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Dolphins 'concerned' about moving Martin

A football team is usually a tightly knit group of individuals who depend on each other for community success. And when one member of the group fails, there are repercussions on other members.

Jonathan Martin, meet the repercussions.

Martin's fate with the Dolphins has not been entirely in his hands but instead has been determined by the actions of others.

Having played left tackle his final year at Stanford, he was drafted by the Dolphins and immediately placed at right tackle because the Dolphins had Jake Long. When Long got hurt, Martin, through no function of what he was doing, was moved to left tackle.

And when Long decided he rather play for the St. Louis Rams, Martin was left in limbo while the Dolphins searched for another left tackle. Again, Martin did nothing to either solidify himself as the left tackle nor lose the left tackle job.

He simply was caught by fate's whims.

The Dolphins found no suitable left tackle replacement for Long this offseason although they hosted Bryant McKinnie in free agency, studied a handful of left tackle possibilities in the draft, and even explored trading for veteran Brandon Albert.

But because other people either weren't signed or drafted or acquired in trade, Martin was elected Miami's new left tackle.

Great, a place to settle the second-year player, right?


Immediately, the Miami offensive line was a trouble spot and right tackle was the most beseiged position on the team. That shouldn't affect the left tackle, right?

Well, wrong again because as McKinnie became available in trade and he has never taken a practice snap at right tackle let alone played a game there, the Dolphins acquired him and expect him to play left tackle.

(Dolphins coach Joe Philbin would not say McKinnie is exclusively a left tackle but the entire NFL knows it and not admitting it insults everyone's intelligence.)

Anyway, McKinnie's arrival means Martin, through no fault of his own, gets switched again. He's played 11 1/2 games at right tackle and 10 1/2 games at left tackle and he's soon about to increase that number on the right side.

And Tuesday it was clear Martin isn't thrilled about the move.

“You can approach this two different ways," Martin said. “You can go in the tank and be one of those guys who bitches and moans and is a cancer in the locker room, or you can be a guy who goes out there and can be a professional and plays as hard as I can."

Martin says he'll be the latter. He'll be a good teammate -- even as he's scratching his head about why he's been affected by Clabo's inability to do his job and McKinnie's inability to play on the right side.

Philbin did admit there is concern that shuffling Martin around so much (which he doesn't even confirm is happening, by the way) might be bad for the player.

“You are always concerned," the coach said. "Any time you move a player, there’s always some concern about it. You have to take that in consideration if you do in fact decide to move somebody."

But all concerns aside the Dolphins are going to do it. Indeed, they even did during practice Tuesday. Martin said he worked at both right tackle and left tackle within the same practice.

You don't think that messes with his technique a little?

Martin has said before he prefers to play at left tackle. He feels more comfortable there. It comes more naturally to him. He tried to get stronger in the offseason to prepare for playing the position. He has a future there.

No, he's not likely going to be a Pro Bowl left tackle, but he surely can develop into a solid left tackle and that has value.

Yet that development has been detoured now. Did Martin have anything to do with that detour?



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Mando....again, why do you think its necessary that Philbin "confirms" this is happening to you or anyone else, outside his staff? You make numerous other comments about how he evades questions, or misleads at times, or answers questions vaguely, or how you're so surprised that he doesnt give you a seemingly straight answer.....and you put that out like its a knock, like its so unusual for coaches to do that OR that he's so clueless that he doesnt seem to know the answer himself(thats how it reads)--is he obligated to give you and others so much information, or just about any information? Might be nice, but is it necessary?--do you think he cares to?--do you think he REALLy doesnt know the answers to some of your questions, or, more likely, he just doesnt want to tell you much? I'm pretty sure he knows the answers to all/most of your questions, but the way you position it in your articles only feeds the idea that he doesnt, ie "could he really be that clueless?--and we should be concerned if so"--and plenty of knucklehead fans feed off of that.....its not a good look.

