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Dolphins defense focused on limiting big plays

One of the areas of concern the Dolphins identified in the offseason -- allowing explosive plays on defense -- was a topic of much conversation and study for the team during the bye week, as coaches tried to figure out why a defense that had limited those plays the season's first three weeks had imploded the past two games.

Against the Saints, the Dolphins yielded three explosive passes (defined by the team as covering 25 yards or more) and one explosive run (defined by the team as a run of 15 yards or more). Then against Baltimore, the defense allowed pass completions of 40, 41 and 43 yards to Joe Flacco and also was hit on a 28-yard run by Bernard Pierce.

The eight so-called explosive plays Miami allowed in the last two games outnumbered the six it had allowed in three previous games. And even the the six previous big plays was too much, if you ask coach Joe Philbin.

No wonder the coach said stopping explosive plays this week against Buffalo is a priority on defense.

"Number one is, we’ve given up too many explosive plays," Philbin said. "That’s something we need to address. We need to do a better job at. I would like to get people in a little longer-yard situations so we can kind of tee up on them, get our pass rush going, our blitz package or drop eight, a variety of all those things. But we have to do a better job of limiting explosive plays, no doubt. "

That is largely the assignment for defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle, who obviously studied the issue so closely he recalled the individual plays from memory on Monday.

"Last week we had four explosive plays," Coyle began. "The first plus 20 yard run we gave up in the entire season was last week. It was in a defense that we didn’t fit the run correctly. It really was a play to our advantage to where they ran the ball and how they did it, yet the ball popped out and they gained 28 yards on it. We need to get that corrected, and I think we have.

"There were three passes, three big passes in that game the other day of 40 yards plus. Two of those came after a completion of about six yards. On the first one we missed a tackle and the guy ran for another 30 some odd yards. There was another one on an over route. We were in great position. It looked like we were going to intercept the ball, and we didn’t make the play on the ball at that point."

I asked Coyle about his level of concern given his boss's worries.

"I’m as concerned or more concerned than coach (Philbin) is about the big plays, but you’ve got to analyze how they are happening," he said. "Sometimes if they are happening, which is balls being thrown vertically down the field, then you have some issues in terms of the matchups. We haven’t really had those major problems thus far this year. I think we are just going to have to make more plays on the ball, create more pressure on the quarterback and hopefully we’ll see those things diminish quite a bit."

The problem with that is Miami hasn't really been at full strength defensively in recent weeks and the big plays have been the fallout result.

With defensive end Cameron Wake mostly out with a knee injury the past two weeks, the Dolphins haven't gotten the kind of pass rush they usually get when he's healthy. Starting cornerback Dimitri Patterson has missed four games and that has had a ripple effect throughout the secondary.

As Patterson is out, that means Nolan Carroll moves up to start and Jimmy Wilson moves up to nickel duty. So the Dolphins are putting their fourth-best rather than third-best cornerback on the field in nickel situations. And with Carroll dinged up at times in recent weeks, rookie Jamar Taylor has been pressed into duty at times. That's the fifth-best cornerback on the field.

(The Dolphins, by the way, are hopeful both Wake and Patterson will be available against Buffalo but it's still too early in the week to know for sure. I'd say Wake is expected to play. Patterson remains a bit of a question mark.)

Safety Chris Clemons has also been limited in practice for several weeks with various injuries. He missed part of the work Monday and Wilson took snaps at safety. That means Taylor must have had to take some snaps at nickel.

It is obviously difficult to get everyone working as a cohesive group when the group's individuals parts are often changing. Despite this, Coyle says the goal set at the beginning of the season when everyone was mostly healthy remains the goal today:

Cut down on big plays.

"We need to do a better job," he said. "We set that as a primary goal going into the season."


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Hopefully with experience Tannehill will get better with the "pocket presence" till them I guess Incognito predictions will come through, the whole OL will be fired by seasons end.

Truth, and yet he has been far from the problem. He's been better than most Qbs this year and will continue to improve. Of all the sacks the Dolphins allowed this year, how many have been attributed to Tannehill? ONE...

