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Dolphins defense focused on limiting big plays

One of the areas of concern the Dolphins identified in the offseason -- allowing explosive plays on defense -- was a topic of much conversation and study for the team during the bye week, as coaches tried to figure out why a defense that had limited those plays the season's first three weeks had imploded the past two games.

Against the Saints, the Dolphins yielded three explosive passes (defined by the team as covering 25 yards or more) and one explosive run (defined by the team as a run of 15 yards or more). Then against Baltimore, the defense allowed pass completions of 40, 41 and 43 yards to Joe Flacco and also was hit on a 28-yard run by Bernard Pierce.

The eight so-called explosive plays Miami allowed in the last two games outnumbered the six it had allowed in three previous games. And even the the six previous big plays was too much, if you ask coach Joe Philbin.

No wonder the coach said stopping explosive plays this week against Buffalo is a priority on defense.

"Number one is, we’ve given up too many explosive plays," Philbin said. "That’s something we need to address. We need to do a better job at. I would like to get people in a little longer-yard situations so we can kind of tee up on them, get our pass rush going, our blitz package or drop eight, a variety of all those things. But we have to do a better job of limiting explosive plays, no doubt. "

That is largely the assignment for defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle, who obviously studied the issue so closely he recalled the individual plays from memory on Monday.

"Last week we had four explosive plays," Coyle began. "The first plus 20 yard run we gave up in the entire season was last week. It was in a defense that we didn’t fit the run correctly. It really was a play to our advantage to where they ran the ball and how they did it, yet the ball popped out and they gained 28 yards on it. We need to get that corrected, and I think we have.

"There were three passes, three big passes in that game the other day of 40 yards plus. Two of those came after a completion of about six yards. On the first one we missed a tackle and the guy ran for another 30 some odd yards. There was another one on an over route. We were in great position. It looked like we were going to intercept the ball, and we didn’t make the play on the ball at that point."

I asked Coyle about his level of concern given his boss's worries.

"I’m as concerned or more concerned than coach (Philbin) is about the big plays, but you’ve got to analyze how they are happening," he said. "Sometimes if they are happening, which is balls being thrown vertically down the field, then you have some issues in terms of the matchups. We haven’t really had those major problems thus far this year. I think we are just going to have to make more plays on the ball, create more pressure on the quarterback and hopefully we’ll see those things diminish quite a bit."

The problem with that is Miami hasn't really been at full strength defensively in recent weeks and the big plays have been the fallout result.

With defensive end Cameron Wake mostly out with a knee injury the past two weeks, the Dolphins haven't gotten the kind of pass rush they usually get when he's healthy. Starting cornerback Dimitri Patterson has missed four games and that has had a ripple effect throughout the secondary.

As Patterson is out, that means Nolan Carroll moves up to start and Jimmy Wilson moves up to nickel duty. So the Dolphins are putting their fourth-best rather than third-best cornerback on the field in nickel situations. And with Carroll dinged up at times in recent weeks, rookie Jamar Taylor has been pressed into duty at times. That's the fifth-best cornerback on the field.

(The Dolphins, by the way, are hopeful both Wake and Patterson will be available against Buffalo but it's still too early in the week to know for sure. I'd say Wake is expected to play. Patterson remains a bit of a question mark.)

Safety Chris Clemons has also been limited in practice for several weeks with various injuries. He missed part of the work Monday and Wilson took snaps at safety. That means Taylor must have had to take some snaps at nickel.

It is obviously difficult to get everyone working as a cohesive group when the group's individuals parts are often changing. Despite this, Coyle says the goal set at the beginning of the season when everyone was mostly healthy remains the goal today:

Cut down on big plays.

"We need to do a better job," he said. "We set that as a primary goal going into the season."


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nice idea Wally, but apparently you're new here?

lets stop with the Ireland bust posts.

lets judge him on what he has been doing since Fat Tuna stopped running things....

Posted by: wallyfin | October 15, 2013 at 12:55 PM

Lose every year? LMAO!

