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Dolphins 'concerned' about moving Martin

A football team is usually a tightly knit group of individuals who depend on each other for community success. And when one member of the group fails, there are repercussions on other members.

Jonathan Martin, meet the repercussions.

Martin's fate with the Dolphins has not been entirely in his hands but instead has been determined by the actions of others.

Having played left tackle his final year at Stanford, he was drafted by the Dolphins and immediately placed at right tackle because the Dolphins had Jake Long. When Long got hurt, Martin, through no function of what he was doing, was moved to left tackle.

And when Long decided he rather play for the St. Louis Rams, Martin was left in limbo while the Dolphins searched for another left tackle. Again, Martin did nothing to either solidify himself as the left tackle nor lose the left tackle job.

He simply was caught by fate's whims.

The Dolphins found no suitable left tackle replacement for Long this offseason although they hosted Bryant McKinnie in free agency, studied a handful of left tackle possibilities in the draft, and even explored trading for veteran Brandon Albert.

But because other people either weren't signed or drafted or acquired in trade, Martin was elected Miami's new left tackle.

Great, a place to settle the second-year player, right?


Immediately, the Miami offensive line was a trouble spot and right tackle was the most beseiged position on the team. That shouldn't affect the left tackle, right?

Well, wrong again because as McKinnie became available in trade and he has never taken a practice snap at right tackle let alone played a game there, the Dolphins acquired him and expect him to play left tackle.

(Dolphins coach Joe Philbin would not say McKinnie is exclusively a left tackle but the entire NFL knows it and not admitting it insults everyone's intelligence.)

Anyway, McKinnie's arrival means Martin, through no fault of his own, gets switched again. He's played 11 1/2 games at right tackle and 10 1/2 games at left tackle and he's soon about to increase that number on the right side.

And Tuesday it was clear Martin isn't thrilled about the move.

“You can approach this two different ways," Martin said. “You can go in the tank and be one of those guys who bitches and moans and is a cancer in the locker room, or you can be a guy who goes out there and can be a professional and plays as hard as I can."

Martin says he'll be the latter. He'll be a good teammate -- even as he's scratching his head about why he's been affected by Clabo's inability to do his job and McKinnie's inability to play on the right side.

Philbin did admit there is concern that shuffling Martin around so much (which he doesn't even confirm is happening, by the way) might be bad for the player.

“You are always concerned," the coach said. "Any time you move a player, there’s always some concern about it. You have to take that in consideration if you do in fact decide to move somebody."

But all concerns aside the Dolphins are going to do it. Indeed, they even did during practice Tuesday. Martin said he worked at both right tackle and left tackle within the same practice.

You don't think that messes with his technique a little?

Martin has said before he prefers to play at left tackle. He feels more comfortable there. It comes more naturally to him. He tried to get stronger in the offseason to prepare for playing the position. He has a future there.

No, he's not likely going to be a Pro Bowl left tackle, but he surely can develop into a solid left tackle and that has value.

Yet that development has been detoured now. Did Martin have anything to do with that detour?



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latest power ranking from CBSSports.com has the Dolphins at 27. Ahead of only the Giants,Raiders,Vikings,Bucs and Jaguars. For a team that had 11 draft picks and mega $$ under the salary cap last year this is disastrous. Ireland must be putting his house on the market already.

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my prediction is that martin and the entire offensive line will make enormous strides from here on out, martin will finish in the top echelon of right tackles this season. next year miami will have a plethera of options to galvanize this unit, with multiple options already in place miami can go in whatever direction best benefits this team. one would think that drafting the best right tackle and guard next year is a much easier a task then being charged with selecting a top left tackle as they usually cost a top 5 pick if not #1 overall. depending on mckinney's play and contract and considering his age, miami may benefit in a big way by retaining bryant's services next year as depth and rotation possibilities could keep this unit fresh all game long. but they will need to draft a top right tackle and guard..think about the possibilities and remember miami recently traded for a highly rated guard that never really panned out in phily. yep, as soon as next year miami may be sporting a galvanized offensive line that rivals the retooling success of this years recieving core. like i said, it's only going to get better, philbin IS the right man for the job. we may have recently lost a couple close games, but the bottom line is miami just got better once again, and this was already a VERY good team. i mean really, what our coaches have done to this club is unbelievable, the only coach(since shula) who even came close to changing the culture or fielding a team this good was maybe jimmy johnson. this team is undenyably getting better every day, it just took a few teams with an elite pass rush to expose some deficiencies which will and ARE being addressed.

I see NFL teams every week with rookies starting. Yet we have nine rookies and NONE are starting. Worse even NONE contribute on a week to week basis. Sorry Jeff, I was in your corner until this year. No more.


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Great post.

I totally agree.

You understand that this is a Process. And you don't build a winning franchise in 1 Off season!! People tend to forget that Philbin only really has had 1 Off season to upgrade the team. This team is being built the right way but some people want results yesterday when that just isn't possible.

