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Dolphins' Mike Wallace: 'I'm definitely worried'

When the Dolphins signed Mike Wallace to the biggest contract in their team history -- $60 million over five years -- they bargained for a deep threat receiver who would blow the top off defenses with regularity.

It is something Wallace did often with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But as the first quarter of this season is over and those big plays have not happened, Wallace is now concerned.

"I'm definitely worried about it because it's game four," Wallace said Wednesday. "I'm not paranoid or anything but in Week Four it's not the way I imagined my first four weeks going. Definitely not. I'm pretty sure it's not the way anybody imagined it going. So for myself, and starting with myself, [quarterback] Ryan [Tannehill] and coaches, we all got to do a better job and find a way to make it work."

This is not to suggest Wallace being on the Dolphins isn't working. He's caught 15 passes for 176 yards and one touchdown. But his longest play was 34 yards and his 11.7 yard per catch average is well below the 17.2 yard per catch average he had before he arrived in Miami.

"I got to make big plays," Wallace said. "That's my main thing. I've been used to making big plays. And I definitely, definitely can make big plays. That's what I do. That's why I came here. That's why they signed me. It just hasn't happened so far for one reason or another."

Wallace is proven after four NFL seasons. He works hard. The talent vampire didn't suddenly drain him of his skills in the time since he left the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But the Dolphins' system doesn't seem to be a fit and his chemistry with Tannehill isn't the best. Indeed, Tannehill seems much more comfortable throwing the football to Brian Hartline and even Brandon Gibson, who also came to Miami in the offseason.

No one outside the Dolphins knows why that is. And if the Dolphins know why, they're not saying. But this much is clear, the current trend is not acceptable for Wallace.

"I know one thing, we not going to be able to go through a whole year like that," he said. "We have to make big plays. We have to back defenses up. That's what we have to do. Extra film work, different plays, whatever it is, whatever it's going to take, we have to get it done. We have to make big plays."

This current big-play drought doesn't mean Wallace is suffering from a sudden lack of confidence. He doesn't lack for that at all.

"I know I can do it," Wallace said.

But how fast it's done is now important for him as it should be for the Dolphins because the season is starting to leak away. So I asked Wallaced if his current worry would indeed grow to that "paranoid" state he mentioned if things don't change in the coming weeks and certainly by the middle of the season.

"Definitely," he said. "Then definitely something's wrong. And we're almost there. We only have four more games before that. We're already four games in. We don't have too much longer to figure it out. We got to make it happen. I don't know what we have to do. Hard work, I guess, by everybody."


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"But the Dolphins' system doesn't seem to be a fit and his chemistry with Tannehill isn't the best. Indeed, Tannehill seems much more comfortable throwing the football to Brian Hartline and even Brandon Gibson, who also came to Miami in the offseason.

No one outside the Dolphins knows why that is. And if the Dolphins know why, they're not saying. But this much is clear, the current trend is not acceptable for Wallace."

It seems pretty obvious to me. When you have two receivers who catch everything you throw to them aren't you going to trust them? How about if Wallace didn't pout like a baby the first time he didn't have a good game? Maybe if Wallace caught that bomb on Sunday? Maybe if he didn't commit a boneheaded mistake that cost the team a penalty? And maybe, just maybe, if Brandon Gibson didn't have to tell Wallace where he's supposed to be lined up our QB might have some more trust in him? I don't know, call me crazy.

Dark.....you're right.....I'll say 8-8, 9-7, which is what I've said from the get go--maybe vying for a WC spot toward the end......Philbin needs 3 years/drafts to mold the team/roster......judge him after next year--reality.

Now you see why we Pittsburghers were not too upset with Wallace's departure. His replacement is averaging over 100 yards per game and ranked as one of the top receivers. However you do have to hit him in stride when he gets deep in the open. Big Ben kept under throwing him too.

we have 1 true/proven offensive playmaker.....why arent they getting him the ball more?--TH, Sherman.....whoever......ONE playmaker.....yet it goes to Gibson, Clay and Hartline most of the time--why?

Oscar our defense played great, Coyle didn't set them up for success.

