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Dolphins at Patriots: Live blog

FOXBOROUGH -- It truly is beautiful football weather for the today's big AFC East matchup.

Here's what's going on:

The inactives for Miami are Pat Devlin, Jamar Taylor, Will Davis, Mike Gillislee, Danny Watkins, Dallas Thomas and Will Yeatman. Interesting that the second and third round corners are inactive but the seventh round cornerback Don Jones is active despite his big special teams penalty last week.

For the Patriots it is interesting that Aqib Talib is inactive. That is a big deal for Miami.

Neither team is reporting lineup changes but Bryant McKinie is starting at left tackle and Jonathan Martin at right tackle.

Finally, starting center Mike Pouncey seemed to have some sort of injury difficulty during warmups. We'll keep a an eye on that when the game starts.

[Update: Pouncey seems to be fine.]

As always, there's a live blog here today. Join in!



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We made plenty of bad plays and I hate making excuses but the officiating really was one sided and made 3 horrible calls that all hurt badly. Pass interference on Wilson, holding on Patterson and that BS illegal touching on Vernon. I could see that being called on an offensive player trying to get a 1st down, but on the defense?? Come on!! The refs do hate miami. The missed call in the ravens game was costly too!!

doesn't help that the fn refs suck too or cheatin for them>>!!!!!!!!!!!

Its not just the poor play. The constant mistakes is because of POOR coaching. Angry Elg is right. This team doesn't look like they even practice.

Hopefully Tannehill breaks some fingers on his throwing hand before Thursday. This guy is not the future. He is No better than Henne.


The JETS will win the division.
Pats 2nd
Toss up with Bills for 3rd or last

Wish I could say different but Tannehill isn't consistent and still committing too many turnovers.

I don't recall Moore ever committing so many turnovers.

I have got to say, though, I've never seen the officials openly cheat for one team like they did today.

they should've paid Gibson 60 million, hes the only WR in this offense to show a worth in the redzone.....o wait, now he's gone for the year.....WISH IT WAS WALLACE AT THIS POINT, seriously??who would miss him at this point....

Ya,, its time for Moore

Can't win turning ball over
Can't win getting sacked
Pretty simple

Ross "You're seeing right now what Jeff Ireland can do."

Of course, because calling a player's agent and offering a larger contract than any other team takes a brilliant football mind.

The Dolphin's just plain SUCK. Sorry nothing else can be said. How can you play so bad week after week against the teams they have lost to? No improvement, typical week after week same crap. Poor play calling, poor execution, poor coaching. Playing a team as BAD as N.E. this week and we get shutout in the 2nd half? WTF Time to find a new team I think.

brady had 116 yards passing and the patriots won by 10. unbelievable.

Plus the OL is the worst in franchise history! Now what a great adjustment on the OL
Switching RT LT in the middle of the season. Plus pickup a wash up LT and a RT in calbo that's just shows you how bad Jeff Ireland is and this coaching staff that he hired PARCELS was right about JI. He thought he knew it all and that's why he left
He said that it was a circus everyone wanted to run the franchise. And he was hired by Wayne not Ross. So he lost interest yes he brought in JI but it was Parcel that wanted control and Ross took it away from him... So he hauled A S S. This team in my opinion is worst than the Cam Cameron team, only because that team didn't have talent period. They had a excuse. But JI and this coaching staff has no excuses.
I will go on the line and say Sparanos teams were better coached than philbin team!
So back to the drawing board with new gm and coaching staff cut the garbage players which is half of the team and start over again!

Philbin reminds of that coach from The Waterboy movie with his fken black playbook stolen from someone else (Mike McCarthy in this case). Remember when he got the interview with Ross and Ireland? He is exactly that guy, completely lack of imagination and robotic.

He is incapable of thinking outside the box and utilizing player's strengths (Bush then, Wallace now). And he stubbornly supports a dinosaur, his former boss lets not forget, Sherman.

