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Dolphins 'concerned' about moving Martin

A football team is usually a tightly knit group of individuals who depend on each other for community success. And when one member of the group fails, there are repercussions on other members.

Jonathan Martin, meet the repercussions.

Martin's fate with the Dolphins has not been entirely in his hands but instead has been determined by the actions of others.

Having played left tackle his final year at Stanford, he was drafted by the Dolphins and immediately placed at right tackle because the Dolphins had Jake Long. When Long got hurt, Martin, through no function of what he was doing, was moved to left tackle.

And when Long decided he rather play for the St. Louis Rams, Martin was left in limbo while the Dolphins searched for another left tackle. Again, Martin did nothing to either solidify himself as the left tackle nor lose the left tackle job.

He simply was caught by fate's whims.

The Dolphins found no suitable left tackle replacement for Long this offseason although they hosted Bryant McKinnie in free agency, studied a handful of left tackle possibilities in the draft, and even explored trading for veteran Brandon Albert.

But because other people either weren't signed or drafted or acquired in trade, Martin was elected Miami's new left tackle.

Great, a place to settle the second-year player, right?


Immediately, the Miami offensive line was a trouble spot and right tackle was the most beseiged position on the team. That shouldn't affect the left tackle, right?

Well, wrong again because as McKinnie became available in trade and he has never taken a practice snap at right tackle let alone played a game there, the Dolphins acquired him and expect him to play left tackle.

(Dolphins coach Joe Philbin would not say McKinnie is exclusively a left tackle but the entire NFL knows it and not admitting it insults everyone's intelligence.)

Anyway, McKinnie's arrival means Martin, through no fault of his own, gets switched again. He's played 11 1/2 games at right tackle and 10 1/2 games at left tackle and he's soon about to increase that number on the right side.

And Tuesday it was clear Martin isn't thrilled about the move.

“You can approach this two different ways," Martin said. “You can go in the tank and be one of those guys who bitches and moans and is a cancer in the locker room, or you can be a guy who goes out there and can be a professional and plays as hard as I can."

Martin says he'll be the latter. He'll be a good teammate -- even as he's scratching his head about why he's been affected by Clabo's inability to do his job and McKinnie's inability to play on the right side.

Philbin did admit there is concern that shuffling Martin around so much (which he doesn't even confirm is happening, by the way) might be bad for the player.

“You are always concerned," the coach said. "Any time you move a player, there’s always some concern about it. You have to take that in consideration if you do in fact decide to move somebody."

But all concerns aside the Dolphins are going to do it. Indeed, they even did during practice Tuesday. Martin said he worked at both right tackle and left tackle within the same practice.

You don't think that messes with his technique a little?

Martin has said before he prefers to play at left tackle. He feels more comfortable there. It comes more naturally to him. He tried to get stronger in the offseason to prepare for playing the position. He has a future there.

No, he's not likely going to be a Pro Bowl left tackle, but he surely can develop into a solid left tackle and that has value.

Yet that development has been detoured now. Did Martin have anything to do with that detour?



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Tannehill is not a pocket passer, he can develop that eventually, but for now he's got to be given freedom to move around and extend plays a la Ben Rothlisberger. This line is not good enough to give him a pocket on 5 step drop passes, so keep it at 3 step passes and a mobile pocket, it's our best chance at keeping him alive all season and the best recipe for success for this team.

Dumb article. Martin is one of Ireland's oh soooo many draft busts. Quality LT he is not. Pro-bowler? Yeah right! 6 sacks given in 8 games. Next GM replacing Iresucks will get rid of him. Anyway, this season is practically over. Another huge disappointment. Way too many deficiencies. Coordinators are not innovative, with dinosaur era mentalities. Philbin is no better than Sporanus. And the defense is mediocre at best. Oh, and lastly, Tannethrill is not the answer.