Hey John......Pittsburgh offered him a 5 yr, 55 million $ deal.....which he turned down.....so they obviously thought he was pretty darn good

Phins.....you're crazy.....again, how explosive are we going to be if Gibson, Hartline and Clay are getting the bulk of the receptions? (hint......say "not very")

Phins......Hartline had 428 catches last year, and 1 TD......Wallace had what most considered to be a down year.....he had 3 catches all year, and 8 TDs (which is pretty amazing when you think about it)--you get the point.....I hope.

how could our best WR last year, our primary guy who had alot of receptions......have only 1 TD?--its almost impossible.

Wallace, Hartline and Gibson have been in the league for the same amount of time.....since '09--HL has 8 TDs and Gibson has 9 IN THEIR CAREER.......Wallace had 8 last year (a down year, according to most)......and 33 in his career--are we done with this discussion, and all this nonsense about the 1 he dropped vs NO?--get him the ball.

Ireland will trade Mike Wallace to Cleveland for Joe Thomas and our 2014 1st rd pick. Then Thomas will blow out a knee and be done.

That's how it works in Miami, right?

Look same thing happen to Reggie bush so much speed and great home run hitter and old fart Sherman can't figure it out, so what is it only short passes takes you to the top? No this game is about the vertical game, could issues THill inaccuracy at times and Wallace dropping passes and 3 out of 9 attempts to Wallace over 35 yards The jets geno smith has more attempts down field than THill! Sherman sucks as a play caller and Tannehill is still raw! OL not helping any, and this is a copy cat league just bring a safety over the top to double Wallace force Thrill to throw underneath and they will sack sack sack pressure Thrill again on Sunday and this team will struggle again against rice smallish back and at the end Phins will be 3-2 spinning their wheels...you see I told you so!

Everyone here expects THill to be this great QB! No needs more time and that isn't guarantee, holds the ball too long and pocket presence sucks, its not all his fault but needs more improvement, not there yet..now teams got 4 games of film and its not all about Thill its about how to beat this team! And i
Feel the SB champs will beat Miami 28-21
Love my phins but I see the blue print and that secondary has regress!

"But the Dolphins' system doesn't seem to be a fit"

this is why you are such an idiot mando

Tanne missed the pass by a stride. I can't say Wallace would have made the catch, but he let up to get to the ball. This let the DB have time to play the ball. He hit MWs arm on his approach . Since he was playing the ball, there was no penalty.
There were a lot of calls early in the game, that I can not be so complacent about. One in particular, is when had a sweep called and the linemen pulled our LT down after holding him throughout the play. It was blatant. I saw many other early infractions rom NO. We only got calls when the game was in hand. Vegas all the way on this on.

2 issues I'm worried about. The offensive tackles first and foremost handcuff the team cause they have know confidence protection will hold up, and Tannehill is getting killed as a result. Tannehill is not the issue, other than to quit fumbling so damn much. He looked good in first half, until the fumble at least. He struggled in 2nd half under a ferocious pass rush. Brady has all the damn time in the world but our qb can barely set his back foot without having to avoid being sacked. Personnel wise I think the pieces are in place except OT. Ireland clearly can not identify good tackles in draft and we will have to overpay in free agency for one or two which will cause us to lose Solia and/or Starks. The other issue is play calling on both sides of the ball. I like Philbin as a head coach but I don't have confidence his coordinators can get the most out of the talent we have. Coyles tries to get too cute and just seems to help create the openings the other team needs. Sherman is just too predictable. That 4th down call on first drive was a joke.

Dashi I have been following osite for a few years.I for 1 appreciate your positive realistic comments and quelling much negativity. MR. sherman Please start useing your talent instead of reminding me of dan henning

First thing first, we don't have enough good blockers to wait 4 second and up for Mike to get open. Mike Sherman is right its not just the OLINE not blocking is the RB's and TE's. We have a waaaaaay better chance on moving the chain and killing the clock with passes under 2.5 seconds then 4 seconds. I agree Mike Sherman needs to get Mike Wallace the ball more but the long bombs are not the answers. Till we get those blocking scheme corrected nothing else will click. Sorry my phin friends but that is the truth.

Hey maybe when L.Miller gets hot we can do the a action play and that would put the pressure off the Line and that well create safety moves and maybe the long bombs to Wallace. But for some reason when LM GETS hot Sherman pulls him out and puts in D.thomas smh

This loss is on the coaches all day! They underestimated the Saints and got caught with their shorts down around the ankles. Why did they decide to let Tannehill run the ball when he has not done it much as a pro? Once he fumbled that ball I knew it was over. It got to his head and the boy couldn't recover. It was like they had a voodoo curse on them with all the follies. I guess Wallace is a one trick pony! He can only catch if the ball is placed like a lemon drop floating over his head! This was the biggest game this Dolphins team has encountered, and was too much for them mentally to grasp. If they correct some issues, and get healthy they will be alright. Sometimes it's good to get beat down to see how strong your are when you get up.