If everyone one the team brought their lunch like Tannehill did ... we wouldn't have any problems. We have two of the three worst tackles in the NFL. No amount of pocket prescence fixes that.

In FF, I made the mistake of picking up Matt Scaub thinking he'll rebound against the Rams. HAHA guess not. Drop him for Nick Foles hopefully I can get him

geez boys.....so much hostility this morning.....the trolls suck you guys right in.....ignore them

FIRE ROSS, way to stereotype. Last I checked (by engaging other posters) Mark works out and is in pretty good shape, ditto Kris (who was doing Cross-Fit) and as for myself, I may be slightly overweight, but I work out 5 days a week, just ran a 5K, about to run another one in November, have always been athletic, don't have any health problems, have never even used my prescription card at a drug store in my entire adult life because I haven't ever needed medication (at least one that's not naturally grown), and don't eat red meat or pork, rice, potatoes or pasta (maybe occasionally like once a month) AND just read a report saying some people are just naturally overweight but are much healthier than some people who are skinny (so that's not always a tell-tale sign that someone is unhealthy).

So, yeah, I don't smoke, do drink but not excessively, stay active but no longer play organized sports, don't cheat on my wife, so the ONE VICE I have to stay true to my athletic genes is to watch football. I'm not a huge baseball or basketball fan, watch other sports but am not fanatic about them like I am football. I work 5 days a week, own my house, have 2 cars, little debt, paid off my school loans, and the ONE THING I ask for in return, the thing I do for ME is sit in front of the television and watch a game. If that's somehow wrong or problematic for you then I invite you to turn in your passport, renounce your citizenship, because YOU SIR, are not what ANY AMERICAN would recognize as authentic!

P.S.- Stop riding the Unicorn's Head in the Rainbow Room. It is taking you to fantasy land one to many time you fairy. **Wink Wink You Twink**

This blog is PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the logic of the braniacs in here!

Luck has a bad game as a direct result of his receivers dropping PERFECTLY thrown passes INCLUDING what would have been a 60 yard TD & this means Tannehill is on par with Luck?


You can't make this idiocy up! Tannehill is light years behind Luck. I like Tanny but, get real people.


Truth, you're welcome. You picked him up because I dropped him last week, haha. But my genius "look-at-the-big-brain-on-Brad" moment was picking up Geno Smith. BIG DUMMY!!!

The same idiots that loved Chad Henne now love Ryan Tannehill. TOO FUNNY!

The Republicans are the modern day terrorists attempting to ruin the US Government. Republicans need to stop their assault on women, minorities, and the middle class.

Posted by: Michael | October 15, 2013 at 11:14 AM


Stop watching MSNBC. What a bunch of recycled B.S.

Instead of repeating the lies you hear, try citing examples to back up your "claims" aka MSNBC talking points.

You can't make this idiocy up! Tannehill is light years behind Luck. I like Tanny but, get real people.

Posted by: FOR ALL THAT IS HOLY!!! | October 15, 2013 at 11:24 AM

While that might be true (Tannehill isn't as good a QB as Luck), if we win this weekend we'll have exactly the same record (and a head-to-head tie-breaker if they somehow don't win the division).

So guess that muddies your message, huh?


@ 11:24, I said Tannehill's performance in year 2 has been on par with Luck. What do I have to base this one? Team records are similar, Tannehill has more passing yards despite fewer attempts, QB ratings are similar.

Really, light years? Nope, update yourself on what's going on. Maybe stop listening to waht the talking heads tell you to think and do the research yourself.

mark,that genius beat the f? out of the phinz.

Mark, I agree about the OL sucks, I just want to see Tannehill use his wheels a little more vs taking the sack, Ive seen a bunch of times where Tannehill could of avoided the sack but instead he took it.

On the flip side Ive seen plenty of times where the OL was beat from the snap...

Mark, it's like saying Marino was light years ahead of Jim Kelly, yet, Marino only managed to get to 1 SB while Kelly got to 4 (though they both lost them all). Really it's a team game, and your QB only needs to be good when it counts (a la Flacco, Eli, Dilfer, etc.).