Ireland has been consistent in giving us a mediocre team yet again (this draft totally proves that point) but this team has enough talent not to embarrass themselves like that and that is all coaching. 6-10 finish should -for chrissakes- enough to fire Ireland and more importantly for a new GM to bring a new, competent HC. My biggest fear is however is that there may not be a team in Miami. Inept after inept management has decimated what it used to be a strong fan base.

Posted by: austin | October 27, 2013 at 04:19 PM

when playing a mike Sherman led offense, 116 yards passing is beyond good enough to win....just sayin!!!!

the officials in this game should all be fired worst calls I have ever seen in my 45 years of watching the nfl

Where is the passion from Thill, he never barks at the offense to get him going. We could go 3-13 this season and he and Philbin would look unemotive on the sideline like all is well with the world.

Ireland and Philbin hated Marshall, but threw all our WR money at Wallace. That says it all in my.

Time after time this franchise makes the wrong call. We have a few nice players here on offense, Clay, Hartline, Pouncey and Gibson. However they are going nowhere with Philbin, Thill and Sherman.

Philbin: "It's a long season and we believe in the guys we have"

Tannehill has football instincts, but he processes reads TOO SLOW. The O line, as bad as it is, can't win with mr molasses holding the ball too long.

Ref won this game not the patusis

Wow, wish our team had heart like the Lions just showed.

I live about as far away from Miami as possible in the United States, but I fully support all the absentee Fin Fans who don't bother showing up at Sun-Lifeless stadium. Can't blame you. Show the management you mean business and have a "Sit Out." Just pay $25 to park, or whatever you pay, and don't go in. Embarrass this organization and management like they embarrass themselves on the playing field every Sunday.

Posted by: CreteJohn | October 27, 2013 at 04:21 PM

he can believe whatever the hell he wants to believe, its his ship that's sinking and his fate is moving closer to sealed day by day this team shows up every week to play this type of football....

I'm dry

Ireland had the draft picks, Free agent money and his own coaching staff and is still failing. GET A CLUE ROSS


Im venting my friend. However I made such a long list for the Thill lovers out there that can't see any of these short comings.

Thill looks like Marc Wilson of the old LA Raiders. Throws the rainbow deep ball and looks like Bambi in the headlights vs a pass rush.

I'm trying to figure out with over 6 minutes left and down by 10 points this team is walking up to the line!!!


Philbin is the Cam Cameron of the 2013 Dolphins

FAIL FORWARD FAST, "we want those thumbs in this direction".

Ireland has got to be the one on the hotseat right now. multi-millions spent on free-agency and we are probably worse than last year.

absolutely the worst o-line in football. Do the coaches and players have ANY pride at all? Fire them all.

We attract losers. losing coaches, losing players and losing attitude. please start the search for another qb because Tannehill make a game changing play every game. except it changes the game so that we lose. no wonder sub life is empty. who is going to waste their weekends on this team or this disaster. year after year. what a joke.

Tanninhill is garbage and Mike Sherman offensive playbook should be given to waste management ro be destroyed and he also should be fired...

Ship not sinking,its laying on ocean floor.

Matt Moore has NEVER beaten a team with a record above 500 in his entire career. He does nothing to improve this team. We made several personnel mistakes.
Wallace was a mistake. He is never open and can't catch!!
Not trading for alberts. Neither 2nd round pick is as valuable as alberts would have been.

Officials sucked....defense collapsed, 7 minutes left needing 2 scores and 3 plays are ran and clock is under 4 minutes...AWESOME

Dolphins traded a 3rd round pick for Mccinnie lol.

Coaching is horrible, I really like the Philbin choice when it happened, I liked what I saw early, but he doesn't have it, and Sherman has to go also, this team has talent, it is just misused, I would love to see what a good HC could do with this team, example, look what Andy Reid is doing in KC

Everybody complaining about Wallace, its like using a Ferrari in a smash up derby, it won't work, Wallace uses his speed, Miami uses him on quick reads and quick passes most of the time - Bad COACHING and schemes

Pat Devlin will save the season.

