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Dolphins' Mike Wallace: 'I'm definitely worried'

When the Dolphins signed Mike Wallace to the biggest contract in their team history -- $60 million over five years -- they bargained for a deep threat receiver who would blow the top off defenses with regularity.

It is something Wallace did often with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But as the first quarter of this season is over and those big plays have not happened, Wallace is now concerned.

"I'm definitely worried about it because it's game four," Wallace said Wednesday. "I'm not paranoid or anything but in Week Four it's not the way I imagined my first four weeks going. Definitely not. I'm pretty sure it's not the way anybody imagined it going. So for myself, and starting with myself, [quarterback] Ryan [Tannehill] and coaches, we all got to do a better job and find a way to make it work."

This is not to suggest Wallace being on the Dolphins isn't working. He's caught 15 passes for 176 yards and one touchdown. But his longest play was 34 yards and his 11.7 yard per catch average is well below the 17.2 yard per catch average he had before he arrived in Miami.

"I got to make big plays," Wallace said. "That's my main thing. I've been used to making big plays. And I definitely, definitely can make big plays. That's what I do. That's why I came here. That's why they signed me. It just hasn't happened so far for one reason or another."

Wallace is proven after four NFL seasons. He works hard. The talent vampire didn't suddenly drain him of his skills in the time since he left the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But the Dolphins' system doesn't seem to be a fit and his chemistry with Tannehill isn't the best. Indeed, Tannehill seems much more comfortable throwing the football to Brian Hartline and even Brandon Gibson, who also came to Miami in the offseason.

No one outside the Dolphins knows why that is. And if the Dolphins know why, they're not saying. But this much is clear, the current trend is not acceptable for Wallace.

"I know one thing, we not going to be able to go through a whole year like that," he said. "We have to make big plays. We have to back defenses up. That's what we have to do. Extra film work, different plays, whatever it is, whatever it's going to take, we have to get it done. We have to make big plays."

This current big-play drought doesn't mean Wallace is suffering from a sudden lack of confidence. He doesn't lack for that at all.

"I know I can do it," Wallace said.

But how fast it's done is now important for him as it should be for the Dolphins because the season is starting to leak away. So I asked Wallaced if his current worry would indeed grow to that "paranoid" state he mentioned if things don't change in the coming weeks and certainly by the middle of the season.

"Definitely," he said. "Then definitely something's wrong. And we're almost there. We only have four more games before that. We're already four games in. We don't have too much longer to figure it out. We got to make it happen. I don't know what we have to do. Hard work, I guess, by everybody."


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Using Wallace to Get your LESSER WEAPONS open. Is like showing your AK, only to be able to get to your BB GUN.

one trick poney...the whole world but Jeff Ireland knew it
...or perhaps Jeff just wanted to overpay someone else than Jake Long

Wallace isn't the big physical proto-type wr. So, you have to move him around, use him in various different ways, and scheme him open in many different areas of the field.

Wallace's great speed always makes him one missed or broken tackle to taking it to the house. Shame on you Mike Sherman if you soon do not figure this out.

I mean, why the hell did Ireland sign Wallace, if he doesn't have a coaching staff that knows how to use him?

I'll bet Peyton Manning would quickly figure it out. Not only is Peyton a great qb, he's also a great student of the passing game period. I'm sure Peyton as strong input in the design of many of the Broncos passing plays.

Right now, we're doing defenses a mighty big favor. Sherman hasn't figured how to get Wallace greatly involved.

And my day after hump day 2 cents.


I just read on the previous page that the pass Tanny threw was not a good one because Wallace had to slow down. I am begging for this to make sense completly. Wallace DID slow down, the ball was not tipped and went Straight through his arms! THE GUY GETS PAID TO CATCH THE BALL!

There is no excuse for missing that ball, and that play was a game changer possibly

Jimmy Graham becomes first TE to ever win conference player of the month. You can thank the Dolphins for doing their part to help.

I understand that people want to blame the players for the loss on Monday night but the Coaching staff didn't exactly put them in the best position to win.

