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Dolphins at Patriots: Live blog

FOXBOROUGH -- It truly is beautiful football weather for the today's big AFC East matchup.

Here's what's going on:

The inactives for Miami are Pat Devlin, Jamar Taylor, Will Davis, Mike Gillislee, Danny Watkins, Dallas Thomas and Will Yeatman. Interesting that the second and third round corners are inactive but the seventh round cornerback Don Jones is active despite his big special teams penalty last week.

For the Patriots it is interesting that Aqib Talib is inactive. That is a big deal for Miami.

Neither team is reporting lineup changes but Bryant McKinie is starting at left tackle and Jonathan Martin at right tackle.

Finally, starting center Mike Pouncey seemed to have some sort of injury difficulty during warmups. We'll keep a an eye on that when the game starts.

[Update: Pouncey seems to be fine.]

As always, there's a live blog here today. Join in!



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Good day today. Phins lose, Gibson out for the year.

Inaccurate Tannebust misses again.

Hartline has a calf injury.

That was Parcells pick. Buddy. JI don't draft play makers.

Gibson was a great pick up by Ireland this off season. I hope that the injury is not year ending.

Wow Tannehill has time!

Darkoak....you are a fan right? Why the heck are you attacking other posters for expressing their concerns over their player.

Sims, Egnew and Clay are blocking well today.

Dear God no sweeps to Thomas!

What's wrong with Gibson?

I thought fins had one of best centers in nfl.. Why never QB sneak?

We should punt it. We are not good on 4th and short and momentum can change.

It is amazing what one decent LT has done for the o-line.

No one knows Tim. He popped right up and was limping..

OK, I change my mind. I am glad they went for it.

Mckinnie is doin his thang!!!!

Kris is Kuiet when Tanne plays well.


Egnew with a first down catch. HOLY CRAP!

Look at thomas run like a man possessed! Look at Egnew, lol!

Wow, we are keeping the ball out of Brady's hand.

Gibson absence is definately going to hurt the redbone o. Need running game to step up..

I Kwestion if Kris is a Fan when he is only happily posting away when the team does bad.

WOW!!! TD!!!

Holy cow!!! Way to go Fins!!!

Tannehill - 11 for 11 in first and goal. Not good enough?


Touchdown! Keep it up all game fella's!

What a difference good protection makes on a QB!

Gibson is a big loss.

Sturgis out for the year.

Yes, TD! Look at what Tannehill can do when he has time to throw. This is why the offensive line is so important. You need time to throw the ball and running lanes to run the football. It is not all about WRs.

Garbage team?

That running into the kicker was deliberate. You could see the pats player swing out his leg.

Garbage fans?

Pats. Dirty on that penalty they tried to hurt him on purpose. They wanted to hurt his knees

Touchdown. Need to just keeping coming after the Pats. Now...Who is ready to quit on this season?

Daniel Thomas was start worthy this week in fantasy play. Who would have guessed that?

It's still early guys and we're playing Brady. And these are our fish lol.

Dang sure looking good so far though.

And I should have played Tanny in fantasy.

The Dolphins are a tough team to figure out.

A lot of this is on McKinnie giving him RT time I guess..

Gibson gone for the year......CANT CATCH A BREAK!!!!

10-6= playoffs

Yes we can

I just want to know. Does anyone actually pay attention to fire ross's comments??

No one wants to quit on this team every fan here loves the PHINS. It's stupid a s s JI
Old fart Sherman

dirty play on sturgis for sure, it looked intentional

Just remember its 48 minutes. Of football

ray, the old fart is calling a great game...who woulda thought?

Come on Dolphins!! Let's play a complete game!!

Keep up the pressure on D!

Amazing so far.

Dolphins playing hard today!!

Vollmer down for the Pats. Could be really bad for Brady.




just want to know. Does anyone actually pay attention to fire ross's comments??

Posted by: Chase | October 27, 2013 at 01:52 PM


That would be a NO Chase.

That's what happens when you dirty

just want to know. Does anyone actually pay attention to fire ross's comments??

Posted by: Chase | October 27, 2013 at 01:52 PM

We can see that you do.

That was a blood curdling scream by Vollmer. Seems to be the year of the injuries in the NFL.

Brady must get pounded on the left side now over load that side with pass rushers and sack sack sack sack. Until Brady says. Mommy!

Now to see if pass rush can take advantage of Volmer injury.

Now Wake is going to kill Brady

Agree with Jim Nance. Injuries just keep piling up an no one is immune.

Like Bill Walsh said. It's a game of attrition.



Fire Ross has to be a Jets fan. He seems to root against the fins.

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