireland must go ffs

Time to give up on Tannehill, a practice squad player is making him look stupid.

Sell the team you losers. Pathetic team. Pathetic fans. Pathetic city.

Bunch of losers, from the owner down to the spacial teams guy that just had to touch the punt.

Great to see Carpenter putting the screws to us.

what the hell did they do in the bye week? How can you be in special teams or even on the team and NOT know you cant touch the football if you go out of bounds?

that one play changed the whole game

Broder! Not over, but who would have thought?

game over pats will kill them next week then bengals will destroy them. our only hope now is to root against them every week to finally rid themselves of the cancer ireland and company are

Played DT in College and been on a team as a sophomore where we just got plain tired of trying to bail out the offense...next year a new coach came and by my senior year we went 7-4 not 2-9.

TDF where u live? Buffalo? Jersey? Boston?

They just look like the same old Dolphins

We will see what the fins are made of now. Is Tannehill the real deal or do they put in Matt Moore at the half?

Most embarrassing performance of the 1pm games. The 7pts home favorite Dolphins. The emotionless brother of Larry Coker who was suppose to save the franchise and bring us a Green Bay like passing game has not delivered.


I'm not a Tannehill hater ... but I am all for benching him now ... he's obviously afraid of getting hit and it's showing in his play.

At some point, you need to blame the coach. We had a week off and this is what we get. Unacceptable. He is constantly being outschemed. So disgusted.

pats 80 yard int return for td. watching real nfl games now, no more of that fins garbage

How do you come out totally flat in all 3 phases of a game,after a bye week?

Ireland has his nose up Ross the owner and nothing will change until these two are gone

this team looks so lost right now and thats on coaching.

that clown who touched the ball better be benched the rest of the game. Cost us 40 yards because you are an idiot

down 14-0 to a rebuilding bills squad. If we cant beat thad lewis and the bills we wont even sniff the playoffs. Same old dolphins. get your hopes up with a 3-0 start and snatch it away just as quick.

Alright gotta score on this drive.

agree leo, this coaching staff is horrible

Wow!!! Mike Wallace!!!! what a difference maker

I remember everyone on here except me and a few others not drinking the cool-ade on this team. Because of the OL the defense secondary and those linebackers that can't cover a high school TE.

Is it just me or does Tannehill remind you of John Beck?

Turn out the lights for the year

This is on the coaches. This team is not ready to play. The lowly Bills are blowing out the dolphins, unbelievable!

Game over man. Game over

The team has no interest in this game or Philbin. Its on the cards that Philbin is the new Cam Cameron. Reading his victory speeches from a que card.... no balls.

Philbin? Ha! He's over 50 and this is his first ever head coaching job. If he was Head Coach material, he would have been given a shot before now.

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