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Dolphins must do something at RT

The Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens and New York Giants have made trades in the past week to try to salvage their season. Perhaps they were desperate moves. Perhaps, but they were moves by general managers who have each won multiple Super Bowls and believe in doing everything they can to help their teams improve now.

Perhaps the Dolphins need to get themselves in that kind of company and mindset.

The Dolphins, 3-1 and thick in the hunt for a playoff spot, have a serious problem on their hands in that they cannot protect their quarterback. They can't keep Ryan Tannehill upright as the 18 sacks they've allowed not only suggests but screams at full throat.

So rather than just sitting around and hoping and praying and acting like hard work is going to suddenly turn Tyson Clabo into a 26-year-old version of himself rather than the 32-year-old version we've seen give up four sacks in four games, perhaps the Dolphins should start shopping for an offensive tackle.

Or perhaps the Dolphins should consider moving people around to address that right tackle issue internally.

Either way, perhaps the Dolphins would be better off doing something instead of nothing.

So what can they explore?

Well, I do not blame the Dolphins for not being in on Levi Brown, who was traded from Arizona to Pittsburgh. He's frankly not much of an upgrade on any level. I don't blame them for missing out on Eugene Monroe, who was traded from Jacksonville to Baltimore.

Don't get me wrong, it would have made sense to get Monroe and start him on Sunday at left tackle while moving Jonathan Martin to right tackle. That would have been a good move, considering Monroe instead will be lining up against the Dolphins on Sunday because the Ravens gave up an undisclosed third-day-of-the-draft pick (somewhere between the fourth and seventh round) to get him this week.

A league source has confirmed for me that Jacksonville didn't really make the usual round of phone calls to the entire league to make Monroe available. So the Dolphins apparently didn't know Monroe was available.

But as the trade deadline approaches at the end of this month, perhaps it is time to be more proactive. Perhaps rather than wait on teams to call and say they have players available, maybe the Dolphins should start calling to see if players are available.

There's nothing wrong with being an active shopper.

The Ravens proved this when they called about Monroe and got a good player who wasn't really on the market.

So maybe a call to Tampa Bay to see if Donald Penn is available might be warranted for Miami. This, by the way, was suggested to me by a twitter follower. And looking at it, Penn is playing great and although he's very expensive, he's earning that pay. He'd be a huge upgrade for Miami.

Why would the Bucs trade him?

Well, they probably wouldn't but they did reportedly call the Dolphins to see if Miami would be interested in quarterback Josh Freeman. (The Dolphins obviously said no). So the Bucs are sort of rebuilding. Penn is 30 years old and maybe Tampa Bay can be convinced that a draft pick next year (maybe a third or even a second?) is good business because Penn is 30, expensive, and they aren't winning any titles anytime soon with a rookie QB, anyway.

It's a shot in the dark. And it beats taking no shot at all.

Maybe the Dolphins this weekend arrange a little discussion between Jeff Ireland and Ozzie Newsome. The Dolphins and Ravens GMs can talk about Bryant McKinnie. Maybe after Sunday's game is over, the Dolphins can send a seventh-round pick or perhaps a bag of bolts and door handles to the Ravens for McKinnie.

McKinnie, by the way, isn't the player he once was. He was once dominant. But he's partied too hard and gotten too soft to be very good anymore. His feet are slower. His belly is bigger. He's no longer a star, which is the reason the Ravens are replacing him with Monroe.

But you know what? The combination of LT McKinnie and RT Jonathan Martin is better than the combination of LT Martin and RT Clabo. And maybe McKinnie can lose weight in the Miami heat (Yeah, it is still hot down here). And, again, the Dolphins aren't exactly paying a premium for McKinnie, a player they liked in the spring.

McKinnie, by the way, is available according to a league source. And the idea of a deal is not unfamiliar to him as he raised it himself in an interview with the Baltimore Sun.

"We'll see," McKinnie said Thursday in his usual Australian accent (kidding), "maybe a trade, who knows?"

Obviously, those are not the only two tackles the Dolphins should explore. Explore everyone. Don't. Just. Sit. There.

Don't buy the fiction Joe Phiblin authors when he talks about guys working hard and getting better when the proof on the field truthfully counters that they are not getting any better. Some guys have maximized. Some guys have worked and they are who they are.

Change is needed.

Look in all crooks and nannies for that change. (See what I did there?)

One of the places, by the way, where the Dolphins should look is internally. That's right, on their very own roster.

No, I'm not advocating playing Dallas Thomas. The Dolphins are not that desperate.

I am advocating looking to see if perhaps Nate Garner can compete at right tackle. I am further advocating looking to see if perhaps moving John Jerry from right guard to right tackle might be suitable?

If you recall, Jerry finsished the 2011 season as Miami's left tackle. And he did a credible job when Jake Long went to his annual December appointment with the injured reserve list. The next year, the Dolphins moved him to guard and he's been starting but not starring there ever since.

