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Dolphins cut one, curious to see who they add

The Dolphins this evening announced they cut DT Marvin Austin, which is not an intriguing move other than it strongly suggests the team is about to fill the vacant roster spot with another player.

And that means the Dolphins are trying to add a player to help them the remainder of this year.

But here's the deal, it is not a running back, as a source told me this evening the Dolphins are not looking in that direction right now.

Before going further, allow me to back up a bit ... Today was an interesting day in that I heard there was a lot of activity within the personnel department even as General Manager Jeff Ireland was not around. (He was apparently off scouting).

The activity was so obvious, assistant GM Brian Gaine came to practice after it had begun and had a short meeting with coach Joe Philbin right there on the field -- during practice.

I cannot report anything absolutely concrete, such as phone calls to other teams or agents, but I do know the Dolphins are working toward something.

And then the Austin move happened. And then I was told the corresponding move might be to add an offensive lineman.

The Dolphins, you see, are aware quarterback Ryan Tannehill is very valuable. And their very valuable asset has been treated like a rag doll the first five games of the season, getting sacked a team-record pace 24 times in five games.

So I asked if an offensive lineman might be on the way, And, yes, the possibility exists, was the answer.

The questions remains who?

Bryant McKinnie might be available although he hasn't exactly played great.

I'd love it to be Tampa Bay OT Donald Penn but don't wish to speculate the move would be that big.

The Bills also cut guard Colin Brown on Tuesday, so there's a possibility the Dolphins might be interested in the 28-year-old who has started the past five games for Buffalo.

We'll see.



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No Evidence


Pull the trigger Ireland!!

I like joe Thomas chatter

Please, O Lord, thy wisdom is Great. Make Ireland get an O-Lineman even if he has to 'overpay'.

Please keep Tannehill from turning into this year's version of David Carr......unprotected and beat-up to the point that he simply cannot throw the ball.

Biggest draft needs next year in order

1) LT

2) QB

3) RB

4) TE

A trade for Jake Long in the works?

Miami needs O-linemen...
Nothing else makes any sense. A trade may be in the works especially if Ireland believes we're in a Win Now mode (which we are...or, at least he is). Jeffy's job depends on what happens this year more than what happens next year. Yes, he got an extension, but that means zilch. Winning...that's what matters.

Jake Long > Joe Thomas

Ireland couldnt win if his life depended on it. He is a total loser.

I would like to thank all the posters who no longer fall for the Debauchery that this Assclown Post.

Dashi admits he use to fall for his schtick from time to time also. But after a while it gets redundant and Boring. The guy never brings nothing new to the Table. Just cause you repeat something a Zillion times it doesn't make it funnier. It just makes it Cornier.

You are not going to get a great OL right now. Smart teams do not trade great OTs away. You would hate to overpay for a guy like McKinney. He is way passed his prime and is not much better than Clabo. I would rather see them make OL changes with Garner and adjust to the strengths of the OL currently on the roster.

Let's get a RB. I think Maurice Jones Drew could be available. Get Drew, replace Clabo with Garner, sign Javorski Lane at FB, and adjust to a power game this year.


Did u finish your homework?

I think a QB would help us most. Trade for Big Ben and reunite him with Wallace. Its hard as heck to sack Big Ben he extends the plays.

When the Browns traded T.Richardson, I brought up we should go after J.Thomas and got laughed at. We have the Cap Space and the Draft picks to make that move.

Ireland if you are as smart as I your #1 Fan thinks you are please get this done. And I believe you can get him for a 2nd round pick. Keep up the good work Señor Ireland. Keep doing your job, always trying to find ways to upgrade the Team.

Dashe, tell us again how soccer players arent athletes. LMFAO!


Have I given you permission to speak to Dashi again?

You only respond or comment when Spoken to. Else know your role Jabroni.

If you Smell-llll ...... What The Dashi is Cooking ;-)

Soccer is the only sport you don't need all 4 Limbs to be Successful at a High Level.

Or is Dashi Lying?

Unless you consider Hugging and Kissing each other an Important part of Soccer. I know the Players do.

Dashi Out.

I like to **Give Credit** where **Credit** is Due!

Fire Ross - the team is 3-2, they way things look, we will be going into New England with a chance to take the division lead. Tannehill has a better rating than Brady, should the Pats dump him? Dolphins are on the upside now not the same team Parcell's put together. Usually you stop talking to your significant other after the divorce, why don't you blog about your new team instead.

Posted by: Zaf | October 15, 2013 at 07:52 AM

Nice Post Zaf and not just because of the way you Be-Atched Slapped some REALITY into Dying Turd.