Anyone who's seen Martin play this year must see that he is not doing a good job at LT. He's constantly getting over powered, plays soft with no aggression and gets beat by the quick moved. He's slightly better than Clabo, but I say put him back on the right side to see if he can handle that position. If not, were probably going to need a LT, if Mckinnie is a bust, RG, since Richie's contract is up, LG since they've been trying to replace Jerry for the last 3 years and RT if Martin can't handle it

Just got to cover Gronkowski tight all game.

If the offensive line is good enough for Jeff Ireland, it's good enough for me.

As Sherman said, cb's eventually sit on 3 step drops and designed rollouts cut off half the field. I mean you can use a little of this, but, Tannehill has to develop a much better feel for the pass rush.

By developing a better feel for the pass rush, That alone cuts down on the sacks by a 1/4 to 1/3. A terrible pass protect oline and qb who's terrible feeling the pass rush is a lethal self destructing combination.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | October 23, 2013 at 01:06 PM

Great point Mark. Speaking of our blog host/hosts.


It's amazing really. We the fans take criticism, the coaches, the owner, the players, the gm, the stadium hot dog vendor, and it's all in the name of fair and balance. But the writers aren't allowed some criticism from time to time? WTF are commies running the Herald or what?

of being fair and balanced.

Yes, he did have everything to do with it. A starter LT in the NFL can hold his side down in order to slide protection the other way. Martin is not capable. He might be a decent ET one day, sooner rather than later I hope.

Posted by: Phins78 | October 23, 2013 at 12:47 PM

This was a post I made after my original post questioning this articles intent.

So my original opinion was taken down. So now our opinions are being censored?! Hey guys make sure your opinions match those of the Heralds or your post will be taken down! What a joke. Seriously, you people are a joke.


Anyone who thinks Tannehill is not the answer obviously hasn't been watching games. He makes some mistakes yes but he hasn't been given any time to throw on 70% of his passes. His arm strength is there, his accuracy is there and both will improve as the season progresses and as he develops more chemistry with guys like Wallace and Gibson. In fact he and Gibson looked on the same page, paragraph and sentence this past week. It's year two of this regime and while yes I'm upset with some personnel moves it's mostly been piss poor game planning that has killed us. The difference between 3-3 and 5-1 is not that big for this team. Baltimore was winnable, especially considering that last field goal should have had a penalty called but ultimately clocking the ball and getting sacked on 2nd down demolished us, both by the way are coaching faux pas. As for Buffalo we have all argued at nauseom the things that killed us in that game, again fixable with better planning by coaches.

Tannehill does look shell shocked,he is taking a beating every game by being a pocket passer.He needs some designed roll outs,and much better play calling to help at all.I think Sherman should have been fired.McKinnie was a great LT years ago,I see this backfiring.

Wash, you have a great point. Lets see how the line performs this week after the tweaks. If thill is still getting crushed I would think harder about what you said.

78, u have a way of pixxing people off
r u aware of this?


Instead of inventing some crrp gameplan for NE why don't we just run the exact same plays that the Jets did, from the exact same formations, in the exact same order.

(Ever notice that every Wendy's is close to McDonalds? It's not by coincidence; if McDonald's decides a location is good enough for a restaurant then Wendy's always builds one close by. Businesses suceed by copying sucessful businesses not by inventing some new shht).

During the season there would be 1 small story daily in the newspaper except on Monday there would be 2 stories: a recap of Sundays game and a 2nd story pointing out either a real good or real bad game for someone. During the offseason there were no stories with the exception of the a couple days after the draft.
I could fulfill my obligation to the team with 5 minutes a day + 3 hour game on Sunday.

I have to check the espn website, nfl website, this website every fccking half hour of every fccking day to make sure I don't miss anything. Then I have to endure constant criticism of my favorite players. finally to top it all off I have to post my opinions about every nuance of every story.
I could play 18 holes every day with the time I invest in this bullshht.

I just made $5,898 reading this crap and you can too!


P78, commies? Well there is Cuban influence in Miami, how far does it spread? Time for some McCarthy-ism like investigation???

By the way, I loved my trip to havana... going again real soon. Now, how do i tell the wife???

