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Dolphins at Bills: Live blog plus inactives

Creeping closer to game time today and here's what's up:

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson is active for the first time since Week 2 against Indianapolis. He still is not starting. Nolan Carroll will continue to be the starter.

Middle linebacker Dannell Ellerbe (shoulder) is out today as expected. Jason Trusnik will start in his place.

The other inactives are Pat Devlin, Michael Gillislee, Josh Kaddu, Will Davis, Danny Watkins and Dallas Thomas.

If you haven't done so already, kindly catch up with my column today that should offer perspective on where the Dolphins are today despite the fact they haven't had a lot of success lately. It's good.

I don't see a lot of obvious changes or tweaks from the Dolphins other than, as I reported earlier this week, there should be quite a few screen passes today. At least that's the plan.

And as always on game day, there's a live blog. Join me inside the live blog.


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Tannehill is telegraphing his throws.

So far it looks like it's going to be a long season.

I just cannot believe how bad this team is

Can we PLEASE fire Ireland NOW?

Oh, Hennehill completed a pass to a wide open receiver that had to make a nice catch to make it happen.

Tannehill is getting booed! lol

Anyone else yelling at Thomas to run, like he's supposed to do.

How painful is it for Coach Shula to watch this team's play so far in this game after getting two weeks to prepare? Stupid penalties and absolutely no imagination on offense. Two weeks to prepare and this is the game plan? When Shula-coached teams had extra prep time, someone was going to pay. This team looks like it is regressing as season goes on. Bills and Jets are now better than us.

Jonathan Mart at 6.5 312 benching the same 20 reps at 225 as when he came from the combine...hell at 6.6 and 290 in college I did 300 for 16 reps...this guy is physically weak and can be bull rushed as we have see this year many times by linebacker.

Change the team colors to yellow and brown.

congrats eddy, very deep post

RT should be benched. He is awful.

Picked again lmao. Under thrown. Inaccurate Tannehill is a bust.

Wow THill is a mess right now

No need to fear! Hennehill is here!

holy balls thill had to of bet on this game

Another horrible pass by Tannehill!!

Gotta bench him now.Are you kidding me?Franchise Qb?

It's Matt Moore time

P A T H E T I C !!!!!!!!
Okay, bench Tannehill ... this is unacceptable. Throwing passes that almost get the receivers head taken off and now this? Come on! Tannehill's head is NOT in this game!

Although to be fair, Terry Bradshaw is in the HOF with more interceptions than TDs.
They wanted to run him out of Pittsburgh his first two years.

OMG are we terrible!

The Dolphins should just clean house at the end of the year. Ireland, Philbin, Tannereach and then change the logo back to the 80's logo.

The moment we knew Philbin would be fired: starting Daniel Thomas sfter the bye. U know what Einstein said. This is insane. So disappointing. Unbelievably time to start all over again. Fire Ireland yesterday and bring a new GM and coach. If Philbin does not fire Sherman on Monday he needs to go too!

unreal...tannehill looks awful today......

Those are FIRELAND draft picks and coaching staff. LMMFAO

It's over folks... This team is just bad. Sherman sucks, Philbin has no heart and Tanne lost all his confidence after all those sacks.

Tannehill is killing this team.

Terrible stuff. Throwing into double coverage.

this game is all on coaching staff, u had 2 weeks to prepare and make changes and they got worse

Of course they get a first down!

Girl tackling as usual. First down.

T-hill is regressing.

Will Philbin play Moore in 2nd half if Fins don't score in 1st half?

Pathetic,every year.

BS in Maine, what makes you think Shula even watches the Dolphins at all anymore ?

If my time were short on this planet I don't think I would watch any NFL game, let alone the loser Phins.

The first thing the did for Andrew Luck at Indy was go out and shore up the OL as even a QB with his skill could not survive with a bad OL...this is the last thing this General manager did--Ireland.

These players do not respect Philbin. That is obvious. These guys are dogging it today. They are getting whipped by one of the worse teams in the NFL that is playing with a practice squad player. Sad!

We will finish last in the AFC east. Bank on it.

Did I mention a BLOWOUT! Very funny!

This team sucks. Fire Ireland.

Tannehill has one bad game and people flip out its amazing

Einstein said the need for a personal god is childish.

wow the bills are horrible and we are down 14 in first qt to this garbage team

"Tannehill has one bad game and people flip out its amazing"

ONE??? lol

"This is one heck of a football team". Ha ha ha ha. Pathetic

At least we have beautiful cheerleaders...

That wasn't a throw, it was a loft into double coverage. Soooo Bad, looks like we'll be looking for a new QB in the draft soon.


The D is just going through the motions...watch people jogging to the ball from other parts of the field or not hustling to plays.

Well it certainly is one heck of a football team, it's one of the only bad college teams playing in the NFL.

Tannehill, a complete disapointment. The last interception, cannot be justified ba any means, except that saying, that Ryan is a vomit.
Unbelievable !

This is a game they should win.

If they don't, it will probably be an 8-8 season at best.

Ireland will probably be gone if Fins have an 8-8 or worse season.

This team has gotten worse every week.Put Moore in for a spark.

D should all be ashamed of themselves!! Playing against one-legged RBs!!

buffalo doing nothing to win the game, Miami's doing everything to lose it....im shocked that they have played this flat...PATHETIC DISPLAY!!!


This coaching staff has no passion, creativity, or guile.


Same old Dolphins.

Boring & inept.

Nice floater by THill.

Spend $60Mil on Wallace & $0 on improving O-Line.

The offseason was a bust, sorry all you "Woo-Wee Jordan & Wallace & Ellerbee" fanboys.

Plus I doubt it, but will folks stop crying for 1pm home games,,,,that's a Shula era phenomenon that began turning into Ls during JJ/Wanny & thereafter.

LOOK AT THE DAMN RECORDS........they stopped routinely winning earlt season home games years ago.


yeah mouldy i thought samething right when i heard him say that, knew we had nowhere to go but down

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