We have problems and issues all over the place. Not unlike the majority of teams out there. We still have holes in areas that we knew couldn't ALL be addresses in one off season as well.

Having said that, we've been finding ways to win. Ireland's most important draft pick this century has continued to improve. Despite the adversity he's improving in his Sophomore Season and most importantly, he's managed to lead us to a winning record. The 3-0 start was SPECTACULAR and he played a major role.

Zaf, I also see good things looking ahead. This season has been a challenge every step of the way and the next two weeks won't be any different. We've been a .500 team forever it seems like and that's what we'll be if we lose to Buffalo. This game and the next will be a microcosm in my opinion.

We beat Buffalo and it's another step towards contending and respectability. It gives us a Very Good winning record(4-2)and sets us up for a Showdown against the patriots!

We stunned a lot of people(Fans and Foes alike)just starting out 3-0. These next two games will give us another chance to stun the Football world. Victories here and we're alone atop the AFC East for the first time in a long time.

5-2 sounds ALRIGHT to Me!!!!

Could be much ado about nothing. That said you would expect help on offense, especially the o-line.

Anyone left here that remembers me? Just curious

Jeff Ireland needs to stop the desperate move mindset and avoid wasting picks we will need for next year. It is, what it is! If the players we have available on the roster today can't get it done, there's no one a team will give up that can remedy our problems on the OL. Demand those slugs earn their paychecks.

Jeff Ireland needs to resign because he is totally incompetent.

Tannehill has had to play with a catch22 mentality this year. He cant get comfortable in the pocket or in rhythm with his receivers because he knows in the back of his head that his linemen are vaginas and will lay down to any defense. I'm sure it drives him freaking nuts knowing he has the weapons to light up any defense in the league but can't see the light of day knowing a sack is coming. It's ridiculous the amount of sacks he has endured. The O lines job is to protect the QB. They get paid to keep Tannehill on his feet. Our RB's are getting crushed every time they get the ball and unless you are Ricky Williams your not gonna go anywhere with our line. There is no balance with our offense because we have fat sissy's parked on the line just going through the motions without a pulse. Ireland better get a good lineman to diffibulate this offense or it's gonna get nasty quick.

I hate put the dampers on all the Ireland Hate, but.........

Another pair of Ireland picks have continued to improve to the point of where they are really just starting to kick ass!

Odrick and Misi, of all people/picks-LOL!

Odrick has become Mr. Versatility among one of the toughest NFL positions there is, The D-Line, INside or OUT! I expected more, as in more quickly. But when you consider he missed his rookie season, it's more clear. He's playing great, with a bit more potential and upside to go.

Misi I think surprised everyone. I think a lot of people(myself included)were writing him off altogether. The reality is, that he's continued to improve since becoming a Dolphin. The progress has been slow at times, but he's become a SOLID Strong Side Backer. His coverage skills have improved and he's become versatile in his own right, playing DE in certain situations.

I'm not reserving their places in Canton just yet. But I am pointing out how well these two YOUNGSTERS are doing, despite many of the Hater's already writing them off as Busts.

While Ireland's Haters keep looking to dump on his latest picks, his **Post Parcell's** classes just keep on getting better and better.

Kudo's to Ireland and Kudo's to Odrick and Misi! These THREE ALONE are making you Hater's look P-R-E-T-T-Y BAD, if I DO say so MYSELF-LOL!

Now lets beat Buffalo and set the stage for a Brady Beat Down!

Even Giselle HERSELF won't be able to make enough excuses for Brady this time around. He's going DOWN and not in the way she likes!

Please get a good lineman to help this mess. And no a soon to be retired retread will not do. Gett a solid starter who is young enough to stick around a few years.

Posted by: odinseye | October 16, 2013 at 12:36 AM

Nice post Odin. Yeah, I never got all the Ireland hate around here. He seems to pick fairly solid in most categories. My only gripe is that not one of his picks has been Superstar good yet. That could change if Tanehill and Jordan keep improving.

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Anyone left here that remembers me? Just curious

Posted by: Ohio Dolfan | October 15, 2013 at 11:03 PM

Do you remember me?

Ha Ha! I just wonder if that's the "Real" Mr. J....?

Did you hear what happened while you were out?

YG got busted/busted himself(by Armando). He was actually the guy behind all the Mini-Me Troll Names. He was the guy that caused so much trouble here, even wishing Death upon your Wife and unborn baby. Not to mention one of my Sons(reason being, because he served his Country in Iraq and Afghanistan).

Talk about a sick fvck, he would wish death upon your family here, then **TRY** and act all innocent and schmooze his way over to YOUR Dolphin Web Site and **TRY** to talk civil with you. I say **TRY** because he was/is virtually incapable of having a civil conversation with anyone. Including the mirror on the Schizo's Medicine Cabinet-LOL!

