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Dolphins at Bills: Live blog plus inactives

Creeping closer to game time today and here's what's up:

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson is active for the first time since Week 2 against Indianapolis. He still is not starting. Nolan Carroll will continue to be the starter.

Middle linebacker Dannell Ellerbe (shoulder) is out today as expected. Jason Trusnik will start in his place.

The other inactives are Pat Devlin, Michael Gillislee, Josh Kaddu, Will Davis, Danny Watkins and Dallas Thomas.

If you haven't done so already, kindly catch up with my column today that should offer perspective on where the Dolphins are today despite the fact they haven't had a lot of success lately. It's good.

I don't see a lot of obvious changes or tweaks from the Dolphins other than, as I reported earlier this week, there should be quite a few screen passes today. At least that's the plan.

And as always on game day, there's a live blog. Join me inside the live blog.


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do we ever see jordan? never does a thing

buffalo is doing nothing to win as stated, their all waiting for a Miami mistake....

You take a look at Sean Smith. PFF rates him as the 3rd best CB this year. He is having a pro bowl year. We complained about him and did not blink an eye when he signed with KC. Ireland made the right pick in the second round, the coaches just did not get the most out of Smith. That is a successful 2nd round pick that is now having a pro bowl year somewhere else.

smith third best corner on his own team. cooper by far playing the best in kc this year

Will we see someone other than Thomas and Miller at running back?

Thigpen or the Gator RB?



I would like to see Tannehill use his legs a little more. Why can't he just keep the ball and run the ball for 3 yards to keep that drive going.

Tanne can't read defense. Acts like he only has one option on every pass play. Learn how to read a defense an go thru your progressions. Bills get the ball again at the fugging half.

WTF was that?????

Way to keep the momentum,3 and out.

Play calling needs to get better.

Where are Wallace and the tight ends?

hartline has good hands but everytime he catches the ball, he suddenly becomes clumsy and falls on the ground...

Would the coaching staff please tell Tannehill that if a play breaks down he has the option to run!!!!!


Play calling is the worst since Old Fart Dan Henning. HEY even two seasons ago the Off.
Coordinator for Sparano was better than Shitman!

Sean Smith was not a scheme fit in Miami's current D system. He's a press/man corner, something the Dolphins don't do much of.

Ii mean Mike shitmen!

Sorry...to say Ireland is not a problem... who has the longest tenure here. I think Tanne and the staff are trying to reduce his hits per game, not increase.

That's it sons, that's it.

Big INT!! Odrick with the hit. Big play by the first round pick Odrick.

Gross play calling after the INT even the announcers know it

Rushing the QB. Rushing the football. Two important keys for the Dolphins.

Wasted set of downs thanks to coaching staff. Unreal.

Noonan miss it lmao.

Huge turnover,great play calling Sherman,and a missed fg..we suck

Sturgis and Hartline must be hanging out together.

Watch 71 Jonathan martin having his clocked cleaned almost every play at LT...this guy is so weak and nonmobile he is being decimated.

Very quick 3 and out. Windy hit the post damn

Hilarious...this was the Dolphins prized off season acquisition.

Sherman had better be let go after this game!

Martin got eat like a drum on that play.

Sturgis misses! The wind affected that kick.


Fins falling like bowling pins

Bills touchdown puts it away here.


Lmao...does this shock anybody that Miami did nothing on that....DOES IT REALLY?????

wow, even Sturgis having problems.

I was watching LT Jonathan martin getting blown up every play by Mario Williams

the suck fish are now compete, o, d and now st totally suck.... but lets keep fireland maybe we can get blowcells back!!

Reshad Jones should be ashamed of himself for missing that tackle.

Jonathan Martin = Pillsbury Dough Boy

We should've kept Dan Carpenter.

Now Sturgis got the virus. Useless interception. The offense loves to waste the defense accomplishments.

The Dolphins are losing to a team that doesn't even have a QB lol.

I know you might be FIRELAND cuz. But FIRELAND really just a idiot when it comes to drafting. Just go back and study really hard and see all his picks. All his free agent picks. And get back to me on that! Remember drafting for need at the positions this team was weak at. FIRELAND sucks at it. Never has drafted impact players playmakers game changing game players. None!

3RD AND 17, Dolphins defense killer

OK let's get off the field here and then get some points.

Jonathan Martin = Worst LT ib football

Thirty yard gain baby !!!

The worst secondary in football

Another 3rd and huge converted

Another Ireland stud, Olivier Vernon makes a fine play lol.

nice d, another 3rd a long completed.... they do understand it is 4 downs in the NFL???

FYI, I posted that before they completed the pass. Saw it coming a mile away

More dumb mistakes....offsides...allowing the week arm qb to float the ball for 30 yds as the db won't turn and locate the ball to make a damn play on it. Looks like 21-7. Our offense is terrible.

21-7 at half time.

Wait til Tom Brady has a go at the Phins secondary.

Right now Thad Lewis is completely out playing Tannehill. That is a shame.

Unbeliavable, 3rd and a light year, and got it ! Damm it

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