Early it became evident that we were able to establish balance running off LT behind Martin and Cogs. The same Martin everybody wants to crucify today. Early Miller was ripping off runs in the 8 to 10 Yd. range and they were all off LT. We get in the redzone with about an inch to make a 1st down and Sherman pulls Miller and puts Thomas in the game. This being on Sherman but also Tannehill with the Saints waiting on the play, had he faked the handoff and rolled right he maybe walks into the endzone given the Saints sold out on the play and there was nothing but open field for Tannehill rolling right, this was big because the F.G. while nice wasn't going to keep us in a track meet game short handed at DB Vs. Brees. This momentum stopper took us from an inch to about 4th & 3 on what I felt was a critical moment to establish momentum.

Later we began to see Thomas in the screen game, again I didn't understand this? All of this considered we were very in this game when we had possession with 2:28 to go before the half when the Saints CB jumped the slant picking Tanne. If any of you paid attention to the replay you noticed the Saints were sitting on it waiting on the throw. In that replay it clearly showed a Fins WR running alone behind the D hand in the air whom Tanne (didn't look down field) missed because he feels safe with those short slants which are going to get picked more now that teams understand what he likes.

This loss was on conservative play calling when we needed to get more agressive and on Wallace who can bitch-n-moan all he likes but Tannehill dropped one in the bread basket were Keenan Lewis jumped for the ball and missed which hit Wallace in both hands. A pass thrown from our 9 Yd. line which was a 91 yard TD Mr. Wallace simply dropped. He played so poorly I was thinking he sold out for the home team. I also am very worried about Rashad Jones who seems to have taken the money and run! Sleep walking through the Season.

Really? Agree on Wallace needi to catch the ball

pretty sad when most all of us knew how bad the olin ewas in aug but the guys getting paid to know that didnt do a thing about it

I dont usually subscribe to conspiracy theories, but I rsally think playing against his "Brother/Friend/Lover?" got into his head. He really didnt seem that into the game.

I dont know, I am not ready to hate him or wish him away. I honestly believe he is part of our 3-1 start. His presence has made it easier for everyone on offense. He absolutely should have caught that long ball. How is a pass directly in someone's hands, considered a bad throw, that is just ESTUPIDO!

But man what about Clay!! This kid is playing his butt off and I believe teams will have to start game planning for him

And Junior Gillette, FU#k YOU STILL!!!

wallace a stud, far from the problem. hard to throw deep when your qb has no time

fisunderw....your comments are posted 5 times on this blog. It's obvious to me you control your blog entries just as you "observe" the game.

Calling me an idiot wasn't necessary.

"This is year two of the rebuild, letdowns will happen. That said I'm holding fast to my 10-6 prediction and vying for a wildcard.

Posted by: Darkoak | October 02, 2013 at 11:46 PM"

Year two? We've been in perpetual rebuild mode since '99

Wow seriously saying the deep ball that Wallace DROPPED, not even drop, didnt touch as it went right through his hands, was a bad throw is ridiculous. Even if he breaks stride for half of a step, he should have caught that. are some of you really trying to make excuses for Wallace? Im not bashing Wallace but you catch that ball and you keep running until you cross the goal line.. it was dropped right in between his hands..

Oh lord people, You guys ARE toads. I bet most of you are so perfect in what you all do day to day week to week, that none of you have to adjust the way you think or react, right? NOT. Well its just so easy to come on here and spew all of your negative hatred towards but not limited to: offensive line, tannehill, Wallace, D line, all the coaches, Oh and lets not forget all of the FRONT OFFICE. Simply put, Every team has to adjust week to week for whomever they are playing. I agree to the extent that we have not used our new sports car(Wallace) correctly. But that's why we play another game next week, to adjust and learn and get better. You TOADS, all of you, that do nothing but bash and bash and bash have failed to realize one little thing, Phins have adjusted, have made changes, and my goodness we are 3-1 on arguably the hardest opening schedule out of all of the NFL. You people just make it a point to just say anything that is far from anything credible. And, if I may say, Armando you being the ring leader of negativity, why on earth would you compare Tannehill to Henne. Why not wait until tannehills time is up(beit this year or 10yrs from now) before you say anything and let the man go through his growing pains and adjust to what he has to work with. Oh , I forgot, your perfect too and never have bad days(or games). 3-1 3-1 3-1. Stay positive toads.

Patrick Keating, Nick Savane did not offer any solutions to Wallace's problem catching the ball. Trolls.

News flash, Wallace is not perfect either he will drop some sometimes

A big reason why the Dolphins long passing game is not working is the lack of protection from the OL. You need more time for those long routes to develop.
Improve the play in the OL and those plays will be there.

Between trolls and homers, hard to find anything worth reading here.

