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Dolphins' Mike Wallace: 'I'm definitely worried'

When the Dolphins signed Mike Wallace to the biggest contract in their team history -- $60 million over five years -- they bargained for a deep threat receiver who would blow the top off defenses with regularity.

It is something Wallace did often with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But as the first quarter of this season is over and those big plays have not happened, Wallace is now concerned.

"I'm definitely worried about it because it's game four," Wallace said Wednesday. "I'm not paranoid or anything but in Week Four it's not the way I imagined my first four weeks going. Definitely not. I'm pretty sure it's not the way anybody imagined it going. So for myself, and starting with myself, [quarterback] Ryan [Tannehill] and coaches, we all got to do a better job and find a way to make it work."

This is not to suggest Wallace being on the Dolphins isn't working. He's caught 15 passes for 176 yards and one touchdown. But his longest play was 34 yards and his 11.7 yard per catch average is well below the 17.2 yard per catch average he had before he arrived in Miami.

"I got to make big plays," Wallace said. "That's my main thing. I've been used to making big plays. And I definitely, definitely can make big plays. That's what I do. That's why I came here. That's why they signed me. It just hasn't happened so far for one reason or another."

Wallace is proven after four NFL seasons. He works hard. The talent vampire didn't suddenly drain him of his skills in the time since he left the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But the Dolphins' system doesn't seem to be a fit and his chemistry with Tannehill isn't the best. Indeed, Tannehill seems much more comfortable throwing the football to Brian Hartline and even Brandon Gibson, who also came to Miami in the offseason.

No one outside the Dolphins knows why that is. And if the Dolphins know why, they're not saying. But this much is clear, the current trend is not acceptable for Wallace.

"I know one thing, we not going to be able to go through a whole year like that," he said. "We have to make big plays. We have to back defenses up. That's what we have to do. Extra film work, different plays, whatever it is, whatever it's going to take, we have to get it done. We have to make big plays."

This current big-play drought doesn't mean Wallace is suffering from a sudden lack of confidence. He doesn't lack for that at all.

"I know I can do it," Wallace said.

But how fast it's done is now important for him as it should be for the Dolphins because the season is starting to leak away. So I asked Wallaced if his current worry would indeed grow to that "paranoid" state he mentioned if things don't change in the coming weeks and certainly by the middle of the season.

"Definitely," he said. "Then definitely something's wrong. And we're almost there. We only have four more games before that. We're already four games in. We don't have too much longer to figure it out. We got to make it happen. I don't know what we have to do. Hard work, I guess, by everybody."


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Wallace should be worried. He could go down as one of the all time biggest free agency busts. Not sure the guy will ever be elite

Wallace, the last sentence was the best. Shut up and get to work. For 12 million a year he should have caught that deep ball.

Theres a lot more concerns about the team after Monday Night. Wallace, the O-line, the linebackers, the secondary. Tannehill also needs to bounce back.

Still, the game is in Miami. Baltimore is no where near as good as last year. A bounce back win and 4-1 into the bye week has a very good chance of happening. If it does, our concerns take a backseat. 5-1 going into the Pats game is very possible and I expect it to happen

It's Wallace who needs to adjust. This is a West Coast offense so the ball will be spread around. He just needs to work harder to fit into this offense, and take responsibility for his failures (dropped passes), and keep his yapper shut. He knew very well when he signed here this offense was not going to get him the ball as much as in Pitt. Or he should have known, but then again when are professional athletes known for being smart?

Would everyone kind of agree that all our offensive problems more or less start with How Bad the Offensive Line Is Playing? Martin can't move left to save his life and Clabo=Columbo plain and simple. Cogs cant move left fast enough and Jerry can't move right fast enough yet Pouncey is fine with Anything and everything. So why not switch Cogs and Jerry since Jerry often does seem to get inside left fairly qui,k on blitzes so he could help the left side at guard and put Cogs on the right where he is the same about getting inside right when blitzes come, he'd help with the outside rush on the right side then move Martin to the right Tackle and leave them all alone and let them just play it out. Problem is who's the Left Tackle then? Maybe Garner and see how he does, can't be any worse than Martin has been, at least he's pretty mobile. Idk, it just seems to me our Oline is the starting pount of all the offensive woes and yes I agree that the Oline Coach shoyld be replaced this weekend while we have a bye week for the new coach to get accustomed. Not the hardest of s,hedules for a ,ouple weeks after the bye as well so it may allow them all the time to get comfy at new positions. I'd even be happy thwm trying Thomas the rookie at LT durinv the bye so he'd have the time to get accustomed. They gotta do something cuz this line and play is getting them nowhere with making complete use of the playmakers the team brought in this off season.

