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Dolphins at Patriots: Live blog

FOXBOROUGH -- It truly is beautiful football weather for the today's big AFC East matchup.

Here's what's going on:

The inactives for Miami are Pat Devlin, Jamar Taylor, Will Davis, Mike Gillislee, Danny Watkins, Dallas Thomas and Will Yeatman. Interesting that the second and third round corners are inactive but the seventh round cornerback Don Jones is active despite his big special teams penalty last week.

For the Patriots it is interesting that Aqib Talib is inactive. That is a big deal for Miami.

Neither team is reporting lineup changes but Bryant McKinie is starting at left tackle and Jonathan Martin at right tackle.

Finally, starting center Mike Pouncey seemed to have some sort of injury difficulty during warmups. We'll keep a an eye on that when the game starts.

[Update: Pouncey seems to be fine.]

As always, there's a live blog here today. Join in!



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Anyone who claims to have 12 years of education then comes here to antagonize fans is a MORON!!!

Wallace need to make the Gibson duty

"Anyone who believes that there's an invisible man in the sky with a divine plan for seven billion people is a primitive moron."

Anyone who believes you are typing up here because of 800,000,000 lucky accidents is....

It looks like we are settling for a long FG. Let's get a TD.

Clay should have caught that!

Bam!!! Sturgis!!

There we go.!! I wanted the first down but I like the attempt to go deep and we get 3.

J Martin = Another Irescum bust

Too bad that wasn't to Wallace, Clay a little too slow on that one

This is a team on a mission today. They are focused and look good.

Clay should have laid out for that ball.

Gotta come out for second half on fire with no let up

Boos at Foxborrow! I love it.

Brady kneeling. Now there's a first.

We should have grabbed McKinney sooner, like 3 weeks ago. We could be shooting for 6-1 today.

Simms lol, thats the best decision the pats made all day

Don't slack up Fins...coach needs to talk 'em up at half

Yes the Patriots are a different team. They take a knee with 30 seconds left in the half?! This is not yesteryears Patriots!

up by 14 at half...who would have thought that?

If it was just 30 seconds I'd get it but they had 3 TOs too.

If we would have signed McKinney at the beginning of the year we would probably be 5-1 going into this game. Clabo was responsible for the loss that the Bills stole (bad Loss) and gave up 4 sacks in that close game against the Ravens. That was the worst move of this year, signing Clabo.

Gibson is out for the season ESPN has reported.


That was a greatly played first half by both Players and Coaches. However, against Brady and Belichick you have to play the second half as if it is 0-0.

Running the ball. Amazing. Lets hope Sherm doesn't get cute in the second half.

Tom Brady - 25 yards passing in the first half.

Wallace needs to contribute!!


That's what's called a fallacy.

Same as claiming that Carpenter kept the Phins from being 9-7 last season.

Sorry, that's not how it works.

Phins could have had Richmond Webb in his prime for the last six games and lost them all by 35 points, or won them all by 35 points.

Your logic fails.

Gibson's injury is a torn Patela tendon. Not sure how long the recovery is for that but the word torn is never good, especially in that knee area. I am guessing he is out for the year. Huge Loss!!

Can Tannehill throw just one deep ball to Wallace in the second half


Fire Ross
Not funny at all. Not to joke with either
I hope he is ok. Just a sprain! But their are WR out their or bring up one of the practice player. Or go get one put if some other teams practice squad!

Wallace in slot wr

McKinnie's great right now, but, I want to give it at least 2 more qtrs. Conditioning could rear it's ugly head.

Tannehill doing a good job of managing the game.. See how running the ball opens up the pass!

Brady 25yds pasing at the half. Unbelievable4!

Peewee 2.0!

Notice Tannehill has not been sacked and we have a running game. The line is doing a good job and making Sherman look good. We already have seen the refs step in for the pats. Now for the second half we can expect the phins to have their headsets to malfunction, the patriots will know what plays we will call and more free yards and points scored by the officials. The NFL will praise Belichek for a come back victory, and say Brady was flawless in the second half of the game.

Odrick is a beast!!!!People frowned on this pick by Ireland. He has 2 sacks today and is dominating.

ok so we have abandoned the above thing and are commenting down here instead?

With Gibson gone for the year....do we trade for a WR? I see a lot of Cleveland games living in NYC? Go figure....anyway Gordon is the real deal and after todays loss they will be sellers again. Gordon was said to be on the block weeks ago. I know, I know we will be bombarded with post that scream about him being one failed drug test from a suspension. My reply is what player is not? The job of the team leaders and coaches will be to keep him clean. This guy is big, he actually catches the ball and he has hops. With Wallace as the 1 and Gordon as the 2 with Hartline coming across the middle we would be very dangerous. It would also open Wallace up to be more successful. We draft WR very bad for years so I would have no problem giving picks for him.


What a difference a LT makes.

Keep putting brady on his arse!

ya O line looking great

mckinnie is a giant.

ya holy cow having LT is awesome

Miller just looks fast today

........so far McKenney is showing why LT is sooooo important...no sacks .no knockdowns...beautiful...

Why no call on late hit there or hitting a defenseless receiver?

Sturgis chokes again

Dang. Nothing Tanny could do there.

It is tempting to want to trade for a WR but I do not want to give up picks. This team still has a lot of holes that they need to fix next year (RB, OT, OG, DT). You give up early picks and you will find yourself plugging another hole.

Let's just see what Mathews can do and pick up someone form the waiver wire.

Schitt throw by Tanny....that lack of points is on him....

Matthews is a good receiver
Keep picks

Now, now, calm down.

and here comes the most aggravating sh%t for dolfan fans.......u have a team down by the numbers and Miami gives up momentum to the other team....

Wow, I hope that miss does not come back to hunt us. Huge miss. You have to capitalize on all of your opportunities against Brady, especially on the road.

I hope not being able to capitalize on the nice drive doesn't come back to bite us.

A 3 score lead would be nice.

Were is Carpenter

Sherman is an idiot
Why not continue running
Now you get the sack and momentum turns

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