When Ireland wasted 3 draft picks on D Thomas the entire draft room broke out in hysterical laughter! Ireland thought he was Mike Ditka and D Thomas was Ricky Williams? LOL

Folks use your brain wake is our best player wait being out is literally like the Broncos missing Manning accounts for 10.2 game 1.5 sacks +10 her is it was an extra intersection and seven points for us thoughvfc

Wally, just to clarify.... this blog is for Dolphins fans but also a place where lame pathetic trolls with no life and nothing to do come to chirp as well.....we assume they've been blocked on most of the Jets and Pats blogs, and obviously dont want to post on the Jags site, with their 4 fans.....so they come here because they've already gone through the help-wanted section today (and still have no prospects) and bladder on and on about Ireland....or Irescum, etc--without realizing, apparently, that they actually dont own the team and have no say at all about deciding whether Ireland stays or goes--those decisions are made by, you know, the billionaire owner.....who, I'm guessing, doesnt ask these clowns for their feedback--hey, welcome aboard!

Heck, even Sparano was a big winner when Parcells was calling the shots. The team went to hell when Parcells left.

Until there is a decent OL and a semblance of a running game, I'll hold off on judging whether Tanne is a franchise QB or not. I see flashes of good QB play, but what QB can be consistent when they are contantly running for their lives, and the opposing defense just pins their ears back and rushes the QB?

Good point, MassDolphan. Everyone had Eli Manning as a top 5-6 QB and with no OL this year he's been running for his life all year and has 15 picks so far. Did he lose it all of a sudden? Doubtful.

Last year it was Phillip Rivers. These guys are NOTHING without an OL in front of them. FACT.

Sorry, that was dictated.

Folks, use your brain. Wake is our best player. It matters not that he's a DE, not a QB. The money for how our team is to win in this day of "parity" has been spent on Wake. Wake being out is literally, for us, like the Broncos missing Manning. Literally. This is not hyperbole.

Wake's 1.5 sacks and 10 hurries per game literally is a 7 to 10 point swing, enough to win the last game and be 4-1. (Saints are awesome and okay we deserve that loss.)

Literally. Wake's 1.5 sacks (and don't forget him flying around leads to about 2 more sacks for other guys per game) is the difference in 3 first downs the other team gets that would have been punts on that drive or INTs. One of his 10 hurries leads to an INT.

(not to mention Patterson out too).

It's not fair. We've been playing with 2 KEY guys out.

Don't tell me everyone in the league plays with injuries. Some do, but some don't.

We are 4-1 if Wake is not injured.

Even more easily if Patterson also not injured.

Wake literally equals the following:

- 3.5 more sacks per game (1.5 by Wake himself and 2.0 by others that are made possible because of Wake flying around and attention that has to be given to Wake)

- 1 INT per game caused by one of his 10 hurries and QB hits

(that's 4 drives by the other team that result in punt or INT that result in first downs and scores when Wake is not there)

- so it's literally 7 to 14 point swing caused by that alone

- 4 or 5 more incompletions caused by hurries and QB hits -- 2 to 5 more punts by the other team.

look it up.... look at punts (and INTs) per game by the other team with and without Wake in the lineup.

Wake being out is, in short, literally costing us 7 points per game at a minimum to maybe even 14 if our offense can do something with one of the 6 punts or INTs Wake is solely responsible for in a game.

That's the difference between and average score of 21-20 and 28-14.... or winning a game 24-21 instead of losing it 21-17

Wake being out is us missing our star player!!

We are all experts in our own mind. If we look at the Saints and Pats game ya they took out Jimmy Graham but they still scored 27 points and had a chance to win at the end. That was coaching and the Pats should have lost. We can split hairs all day. Bottom line is these guys have to gel as a team. Lot's of new faces, to some it's a brand new system. I think once this happens and I think it will being that we are going into the soft part of our schedule, this team will gel and their true potential will surface. Other teams better watch out when that happens. Oh and Tannehill his future is very bright, I have not doubt this kid will be special, something is a problem one week and he works tirelessly to get it corrected the next week. He's solid and a gamer. Go Phins!

Posted by: MassDolphan
That's about the most intelligent comment I have ever seen about Tanny. How can we judge a guy that is literally getting his arse kicked in every game?

