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Dolphins at Patriots: Live blog

FOXBOROUGH -- It truly is beautiful football weather for the today's big AFC East matchup.

Here's what's going on:

The inactives for Miami are Pat Devlin, Jamar Taylor, Will Davis, Mike Gillislee, Danny Watkins, Dallas Thomas and Will Yeatman. Interesting that the second and third round corners are inactive but the seventh round cornerback Don Jones is active despite his big special teams penalty last week.

For the Patriots it is interesting that Aqib Talib is inactive. That is a big deal for Miami.

Neither team is reporting lineup changes but Bryant McKinie is starting at left tackle and Jonathan Martin at right tackle.

Finally, starting center Mike Pouncey seemed to have some sort of injury difficulty during warmups. We'll keep a an eye on that when the game starts.

[Update: Pouncey seems to be fine.]

As always, there's a live blog here today. Join in!



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Philbin not a gambler is he. They usually lose at least one timeout a game for much worse reasons.

Thank goodness for Patterson!

There we go D!!

that replay looked pretty obvious that his right foot was in bounds and that was a catch....neither the announcer (no surprise...the storyline up front was NE wins) nor the dolphin's coaches bothered to see that?!?!

Great coverage there by Pattersson...he has to stay on the field!!!!

D is going to be worn down. They will be in the field most of this 2nd half with the offense sputtering.

Posted by: Stra8balla | October 27, 2013 at 03:06 PM

Tannehill leads the league in 3 n outs. This always happens.

fat wallet syndrome

We can still win this game if we start running and go to Hartline and Clay.

Can we trade Wallace for some O lineman?

noway sherman will put in some choke plays

what did I tell you!!!!

Whew! that was a pick 6!

Hennehill tried, but the Pats turned down the pick 6.

Wallace hates TannePuke lol

Ireland is paying 60 million for a disgusting WR. It cost a TD and an almost irrecoverable lead.
Why why why why ? F:;()€&&&&€)(;:/-/:;()))ck !

time for ST to lay down now!!

Only team where 3rd and 2 is a third and long !!

Tannehill locks onto receiver again.

Tannehill is just turning into a turnover machine at this point. Dodged a bullet there.

why aren't we runing the damn ball anymore

Coming with the blitz outside the tackles. Everybody knows that.

Fire Sherman please

Overpaid free agent WR a bust. No one saw that coming.

It's all about the coaches and having playmakers. This team lacks that. So where are all the JI fans at! You bunch of homers.
JI sucks this team lacks playmakers. And coaches that's has balls. Philbin the clown didn't even challenge that catch. But that's what happens when a GM like JI is in charge of drafting and hiring clowns just like himself!

Agreed that was a catch and could kill the game for us before Thill and Wallace do. We have a guy and has zero pocket awareness and is a great QB with time.

come on brady stick the fork in the losers so I can quit watchig them!


We need a turnover!!

watch this, the come back is gone make you all believers, MF's

I can't believe this.

In other news, Florida still seeks a professional football franchise.

I rather trade Tannehill than Wallace. Wallace has proven him self in the league Tannehill is a TO machine.. Trade him for the Bills Thad Lewis!

Refs back in it

That's what happens when you have garbage coaches. Like Coyle! Don't have balls to play bump and run! Game over!

OK that is Two ridiculous calls!

Wallace, never fights for the ball.

Posted by: Marco | October 27, 2013 at 03:07 PM

Brandon Marshall fights for the ball. Wallace is just a fast guy.

Another Pats friendly call and another TD.

How do they make that call so late. That's twice now!!

Fuking NE refs

How on earth can we beat NE in NE?

I have to say, the refs are as inept as the Dolphins. The NFL is not a very good product these days, all in all.

I'll take the call on the Pats though lol.

OMG. Goodell and Kraft, thick as thieves. Unbelievable. 2 TD's given by the officials.

Make up call

Wake was just tackle and no flag. WOW!

some of these comments about Wallace reflect what I think is a glaring weakness in this offense....the skill position personnel aren't physical enough.

Other than Sims and Egnew, none of them have the measurables and none of them play stronger, bigger than their size. It makes running the ball harder because the RB's don't break or run thru tackles, especially arm tackles (thomas had a wide open field in front of him in the 1st half and a D end for the patriots grabbed him from behind with one hand and literally pulled him back off his feet. Pathetic. It's an example of his entire career with Miami)

The WR's are all relatively small, making the throwing windows tighter....every throw has to be too perfect and they can't/don't go get/fight for balls.
I can't think of an elite offense in the league that doesn't have skill guys who go get the ball, have big receiving windows or backs that make yards thru contact and make people miss.

It doesn't matter. No bump and run they playing 15 yards off the WR. Can't sack Brady this team lacking pass rushers and LB suck overrated. Just go look it up! They rank bottom in LB. go look it up!

Am I they only one that knew things were going to go south when Sturges missed that field goal? Pats score 2x in a matter of a minute or so. Same old Fins!

No one wants the hapless Fins in the playoffs. Bad for the ratings.

Game over. We'll see Tanne-choke-turnover from here on out.

Another disappointment

20 unanswered points from a team coming in that hasn't score in the third qtr all DAM year!!!!

Just throw a little dump off over them.

Disgusting calls against Miami today. Thill has to prove me wrong and win here.

Don't come on here blaming the refs. Blame you own team. What happen in the second half. Can't run can't protect can't do nothing that's a sign of a mediocre team. That's just TJE bottom line!

Philbin needs to go what a mental lapse

I have no faith in Tannehill and this offense. You dummies blaming the WRs it's the QB he stinks!!! Just a game manager at best!! He's a TO machine who can sense pressure, let blame everyone except the QB lmao

Please change the snap count

Seems the opposing team is never out of a game as long as Tannehill's our qb.

Why is this franchise so bad?

Gronkowski=Andrew Golata.

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