Tannehill is not a complete bust, but he'll probably never be elite.

Wallace isn't a #1 receiver, a guy who can't go up and get the ball isn't a #1.

Ellerbe and Wheeler are a downgrade.

Clabo isn't working out.

Jonathan Martin isn't a LT.

The 2013 draft has not helped this team at all through the five pre-season games and four regular games.

Somehow this team is 3-1. Yet why is it that just about everything Ireland does yields mediocre to poor results.

The organization won't get better until Ireland is gone.

I know some of you are delusional about Lil Jeffy.

He's incompetent.

Darkoak makes me laugh.

Year two of the rebuild. What's here to build around ?

You've got Tannehill, Pouncey and a defensive line (which will lose Starks at years end).

Mediocre and overpaid R. Jones, Misi and Hartline.

Grimes and Keller are question marks because of injuries.

Gibson drops one ball game.

Lamar Miller plays like a 4th round pick, he'll never be great.

Phins will always be mediocre with Ireland.

The 3rd and inches call just sucked. Anything but Thomas around the end. Tannehill up the middle, play action to the big tight end, maybe. Tannehill had plenty of time when he threw the interception at the end of the half. He just rushed the throw and the CB jumped the route. Drew Brees on Monday night in the Dome is almost unbeatable. A few bad plays and you're down 21-10. A recipe for a really bad 2nd half, with a young QB, and a Defense on it's heels. Ravens are not the same team that went to the Super Bowl. It's doable. 4-1 start. Go Phins!!!

Sup fu&k wads.

That douche of an excuse for a qb is leading the league in fumbles and can't look after the ball.

You are going to lose a lot of games with your retarded qb and turnstile oline.

Brady is going to massacre the fish.

Taampon = Henne = Sanchez .... try try again.

Btw Matt Moore throws a very accurate deep ball. He connected in 2011 hitting Brandon Marshall, who isn't a deep receiver and gets no separation down the field. He was also very accurate with his deep passing in Caroline, youtube is full of highlights of him throwing for big plays. Reggie Bush was able to run foe a 1000 yards because of Matt Moore's deep ball accuracy.

If Tannehill doesn't improve his ability to throw the ball deep...he will wash out, without ever doing anything significant for the Dolphins.

I fully expect this to happen and will enjoy Dolphin's fans disappointments immensely.

Tannebust is already a bit of a disappointment because he hasn't performed as well as some of the leagues other young qb's. I don't know that he ever gets much better. No pocket awareness, no ability to throw deep accurately. Maybe he doesn't throw pick like Chad Henne. But he still may not be good enough...

Paging Dr. Tannehill.

Dr. Tannehill you're needed in the Gynecologists Examination Room.

Black female comedian Monique has a yeast infection.

The pass was short and the db hit it. Wallace could have jumped into the db and made the play though but the pass was 5 yards short and touched by the db. Tanny and hartline are clearly Buds and have good chemistry because he is more qb friendly and can catch most balls. Whereas Wallace has to have a almost perfect pass.each time

Wallace is a guy who needs to get involved early in the game. This gets his juices going, and I personally think that he gets more focused. I have seen a lot of Steeler games were this was evident. That's not a knock, some players' personalities are like that. Lot's of ways to get more invovled: WR Screens, quick slants, bubble screens, reverses, and the list goes on. I watched a Steeler game last year when Wallace took a simple 5-7 yard slant and outran everyone for about a 70 yard TD! We need to loosen up defenses, as they are not respecting our run, but are worried about the medium-long passes. Need to also have Miller & Thigpen more involved in short passing game. Miller runs a 4.3 40, and Thigpen is close as well. Screens, draws, wheel routs, along with quick passes to Wallace will most certainly slow down the pass rush. Then the long balls to Wallce will be easier to complete. DB's playing 10+ yards off Wallace respecting his speed. Give this guy a quick pass and let him do his thing! If he makes one guy miss, the play is huge. All this is fixable! Long season ahead!

yo. people. the big pass on monday night was thrown short. obviously should have been out in front of wallace.
he had to slow down to attempt to catch it.

yo. people. the big pass on monday night was thrown short. obviously should have been out in front of wallace.
he had to slow down to attempt to catch it.