Maybe not that particular movement of all the players but something definitely needs done during this bye week and it has to start with the Oline and Coach... Miller has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be more comfortable and the much better playmaker at RB so keep Thomas on the sideline until Miller ONLY needs a breather. Even try lining Wallace up in the backfield and get him out in the middle running past the LBs, they'd never be able to handle him. Him, Clay and Gibson all immediately in the middle of the field no defense would be able to stay with all those guys speed and atheletecism. Hartline would still have bigger chunk yardage plays down the sidelines as well in those tyoes of plays.

the Miami Dolphins had a name change?
Are they now called

The Miami Wallace Wants?


haha, tvegas, it was a parody. That's IRA's schtick

First of all, Wallace is a whining DIVA, not unlike many of the top Wideouts. He has to take the blame for at least half of the failed pass attempts between him and Tannehill, there is no "explaining away" a ball that hits the receiver in the chest or on the hands...as in Pittsburgh, Wallace has had 5 or 6 of those in the first 4 games!! On the other side, Big Ben throws one of the BEST deep balls in the NFL (Brees, Rodgers caliber), so we cannot expect for a second year QB to be as accurate with it...but he has been good enough in at least those 5-6 instances.

No doubt Tannehill has been a big dissapointment especially for a 1st rd pk. Seems to be following on the path of a Chad Henne.

Wallace is a poor mans Brandon Marshall . He doesnt even get double teamed like Brandon was.

still need a qb

cant keep blowing 1st round picks or you will always be mediocre. Should have drafted Warmack.

From the stories and comments you would think the Phins are 1-3 rather than 3-1. Stop creating problems! We are in good position to make a run at the playoffs for the first time in awhile. Four turnovers killed us against the Saints. End of story. As long as the Dolphins continue to learn from their mistakes and get everyone healthy things will be good. EveryONE has a bad game or two, the most important thing is team wins!

PHILLIE Chirino- REALLY??? the ball went right through is hands and he never had to slow down but 5 yards further would have worked?? 5 yards further would have been a ball overthrown by about 4.5 yards dude!! then we would have heard how inaccurate tannehill was. i can't believe you are blaming the QB for a ball that went right between two hands and his chest. it wasn't like he was jumping as high as he could or diving and it went threw his hand. it hit him in the bread basket!!!! also he dropped two other catchable balls. on top of that he stopped running on a slant resulting in an INT. it's funny that it's tannehill's fault in your eyes. seems the other WRs and clay must be going above and beyond to make him look good then. in pittsburgh he was both hero and goat. so far he has been goat way more often. i have not seen him blowing the top of very often either. get the replay on nil.com. they let you choose different cameras and trust me the guy is not exactly getting open much.

I was against signing the malcontent Wallace from the beginning, and he has since validated my opinion. He's the one stopping routes short and dropping passes that hit his hands. If this continues, he will have a meltdown and Philbin will have another problem to deal with. Granted, it takes time for QB/WR to get in synch, but other than (maybe) opening the field up a bit for the other receivers, Wallace has shown nothing deserving of his contract or alleged #1 WR status. Get your s##t together, man, or 3-1 could turn into 6-10! I expect the coaching staff to make adjustments and the team to finish 9-7 with a wildcard berth at worst.

Mike Wallace is a professional wide receiver who gets paid to catch the football....please do what you are paid to do!
You can clearly see that if he doesn't get the ball early and often he tends to get frustrated and looses concentration. Get him involved early with some short throws, much like they did against Indy and he will continue to produce throughout. He needs to get the ball as he is a tremendous asset after the catch..
Catch it when it's thrown your way......

4 ya'll 2 watt haters " + i kno theres a ton of u lol", don't read a beasley 2day.

brady has bag boys catching everything near their reach, it's the qb.

huh, did u freak'n homers watch mon. nite wtf?

hey wallace, u ain't the only1 who is worried there
fruit cake.

I would listen to Wallace and respect him more, if he started this interview by saying "I PLEAYED TERRIBLE LAST GAME" I LET TWO BALLS FALL TO THE GROUND THAT WERE RIGHT IN MY HANDS.

that being said, I will not let that happen again and we need to take more shots down field.

Be accountable for your f-ups before you start preaching problems.

2 watt, Tannehill has more passing yards than Brady, please refine your trolling accordingly.

and more int's and more fumbles 2 mark. huh?