Is he elite? Far from it at this point? Is he a bust? I think not... he has played with guts every game after taking a pounding and had his first impressive clutch drive in the Atlanta game.

The issue with the Dolphins is not Tanny. The issue with the Dolphins is a horrid offensive line and a weak running game to take pressure off Tanny.

There are still some homers that think our young RB group is the future. Tell that to Reggie Bush. If he were a Fin we could very well be 4-1. Ireland still suffers from amnesia at the worst possible times. Judge Ireland over Tanny. It's the total product that wins football games

Hey Truth you do realize Tannehill is still developing right? A couple things to consider, the offensive line hasn't quite geled yet so the pressure is coming hard. I don't care what you say Brady isn't hit like that hardly ever. His ability to sense the pressure can only go so far especially when a play is called that is a 5 step drop what can a QB do when he's in his 2nd step and he's got pressure on him already. Tell me how many times did we get to Brees in the Saint's game? He had all day to pick us apart. The passing game starts with protection sure great qb's will side step one or 2 guys but the whole defense? Come ON MAN!

Wake being out is us missing our star player!!

Posted by: Kara Fours | October 15, 2013 at 01:21 PM

Here's the problem with that. The front 7 needs to step it up whether Wake is there or not? Did you watch the Dallas- Redskins game? Dallas's DLine was a MASH unit but other guys stepped up and made plays. We have been focusing a lot of attention on the OL but, truth be told, more guys need to step it up on the defensive side of the ball as well. Create more turnovers, and don't rely on one player to rush the passer. Randy Starks has probably been the most consistent player on the Dline and many think Miami will let him walk at the end of the season...that would be another mistake by the FO.

Running the ball will cure all our woes. 10 to 12 carries a game just will not cut it especially if you are splitting the carries and not allowing the ball carrier to find and hit the holes. Running effectively will also take pressure off the QB. This is the basics and our OC does not see it???????
Give Miller the ball 20 times and see the difference.

How happy is Reggie Bush to be off the stinkin Fins? lol

Publicado por: MiramarDave | October 15, 2013 at 12:24 PM

I LOVE how SHORT memories can be around here! When Bush was the 2nd overall pick of his draft he proved unable to run between the Tackles (danced and had bad vision seeing holes), block in pass protect and had iffy hands as a pass receiver (dropped a ton and the reason Pierre Thomas who is much slower became the utility Back) his best asset was in punt/Kick teams and the reason we grabbed the 2nd overall selection of the 07 draft for peanuts in 2010!

Reggie worked his overall game and now back in a similar O in Det. is playing like the player everybody envisioned in 07. That said Miller is at this point a much better runner at the line than Bush was the pass protect isn't there yet and needs the work on his rec. but would hate to see that develop somewhere else because the overall talent is there and again behind an OL that has NO IDEA if it's coming or going!


Totally disagree on Starks. He's been good this year but you don't overpay for 30 year old DL. I felt the same way about Bush. Talk him up all you want but they weren't winning with him. It's impossible to determine what have in Miller and Thomas right now with the way the OL is performing. Bush back there would be dancing around loking for holes right now too and having no success.

I like Starks a lot but you don't pay DL $7-8 mil a year who are 30 years old, especially when you have a guy like Soliai who needs to be paid first and young guys like Odrick and Jordan still developing.

Limiting big plays, what a concept! No wonder the defensive coaches make big salaries. It took some heavy thinking to formulate this idea.

Solai WAS paid last time I checked. I doubt Starks will get that kind of money on the FA market but could be wrong.

We will continue to disagree on Bush. He wanted modest money to stay in Miami. Let's not miscontrue the facts.

He didn't fit into the new regime's plans. So be it. I still think he would be making more plays on this team than the guys we have now. I don't get all of the hate for Bush. Guy is a damn hard worked and a good leader. Let the guys walk that don't lead by example. Bush could have easliy fit under the cap and given them much more flexibility at RB. In fact, he would be starting based on what I have seen so far from the others.

Gogs and Jerry our two worst OL? Sorry man, I think you're way off on that one. The tackles we have are average at best.

