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Dolphins' Mike Wallace: 'I'm definitely worried'

When the Dolphins signed Mike Wallace to the biggest contract in their team history -- $60 million over five years -- they bargained for a deep threat receiver who would blow the top off defenses with regularity.

It is something Wallace did often with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But as the first quarter of this season is over and those big plays have not happened, Wallace is now concerned.

"I'm definitely worried about it because it's game four," Wallace said Wednesday. "I'm not paranoid or anything but in Week Four it's not the way I imagined my first four weeks going. Definitely not. I'm pretty sure it's not the way anybody imagined it going. So for myself, and starting with myself, [quarterback] Ryan [Tannehill] and coaches, we all got to do a better job and find a way to make it work."

This is not to suggest Wallace being on the Dolphins isn't working. He's caught 15 passes for 176 yards and one touchdown. But his longest play was 34 yards and his 11.7 yard per catch average is well below the 17.2 yard per catch average he had before he arrived in Miami.

"I got to make big plays," Wallace said. "That's my main thing. I've been used to making big plays. And I definitely, definitely can make big plays. That's what I do. That's why I came here. That's why they signed me. It just hasn't happened so far for one reason or another."

Wallace is proven after four NFL seasons. He works hard. The talent vampire didn't suddenly drain him of his skills in the time since he left the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But the Dolphins' system doesn't seem to be a fit and his chemistry with Tannehill isn't the best. Indeed, Tannehill seems much more comfortable throwing the football to Brian Hartline and even Brandon Gibson, who also came to Miami in the offseason.

No one outside the Dolphins knows why that is. And if the Dolphins know why, they're not saying. But this much is clear, the current trend is not acceptable for Wallace.

"I know one thing, we not going to be able to go through a whole year like that," he said. "We have to make big plays. We have to back defenses up. That's what we have to do. Extra film work, different plays, whatever it is, whatever it's going to take, we have to get it done. We have to make big plays."

This current big-play drought doesn't mean Wallace is suffering from a sudden lack of confidence. He doesn't lack for that at all.

"I know I can do it," Wallace said.

But how fast it's done is now important for him as it should be for the Dolphins because the season is starting to leak away. So I asked Wallaced if his current worry would indeed grow to that "paranoid" state he mentioned if things don't change in the coming weeks and certainly by the middle of the season.

"Definitely," he said. "Then definitely something's wrong. And we're almost there. We only have four more games before that. We're already four games in. We don't have too much longer to figure it out. We got to make it happen. I don't know what we have to do. Hard work, I guess, by everybody."


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I agree totally that the only thing Wallace is good for is sprinting down the sidelines to clear out zones for hartlne and gibson a message to Wallace you can't catch.
.you couldn't catch for Pittsburgh and you can't catch for us but this is not even the biggest problem this team cannot run a successful screen pass nor can they stop one matter of fact the last time the dolphins could was in the early 80s with the killer bees even Marino had a bad screen pass and it is not for a lack of talent its bad coaching and unfortunately dolphans it will not get any better with Sherman he is stubborn and set in his ways that is why he got fired. How many more sacks can we take before he rolls out the quarterback it doesnt take a brain surgen to know that we can't get 1 yard when we need it because of our predictable formations as much as I love don shula we did not win any championships with Marino because of his loyalty to tom olivadotti the worst defensive coadinator in team history and with philbins loyalty to Sherman where looking at year's of disappointment if Sherman is reading this I would like to know the exact date and time you are going to roll out tannihill so. I can ajust my blood pressure medicine

While where on the subject of bad decisions who decided to call a spike after we had a long reception to the 35 yard line with over a minute to go with two timeouts you see belichec is not the smartest in the leage he is the least stupidest lets make sure that in the snow we call a timeout to ice the kicker so that they have extra time to clean the ground for there kicker

In stride out of stride, to long, to short, it doesn't matter ANYONE who knows ANYTHING about football and has played at any level above pop warner knows if it hits your hands your supposed to catch it. Nobody got a hand up, nobody stripped it, nobody blocked his vision. And at the prolevel you definitely need to catch it or shut up.
Blame Tannehill or Sherman or Phillips or the towel boy but only one person is running his mouth and only one person dropped the ball (balls), that would be the highly overpaid Mike Wallace. Oh yeah it's not like this is the only pass he's dropped, he is among the league leaders I dropped passes. Put up or shut up.

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