Posted by: mike | October 03, 2013 at 05:00 AM

Yes, that's true but not really the issue. He didn't go up and fight for the ball! He also stopped short on a crossing route, resulting in an interception.
He plays like a wimp, which I could understand if he was a minimum salary player. He is on a 60 million dollar contract. He needs to fight for every catch and run EVERY route like he can make something happen.

Sherman is not doing anything with him to hide him or make a better matchup. Not in motion at all. He is not in the huddle and is just a guy to take out the others best.

Not a recipe for success IMO.

Sherman, you have got to change it up. Your getting predictable. shotgun all day everyday. defense will just tee off all day long knowing they can. very bland my friend.

Exposing the Fraud, ******************

I agree with you 100%. The main reason for this problem is that this oline is not that good. With the exception of Pouncey and Incognito. You need time to throw bombs. Period. Ireland and the coaches tried to make chicken salad with chicken S---! Ireland is responsible for personnel moves so it falls on his lap. Having said that...I have seen good oline coaches make it work anyway.

The most important key to Brady's success, besides his talent, is his oline protection. It was always crazy good. Watch Payton Manning's oline in Denver this year too. Very good pass protection. ...Quick, name them.

Exposing the Fraud, ******************

I agree with you 100%. The main reason for this problem is that this oline is not that good. With the exception of Pouncey and Incognito. You need time to throw bombs. Period. Ireland and the coaches tried to make chicken salad with chicken S---! Ireland is responsible for personnel moves so it falls on his lap. Having said that...I have seen good oline coaches make it work anyway.

The most important key to Brady's success, besides his talent, is his oline protection. It was always crazy good. Watch Payton Manning's oline in Denver this year too. Very good pass protection. ...Quick, name them

Can't trust a guy who makes $60 and drops balls like Brandon Marshall. One that was IN STRIDE right in his bread basket and be wiffs. Another first down catch that he drops even though he's WIDE OPEN and another pass was intercepted because he STOPPED running.

Yeah, lets keep throwing him the ball.

Hey mando, what's Tannehill's QBR throwing to Wallace compared to everyone else? Everyone else it's probably a solid 85 or higher. With Wallace is about 30 (completely guessing). If you can find me a legitimate reason to scrap the offensive plans and get Wallace the ball then you win this debate. But $60 million is not going to get you a victory

Not to mention Miami is saving Wallace. Why unleash him. See Sherman unleash Tannehill with the read option only to pull it back when he realized Miami is beat....why reveal your hand when the game is far from over. If Sherman wanted to pull out all the stops Wallace would have 500 yards by now, but then everyone would be onto his tricks and he'd produce nothing the second half of the year.

Sherman will unleash Tannehill and Wallace at the right time (probably this week agains Baltimore to get team confidence back up along with national spotlight being in their favor...plus it's a key victory) I expect us to see more than we have the first 4 weeks

You guys saying that Wallace has to slow down for the passes seem to forget that in the preseason it was just the opposite he couldn't run fast enough to catch up to the ball. The deficiency is not in the arm of RT, it is in the synchronization of receiver and QB, they have not had enough reps yet to figure out where the ball needs to be placed in order to make the completion.

A lot of that responsibility is in the receiver being consistent in his route running, getting to a spot on the field at the same time each time he runs that route.

RT knows where Hartline is going to be when he runs his routes because he is consistent. So far Wallace is anything but consistent.

You guys remember way back in training camp when they did a story about how Wallace practiced slow, then sometimes would flash his speed.

I think the problem is he practices at a different speed than he plays in a game. You cant get the throws right unless you get game speed reps. I think that is on Wallace. I think he got used to Big Ben and big ben is used to going down the field. Watched him at Miami Ohio.

Tanhill like it or not is Jay Fiedler reincarnated. Might be the line, might be the play calling, but he is a dink and dunker. It can work, but I said last fall he jumps the pocket and holds onto the ball to long. He hates to throw the ball away, love his fight but this is a reflection of losing Dutin Keller.