Craig M | October 15, 2013 at 12:17 PM

The Tackles maybe giving up the Outside rush but it's the interior line Pouncey included that's getting CLOBBERED and thrown in the backfield with teams interior linemen (DT's) making alot of plays Vs. our run game. In the zone blocking scheme Turner wants Cogs and Jerry are by far the biggest liabilities!

From the PB Post.....

Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said he can’t explain why the run game has declined an average of 43 yards per game.

“If I knew that I would hopefully correct the problem more than we have,” Sherman said Monday while the team prepared to face Buffalo this Sunday at Sun Life Stadium.

Really? Really?

Guess who has given up the most sacks this year?
It's a tie- Martin and Clabo- 6 each. And Martin is our future at LT? I don't think so


Yeah, I used a common trick used here to curtail my argument with a positive TD-INT Ratio. 17-5 is a little steep for me. I would be happy with a 2 to 1 Ratio this season. 3 to 1 Next. But at least we are seeing progress.


I didn't say the money Bush wanted was extravagant. But when you look at what they will have to pay Soliai (who should be priority number one), i don't believe signing Bush to a 4 year contract at $4 mil per year makes sense. I still think you can get good production out of Miller and Thomas and for a lot less money. The team threw around a lot of money in the offseason and its clear they are saving money for future years not re-signing Bush.

Ya could surround TanneBust with an all star team and he'd still stink. Time to make the switch to Matt Moore.

From the PB Post.....

Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said he can’t explain why the run game has declined an average of 43 yards per game.

Really? Really?

Posted by: cocoajoe | October 15, 2013 at 01:55 PM

Uhh we dont have Reggie Bush or Jake Long or Fasano. DUHHHHHH!

We're not going to agree buddy. $4 Mil per year is dirt these days... he probably would have signed a 2 year deal with the Fins- if not, the cap can be manuevered and the Fins coudl have cut their losses with a modest cap hit. I know our OL stinks, but the RB's aren't far behind. Miller will never be a superstar. He's an occassional home run and should be used as such.

Now you are willing to let the same thing happen with Starks, who has been an anchor on the DL. 30 ain't that old bro'. Wake is 30. Should he go to? Jordan is a DE and small one at that- he isn't taking the place of Starks. They have good depth at one postion, and that's the DL. They have the money to keep him if they want to.

As I said before and I will say it again. This team runs a BS college offense. The same offense that gave Tannehill so much success in college (not).

Martin is the worst LT in the NFL. Thanks Ireland.

Reggie Bush has more total yards than Lamar Miller, D Thomas, and Mike Wallace COMBINED!! And he didnt cost 70 mill and 4 draft picks! YIKES!

If we had a decent passing QB it would open up the run game.

Luck laid an egg? He's a chicken?

LMAO Yea, having 5-6 dropped passes, 2 of which were HUGE plays, is laying an egg? Maybe he should catch his own passes? LMAO

Like I said, silver linings & grasping at straws to try to make a dumb nonexistent point is your game!

As for looking smarter, or dumber in your case, I haven't been on the blog in over a week so whoever was lighting you're "fire", wasn't me. The fact that you get your panties all twisted over a blog is downright hilarious! LMAO

But, it is your usual denial schtick to not believe multiple people loathe your existence in life & this blog. The more deny it, the more ridiculous you appear.

When will you STOP Assuming you know ANYTHING & just come to grips with admitting your a dumb putz? You're attitude is nauseating. No wonder why your ex walked away.

Stop acting like a know it all knob & come to grips with being wrong about everything! You'll be more tolerable that way.

The Reggie Bush and Lamar Miller combo was, and would've been, much better than the Lamar Miller and Garbarge combo we have now. Reggie wasn't perfect, but he was a playmaker. When he was out last year, there was an obvious fall off with the offense. It was stupid to let him go - it's Ireland stupid love affair with 2nd round bust Thomas.

Point well taken. Let's not look at money the Fins SAVED by letting guys like Bush walk. Let's look at the money the Fins WASTED wtih a guy like Mike Wallace.

Talk about chasing a dream. Draft a freakin' good WR will you please? Wallace was a pipe dream because Ireland and company have done such a lousy job drafting skill position players (or ignoring them completely).