Sheesh, what a piece of work. He still goes by some of his old crap names and now FIRE ROSS.

He turned on the Dolphin's 100% now, all because Armando **MADE** him change **ONE** of his vulgar and childish sign in names. ONE! Can you believe that?

The guy LITERALLY uses 16 sign in names a DAY, but he turns on the ENTIRE Dolphin Organization, top to bottom because Mando **MADE** the BOY change one of his retarded aliases-ROTFLMFAO! I think it was, GET THIS: "I Love Faking 17-0 In Yur A $ $ ".

I would normally ask what kind of fan the guy is, if not for his severe psychological issues. In his case, the later trumps the former.

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

(I haven't done that in a while. It felt GOOD ;)


It will be a lineman or a running back. We may see Starks or Soliai gone.

Throw picks at a team and get a good offensive lineman. God knows Ireland isn't going to do anything productive with those picks in the draft.

Philbin simply needs to switch positions of Jerry and Clabo or replace Clabo all together with another offensive linemen on the roster. Also, I have to say this again; allow Pat Devlin and Matt Moore to practice with the first unit. This move could very well solve all issues on the offense!

Adella's spam is more enlightening than anything YG says. Please keep our Chinese URL guy here longer than that trolltard!

ALL Weeks really matter. btw, where is that G we acquired 3 wks ago and nobody has seen up to now.

Some weird stuff in here Today.

It is a fact that no Person who possesses a good quality of life in his/her Country is going to emigrate anywhere else.

Well, I disagree, kbiythsj3 at 7:38AM.

Watkins. He said the scheme is difficult to learn.

You don't say, Jj.


Would anyone want to see a trade for MJD? I am thinking it could be a good signing, but he would have to sign an extension.i think he is a pretty good blocker and can catch the ball out of the backfield. I doubt it would happen, but it would be pretty cool, maybe.

Has Dashi screwed him up so bad that the clown even forgot how to type in English now all he sees is Japanese.

Que Pena Amigo.

Dashi, I'm not Crazy Generous just Crazy Good.

I like the idea of trading for Big Ben. He is exactly what we need.

Good morning Dr Oscar Canosa whats happening in the mental health world?

Should have paid Vonta Leach his asking price...

Best blocking FB in the game.

Would improve protection on Tannehill and open running lanes for Miller.

Tell me again why we did not sign him???

I like the idea of trading for Big Ben. He is exactly what we need.

Posted by: CadillacDeville | October 16, 2013 at 08:42 AM

Mike Wallace would be thrilled...

Did someone write commend Ireland for drafting Misi and Odrick, bwhahaha these guys arent world beaters there just ok players. When will Ireland draft a stud??? Name just one stud Ireland has drafted and please dont write Tannehill.

Should have paid Vonta Leach his asking price...

Best blocking FB in the game.

Would improve protection on Tannehill and open running lanes for Miller.

Tell me again why we did not sign him???

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | October 16, 2013 at 08:45 AM

Because Ross is a cheap owner. Winning is not important to the Ross Dolphins. Its just about pocketing money.

I like the idea of trading for Big Ben. He is exactly what we need.
Posted by: CadillacDeville | October 16, 2013 at 08:42 AM

Rodger Saffold STL Rams. Got bumped f/ LT to RT when Jake came to town and didn't like it. Good player, young. A little banged up now but a change of scenery may do wonders.

WEll, well, well, what do we have here?

By the way, Dolphins are the biggest favourite this week. 10.5 points. It's a must win for Miami if they hope to do anything this year.

Dammit Mark!!! I was confident about our team this week, until you said we were favored by 10.5. That scares the crap out of me LOL

The Oline is not going to make any changes I think, I would bring in a FB to help the blocking, and maybe start running the ball much better. Hey bring in Payton Hillis to play FB and maybe we can also use him on a few short yardages plays.

10.5 damn.
not showing the Bills defense much respect are they?

...or, maybe the bookies in Vegas see the Fins defense back at full strength and the Bills starting a backup QB who's gimpy.

Big ben? Why trade for a guy at the end of his career when we have a guy who's career path just shouts stardom?

NH @ 8:45, apparently Leach hasn't been doing well this year either. Not from what I've seen but from his grades on PFF. Not gospel but usually not far from the truth either.

Does anyone remember the last time we were favoured by 10.5? Must be going back to the early Wanstedt days when he inherited that Ferrari defense and we had Ricky in the backfield in his glorious prime.


We will convert 1, 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1!

Swinging for the fences folks!

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