We really needed to pick a TE or OL first round and even though our new DE is good. Jordan is next years help. The boy from Notre Dame would make a bigger impact for us right now and one of those left tackles would have helped also.

But crap we are 3-1 not time to panic yet. Tons of time to get healthy and fix the things that need to be fixed. Losing two a days could also be part of the problem. And our practice schedule seems strange.

Go Dolphins!!!

If RT throws the ball 70MPH, which is pretty standard for most good QB's the ball travels 34.22 yards per second. RT knows how quickly Hartline will get to his spot on the field to get him the ball, if it's a 35 yard pass play figure it will take Brian around 4 second or so to get to his spot, RT knows he throws the ball on the count of 3 and by the count of 4 the ball arrives where the receiver is. Hartline is like clock work on his routes.

With Wallace not as much, sometimes he's early to his spot other times he's late, that's where the consistency comes in. He can cure that however by staying late and timing his routes to a spot on the field, and working on getting there closer to the same time every time. He doesn't even need a QB there to throw him the ball, just work on getting to the same spot on the field in the same time every time, whether there is a defender on him or not.

You don't have to run the routes full speed all the time either, because if you do it will throw off the timing, you have to account for the presence of a defender, so if you're practicing your timing alone, you take the time it takes to ward off press coverage into your route timing. If they are playing zone, then you adjust your speed to maintain consistent timing to the spot on the field. It doesn't mean you lope, in fact if they are in zone it gives you a chance to throw a juke into the route to try to make the defender go the wrong way.

But the whole key is to be consistently there at the spot that the throw will be made to, in the same amount of time each time you run that route. I don't know that MW does that either during or after practice.

The offensive line coach blows period !! I said this clown should've been fired after opening day !! This a**clown is getting our young QB killed !! Clowns in yhis blog said he's doing good job Dashi Oscar to name 2 clowns. I want him dismissed the sooner the better !!

wtf, man? I don't even know who the hell that guy is. But as things stand now, I agree they should can him.

The season is starting to slip away with 1 loss. c-mon man the team as a whole had a bad game and was missing 3 or 4 starters. 3-1 and it's slipping away. And they pay these guys to write the garbage.

Bring back Tony S!

The reason Wallace and Tannehill are not in sync is because Tannehill expects his receivers to go across the middle. Wallace clearly does not want to take that hit across the middle so Tannehill has moved on. Credit Tannehill on this as he knows where to throw to get the tough yards.

It would be nice to have a vertical threat on the other side of Wallace. Then we may have a productive offense. Houston has done that for Andre Johnson. Atlanta did it for Roddy White. If u want to truly have a vertical offense u need your x and y need to really be able to run. In addition you te must be able to run. Hartline scares no one going deep and Clay isn't a seam threat.

We should just run a traditional west coast offense with the slants..short outs...curls and play to the strengths of our wr's. Te's are not seam threats either. This offense won't be explosive until we get the pieces we need. Unfortunately we will be drafting 10 o-linemen next year.

Remember 'Keyshawn"...???
Get him -Walllace- the DAMNED BALL !!!

One shot per quarter...what the heck is wrong with that?
Heck, he may catch two of them...and it will keep the defense on it's toes all game, opening up other opptys..

but,noo, we like Daniel Thomas a cloud of dust, or a sack. TWO home games separated by a bye, basically three weeks of home cooking. Time to make a move.

With a win Sunday we will be 4-1,and that's not bad. Steelers,Giants Bucs,Jags,and even the Redskins would love to be in our shoes after five games into this season. We tend to forget that this team is rebuilding and it will be a few more years before we are elite,but,we will be elite! Peyton Manning was not elite his first three years in the pros,so give RT some time and he will grow into one of the best. We are spoiled because we had a quarterback that was drafted and was elite from day one (Marino)!

The season is leaking away? Tannehill sucks? Wallace sucks? We're 3-1 you idiots! Worst fans in nfl by a long shot. And Mando's a joke of a journalist.

Mike Wallace was AWFUL on Monday. He wasn't alone but he's our $60 million man and he needs to make those catches in big games. No excuses.

The time sucked large and outside of Miller, Soliai and Odrick and maybe Gibson, I didn't see much to get excited about. Good humbling game for the team, before they strt thinking they're all that. Now can they recover and refocu for his week and going forward? We'll see shortly.

