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Dolphins at Patriots: Live blog

FOXBOROUGH -- It truly is beautiful football weather for the today's big AFC East matchup.

Here's what's going on:

The inactives for Miami are Pat Devlin, Jamar Taylor, Will Davis, Mike Gillislee, Danny Watkins, Dallas Thomas and Will Yeatman. Interesting that the second and third round corners are inactive but the seventh round cornerback Don Jones is active despite his big special teams penalty last week.

For the Patriots it is interesting that Aqib Talib is inactive. That is a big deal for Miami.

Neither team is reporting lineup changes but Bryant McKinie is starting at left tackle and Jonathan Martin at right tackle.

Finally, starting center Mike Pouncey seemed to have some sort of injury difficulty during warmups. We'll keep a an eye on that when the game starts.

[Update: Pouncey seems to be fine.]

As always, there's a live blog here today. Join in!



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They did exactly what I expected. I didn't even really watch the game, but doesn't matter we lost anyway as I expected and exactly the way I expected we would. Pats made the adjustments at halftime and of course we did not. Pressure THill make him throw early or eat the ball. Tire out our defense and take over the game, end of story.

We are looking at starting over again with a new staff and finally a new GM. I can't see Ross being patient any longer. Ireland has had his chance, with his own group of coaches and players and still can't get it done. THill is finished, too many hits, and the coaches are simply clueless.

Don't know which is more embarrassing Fins or Obamacare?


Yea, but the news of the day is that were going to London next year to play the Raiders. I can't wait.

If Thill is part of the Broward Health Hospital Team, then I am going to Cleveland Clinic

Dolphins theme song: "How Long Has This Been Going On" by Ace.

You are dreaming if you think Ross is dumping Jeff Ireland.


Doomed until he sells team.

Last season as a phin fan,in the offseason I'm a free agent anyone with me,come on we'll support the rest of the year and search for a team in the offseason. It's going to be tough but I'm 46 I can't spend the rest of my life supporting a team that doesn't believe you have to earn your job.Ireland,Philbin,Sherman and Tannehill all handed positions they never succeed at or failed at elsewhere. Tannehill good college qb but handed job ahead of qb that was team MVP. Probably ruined a qbs that had futures in both of them.
Anyone with me?

Am I the only person who sees how bad mike wallace is? He can't run a route, can't catch a side line pass and keep his feet in, can't catch a ball in a crowd, gets penalties for lining up wrong.... he sucks! Then Phil sims said we should design more plays around him, Phil is an idiot! I wish we would bench him or maybe he is worth a dollar on trade to some blind team! Forget it its over!

I think a lot of us remember a proud team way back when, when we could be counted on to compete year after year. Some of us even remember being alive when Superbowls were won. I think we hold on year after year hoping for a return to those days. We don't want to jump off the bandwagon the one year it might actually happen and would never forgive ourselves if we did. I think that's what keeps some of us from following this pathetic team that breaks our hearts year after year after year...
We need a mobile franchise quarterback. We couldn't even get that right by winning a few pathetic games and missing out on Luck. Our scouting dept is such a bad judge of "talent". Our drafts have sucked and disappointed. We overlook heart and character in guys like Russell Wilson and go with what they read on ESPN. Anyone can do that. Please just quit and make our lives easier Ireland. Sell the team Ross. Get rid of all those entertainer "owners" and stop making a joke out of this team. If you want a team, make one in London and get as far away from us as possible please.

Obviously when evaluating QB talent, one needs to look at more than arm strength and accuracy etc. You need to look at pocket presence, courage, leadership etc. Tannehill rates a zero in all those last categories! Please don't be that stubborn franchise anymore, make some changes now, fire some coaches, cut some players, whatever it takes to get the team pointed in the right direction and show that mediocrity is not acceptable! There are more players on this current team that I hate than like. I like Wake, Hartline, Clay, Pouncey, Fields, Soliai, Starks, Grimes and Patterson. The rest, coaches, GM's, scouts, and players all suck and need to go!! I cannot take this suffering and depression anymore!!

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