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Dolphins big tweaks this week: Thomas and the rollout

Well, you cannot accuse Joe Philbin of not shaking things up.

Even as the Dolphins are looking terrible in trailing 14-0 after one quarter, at least the team is trying new stuff.

Today, Daniel Thomas started at running back ahead of Lamar Miller. So that replaced the guy who is averaging 4.2 yards a carry with someone averaging 2.6 yards per carry.

The Dolphins also are trying rollout passes to protect quarterback Ryan Tannehill. It was tried going right twice in the first quarter -- with one completion and one incompletion.


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We will win the game.

Nothing else matters.

running game is working, both backs gaining yards.....and we use it only occasionally--and agree Mando, baffling why Miller doesnt get more carries--dont understand it--not impressed with Sherman either.

TH clearly shaky today, doesnt appear confident....help him out by running the ball more, which, by the way......is working really well!

no Mando......this will just be a horrible first half--why not just run the ball 3 times there? plenty of time, eat clock, probably gain some yards (like theyve been doing)--who is calling the plays......what are they seeing?

Tannehill. Philbin. Its not the answer for long term success. Looks like Cam and Beck Combo. Wow back to the drawing board. Wallace loses seven yards on third and five.... you just couldnt write that comedy script in Hollywood.

Its time to send Sherman packing...this guy calls a fking terrible game...and his 3rd down play selection is a joke...fire Sherman...I've had it...

doesnt Philbin, the ex Packer O coordinator, have the option of overriding Sherman's calls?--and if not, why not?--so Philbin thought those were 3 good plays to call too apparently?--sorry, but I'm worrying......TH struggling, O line protection lousy again, coaches decisions/plays are headscratching.......bigger picture is really starting to look cloudy

Bring in moore for a series at least for gods sake.

after a bye week, how can Miami play this bad? embarrassing!

Blocking looks better thab I've seen in a month benz...its all play selection by Sherman...I'm starting to think he is totally inept...

agree Jaime.....this is hard to believe.....poor decisions/coaching/playcalling.....awful/inexcusable mistake by Jones on the punt.....awful picks by TH......abandon whats working on offense--they look totally unprepared......and our QB looks to be regressing.

T-hill has a 30.6 QBR rating with 54 yards total passing offense so far.

Wallace has 2 catches for 12 yards.

Will we see Moore in 2nd half?

They are booing Tannehill! lol

Why do foolish fans think Moore would be any better. Moore is not Marino dammit!! He si just an below ordinary QB. 2nd year QB with bad protection=poor play.

in fairness to TH, he looks like he's finally buckling under the idea that he knows he's going to be under pressure when he drops back, and likely hit every time--cannot be a comforting feeling, I'm sure he has no confidence in his Oline (would you?)--looks like thats finally catching up to him, into his head.

no, do not want to see Moore......accomplishes nothing--better or worse, we ride with TH and play it out--he's the QB of the future (or not)......but its his job to win or lose, his team......Moore should come in only if an injury--good backup QB but no more.....he aint so great either

The team looks to be under prepared. We are continuously out coached by the opposition. Sherman is bad and so is Coyle. We really need a REAL OC and DC. Lets not give the defensive side of the ball a pass. They are bad too and whats worse is that the Dolphins spend double the money on D and have double the talent on D. The D should be carrying this team.

Up & over! Gibson is a baller.

sorry Mando......but still a lousy (unimpressive/worrisome at least) first half, all considered

brady throws a pick 6

specific to this game.....I think Sherman gave up on the run too early, or at least went away from it when he shouldnt have......also did not love either of those designed QB runs on the goal--running game working, RBs doing fine, let them take the punishment.....why subject TH to several hits?--the dude finally isnt getting sacked.....give him a break!

Don't get excited Mando, the Bills are third worst giving up run plays. Its an ugly game but now in the third they just took the lead. But no way in hell is this team this year good enough to compete with the elite teams. The thing that will save them is that they have an easy remaining schedule.

Horrible coaching. Nothing changes with this team. We have a week off against an backup QB and this is how we come out. I HATE THESE GUYS.

Two weeks of preparation for this crap? What a joke.