@ 1:19, then he should shut up and stop being a public toad and stop fuming and be a regular teammate like everyone else.

Agree big time FinFan, Fix, adjust, and get better. That's all anybody anywhere can do if your not perfect. and our Oline is far from perfect.

That pass thrown to him should have been caught. It went right through his hands. I knew this was coming when the phins signed him. He was a complainer with the Steelers and after four weeks he is complaining. Look at his comments, the are all about him. He indicates that we have to get this figured out soon, we don't have much time, etc. Well, guess what the phins are 3-1 not 1-3. So this urgency that Wallace mentions, is all for him. It needs to get figured out quickly before he throws a bigger tantrum.

If you look at it, Hartline was a better receiver than Wallace last year: more yards, more receptions, and more yards per catch. Wallace is fast but he is a one trick pone. He can only run go routes. History says that veteran receivers usually figure it out pretty quickly when they change teams. The other receivers (Hartline, Gibson, Clay) all seem to be thriving, so Wallace only has himself to blame.

Mark, how is he not a regular teammate, cuz hes got a 60mill contract? You give Thill time he will get it to him. I really havnt seen him Fuming as you put other that the realization of how he was being played in game one. Get over it. That was like 4 games ago. He hasn't said or done anything like that since. He knows what his roll is now. Why do you hate Wallace so bad. Give a few more games you guys will change your stance on him. Remember even with the DROP we are still 3-1

Sorry finzfan, I apologise...

But we need to move on from the MIke Wallace no catch.

We have a very important home game this week. And I feel the team will redeem

their selves and play hard.

As the legend goes... Brian Billick took his team to Dolphins stadium the night before
play offs...they urinated on the field as a sign of disrespect.

That was the night when Feidler threw a ball that hit McKnight in the helmet and should have been a TD..... I hope to win Sunday...

Ever since I have hated Baltimore

Even high priced sports cars need breaking in time

Agree finsunderworld, screw them Ravens. But all are negative nancies here and cant forget about one lousy drop.

Or any comment that somebody makes weeks ago.

We lost our 1st game of the season, by a couple of scores, on the road, against a SB contender, and all the sudden all these negative posts, Mando.

In hindsight we should of ran Miller more, kept Brees off the field. Lets move on. go dolphins!!

Jeffrey Ireland had that long pass go right through his hands. Jeffrey Ireland called that sweep on 3rd and inches. Ireland is our poor blocking oline.

Jeffrey Ireland threw 3 picks and fumbled on the Tannehill scramble. Jeffrey Ireland was responsible for the defensive miscues and mismatches Monday.

Is not Jeffrey Ireland the architect of everything this team, even the hiring of the head coach, who in turn hired his coaches?

Oscar @1:23 Then why have you been on this blog and commenting ALLLLL DAYYYYY. You just don't want to hear anything positive. If somebody is not bashing anybody you have nothing to say. There is no band wagon of hatred to jump on is there? Take your homer and troll comment and shove it. Dbag.

New Orleans is behind us. Old history. What is important is this Sunday's game, and future games, and to see if the team will adjust to all the things other teams will throw at us now as they copy the New Orleans 'how to beat Miami' blueprint.

Miami will adjust, and they will fix, they are all professionals. The Miami blueprint from NO will only work if they play that bad again. They would have lost to anybody playing that way. So, make corrections and go 4-1 into the bye.

I have a highly analytical mind, Toad, and only read comments that stimulate me, like from, odin, DD, f4l, Daytona. But please, simulate me. What corrections would you make for the Ravens, toad?

Dusty @ 1:02-
The qb had time on the deep pass to Wallace. The ball was well-placed and went right through his hands. That means Wallace was the problem on that play. Everyone did their job on that play except for the highest paid player- Mike Wallace!

I got one question for wanna be armchair QB's like cadillac deville...why didn't you post this the last few weeks??? because they won...when your team wins all is good then all the BS comes out after a loss

Lou in Greenville SC...His name is jadeveon Clowney he plays for SC he played high school ball in Rock Hill SC & they guy hasn't been worth a squirt of piss this year for the Gamecocks,I have a friend who knows his family & they are even upset with him & his lacka daisical appoach this year...he is no longer auto matic 1st pick in draft just sayin

When we were 3-0 you had to look really really hard to see any of these negative comments,some of these are trolls i'm sure but I tend to let it play out before acting like I know it all...if we get run out by baltimore sunday i will start to see that maybe we were not worthy...