Please show me where I said Jordan is taking Starks spot. I didn't say that. Odrick will take his spot. What i said is that Both Odrick and Jordan are devloping. They won't develop sitting on the bench while you pay Starks $6-8 million a year.

Really?.. You're going to compare Starks to Wake? Really? Wake brings something to the team that nobody else does at this point. If he's not our top player he's top three.

And how do you know bush would have accepted a two year deal in Miami? Where did he ever say that? You saying he would have turned down a four year, $4 million a year deal from Detroit to stay inMiami, where most figure he was mis-used? No chance.

And I never said 30 was old but you don't hand out multi- year deals to good, not great 30 year old players, at $6-8 million a year.


Yes, they have had some good moments this season. Dansby isn't the Star LB in Arizona. Plus, he is getting paid what he should get paid. Dansby was Overpaid in Miami. Plus, he is back at OLB not MLB.

I was actually OK with Burnett but he had to go he was already infected by Dansby.

And you know my BIGGEST PROBLEM WITH DANSBY. DANSBY WAS INSUBORDINATE AND THREW GAMES AWAY IN THE 4TH QTR. He isn't the Leader in the Cardinals defense. So he has to play his role. He doesn't affect the whole defense as an OLB. A MLB is the leader of the Defense. And Dansby was a Horrible Leader.



Easy decision.

Plus, let's wait til the end of the season before we claim who is having a good season and who was not.

And the signing of Ellerbe was more about bringing a certain culture that we were lacking from our LBs since Zach left. Ellerbe has a Non stop motor that infects the other players to play the same way. Dansby didn't just take plays off he took the WHOLE 4TH QTR OFF.


On Cogs. Like I said he is a likeable guy. But it is clear as day he is under performing. Even last season. Never mind he can't pull to save his life or make a Block on the 2nd level.

Instead of a TE. We should've signed A.Levitre a RG.

We were only going to sign 1 TE. And Ireland wasn't going to sign one to a long term deal so Keller was the perfect fit. And Keller has had a better Pro Career than the other 2 you mentioned. I doubt you would want the other 2 if Keller was still healthy.

Cook or Bennett will be out the whole season also with a dirty hit like that.

Me personally I would've also signed W.Welker.

Picture these 4 WRs on the field with T-Hill


Who would need a TE on the field.


You kidding man? You do know Inmcognito was a Pro Bowl alternate last year, right?

Posted by: Craig M | October 15, 2013 at 12:17 PM

So, him earning a probowl gig is some kind of achievement? Probowls are popularity contests. They are voted in by dumb fans like you who just want their guys in there.

If you must know, being an alternate means he was an absolute last resort because everyone else picked ahead of him didn't, couldn't or wouldn't play.

Yea, finishing 4th or 5th on a fans ballot is some f-in achievement! WHOPPIE DOO!

@ 2:15, Daytona, I love how excuses are only made for Luck and the opponents. Take a look at our last game... how many dropped passes did we have on the last drive alone ... Face it, Tannehill has played up to Luck this year.

Whether you like it or agree with it or not is inconsequential. the stats and team results say otherwise.

It's as simple as this. If you want a player back, you try to negotiate to make something work. Bush was ignored and basically told he wasn't coming back. The same will happen to Starks who has been a rock and one of the few Pro Bowlers on the team. Yes, you try to keep him.

I remember you clamoring for a breakout WR and was happy as a clam when we landed Wallace for a huge contract. I remember saying he was our only choice but was grossly overpaid and overvalued? This isn't a contest to see who is smarter. But I think you worry about who we should NOT pay, while the FO continues to make blunders like Wallace that will have a hell of lot more impact on the Cap moving forward.

DRAFT SOME GOOD SKILL PLAYERS and the problem goes away. If we can't agree on that, then I am afraid all is lost for the Fins faithful

"Pats :)
in the last 36 games at Home
33 Wins & 3 Losses
Amazing Patriots"

Too bad their front-running fans who didn't know football existed until 2001, left the stadium early and missed the "Amazing Patriots" pull a rabbit out of a hat. And its not the first time the Pats fans have up and left a game still in doubt. You'd think a fanbase of such a successfull team would actually support it for all four quarters.