Not a problem for me anymore... 30 personal years investing time, emotion and $$$ into this pile of uselessness...nah, no more i'm done...we WILL NEVER get a sniff at the playoffs in this decade. I've been rooting for the 72' team to stay unbeaten...been that way forevah!

Bengals are already up 14..And their D line is a lot better than the Pats.

I too wondered why they were walking up to the line with 3 mins left. Made no sence at all

Posted by: Jaison | October 27, 2013 at 04:27 PM

Hence why I state

Matt Moore VOL:2 = Ryan Tannehill VOL:1

Could the front office please come up with a LIE to sit Tannehill for Thursday's game?

I believe many fans want to see if MOORE gets sacked or makes as many turnovers as Tannehill. If he does, then the o-line can take the full blame for the offense's problems.

Posted by: tony111157 | October 27, 2013 at 04:31 PM

MAKES PAERFECT SENSE!!!....a team playing with nothing to win!!!!

Moore is awful, another interception machine.

The only thing that will save this team is empty stadium seats and Ross selling, he is never getting rid of Ireland

Bowles would've been the HC. Moore would be the QB, and I'm pretty sure the team would be much better. Of course assuming Ireland were working for Wendy's selling burgers.
Alas no. We still have Ireland, and a pathetic staff. The worst OL, and a QB struggling with his own limitations, which are legion, by the way.
How many more years do we fans have to support this missery ?
Ross, a senile, old man, who knows nothing about football, and pressumably nothing about human resources. Pathetic organization, from top to bottom.

chances are Moore's going to be in sooner rather than later when T-Hill goes down for season ending shoulder surgery fairly shortly behind this line....just sayin!!!

How did we get from 17 and 0 to this?

Matt Moore is light years ahead of Ryan Tannehill. Did any of you even watch 2011 ? Do you know what he did in Carolina ? Matt Moore is very accurate with the deep ball. Ask Reggie Bush who was able to get a 100 yard season for that reason. Matt Moore doesn't throw picks either...and he has great touch on the ball and is very accurate. The best football the Phins have played since 2008 was the end on 2011 (6-3). Ireland broke up that team to sell the fans hope, to buy time with his job, to make excuses for the teams poor play should it happen. The team was soooo confident that Tannehope would be the future, they changed their logo to a gay flying whale to represent a new era. In your face !!!

Bad coaching
Bad front office (i. e Ireland)
Clueless owner

This is more on Philbin/Sherman/Coyle/Tannehill than Ireland. Ireland is a far cry above Rick Spielman, Randy Mueller, or even Ireland's old boss Parcells. But the week in, week out management of this team on the field stinks. They make chicken sh** out of chicken salad. I'd like to fly down to Miami on Thursday, not to watch the game, but to light a flaming bag of poop on fire, drop it on the front office's doorstep, ring the doorbell, and run away laughing.

Dolphins stink again despite weakened division opponents... Miami finds a way to sink below whats mediocre and find its way to something worse than that....as much as I hate Jim Irsay, I would trade ross for him anyday of the week looking at how his colts have survived the post manning era with luck...pretty well indeed......

Just heard both Tannehill and Philbin post game comments - these guys really have no emotion about this loss or game in general. Just absolutely emotionless.

I agree.

We'll only see Moore or Devlin once Tannehill is injured which is a certainty the way he's playing.

Posted by: CreteJohn | October 27, 2013 at 04:40 PM

in other words...business like usual next week.....

Phins picked up Thill because the fan base demanded a 1st round QB pick (and understandably so). Problem is, Thill is a 3rd round talent. Guess what, we are stuck with our WR (I mean QB) till death (0r contract) do us part.

Thus we shall continue to suck for the foreseeable future.

Geno Smith is taking a beating,Tannehill to IR after Bengals game.


And I am paying directv to watch this

Dolphins will have a dilemma if they go on a win streak after Tannehill is knocked out for the season.

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