Next off season the O-line is the Top priority. And not just the starters but the Depth. We will have a young rebuilt o-line next season. Then what will happen? You are going to have that same select group that only knows how to complain, Complaining about nothing!!

Can't Wait!!

That doesn't mean this season won't still be a success. Just that next season will be even better than this season.


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Dashi...I agree that the offensive line will be the priority for next year. The issue of depth is an interesting one. 99 percent of the people here claim that anytime a player is brought in it is for depth(when that player is not seen as an immediate contributor..See Lance Louis...Danny Watkins)

My issue is that just because these players are bodies does not always equate to having depth. Take for instance our line right now. We have 3-4 capable bodies on the "depth chart" that have seen no playing time, no sniff of the field. How bad is our depth, or what is the use of keeping players on the roster that the team does not trust to play..Even in crisis?

Who will doing the evaluating of these lineman? I am sure it will be Jeff Ireland. So anyone brought here to play offensive line probably has a less then 50 percent chance of success. (under Irelands track record of finding lineman).As much as I would hope we can find suitable replacements for whatever holes the FO think need filled. I'm not sure that the odds say we will be able to accomplish said goals.

This move to aquire Big Mac is absolutely a move made out of desperation. It is actually quite pathetic IMO. Is the talent on our roster that poor? Big Mac was released by a Raven team who is almost as poor on the offensive line as our squad. Why not play with the players we have? We are supposed to be a team that is going to develop via the draft. Yet we are (Ireland) seems content with filling holes through mercenary free agents, instead of the next man up. As far as the line goes. I have no confidence that Ireland will be able to fix anything..

Martin's statistical ranking is tied with Michael Oher of Baltimore, and one spot below Matt Kalil of Minnesota. He is objectively doing well in relation to other tackles.

Sorry, but this is a terrible article. Martin has nobody to blame but himself for his poor play. He was given the opportunity to play left tackle and failed miserably. "Did Martin have anything to do with that detour?" The correct answer is YES - if he had played better there would be no need to move him or sign McKinnie.

Matt Kalil is that bad? Wow, Minny must not be enthused...

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Phins78, it is clear Martin is bringing up the choice of bitching and being a cancer or being quiet and a professional because he's unhappy with the move.

Guys that are happy don't have that choice to make. They're happy.

Guys who are unhappy can either show it and become a problem or shut their yap, put their heads down, and play.

Anyone can see this.

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Idiots... Gannon was asked to leave because Philbin didn't want anyone from the press to hear him chew out his players for having a bad practice. Get your facts right before speaking. Even Gannon said that is why he was kicked out of practice. Do you want the guy broadcasting your game to hear you cus and yell at your players?... Idiots!!

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James Walker (ESPN) is now questioning whether Miami is the worst team in the AFC East. This after speculation earlier in the Season from EVERYONE that we'd challenge NE for the division. If we come in 4th in the division, then I don't see how the GM or HC can stay on board.

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it is clear Martin is bringing up the choice of bitching and being a cancer or being quiet and a professional because he's unhappy with the move.

Guys that are happy don't have that choice to make. They're happy.

Guys who are unhappy can either show it and become a problem or shut their yap, put their heads down, and play.

Anyone can see this.

Posted by: Giants stink

Accept he didn't "bring it up". He was asked a question by a reporter. He didn't search out the media to talk about the switch. So yeah, totally disagree with you.

Maybe we need a gay QB. I mean what motivation does Tannehill have? he has millions and a hot wife ... what is there left to play for??

If you guys want to talk about moving on, does St. Lou have any choice but to move on from Bradford now? I mean that guys is going into what, year 5?

"You can approach it two different ways". JMartin

So he walked up to the reporters and just started talking? "hey guys, you can approach it in two different ways".

And they were like, 'what the f%$k is this guy talking about'.

Or did a reporter go up and ask him, "HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE SWITCH TO RIGHT TACKLE".

I swear some of you have major comprehension problems. ANYONE CAN SEE THAT.

So can we bring Colombo back from retirement?

Seriously this OLine mess could get a lot uglier if McKinnie turns out to be disaster at LT. And considering he just joined the team, out of practice for a while and out of shape, this is a real possibility.

And it would be sadder that no matter what happens Ireland is safe with his extension. I expect Sherman and the OLine coach to be thrown under the bus if this season tanks.

48 - Go, Ireland will get paid next year but by no means is he safe if this gets off the rails in a bad way. I don't think it will though.

If the Herald hadn't censored my opinion (because it made too much sense) you would have agreed with me about Martin. He wasn't complaining, he never complained, it was twisted to make it look that way so some of you sallys would get your panties in a bunch.

They count on a certain number of sheep in here. You can't have everyone formulating their own opinions, some people have to follow the pack.

20 years ago Joe Carter hit a game winning home run that sealed the World Series for the Toronto Blue Jays over the Phillies. It's the last time any of my favourite teams won anything, haha

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