Your self-righteous pompous attitude is tiring.

Fool!! You take any productive talk on here and center it around you. Give it a break.

And your assessment of Players is Erroneous and Abysmal.

Please explain how M.Ingram is a good RB. Or how T.Austin will tear the league up. How M.Gillislee is better than E.Lacy.

Tannehill is steadily improving. Has a positive TD-INT ratio. And is completing 62.6% of his passes. All this while having one of the worst lines in the League. Never mind he already has a 400 yd game and multiple 300 yd games on his resume.

How many of each does any other young QB not named Luck have. And just being in the same breath as the next P.Manning after only 1 Season. Seems good for T-Hill. Remember, critics said T-Hill shouldn't be starting til this season never mind succeeding in his 2nd season.

Lq7OHQ Great, thanks for sharing this blog post. Awesome.

Truth, I'm not saying you're completely wrong but the fact is the kid is still evolving. Still learning and the results thus far are quite good and frankly better than could reasonably have been expected. But there is also a fine line between being a pocket passer and giving plays a chance to develop and always taking off all willy nilly. I'd rather he be a pocket passer first. I don't want my Qb running around all the time. These guys never win and don't last.

Those are still the worst set of tackles I've ever seen though. And the interior line allows more than their fair share too. This line is pathetic.


I know you're the same dumb shyte that was trying to drag me into a fire yesterday. For the MILLIONTH time....if you don't like my posts, then why read them and then take the time to comment on them. You're obviously enjoying what I say on here, cause you read EVERYTHING and comment FREQUENTLY on it.

I know EXACTLY who you are and the OTHER names you use, cause you're the same dumb f8ck who was banned from this blog and FREQUENTLY couldn't handle other people having a different opinion than him.

So what's your real problem, bud? Why do you get SO defensive, just because everybody doesn't share the SAME opinion as you? Why is EVERYONE an idiot because they don't see the world the SAME way you do? Why do you struggle so MIGHTILY with people having a different opinion than you? Why are you SO pathetic?

So if Luck is 'light years ahead of Tannehill', how come he laid a major f8cking egg last night? Complete shyte....

And how come Tannehill kicked his ass just a month ago?

Tell us again Einstein....

Mark I see what your saying but when I dont literally mean take off when theres pressure. I meanmmove around within the pocket, just watch Tannehill, he tends to stay in the same area in his dropback, instead of sliding around in the pocket when theres pressure.

Like I said maybe he'll develop more as he gains experience but for sure the OL is a problem no doubt.

I think now's the time to talk about the play of Charles Clay. Most of us (me leading the charge) dogged him out before the Season. His inconsistency, his inability to contribute the way other TEs do to their offenses, and his faults with blocking. But this guy has been a ray of sunshine. Other than Jared Odrick, he's probably my pick for "Biggest Turnaround". The guy has had good production. Yeah, he left some plays out there. He's still got a ways to go to get into the same category as like the Dallas Clark (Indy days) or TEs it's not fair comparing him to (Gronk, Gates, etc.) due to his size. But I've been very pleased with his body of work and how he stepped up after Keller went down.

Egnew, on the other hand....well, let's just leave it at that.

I posted it yesterday and will repeat myself! Had you told every single member of this blog that on NFL.Com's POWER RANKINGS going into the bye week-6 our OL would be DEAD LAST you'd been laughed off the site! Everybody was worried about Martin (rightfully so given 2012 showing at RT) but none would have imagined the horrific interior line play.

You analyze the fact our QB takes 5 to 7 step drops and logic tells you that when the DE's/OLB's are making their speed rushes around the Tackle our QB should have a pocket to step into causing alot of the sacks we've given up to have been Outside rushers over running a play over the top. This isn't a possibility because our interior group (supposed strength) are getting blown off the ball back into the QB. This leaves Tannehill Nowhere to go when the Ends get around the Tackles.

Some here post about Zone blocking and that were playing some hybrid form of it ect... It couldn't be further from the truth! Given our personnel isn't fast enough to move together (scheme requires all 5 to move either left or right together opening up cut back lanes) much less crack back working in tandem. I believe till we get the personnel Coach Turner and Philbin need to stop forcing the square peg in the round hole!