Brandon Marshall syndrome. Before Miami, he's a beast, with Miami he's just a guy, leaves Miami, he's a beast again. Its an incitment on poor coaching and quarterback play over the last 15 years.

"I don't know what we have to do. Hard work, I guess, by everybody."

This quote worries me a bit. I'm not sure what he's implying but Tannehill and Wallace had better figure their issues out quick. I would hope that the coaches have them working on plays constantly in practice at this point so they can make that "connection." It is clear that they are often not on the same page and Tanne isn't looking his way when he's in trouble. BTW Wallace clearly has some sort of a personality disorder which could make working with him very very difficult.

After beating Cleveland the consensus was they'd be in good position if they could beat 2 of the next 4 opponents. Well they beat Andrew Luck and Matt Ryan, and then lost to a team on the road who has been looking good all year. The Phins will be in the 9-7 or 10-6 range. New Orleans is going to finish 12-4 or 13-3. Miami should have lost and the O line plus the Saints offense made Miami 1 dimentional. There aren't many teams Miami should "definitely lose" to (Saints, Seahawks, Falcons, Broncos) but they just played one of them. Let's not go overboard.

OMG, now I have simply heard it all. Wallace is lazy and runs shi**y routes, he is a "one trick pony", and now he has a personality disorder????? WTF? Look Wallace does have a point considering he was part of that debacle Monday Night.

THill needs work and allot of work. He is getting happy feet in the pocket, he doesn't step up or run out of trouble, he holds on to the ball wayyyy to long and he is killing his OL which can only hold their blocks for so long.

Our secondary looks like the Three Stooges out there and our front 7 couldn't put pressure on a cube of butter. We can't hold on to the ball (THill), we can't pass block to save our lives (The ENTIRE front line), we can't catch a ball that is right in our hands (Wallace) and we can't call the correct plays for the situation at hand. (OC)

New Orleans showed the rest of the NFL how to beat us and we had better get our act together soon and that includes everyone, coaches, players, hell even the friggen water boy, or we are in for a very long and disappointing season.

Its time for me to take off the "homer" glasses and face reality, this team is okay, not great or elite, but just okay. The last time I heard "just okay" doesn't cut it in this league. Just okay teams play mind games and just give you enough hope to tease you into thinking things have changed for the better. Well my friends I almost fell for it again. Nope not this time... Prove me wrong, thats all I ask, just beat a team that is a current contender, no, not just beat them, destroy them, then maybe I will have something to smile about come Monday morning.

everybody they r not using him rite..it should be just 9 routes run more screens, drag routes, line him up in different places, do different things it's kind of hard 2 run 9 routes all the time when the hole league know what your going 2 do.. coaches need 2 do a better 2 get there best player the ball and that's not happening.. yeah he drop the ball but that ball was under thrown defender hands was there so it clearly messed up his concert up beside I haven't meant 1 receiver who hasn't drop a ball specially when hands flying across there face.. they do better play calling and switch back 2 the 3-4 when they was a killer defense if it not broke don't fix it.. use what you have 2 your strength not so you can hide your weakness and that 4-3 is showing players weakness on that defense


This is to funny. During the Saints game, Tannehill threw Wallace a prefect long pass, that Wallace let slip through his hands. The pass wasn't defended, Wallace dropped it'. Tannehill throws balls to WRs who can catch the ball. So my advise to Wallace is get in front of the jugs machine and catch footballs, before and after practice.

How about starting with catching the ones that are thrown to you and finishing your routes. Dropped one sure TD against N.O and Tannehills second interception came because he quit on his route. Yeah Tannehill has missed him on some deep balls but the offensive line has a lot to do with that. Tannehill also needs to stop holding on to the ball so long. One thing for sure and that is that Ireland screwed up big time by not addressing the offensive line in the off season.

Mr. Salguero, I understand that you want to try to be neutral in your articles. That being said, you write for The MIAMI Herald! Why do you consistently look for THE most negative subject to write about our GREAT nfl team? Look, the truth of it is, Wallace only had 64 recs 836 yds and EIGHT td's last year. I will predict right now, barring injury to him, or Tanny, that he surpasses ALL those totals....The End!

There is a big difference between big Ben's deep ball and Tannehill's infrequent deep ball. However, there are $60 million reasons for Wallace to catch the balls that bounce off of his chest! Just do your job!