DC.....geez, Walker is the worst of those blog dudes....he's awfule, terrible, doesnt know squat....regurgitates literally what we all read here and on other Dolphin sites, sometimes almost to the word--he's so bad and makes such dumb, pointless comments, its shocking some times--havent we all questioned where Miami stands in the AFCE?--you need Walker to prompt that idea for you?--the division is separated by a game or two, top to bottom, so its hardly a novel thought.

with these losses coming ti will least help our team in draft and schedule wise next year. if we can fix the oline in offseason we could take east over with pats looking really old

It always seems like Mando is slamming coach Philbin for his answers. The answers are obvious, but these media types get off on having these coaches actually SAYING it. I don't have a problem with Coach Philbin playing his hand close to his vest. If you know the answer already Mando, why ask the question? Why let all the other teams in the league know what our coach is thinking? The Dolphins need every advantage they can get - no matter how small or insignificant it seems.


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For a woman to whoop Dashi's Ass that would have to be a Huge B'tch!! And be carrying a baseball bat.

What I have learned from my own problems not with women, but with people who think they are harder than they are. Don't be the first to swing and don't beat someone up to the point that it doesn't look like you are defending yourself. Plus, make sure you have witnesses. Witnesses are as important as not starting it. 2 things my lawyer taught me.

Maybe I look at things differently because most my life people assume I am the Bully because of my size and strength.

Every situation is different and should be treated as such.

Me personally, I have hurt enough people that I don't even enjoy fighting anymore. We all learn from our mistakes and the threat of Jail is enough for me to not take it to far.

Again, defending yourself is OK. Beating someone up isn't. Doesn't matter how angry they make you.

The fight in question the guy was just defending himself. He just shouldn't hit her with a closed fist(just doesn't look right). Cause if he would've really hurt her, he still would've went to jail doesn't matter if it was self defense. Open hand, on top of it not really hurting her the Sound and the sting from the slap would've been hilarious to everyone around.

We all have our own opinion that is just mine.

Mark in Toronto - I have you beat - the Pirates in 79 are the last time my favorite team won anything. I've always said...I have a lot of years left - the Dolphins will win the Super Bowl one of these years. I'm running out of years... Side Note: The Blue Jays had some dominant teams back in the early 90's - loved watching those guys. Carter, Alomar - they had Rickey for a couple years - Dave Steib, David Cone, Juan Guzman, Jack Morris, Alfredo Griffin, Devon White - they were loaded dude.

Either way it really doesn't matter

TanneFAIL had clean throws on both of his game losing INTS

The pick-6
The INT in the end zone

TanneFAIL is a bone head and like Rich Gannon said,
"Tannehill will never be more than a 7-9 to 9-7 QB"

and Meril Hoge says, "Tannehill is awful"

Tannehill lost 28-0 his last game of the season after 15 NFL games of experience
last game after 11 passes
TanneFAIL had 2 completions and 9 inaccurate throws
2 of those INTS

1 pick 6 for a TD
1 end zone INT when we should have had a TD or at least 3 points

TanneFAIL sucks

nuf said~!

Anyone want this?


I haven't given up yet. It seems Ireland may have. A 350lb overweight aging tackle that likes to party and is moving to Miami? Really.
Wasn't there another rock to turn over? Or mountain that our new LT is one large dude.
Hey, maybe this works. Never know and we only gave up a late round pick. Big deal.

Fatty, yeah, they were good times.

Your Pirates looked good this year too. They're in the mix going forward. My Blue Jays? They have a GM that makes Jeff ireland look like the best ever by comparison.

Home - WOW! Rich Gannon and Merrill Hoge - two Hall of Famers. They've never been wrong. They have so much experience as great players they could never be wrong. They are both ham and eggers - late round draft picks. Tannehill has had a better career than Hoge already and will be passing Gannon real soon.

Tom Brady is an average QB who has been hyped up to a Football God.

Brady has never carried a Team to a SB.