The Vikings are 1-5. If Jeff Ireland was smart and really wanted to redeem himself, he would offer a trade package with them for Adrian Peterson. Iknow. I'm dreaming but in this league, anything is possible. Why not next years 1st and fourth, and send Martin, Daniel Thomas, and maybe a defensive player. Would be exciting.

1. Dolphins draft a LT tackle(J.Long)when they should of drafted a QB(M.Ryan).

2. Dolphins draft Tannehill.

3. Dolphins move to 3rd pick and draft a DE(Jordan) when they should have drafted a LT like Fisher.

Ireland you suck!!!!

etf,all u need is armandos twit updates,see how easy that was?
c u on the 19th hole.

2 watt, I love P78's material.

And he's an avid Brooklyn, I mean NY Islanders fan...

Well, at least they're trying something different! They were stubborn about being able to fix the O-line with a different scheme during the Bye Week instead of swapping players around to find the best fit and chemistry. And, they did not comment when asked if they had told Clabo to get it together or sit down. So, their reluctance to fix this them has come back to bite them in the butt! Now, they're looking desperate! This should have been addressed before the season started, but I understand them wanting to give the younger players a chance. I'm very disappointed in Clabo. He was a beast when he was in Atlanta. My, how the mighty have fallen. McKinnie is a one-year patch. His age (and his "Big Mac" ways) make it very unlikely that he's on the roster next year. But, if he gets it together and plays his butt off this year, he might (just maybe) play another year. That is unless he produces and Ireland has a nightmare of Jake Long and cans him anyways! I hope and pray that if Miami goes 8-8 or even 9-7, Ross gives serious consideration to finding a new GM cause what they're doing doesn't seem to be working!

I wonder if Glass Man (amendola) plays this week.

If he doesn't, I advocate a CB like Paterson on Gronk on passing downs. I would say Grimes but, Gronk has the height on him.

Line up in the nickel w/Grimes & Carroll outside & take Gronk away. Brady hasn't been able to beat anyone(cept the saints) with this WR corp.

Take his BEST option away & force them to run. With Ellerbe/Misi & Wheeler & the healthy front 4, I think we can stop the run game.

ETF, re: the Jets v Dolphins game plan, yeah the Jets ran the ball down their throats limiting the opportunities for Belicheck to devise some zany scheme to stop the pass and create turnovers. Without Wilfork and Mayo in there, you'd think we would have an opportunity to try the same....

LOL, now that's pretty innovative. So therefore doesn't have a snowball's chance in happening.

Note for Philbin and Sherman:


Make 30-35 carries a game a priority! All game long!

"Now, how do i tell the wife???"

Honey, I'm volunteering to help build houses in underprivileged countries, back in a week.

Wash @ 1:07-

I don't think Tannehill should sit unless the coaches make NO CHANGES TO THE OFFENSIVE PHILOSOPHY. Passing 70-75% of the time will destroy him with the current players and his experience level. In the words of coach Philbin, "It's not sustainable." If nothing changes, then yes, he should sit.

Mark @ 1:10-
NE won't have to shut down the run. Sherman will take care of that, especially if it's working.


P78, great idea and not really a lie. All the money I spend down there in "entertainment" is surely fixing someone's house in some way...

Thank you phins78. These supposed fans are hating on the coach the qb and like the sky is falling...get the line fixed and i will laugh when these fake fans start to backpeddle....

So we are deleting post now. Real Big of you.

Mark I can't wait until they move to Brooklyn. The train rides will be awesome and I will no longer have to sit on the highway in traffic waiting to go to an old building that's falling apart. Nassau County screwed themselves, and right when the Isles are coming up. No,,,Sleep,,,Till BROOKLYNNNNNNNNN!


Someone doesn't like when you copy a quote. OK!!

Please explain how J.Martin wasn't thrilled. It doesn't sound like he is angry. He gave a generic answer to the question.

2Watts onboard with censoring people when they pi$% other people off, good to know.

Dude, you realize every one of your posts would be censored if this were the case right?