We need to come out and POWER BLOCK Man-on-Man! By the way once things go South from game to game we switch from one scheme to the other but here and HERE ALONE LIES THE PROBLEM! The OL as a group can't gain any cohesiveness playing together because moving into week-7 there still not sure what the protection schemes are much less the running ones, you know you have a problem when your best player (Pouncey) seems lost out there on his assignments as well!

Craig M is so easily provoked. LOL

Tannehill is on Pace for 4400+yds passing. Please explain how he sucks.

60+% completion
And a Positive TD-INT ratio

Explain how this is mediocre or average for a 2nd year Pro. Tom Brady didn't throw for over 4000yds until his 6th Season in the league. And has only thrown for over 4400yds 4 times in his 14 year career.

Not saying T-Hill will be better than Brady, but to say T-Hill sucks or doesn't have any potential is Asinine. But you are the King of making Irrelevant comments on this Blog.



The biggest thing I see from Sherman and Philbin is that they want to win the turnover battle. They don't want Tannehill giving up fumbles and sacks. So we don't know EXACTLY what they want Tannehill to be doing while in the pocket but it's clear they want him turning the ball over. It's clear he should be moving around more but none of us know whether Sherman and Philbin are putting the reins on him or not. It's fine to say 'he lacks pocket presence' but we're only seeing it from the outside. None of us know what the blocking schemes are, who's missing their assignments and what he restrictions are on Tannehill. So we're commenting on what we see and it's not wrong but we don't know the whole story.

Whatever Dayton.....go f8ck yourself!!

I can tell you probably went through major withdrawals last week without a blog to visit. Most of us had a life to go to, I'm sure you looked at the walls and ceiling for a week, trying to figure out what you should do.


That was a good post yesterday about Zone Blocking.

I know a lot of people like Incognito. And I like the kind of player he is to. Hard nosed, Tough, and Mean. But I have been saying it for 2 years now. Incognito and J.Jerry are our 2 worst linemen. They have actually gotten worst at blocking and they limit what we can do on Offense.

Many Times people Blame the OT and the RBs when it is the 2 Fatboys inside that are the problem.

Even on those Sweeps on 3rd and Short everyone is complaining about. If Incognito and Jerry do their job we would've gotten the First. Notice it is always that the RB gets tackled from behind. Someone on the Backside isn't doing their job. It isn't Martin's guy making the Tackle. And like you said yesterday many times you see Martin have to Block inside and Outside cause Cogs can't hold his Block.

Jake covered up for a lot of the mistakes Incognito was making. Specially his first 4 years here.

Dashi, lol. I'm with you, but you see peoples tactics when the stats are deceptive. You said "a positive TD-INT ratio". Which is true this year so far (not true for career stats), and it sounds really good.

But I was hoping in Year 2 Tannehill could get to more of a 17-5 TD/INT ratio (something closer to that).

Again, I'm a huge Tannehill supporter, think he's made a big leap in his game from last year. But if he's going to continue to improve, we have to be able to look at his TD/INT ratio and say with full force it's heavily weighted towards TDs and not INTs.

Mark in Toronto = Tannehill's grandma?

T-Fumble is 6 4' but he must have small hands to commit so many fumbles and turnovers.

I think so too. LOL


You kidding man? You do know Inmcognito was a Pro Bowl alternate last year, right? You telling me the guys who make the decisions on Pro Bowls know nothing about football? So what is it YOU'RE seeing that they don't? What is it that Philbin and Sherman don't see that cause them to put Jerry and Cogs out there week after week? What is it that Ireland doesn't see that causes him NOT to draft guards in the draft.

Gogs and Jerry our two worst OL? Sorry man, I think you're way off on that one. The tackles we have are average at best.

The CJ Club is in full swing. LOL

The biggest thing I see from Sherman and Philbin is that they want to win the turnover battle.

Posted by: Craig M | October 15, 2013 at 11:55 AM

Very profound! Who doesnt want to win the turnover battle? DUUUUHHH!