Vinateri and the Defense won the first 3 SB. Brady has never lead a team to a SB victory.

I think the coaches have already determined that Jonathan Martin is not the long-term answer at LT. So, they get Bryant McKinnie to come in for a year and then go look for a solid LT through the draft or trade next year.

The offensive line needs to be improved or the Dolphins will not go anywhere this year. Now, THAT is a FACT..

yeah, this situation stinks for Martin for sure, but I think its pretty clear and we can summarize it by saying the Fins overestimated Clabo (and Martin to some degree, and Jerry/RG, and the blocking ability of the RBs/TEs), so thought they found a suitable combination on the Oline---but were very wrong and now they're desperate and scrambling to fix it, with slim pickings available at mid season....and making adjustments to do so--and Martin is caught in the middle-sucks, but its simple.

And he's gay

Normal people don't refer to themselves in 3rd person.

dashi brady sure looks old, im excited for 2014. think we take it over finally


My point exactly. How is Martin NOT THRILLED?

He answered the question with the most generic answer ever. If he was a Patriot the media would've applauded him for answering the question correctly.

I actually love these coaches and players on this team now. During the Parcells era they just wouldn't talk, which made them seem like they were hiding something. But now these players and coaches are united and won't talk bad about each other.

I know, the SFLA media is missing B.Marshall and K.Dansby. Guys that complain to the media about their team. A la C.Crowder.

In a Marriage would you like when you go out your wife to talk bad about you in front of everyone or to give generic answers and discuss the problem with you when you get home. I pick the latter.

I guess these back stabbing reporters love to gossip about their own. No Loyalty whatsoever.


Brady has 2 more years in him. The end is near.

But look at Brady's stats. He didn't become a great qb til Year 8 in his career. The Hype has been there since year 2 though. That is what happens when you play in a big market like Boston or NY.

Dashi has never claimed to be average. Dashi is an exceptional human being. God Like if you will.

You might be comfortable with being average. That is probably a goal you set for yourself. I would be happy with being average. Sucks to be you. Probably come from a long line of average.

This explains a lot. You were probably never the best at anything in your life. You were OK with being Middle of the Pack. You might be happy with your 8-8 life. Dashi is a 16-0 type of person. But Dashi still won't be happy unless I win the SB.

You should always strive to get better everyday. No reason to ever be complacent.

Martin is terrible at playing football, he's lucky he's not getting demoted

I hate Philbin's answers. He never says anything clear and leaves you guessing.

thats good frank (candid....funny)....trying to suck us in--it'll work, someone will bite

The OL is a mess, almost any combo maybe better than what we have now. Martin should do better than Claybo, but if he doesn't we'll just have too get someone else. We as Phin fans deserve at least an alright OL, when we are so close with the weapons on offense and defense playing good and special teams, the OL shouldn't be the entity that breaks us down.

Ireland could have traded up for Luke Joeckel instead of Dion Jordan like many people (including me) expected. Nothing against the kid, we just had (and still have) bigger holes to fix.

I can't really blame J. Martin for not being able to make up for the Tyson Clabo and Lance Louis infamous busts. Nobody expected him to have a near-perfect season in year 2, but he improved his play under difficult circumstances (a shaky OL) and I expect him to develop even further under the right coach.

I keep hoping he becomes a solid RT for the future (and at least an average spare LT whenever the need arises). RTs are deemed to become as important as LTs in future NFL anyway.



Still have three positions on the offensive line playing well enuff to continue to build confidence as a unit,the same as it was several games ago.
Continuity as a complete unit is still out in the future,but plays that buy more time and slow the pass rush down for the 2nd year QB, can be used RIGHT NOW by the professional football players and coaches on the 2013 Miami Dolphins.

I don't know, this move may work provided that the scheme goes back to man instead of zone. These are big guys up front gents and they need to be used in the proper scheme for their body types and talent levels. Straight ahead man on man, that's the ticket.

