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Dolphins at Bills: Live blog plus inactives

Creeping closer to game time today and here's what's up:

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson is active for the first time since Week 2 against Indianapolis. He still is not starting. Nolan Carroll will continue to be the starter.

Middle linebacker Dannell Ellerbe (shoulder) is out today as expected. Jason Trusnik will start in his place.

The other inactives are Pat Devlin, Michael Gillislee, Josh Kaddu, Will Davis, Danny Watkins and Dallas Thomas.

If you haven't done so already, kindly catch up with my column today that should offer perspective on where the Dolphins are today despite the fact they haven't had a lot of success lately. It's good.

I don't see a lot of obvious changes or tweaks from the Dolphins other than, as I reported earlier this week, there should be quite a few screen passes today. At least that's the plan.

And as always on game day, there's a live blog. Join me inside the live blog.


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3rd and long again...r u fkn serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TE will score you see

Ireland passed on Earl Thomas for Jeff "who?" Odrick lol

Bills will take three.

Come on, no passing, keep a running clock, no timeouts, no reviews.
End this boring garbage.

He remember when Ireland 2 years ago passed on Reiff the OT from Iowa he said could not play LT in the NFL but is a SOLID starter at LT for the Lions? Also traded up for a BE that at the # 3 pick over has contributed little...Jordan will be a good DE but the OL is where it starts protecting the QB in this QB driven league.

nice cash-in on the Int.

Joke Franchise.

Another "rebuild" should be on the horizon......but will LA appear first?!?

This Buffalo team is really bad, and we're going to be down 10 at half. We could be the worst team in the NFL.

Dolphins will have to score 27 points to win this game. Ain't gonna happen. Tannereach will throw another pick in this game.

Carpenter 1-1 and Sturgis 0-1. I am sure Carpenter is smiling right now.

3rd and LONG AGAIN and they convert.

Its amazing how much this team chokes when they have the other team in a horrible situation

3 n out coming up

Ireland passed on Golden Tate too.

Never thought I'd see the day I wanted Jay Fiedler to start

Lmao...does this shock anybody that Miami did nothing on that....DOES IT REALLY?????
Posted by: superPHIN | October 20, 2013 at 02:14 PM

Not really

Can we see two TE sets or Thigpen at RB?

Has Wallace caught a pass?

so the bills lucked out more from their own turnover and got three pts out of it...that's irony

Ireland passed On Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan.

Luke Keichly.

My bad. 24-7. I just don't see this offense getting better as the game goes on! To predictable. Plus they going to have to pass because they behind I see a int coming up bills secondary very good

3 n out

Uhhh ray... I was replying to say he was a problem, since I didn't get how someone wouldn't think that.

It's fun watching other teams throw the ball way down the field and complete it.

Keep on running it!

No points before the half for the Phins is pathetic.

I wonder if we could beat Jacksonville?

Man this some play calling. What an offense.

So, we keep waiting for the team to start rebuilding. When will that start?

I would say Im good, but with the history of the suck fish.... its easy!!!

Tannehill being outplayed by a practice squad player,and great play calling by Dinosaur sherman

Tannehill's body language....

Go Phins!

Only team I know that throws a pass on 3rd and 5 and looses 7?WTF

Or offense just implodes at times WTF.

Wallace was better off dropping the pass instead of catching it for a loss.

T-hill actually should have thrown it away or run with it.

Mike Wallace!!!! YAAAA!!!!

3rd and 5 and what do we do...throw it shorter for more negative yardage.....PUKE

Ireland passed on Dez Bryant too.

And traded Marshall lol

good thing the suckfish had a bye week to get healthy and work on their problems.... well at least get healthy.... cause they still SUCK BAD!!!

There's the screen pass for a loss of 7. You know the one that works against our defense on 3rd and 27 all the time!

Go Phins!

Please fire this coach throw the season and get a qb

Tannehill looks bad today but man the play calling has been freaking brutal the last few weeks. A screen pass on 3rd down when you REALLY need those 5 yards????????? So risky.

Sherman is calling horrible plays

Could we beat Alabama?


We can't play a worst first half than this one. Making Buff look good.

Why does Sherman not see that putting Tannehill in the shotgun hurts play action passes?

only if they float a wounded duck!!

The cliche that it all starts in the trenches is a cliche cause it's TRUE!

Wallace, Elllerbe, No-Play-Trade-Up Jordan mean NOTHING if you have an utterly incompetent O-Line. Which we do.

Fins can't run the a screen with the O-linbe they have, and Tanny's inability to "act."
Unfortunately, Tanny is now David Carr. Throwing 5 yard junk passes, the dreaded happy feet. He's looking like Fred Astair out there.

Just a thought...How many yards,and Td's will Brady get on Miami next week?

The $60 mil man has 12 yds in the 1st half

Don't worry - we'll get this cleaned up.

what a mirage the 3-0 start was. This team for all the moves they made in FA is no better than 7-9 or 8-8. Teams that sustain success do it through the draft. There is a reason teams let a guy go or dont resign him. When will this regime realize that. No excuse for losing at home to a division rival that is a cklear cut rebuilding squad.

Fields, best player on the team

Is Wallace hurting this offense? It seems like they are forcing him the ball. The offense was running pretty well when Tannehill was feeding the ball to Gibson, Hartline, and Clay. This is the affect a diva receiver can have on a young QB. Is Wallace bullying the young QB.

can we get firelands mentor back blowcells???

Posted by: Tannehillisthefuture | October 20, 2013 at 02:24 PM

Sherman thought he was playing against his defense...no doubt!!!lol

Ok Tom. My bad. But yes. I agree. How many impact players or players that scare the other side of the ball players that defenses can't sleep the night before because they have to play against them. NONE!

Our D HAS to be discouraged, it's only natural.
I'm not a Matt Moore fan, but he needs to come in and save this game if possible.
get Gibson and Clay more involved

The GM and the coaching staff are the problems with the Dolphins. I remember the Dolphins spotting the Lions 10 points in a game against in 2006 on Thanksgiving Day. There was no panic in the team, they came back and won the game easily. The Dolphins don't have that level of confidence...and it starts with the talent on the field, the coaching staff and having a winning culture. All of this falls on the GM, because he is responsible for all of the above. The Dolphins are pathetic because of Ireland.

Loosing by 10. The Dolphins is a soft team. We got fooled by the two first games. It was just a mirage.
The offense just sucks !
What do they train during the week ?
The only and easy explanation, they do what they can. Its just the coaches and the infamous GM for selecting those players. T-hill one of them. Wasting money on Wallace, firing people like Marshall, and Long.

There was no upgrade to the skill positions on this team

Kept a white boy wr who isn't explosive and offers no rac.

Over paid for wallace who won't catch the ball over the middle and runs sloppy routes.

Gibson is slow and can't separate

We draft a big slow te that isn't mobile and sudden like new age te's in Sims who is a blocker not a seam threat.

Rb's are the worst in football. Miller has no vision and can't elude a tackler. Thomas is slow...can't elude and neither of the two can pass protect.

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