As far as the D goes alot are talking about the coverage's and personnel and I will agree although outside off field issues A.Talib is one of the best 5 at his Pos. when on his game. That said our front-7 (like the Giants front-7 for many Yrs.) can mask the Sec.
The problem lies again in the way we scheme and employ our personnel! In the Saints game while we all HOPED DJ would have a coming out party Coyle made IMO his best move of the Yr. He put Solia and Starks together inside and moved Odrick outside with the return of Wake we should keep this group as the starting DL because while some mention the job Talib did on Graham it seems lost on you guys how the Saints ran up and down the field on the Pats something they couldn't do to us but had happened to us with the original 2013 starting group up till that point.

I feel the experiment of moving 3/4 MLB Wheeler to WOLB in the 4/3 is FAILING BADLY but given his speed paired with Ellerbee inside they can pose alot of problems in the seam and blitzing. Jordan has cover ability which for some reason Coyle wants to use in a zone with the DE dropping into coverage a scheme I have yet to see work anywhere while an asset like DJ wastes away. I see an attempt at playing a philosophy our team isn't adept for yet and that's on the Coaches, disciplinarians are great but scheming your personnel wins games!

John Jerry = Another Irescum bust


By the way, Dashi.....I've read you say on here MANY times that Dansby and Burnett didn't make impactful plays for this team and that they weren't quick enough. Week before last, Dansby had TWO sacks and an INT to put the game away for the Cardinals and Burnett had 14 tackles and a fumble recovery. Not saying I don't like the two guys we added but I said it over and over again.....TE was a far bigger need for this team. Keller was a good add and would have helped but I still would spent the money on Cook or Bennett.

How happy is Reggie Bush to be off the stinkin Fins? lol

U Know

U Want It !

Pats :)
in the last 36 games at Home

33 Wins & 3 Losses

Amazing Patriots

In 2 more weeks

Patriots 7-1


i hope Tanne can pick up the pace...did you see how Rivers performed last night,, the urgency,, the quick drop backs and decisions...

also i liked what SD did in the run game with all those misdirection runs..i hope Miller can do that...

Tannehill has a very slow release. I'm wondering why no one on the Dolphins noticed this BEFORE the draft.

playing out-of-left-field hypo here but If ATL would do it, should the Dolphins trade Egnew for Tony Gonazalez? ATL might consider that, since Gonzalez is done at the end of the year and they probably wont get more than a 5th-6th rd pick for him anyway......Fins might consider that because it upgrades TE significantly this year, helps their playoff push (and TH), and I cant imagine they keep Egnew after this season anyway--ATL gets a young TE that they might think they can develop (no more of a wild card than a late round pick)--ATL basically swaps a 37 yr old TE with little value to them, for a 24 yr old TE (that hasnt shown much but at least has some upside)--?

Realist.....c'mon, we've over this.....by definition, a 3rd rd pick cannot be a "bust"--actually, a late 2nd rd pick cannot be a bust (can be a lousy pick.....a disappointing pick.....a crappy pick.....but not a "bust")--a 3rd rd pick is not a big enough investment to qualify as a bust--do we need to go over this again?

M. Egnew = Another Irescum bust

Sure things, Daytona....

Tell us again how 'Armando disclosed your confidential information'.....LMFAO.

Realist....you were like the bad....or dumb....or both....student in class, werent you? Yep, I'll go find the dunce cap for you


I'd do that trade in a hearbeat. Highly doubt Atlanta would do it. They still think they can make the playoffs.

Trading Brandon Marshall for Michael Egnew was MORONIC!!

Our RB's are the worst in the NFL. Thanks Ireland.

Byrd would look nice in our secondary...

Craig.....yeah, but I'm thinking of a week or two from now.....assuming they're pretty much out of the playoff hunt by then

lets stop with the Ireland bust posts.

lets judge him on what he has been doing since Fat Tuna stopped running things....


Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | October 15, 2013 at 10:37 AM

The dumb homers are happy he leads the league in ANYTING! LMAO!

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