McKinnie will have a chip on his shoulder, looking to prove hte Ravens wrong. Look for him to play seriously mean for the rest of the season.

We beat NE Sunday and we are back on track.

Here is the video u requested:


You do know half the QBs in the league use Go, the other half uses Hut. Some use Hike.

Again, football knowledge is fleeting to some.

Look it up Cadence is about what you feel comfortable saying, it isn't a default word for everyone. The QB picks the word he feels comfortable yelling to start the play.


I finally found the Dolphins blog you guys mentioned. DolphinsTruth dot com. Great article today about Mike Sherman. I like the guy, but the article opens my eyes

I finally found the Dolphins blog you guys mentioned. DolphinsTruth dot com. Great article today about Mike Sherman. I like the guy, but the article opens my eyes

Is the TanneFAIL experiment over yet?

Why Mando?

Why us devoted Dolfans?

Home understands the non football people and sheeple clinging on to TanneFAILs jock strap
so they have something to cling to, ... anything

but 2-11 w 9 incompletions and a QBR of 2
after 11 passes against the Bills in our own stadium?

Seriously !

Why did we draft this WR that raised his hand and said, "I can play QB too"

Why Mando?

Why !

Hey you guys mike florio put joe philbin on the hot seat this week at number 5 hope he is right because i wont philbin and ireland gone after this season for good and clean house.

Guys sorry to say Home is right!

Tannehill sucks!

Remember only good players can complain, they have the luxury of being needed by a team, so the team will put up with the complaints for a little bit anyway. Great talent brings along a lot of tolerance by a team. Martin was average at best at LT, and horrible at RT. So right now in the back of his mind Martin is thankful he is still in the lineup, and even more thankful people like Mando are now giving him a built in execuse. By the way for the record I thought Martin would do well at LT and wrote about it. Well I was wrong so I can eat crow on that one.

Dashi can't be more than 11 years old.

Dashi has a small, frail frame. He uses the blog to live his fantasy of being a masculine male with knowledge. He doesn't succeed in fooling himself so he keeps trying. His friends should be both younger and poorer than him, so he can feel above them.

There have been so many disappointments for me in this Team this year I can't count them all. JMartin is one of them. There is nothing serviceable about a LT that has allowed I believe 4 or 5 sacks, countless hits and pressures. I was high on him because he had protected ALuck decently at Stanford and because he is a highly educated Player who should have no problem absorbing the Scheme, but the way he has played, he's just not worthy of starting at LT on a good NFL Team. That pick 6 last week was partly on him.

Oscar, Martin has less that one full season playing LT. Many drafted much higher than him are no better their first year.

"Dashi has never claimed to be average. You should always strive to get better everyday. No reason to ever be complacent."

Seems like you live your life in complete contradiction to how you live it as a Dolphins fan.

You constantly defend a below average GM, a below average coaching staff, and a very average football team. How can you live by those values and be such a complacent fan that is ok with a crap product year after year? I'm not judging you, but it seems pretty damn contradictory to me. You should demand better from this organization if you love the Fins that much.

I don't care, Arlen. His level of play at LT Now is unacceptable, at least to me.

Yeah that article on DolphinsTruth is simply priceless and very correct. Thanks for the share Keith. Also love the picture of Sherman taking a nap at the combine...LMAO I guess now I know why our team slept walked through the first half of the game last Sunday.

Dashi when you continually have to tell everybody how great, tough, smart and big you are what you really do is actually let everybody know how ordinary, scared, dumb and small you really are.
You bring a lot of good stuff most blog post. You lose me and I would imagine most on here when you tell us how wonderful you think you are! Just an FYI!

When this team was 3-0 and everyone was on cloud 9. I posted to be cautious of the ugly wins. Even at 3-0, I saw a very flawed team that could just as easily lose 3 in row.

The line was terrible, Tannehill's pocket presence was terrible, underthrowing receivers, throwing behind receivers on slants, and virtually non-existent run game. The defense was having 3rd and long issues even then. Still we managed to win.