Go to Wallace early first play of the game a bomb down the field sometimes that o-line doesn't give tannehill enough time

This clown Wallace was targeted 7 times and had only 3 catches. He is way over paid. If you want to be great you should catch more than the roughly 40% of passes that come your way. I thought from the beginning the dolphins paid to much for him. To blame Tannehill for Wallace's shortcomings is ridiculous. Highest paid receiver in the nfl can't get open on a consistent basis. All I have to say is "Head Case"

What is wrong is that Tannehill cannot throw the deep ball. I knew it before they signed Wallace.

Pump the brakes everyone. If u told me before the season that we were at worst going to be 3-2 after our first 5 games or potentially 4-1 i would take that in a heartbeat. And this has happened with a porous o line, receivers not in sync, lb's getting torched and sherman not utlizing the hot rb's during games. Most of these issues can be fixed. Sunday a big game for us to determine the mental state of this team and if they can bounce back.

To me, it doesn't seem to be a personnel problem as much as it is a play calling problem. No, the o-line is not great by any stretch, and the qb needs to get rid of the ball or take off running (preferably without fumbling!!!). And Wallace needs to man-up and catch the ball; he can't expect a perfect pass every time, especially from an inexperienced qb. The best receivers make the tough catches...
Back to the play calling: There is no movement with the receivers. They seem to line up in the same spot every play. Hartline is gonna run a slant or comeback. Abandon Lamar Miller when he's running well. Very few screens, drags, etc. Offense overall looks very PREDICTIBLE and bland. We all know this is a young team with a young qb, and they still expect Tannehill to carry the team with his arm without allowing the running game to keep the defense honest, and the pass protection can't hold up under these conditions. The first drive Monday night the line was playing well as Miller was running effectively and taking the pressure off. I think the run was abandoned too early. I'm thrilled that the fins are 3-1, and they should beat Baltimore, but the coaches have to do a better job helping their young qb.

Reshad Jones was all over the field, all in the wrong places.

You don't need 4 sec to hit Wallace 30 yds downfield. You just count 1,2,3, and let it go and let Mike run under it.

btw, most of our O plays seem to develop in slow motion.

John in Springs, that was a helpful comment. Thanks!

Until the O line gets fixed no ones making any big plays. We cant block for an elite anything!!!

Interesting article on Pro Football NFL Bulletin from last week. My guess is that Jeff Ireland is referring to this board in his comments.

Jeff Ireland settled into his leather chair, drew thoughtfully on his enormous Cuban cigar, and made two things clear, his pride over the Dolphin's 3-0 start and the fact that he had some scores to settle.
"These so-called fans in Miami seems to make it a full time occupation calling for my firing in endless blog postings. While these losers criticize me, I have built a Super Bowl contending team."
Ireland pointed out that while he has the full confidence and support of Dolphins owner Steven Ross, that anonymous bloggers have made him and his family miserable. "While we mop the floor with the Saints next Monday night, there will probably be endless negative comments on the blogs trying to link a few issues on our offensive line with me being some kind of a failure or attending my son's soccer games or daughter's ballet recitals." Ireland called such posts destructive to his family and a threat to his work-life balance. "At some point I will get around to making our offensive line even stronger," said Ireland, punctuating his point with a wave of the cigar, "but it won't come at the expense of my family time."

So for #11 there is a play calling problem - they are not using him the way he was used before... tell me, does Gibson have a problem playing slot although he's never done it before? Does Clay have a problem being a full time tight end even though he hasn't done it before? No, they shut up and learned their new roles and performed ... #11 can and should do the same and shut up along the way. These godam poseurs just pizz me off...

Oscar, was Rashad looking for love?

Is that really a true article about Jeff Ireland? I can't believe he would be silly enough to make those comments or care enough about what the bloggers are saying.

If it is true, he is a bigger arrogant moron than I already thought he is. Show us a winner and the fans will cut you more slack you loser!

It has only been4 games take it easy will you, we have played our toughest games of the season in the beginning, except for the Pats of course. Don't be to over the top with this stuff you remind me of where I am from which is eagles country and they are worst trust me.Whenever they win one game they are going to the super bowl and a dream team or a dynasty and when they lose a couple of games they want to fire their coach. Now you are not like the first part of that statement but you do tend to write negative stuff about the Fins. Did you really think they were going undefeated or there young QB couldn't have a bad game, PLEASE a chill a little will you!!!!

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