Hey Ross, you think the stadium was empty today? Wait till the next game.

Get rid of the coaches get rid of tannihill this team blows need qb and good coach

Horrible play calling. How do you not roll Tannehill out at mid field. God he almost got killed by Williams the series before. Start over with a new coaching staff. Fire the OC. Nothing changes with this team. Lose to a Bills team with a QB taken off the street. Brutal.


No more giving up my sundays to a bunch of losers

Clabo is worthless, this game is on him! Cut bait Dolphins, it looks like more of the same ish!

Seriously this is the bottom lets spend 100m and suck even worst than last year!

They will get blown out in NE next week and hopefully the coaching staff will be on the firing line. No excuses. You throw the ball with a straight drop back knowing they have been getting pressure at the end of the game. Really stupid. This team is going nowhere. Hello 7-9, 8-8 tolling in mediocrity.

Philbin is a joke. The fact that Clabo is still on this team is unacceptable.

Oline, cant protect. They just straight bull rushed martin. That LT spot is horrible

This game was a joke. O-line coach needs to be FIRED. Coming off a bye week, and this is how the team performs!!! Heads need to roll TONIGHT. This team is an embarrassment to the NFL.

So tired of this season after season! No excuses to lose at home to last place Bills that are starting a third string QB! Right tackle #77 is pathetic! From 3-0 to 3-3. Want win at New England next week either! So sad to watch!

tannehill has no clue of game situations.how can you fumble the ball with the lead and running the clock down. i'm tired of hearing this guy is a good qb. he destroyed this game all by himself. what a terrible game from a wide receiver playing qb. i can't take these stupid hs mistakes anymore.

Want a change? Dont show up to the games!

Tell me God, what did I do to deserve being a Dolphin fan? Seriously, why do we not at least try to run out the clock instead of having RT take a deep drop again so soon after Clabo demonstrated why Atlanta made no effort to resign him? Why do they insist on trying to run Miller without a lead blocker? This staff just frustrates me.

Wow! does it get ant worse than that. The very fact that Clabo is still starting tells you our coaching staff don't know what their doing. Does anyone at this point believe Tannehill is our QB of the future!

Tannehill is garbage.Sturgis is worse

Name two people who are incompetent in their job----Ireland and Obama.

Wake me up with princess charming when Miami actually has a team

You wonder why the stadium is half full! Fans are done with this product that the dolphins put on the field year in and year out! For right tackle # 77 to still be starting tells me enough! This team is going no where fast!

Ok, here are the lies that Joe Philbin will tell us: 1. Ryan Tannehill is a good quarterback. 2. Passing the ball when we just need to run out the clock is a wise decision. 3. My friend Mike Sherman is a good offensive coordinator. It's disgusting that this inept coaching staff NEVER feels any repercussions for their terrible decisions.

Today, Sherman called for a pass when we simply needed to run out the clock. Result= LOSS. Last year, Sherman called for a pass play when we just needed to run out the clock vs. Arizona. Result = LOSS. I wish I were Joey Philbin's best friend so I could be inept and still have a job

Every single personnel decision that Philbin has made has been wrong. Carpenter was clutch, Sturgis was garbage. Brandon Marshall is scoring like crazy for Chicago. Reggie and Jake are laughing at him. And of course, Philbin hiring his inept buddy Mike Sherman is the worst.

"Our offensive line doesn't need any changes": Mike Sherman.
"The offensive line stinks": Everyone else in the world.

If Mike Sherman is employed tomorrow, you know that Dolphins management is corrupt.

Don't worry Dolphin fans...Mike Sherman's son-in-law is the QB coach so therefore Tannehill is All-Pro.

Tannehill's lack of skill makes me mad. But what makes me madder is when he walks off the field looking so confused, his mouth wide open. I want him to be PISSED and angry and be mad at himself and then make up for it. Instead, he goes bad to worse.

"Thank God that my best friend Joey Philbin is in charge. I can be inept, and my best pal will never fire me." Mike Sherman.

Whats up with our 1st round pick jordan who cant even remember his last name i knew when we did not pick an o linemen we were in for a long season let trade jordan and tannihill for a first round pick and get a real qb and a off. Tackel to block

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