Bush is a progress stopper, plus he would've demanded to be the Feature back. Which would've affected L.Millers development.

Plus, Nobody does Bush anymore. That is so 1970s.

Bush had 1 good game this season. Whoopie. How many would he have had in Miami this Season. How will L.Miller do in Detroit? Bet he would be more productive than Bush.

L.Miller is a RB, R.Bush is a Gimmick.

Plus, L.Miller doesn't Fumble. Bush fumbled a couple games away last season.

We will see what Lamar Miller is all about soon enough.
But don't humor us with the comparison of Miller being a RB and Bush being a gimmick. Lions fans are laughing at you right now. Bush is a football player- plain and simple. Miller has shown flashes but he's your RB? Based on what? What you have seen so far? Really? C'mon say it with a straight face. Lamar Miller is the Dolphins future. You've been spending too much time with Ireland.

Funny how people forget Ireland has acquired the only 2 WRs in the last 20+ years of this franchise to gain 1000yds in a season.

How many 1000yd WRs did JJ get?

How about Wannstedt?

How about Saban or C.Cameron?

How many 1st or 2nd round picks has Ireland wasted on WRs as the GM? How about the other guys?

But please explain again how Ireland can't draft a WR.


I know you love Miller, but why? He looks ok when he has a little hole to run through, but he drops alot of passes and cant block. I have no problem with you liking him and you are usually pretty accurate with your assessments, except when it comes to picking a fantasy team ;) I just dont see anything that exciting about him. I hope like hell he changes my mind soon!

Let me givemy 2 cents on Randy Starks and Paul Soliai. Soliai deserves to GET PAID, he took a very small contract to stay here 2 years ago. He deserves a 3 year deal 20 million or so. He is playing like I have never seen him play before. I think he might be one of the most important players on Defense. I know "Thank you Captain Obvious!"

I could see Starks here next year. I dont see him getting a huge contract from anybody. I could see him testing the waters, only to find out no one is gonna pay a plus 30 year old, 7 million or more a year. I see him back here next year with a 1 year 4-5 mil contract, unless his "wittle feewings are hurt" like Jake Schlong!

When you say silly things Dashi, I'm gonna call you out.

One of those 2 receivers, Hartline, was brought in when Parcells had control. I also remember that being the year of the brilliant 2nd round Pat White pick and another 3rd or 4th round receiver who is out of the league. And who is the other, Wallace? How's he turning out for the money?

How can you miss on 1st and 2nd round receivers when you don't freakin' DRAFT any? Don't challenge me to make a list of all of the young wideouts that HAVE actually been drafted by other teams that are making a difference. I can think of 10 off the top of my head without even thinking about it.

Are you honestly going to defend Ireland's drafting of offensive skill players when Charles Clay is the closest thing to a playmaker that he has drafted under his tenure? Or is Egnew gonna step up this year? LOL

Really dude, stop being such a homer. It's sickening.

Not Jake Schlong?!?!?!


2013 R.Bush rushing Stats

78 Carries
376 Yds
4.8 Avg
1 TD
1 Fumble

2013 L.Miller Rushing Stats

50 Carries
211 Yds
4.2 Avg
2 TDs
0 Fumbles

Bush earns 5 Mil a season has been in the League 8 years and has ONE 1000yd season.

L.Miller earns about 350k and this is his First season Starting.

Please explain how Reggie is Killing it and L.Miller is not.



So if I understand you correctly, you were against the Wallace signing from day one? So we had the worst receivers in the league last year and were supposed to do what to help Tannehill? Bring Bush back? Come on! We tried that for two years and finished 7-9. I like Bush but i Don't think he was must re-sign. Soliai is, IMO.

Of course Wallace was overpaid but that's what happens when you play in FA. We needed help. Drafting wasn't going to give us the instant help we needed. I'll argue it's a lot easier to find a running back later in the draft to replace Miller and Thomas, if they don't work out. See Alfred Morris and Ray Rice for the answers. bush is a good player. No way did I see him as 'must re-sign'.