No, fewer turnovers, but saying #11 is not getting the ball because the QB is not producing is not accurate either. he is producing - with errors admittedly. There's stuff to clean up but the young Qb is not Henne nor Cleo Lemon - he will get better and is already by NFL standards middle of the road... 14th in passing yards, 18 in rating (which factors in his INTs)

looksy ( . ) , if hoyer was in the phinz wuld b 2-2

haha, come on.... Phins won that game quite handily ... but I like the chqange in tone by not blaming the Qb. he should be the last guy to get blame for the results after 4 games.

got this f'n karen brewing, not sure if its gonna suxx on sun. 40 kts winds. run lamar run.

Tannehill is also a second-year qb. Brady? Lets just say he's been around a while. 2 watt, I'm not a hater but your argument holds no water, aside from the fumbles. In Tannehill's defense, his fumbles have mostly been CAUSED, whereas Brady has fumbled the snap twice this season. Brady has (arguably) the best pass protection in the nfl.


It's really poor


The pass Wallace supposedly dropped was not a good one. He had to slowed down. The problem here are the coaches and T-hill. He cannot throw bombs. Moore is much better on that so far. Tannehill is getting down from my expectations. He certainly made a step back last game. I know that happens to everybody, but statistics don't lie.
They are very similar to Henne's. If this continue this means that we'll have to try another QB in the short term. Sad to say.

haha, tvegas, it was a parody. That's IRA's schtick

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | October 03, 2013 at 09:52 AM

Thought so. Thanks for enlightening me Mark! Funny thing is that I can actually picture Ireland in an interview like that. Maybe I should give the guy a little more credit but I am just not feeling the guy.

I had a bad feeling about Wallace when we signed him. Hope he steps it up and makes me eat crow. 3-1 is nice but a lot of issues on this team and he's one big part of the problem so far.

(And Henne hasn't fumbled 15 times)

marchool, I have an idea, what about next time the Miami Dolphins are allowed to ask all the defenders to freeze and stop playing so tannehill cna jog down the field and hand the ball off right into #11's hands so he can safely make the catch uninterrupted and unharmed by defenders. Then he can show us all how much of a playmaker he is ... puhlease. Hits him in both hands - that should be a catch 100% of the time in a dome. If he catches it and is tackled then you can say that if it was further out, he would've got a touchdown... but the slight, slight undeerthrow is no excuse for not having a catch. regardless if he catches it, he's gone, the defender was in no position to make a tackle.

tvegas, yeah, IRA is pretty good with that schtick.... and don't need to talk to me about #11 - really, really disapointed in his lack of professionalisma nd inability to make a play when it's right there. If the Qb simply is not an effective passer, I can understand erupting a bit - but Tannehill has moved the ball and scored points at a decent clip... it's plain as day that the problem is with #11, not Tannehill

mark u troll, y u bashing mw?

The biggest problem with the offense is Mike Sherman. Defenses read his offense like a book. Everyone knows 'DaPhins!' plays before they snap the ball. The offense is way to predicable and vanilla.

I'd be worried too if I were the 103rd best WR in the league out of 105, which is what Wallace is, as proven by incontrovertible evidence.

As for those breaking Tanne's balls, he still has never played with a No. 1 WR or anything close to even an average O line or running game.

I love Hartline and he is a GREAT No. 2, but he's not a No. 1 (see lack of TDs last year) and itty bitty headcase Wallace certainly is not a No. 1. In fact, Wallace is the 103rd best WR in the league out of 105 according to the evidence presented.

We're lucky Tanne has avoided major injury, as he was hit in the back of the knees all year last year when Long was in there.

Haha, 2 watt!!

Funny posts.
Why bring Jake Long into it though?
If you're going to bring in Long then why not bring in Bush also? And Smith? And Bess?


And entertains me way more than the Phins do.

I'll tell you why there is no chemistry with Wallace and Tannehill. Wallace is a horrible route runner. He cut off so many routes Monday night. He is not a primary receiver. He is a deep threat only. To use him as a primary receiver is useless. Remember Az Hakeem from the Rams. Same thing. This guy took it deep constantly. As soon as he switched teams and became a primary receiver he was horrible. Miami needs a single big time receiver. Once that happens, watch how often Wallace gets open deep. Problem is, it will not happen this year.