Winning in the above mentioned faction is pure fool's gold. Just a matter of time before the lucky well runs dry. We're 3-3, yet have yet to play well in any of our 6 games. Nearly all over the place there can be placed blame:

Ross, Ireland, the coaching staff, and players on both sides of the ball. Our best game this season we may have played 30 minutes of good football.

The problem starts & ends with Ireland! He's the one that put this group of sad sacks together ! If I spent 150 mil. + and this is what I got I'd fire everyone from top to bottom! Sherman's play calling is a joke ! And now we know why Joe wasn't calling plays at GB . Two guy that got their start as OLine coaches & this is what we got ? REALLY ! Shame. Cause rest of team with right coaches could make some noise !

Sam we very easily could be 5-1 right now....we lost 2 games with 2 bad plays. So unlike you I, again, will look at the glass as half full. This is the new NFL. no more dominant teams. This was the plan for 25-30 years to make every team equal. Now more than ever is when good coaching/play calling will be the difference between winning or losing.

It's the personnel Bill, the personnel. Ireland has done a D- job of bringing the right personnel.

Must I remind all that the Pats could be 1-6 right now. They came from behind in 4 out 5 wins in the last minute. The Bills, Jets 1st game, Falcons , Saints. I am not prepared to throw in the towel this season. I just cannot fathom the Jets or Bills finishing ahead of us and the Pats can be had.

I am already starting to look at mock drafts. As far as I am concerned the season ended Sunday with a loss to the miserable Bills at home. If you can not beat a bad team like the bills who have no QB, then you do not deserve to make the playoffs. That was probably the easiest game on the schedule.

Sam we have a lot of talent on this team right now. A good coaching staff would have us at 5-1...NO DOUBT. Ireland is not the guy I want running the draft because he takes too many chances....that being said this team has a good core right now and we are in fantastic cap space for years to come.

Look at what bringing in a good coach did for KC....we maybe the KC next year if we get the right coaching staff. I think that the OC and DC are the main problem. Philbin needs to have fiery guys in these slots because he is so bland.

Bill if we dominated the AFC East for an entire decade, I would see 1-5 as a complete annomolly. Who cares if the Pats should be 1-5. They've rule the division over 10yrs now.

Sam just pointing out they are not dominant anymore. You may be too young but the Dolphins used to dominate this division for 2 decades.

Seems to be a little misinformation out here. So, let's talk about cadence/snap count which are considered to be interchangeable by some. I Consider cadence as the rhythm and snap count the number of words or numbers the back is snapped on.
Anyway, there are a couple of things QBs can do with it. Hard count, long count, rhythmic and non-rhythmic.
So, the next time you hear 48 Go or 48 Go-Go, see how many of these techniques Tannehill uses.

Oh, good God, just BLOCK!!!!

So now this blog is ready to field opinions from Merrill Hodge and Rich "I hate Miami" Gannon, who hates us since fans did the "Hoop there it is" after he threw a pick to end a blow out against his Raiders here in Miami.(saw him calling Miami fans A**H***S while walking off the field).... This blog even allowing "Home the idiot" to be a presence here is a joke... The guy has been booted from every Miami blog in Florida...

As far as Martin goes... This thing with McKinnie is a band-aid. A 10 game quick fix that likely will end with McKinnie on injured reserve and martin right back on the job at LT. Kick John Jerry out to RT and start Nate Garner at RT... If Garner can't go... Start Danny Watkins at guard... John Jerry has been GREAT at tackle when ever he has been used there... he's sucked at guard since starting there... Don't believe me... go back to 2011 games when Long was on his yearly end of year vacation and watch Jerry at Tackle... he was a monster out there... Garner would run block much better... If McKinnie works out great... But don't count on it... To many years around here has shown me late acquisitions NEVER finish seasons... they get hurt and are gone in a few games.

Go go= run
That's a problem.

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