Dont like the Jake Long dickname...I mean nickname?


Hartline and B.Marshall were brought in by Ireland.

Ireland was the GM. You can credit and discredit all you want. Ireland was the GM.

If he was the GM for P.White, he was the GM for Hartline and Marshall.

How many 1st or 2nd round pick has Ireland wasted on a WR?

Any pick after the First 2 Rounds you are just hoping to get lucky.

So you are saying Ireland is suppose to hit on the 10th or 12th WR selected in the Draft.

That sounds Silly to Dashi.

TanneFAIL is not that bad

Last year
TanneFail set new record low attendance levels at the stadium
TanneFail was the worst 3rd down QB in the NFL
TanneFAIL went 7 games with 0 TD Passesin one season
TanneFail had the worst home defeat in franchise history and that was against the Titans
TanneFail also had the least amount of WR TDs in Miami Dolphin franchise history (3 WR TDs in 16 games)

This year
TanneFAIL is leading the league in fumbles and sacks
Despite spending over 100 million dollars on signing WRs this season, TanneFAIL has a grand total of 1 passing TD after 5 games with his two new WRs
TanneFAIL = 1 TD w Wallace
TanneFAIL = 0 TDs w Gibson

both WRs are known for scoring TDs with their former QBs last season, but not with TanneFAIL

We missed the boat and could have had LB Luke Kuechly who is the NFLs highest rated player and was picked by Carolina @ #9 after we picked TannFAIL @ #8

Go Fish!


I guess you don't consider Tannehill to be a playmaker. Ok, fair enough.

You make your list of high first round WRs and i'll bet my list of guys who were taken first round would be just as high. Wanna try?

Let's start with Kenny Britt
Ted Ginn
Jenkins in SF
Detroit's list of WRs 3-4 years in a row.
Edwards in Cleveland

Keep going? Point is, it's hit and miss. It's not an exact science. Don't make it seem like you get a star just because you take a guy in the first round.

Home had LB Luke for the Miami Dolphins in the NFL Draft and stay the course w team MVP and great w the deep ball to Wallace

not like TanneFAIL who missed Hartline deep all last season and now is missing and under throwing Wallace all this season

You got me. Except you are leaving out a couple of important facts, which you tend to do when you like to make yourself look smart.

1) He missed one game
2) Here is his receiving line; 20 receptions, 261 yds (52.2 a game), 2 TD's and one 100+ recieving yard game

3) Read this http://www.mlive.com/lions/index.ssf/2013/10/detroit_lions_second_look_brea_4.html

Sorry but I haven't seen Lamar Miller take over a game when he needed to yet. I'm pulling for Miller as much as the next guy. Now show me before putting him in the hall of fame.

Feel free to defend Ireland's awesome track record of drafting skilled offensive players (RB's/WR's and TE's)

tvegas, in all fairness, you should include Tannehill when assessing drafting of skill positions

Hey, YG, wassup. Where have you been hiding all this Time?

Dont ya think that 40+ yard pass to Brandon Gibson at the end of the Ravens game was a playmaker type play? I do!

Home youn also thought Cam Newton was the greatest Qb ever and was a great pick. You're a joke. You handpick stats like worse than a politician.

How much did we just pay Ellerbee ?

When we could have had much better in rookie LB Luke and had him on the cheap compared to Ellerbee's salary

TanneFAIL might be a little better than Henne at best
Henne beat the JETs on MNF on only his 3rd start w a great perfromance and come from behind victory

TanneFAIL embarrassed the organization and FAILed miserably on MNF

... just sayin

I'm not saying Ireland is perfect but he is better than 95% of the GMs out there. Plus, it is hard to rate Ireland's first 5 years here when Spo didn't Develop 1 Player.

Look at the roster before Ireland got here and look at the Roster Now. Even with the Insubordination or Incompetence of the First Coach, Ireland has drafted pretty decent. I will pick Incompetence because Spo was to Slo' to sabotage this team knowingly.

And if Tannehill is so bad yet is far superior to your boy Cam Newton, what does that make him?

A loser .. like you

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