Mark, I agree with you. In fact, I suppose that what you propose is exactly what they practice all week. If that's true then there are several possibilities to explain why it doesn't work in an actual game. 1- During the practice they've realized that Tannehill is not so accurate in bombs, that's why they don't try it very often. In which case, Wallace is useless for the purpose it was brought in. 2- Tannehill is both accurate and got the arm, but practice is too academic to work in actual conditions: too much pressure by actual defenses or Tannehill simply holds the ball too long and gets sacked. 3- Tannehill lacks of cold blood and cannot reproduce the success of practice, etc.
Of course it could well be that Wallace is not playing good too, but he's a proved player, where Tannehill is not yet.
Anyway, we'll see how the season ends before jumping into wild conclusions.


Time which our O-line does not provide.

marchool, hartline, Gibson, and Clay are all in line for career years. Clay and hartline perhaps even pro bowl seasons on their current pace. However, #11 is the sore thumb. Most has to do with the player not doing enough to adapt - nto the QB. he's cold blooded and money with everyone else but not #11 ...

And If you really want to exploit #11's gifts, I'm telling you, CROSSING PATTERN - not bomb is the way to go. Guy has hooks for hands.

Irescum wasted 60 mill on Wallace? LOL


15 Rec/ 257 Yds/3 TDs/ 17.5yds/rec

(And Henne hasn't fumbled 15 times)

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | October 03, 2013 at 10:56 AM

Agreed. Yet the same homers that loved Henne love Tannebust.

It is obvious there is something wrong with our O line, which has been demonstrated in all 4 of our Games, and it's not the quality of the Linemen only. Maybe as somebody said above, formations too predictable, others. I don't know enough to pinpoint the problem but perhaps somebody else could.

Wednesday was "HUMP DAY", time to get over it guys. Up next, Baltimore Ravens.

I certainly hope this team and it's coaches get over Monday Night's loss faster than we in this blog have.

I'll try to do the futile excersize of summarize more less what the last game revealed
1. In my opinion Tannehill was 70 % responsible for the defeat. The fumble, an unnecessary play, and the 1st interception cost 14 points. That's too much when you're playing an elite team.
2. The game plan worked at the very beginning, but then was horrendous. They stopped running the football.
3. 25% of the loss is due to coaches. The 3rd and 4th an inches play was a key one. They were chickens. They didn't change the game plan properly after Tannehills mistakes.
4. 5% of the loss is on other players, who were crashed given the conditions provoked by all the turnovers.

At the end is Irelands fault. If we admit that we lack of playmaker, then, this morron and Ross are the sole responsible, with some contribution by the rest of the staff.

If we still want to talk oline, let's move on to Baltimore and TERRELL SUGGS.


You cannot obviate a problem that has persisted since the Season started, Sam. Rather, try to identify the cause then fix it if possible.

My concern is the coaching and some of the off season choices are glaring right at our faces! Bush in my opinion was by far more valuable than Wallace! We have yet to find the 6’6 dominant tight end, Keller was OK and he is missed. As for Wallace, he had a perfectly thrown ball for over 50 yards and it went through his hands; a man that makes 10 million a year should know better, and keep his mouth shut!

Just like Henne, Tannehill could have a pro bowl OL and HE'D STILL STINK.

Terrell Suggs is licking his chops as we speak. He can not wait to go against our plain average tackles.

We can chip him with backs and te's, but we know we've had great problem with consistency of their blocking too.

Many complain sit Daniel Thomas, we can't, he's our best pass blocking rb. That's not saying much, but it does lend to how atrocious the coaching staff feels Lamar Miller's pass blocking can be.


Tannehill is holding the ball way too long, is very slow to make a decision and should be benched in favor of Matt Moore.

Move the WR's around. It seems like Tanny only looks to the left. This eliminates the need to worry about Wallace. Bad play calling does'nt help either.

On the bright side, Baltimore is obviously not the OFFENSIVE JUGGERNAUGHT the Saints can be. No world class te, and it's a much better assignment for lb's covering Ray Rice out of the backfield than DARREN SPROLES>

Rice isn't even close in the category of great quickness. Still, that's not to say it's going to be easy. Defensively, we really have to be prepared for those Ray Rice screens. That's where Rice does the most of his dam age.

Hear that Kevin Coyle? S-C-R-E-EN! Please have the defense prepared.

Trolls talk and talk but never give options to any difficult situations. That's a troll's Cardinal sign.

Lavelle, Sherman really needs to move Wallace around in particular. It will force the defense to scramble to compensate, or create great mismatches for Wallace.

I read that Wallace only plays one side of the field 90% of the game. If you're going to pay a guy $60 million dollars, you have got to find ways to get him involve besides only helping get your LESSER WEAPONS open.

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