Start with catching that long pass in New Orleans. Go up and get the ball, like Brandon Marshall would have done! His lack of trying to go get that long pass on Monday Night was a deflating moment. Also, his short out and drop of a pass made us miss a 3rd down conversion and killed another drive.

LISTEN yeah he had a few drops on the shorter routes but all WRs have some drops. On the deep pass down the sideline that ball was UNDER-THROWN! if a ball is thrown out in front a little too far the the WR can speed just a little to meet the ball, but when he has to slow up just even the slightest IT MESSES UP THE TIMING AND MAKES IT DIFFICULT TO MEET THE BALL in the right spot. Tannehill threw the ball to hard on the wheel route to Miller no touch on the pass, and then threw it too short to Wallace. Tannehill is close but not there yet.

Wallcae has proven they he can catch deep passes and can take short passes and take it the distance, he scored 32 TDs in the last 4 year. On the othr hand Tannehill has NOT proven yet that he is accurate with the deep pass...ENOUGH SAID.

The TD passes to Hartline were not that long, Tannehill has to prove he can be accurate on the deep pass and that is something he didn't do well in college either. But Henne sucked at the deep pass in 2009 and then in 2010 (before he got hurt)he was great with the deep pass in the pre-season and during the first 4 games he was leading the NFL with passes 20 yards or longer, so if Henne improved on the deep pass then hopefully Tannehill can to.

Stop Whining Wallace, catch the ball when it hits you in the hands, and finish your frikking routes so the quarterback doesn't through interceptions. Can't believe this guy 60 million to catch balls and when he drops them or doesn't outrun a defender its someone else's fault. Really?

Well call me old fashioned, but when I played football in HS, they always told us that if you get your hands on the ball, then you better catch it, regardless who's defending or how the ball was thrown. Anyway, I think people are forgetting something. He said all of this during an interview. Where reporters asked him questions and he answered them. It's not like he went out of his way to make sure he said it. Reporters asked how he was feeling, and he answered. So to the great "fans" that are telling Wallace to stop "complaining", he's just doing what his contract has instructed him to do and that's to respond to the media. Besides, he's not saying anything bad. He's saying what any other WR would say in his situation. He had high expectations for himself and the team and it's not getting done. I would be worried too.

Bottom line is Tannehill is better in a 2 min./set play type boom-boom/deliver the ball w/o thinking play than he is on his progressions, and although Wallace may have dropped a few, Tanny definitely has either under or overthrown him on what have could have been at least 3 or 4TDs this year.
Yeah, Wallace needs to learn to go up and fight for a ball, but you're far better off slightly overthrowing than underthrowing a guy like him.
Loft it up and let him catch up to it.
Tanny does seem to throw a bit of a laser on his deep balls.
I truly think they just need to work on their timing and chemistry, which will come along, no doubt, eventually.
Ponit being, Tanny may have better instant chemistry with Gibson b/c he has the skillset of your average good WR in the league, where Wallace's speed may be deceptive and unique, so it's not "familiar" to a QB.

Offense play calling sucks, you have got to find a way to get your big play threat more involved, this is on the coaches and the qb, but we are 3 and 1 and the future looks bright, so clean it up and get him more opportunities and we will all be happy, happy, happy!!!

also interesting to me that knowing the pressure was going to come ( once they were behind ) they ( Sherman ) did not have Tanne roll out at all. They ran a roll out play once.., early in the game.., and that was it.

Tanne is an athletic guys who runs well ( and throws well on the run ). Sherman often baffles me with his play selection.

( and Wallace did have to slow down for that pass. It throws off the timing. Maybe tanne is afraid to overthrow him ? They need to practice the long bombs more often ).

Guys who are for Matt Moore statrting already is crazy!Ryan needs to cover up the ball when he runs but other than that give him time to grow.He has nowhere near the experience at QB as Luck,RG3 or Wilson so let him learn.We are 3-1 where most experts thought we would be 1-3.Ryan is off with Wallace because he is forcing the throws to him to keep his complaints down.Wallace acts like a stat guy not a team guy.Ryan&Wallace need to go throw after practice.Hopefully Ryan's not getting bullied a little in the huddle.In my opinion Marshall was a much better wideout for Ryan to grow with,we got rid of him due to his attitude but other than the catches and the jersey number I can't tell them apart

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