I mean your posts that make no sense and add absolutely nothing to anything that is going on in here.

And Tuesday it was clear Martin isn't thrilled about the move.

“You can approach this two different ways," Martin said. “You can go in the tank and be one of those guys who b'tches and moans and is a cancer in the locker room, or you can be a guy who goes out there and can be a professional and plays as hard as I can."

The obligation to check in here every fccking day

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud


Jj, sigh... if Miami can run, they would be taking away NE's best weapon away and that is their ability to create mismatches in the passing defense and creating turnovers.

Come on 200 yards rushing!!!!

Lazram @ 1:57

EVERYONE knows the line has been awful, yet the coaches make virtually ZERO adjustments to the offense to compensate. That's not good coaching.

Ponder back in as Vikes starter ... could be worse Dolphins, could be worse.

So you can use the word B'tches and not have a problem with it, but if a poster does copying your quote his post gets deleted. DOUBLE STANDARD!!

C-U-N-T Move!!!

Everyone posting here is an Adult!! I don't see the need to censor words when we can still find ways around it!! And Their are plenty of Words that aren't Curse Words that Put together are more offensive than any curse word!!

Suck Balls and Swallow you Blowhard Nitwit!!

You see none of those words are banned but together they make a pretty offensive statement!

*And They're

Please answer this. With Clabo being so bad and this desperation move to sign McKinney and moving Jonathon Martin back to RT how bad is Nate Garner? And if he is THAT bad why the hell has he been kept on the roster for 5 Years?

I would love to see what happens if Miami has 30+ rushing attempts in this game. Never happen...

This game against the PATS will not be about our Offesnive Tackles as much as it will come down to our Defense's ability to stop Brady. If we can't get a steady pressure Brady will pick this team apart and THILL won't be able to score enough points to keep up.

HA!!! Suck balls and swallow! Brilliant!!!

Actually, Dashi meant "And there." LOL

Dashidouche, you're a filthy lil man. Using curse words to get your lame ole points acros is pathetic.

Begging the blog to let you use tem is even worse. Sad, patetic lil clown you are.

I think Albert asks the question of the day. I don't see a reason to use a roster position on a player if you won't play him even if the current starter is the worst starting player of any position in the NFL.

Thanks Jj. I just knew it was wrong. Agreed. Words can't be people.

Hey, I have made my point that I don't have to use curse words to be offensive.

Reason every time you think of Dashi all you think of is Suck & Swallow!!

Dashi is like Hot Soup!! Put your 2 Lips Together and BLOW ME you Twink!!

I'm so sick of hearing about this O-line. In the off season, every fan, pundit, anybody-with-a-pulse EXCEPT Ireland and this coaching staff knew that they were horrible. Yet -- they did NOTHING. And why this "zone" blocking scheme? For this talentless (except Pouncey) crew, I'd keep it as simple as possible

Found out what happened in that fight. It was the Pats fans who started it. Two woman and a male were attacking Jets fans as they were leaving for whatever reason. The Jets fan, male, was trying to walk away when the Patriots fan (girl) starts kicking him and punching him in the back of the head. That's when he turned around and clocker her. Good, she deserved it. You want to act like a man then you get treated like a man, end of story. She was arrested for assault and battery, the cops saw the whole thing.

You got that you Home-O!

women, sheesh,not woman

I'm not sure why anyone would be surprised that T-Hill is not the franchise QB that Ross anointed him to be. Moreover what about Martin the 20th pick overall pick in his draft. He was not considered to be strong enough. So although he's a great citizen that says all the correct things. He's not good enough to play LT. He may not even be in the Dolphins plans for the future. In addition Ross who is a good business person could very well decide to change the operation plan and brain trust that is not working. T-Hill needs time to develop; he is slow in the pocket, releasing, reading and when he threw the 2 interceptions against the Bills, was not being hurried at all. The Dolphins need a GM that can project NFL talent and not one who reacts to his own evaluation mistakes. T-Hill, Martin and Clabo have done the best they can do....

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