Jerry is no great shakes at guard. And he'll probably be a mediocre-at-best tackle. But mediocre is still an upgrade from Clabo's four sacks in four games. Four sacks in four games stares longingly at mediocre. 

(Peanut Gallery: But Mando, if you move Jerry from guard to tackle you just create a problem at guard. What are you going to do with that problem?)

Garner is on the roster. Danny Watkins is on the roster. Or look to the trade market for a guard.

Do something.

I caught up with Watkins this week. The theme I came away with after the interview was he wants to compete for a starting job but he's still learning the playbook and Miami's techniques that have been so successful while giving up 18 sacks.

"Definitely feel good about it but there are still a few chinks in the armor so to speak," he said of where he's at. "But I feel good about it. It's definitely a different element coming in at the beginning of the season as opposed to being here for OTAs or training camp so that changes things. I'll go upstairs see the coaches and spend extra time with them watching the film and reviewing what I got to do. We'll draw stuff up if I'm unclear because some of it is new concepts. But they're really good about it."

So how are practices going?

"It's going well," he said. "The biggest thing is learning the technique and the offense. It's a lot better than what it was two weeks ago. It's when you flat line that you start getting in trouble. I'm just continually getting better."

As Dolphins practices are closed, I have no idea if Watkins is improving or not. I do not know if he's any good or not. But I'm hoping the coaching staff isn't simply accepting the status quo for the sake of keeping the offensive line intact.

Garner is also a possibility. Maybe he can be a better right tackle than Clabo. Maybe he can move in as the right guard and let Jerry go at right tackle. The point is not considering it, not trying it is a big mistake.

Obviously this week's game is not the time to try this. But the Dolphins have have a bye next week. That is the time to make changes. That is the time to bring in a player in trade or move Jerry and insert someone else.

Would that upset the continuity of things? Would that seem a bit desperate?

Giving up 18 sacks in four games and perhaps more on the way against Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil should put the Dolphins on the brink of desperation.

And continuity on a line that gives up 18 sacks in four games is not a good thing. It's a bad thing. It only suggests more of the same is coming in the future.


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can't blame O-line on every sack. I see Tannehill holding that ball too long on many occasions. Also see no "TRUE" Fullback staying home to block. Clabo is no worst then that Martin(soft & passive). Also, gotta have more roll-out plays designed for Tannehill.

Perhaps they should try running the ball more with Miller. Maybe some double tight ends run looking formations then throwing. Play action passes, rolling out the athletic quarterback. A lot of the answers are probably right on the roster- perhaps imaginative better scheming.

Of course, one could point out that the Dolphins should have addressed the offensive line in offseason free agency (other than signing the injured Louis) and the draft (other than drafting the injured and subpar Thomas).

In Tannehill's first year, he only had one decent WR and a lower tier TE as his targets. He also played behind a shaky OL.

This year, Tannehill has better pass catchers overall. Even so, Wallace is looking like a mistake but there is hope that this turns around soon. Depending on the injured Keller was a mistake. The OL, of course, is horrid.

This sort of mis-building is not good for Tannehill's development (or health). If only the Dolphins put a tenth of the attention on the offense that they do with their DL.

It's great that the Dolphins are 3-1, but the OL, receiving personnel, and pass defense is a concern.

While I like having Starks on the roster and he's an excellent player, it may be possible to trade him for elite OL help.

Starks is going to be a FA next year and will probably sign with another team without compensation to the Dolphins if that happens. It would be nice to get a good player or high draft pick for him if at all possible.

Ireland HAS built a decent DL so trading Starks may work out if another team can handle his contract.

...bag of bolts and door handles for McKinnie--that's about right. Haha.

We are drafting Ol next year....much to the dismay of many...I say, who cares?

suck it up jack!

Best point...the Dolphins are headed into a bye week next week...that's when changes will be made. Even though coaches and players promote confidence to the public (which they should) they have to be smart enough behind the scenes to make change. This is the best chance in a long, long time for them to make an impact in the NFL...they just can's squander this opportunity! Right?!?!?

Mark my words!

If Miami has a good showing against the Ravens...and they probably will, Ireland and his questionable coaching staff will not make any moves. Book it, Dano. That will show you how shortsighted they are.

This sucks because as the Oline goes, so does the Dolphins offense. Passing and running. How do you air out bombs to Wallace when Tannehill's pocket keeps crumbling around him within a couple of seconds?

Hope not DoD. They need to understand that change is okay. If you see a hole/need you fix it. The future of RT's growth depends on it. If he's always worried about being hit, he's not going to be effective...it will continue to affect him over time. Not good for the future of our QB.

TIme to do what smart pro football organizations do...they just need small pieces of the puzzle - they are 3-1. Let's not blow this season and near future seasons!

I posted this article excerpt yesterday, but thought I should put it here since it relates to Jeff Ireland's efforts to upgrade the offensive line:

Interesting article on Pro Football NFL Bulletin from last week.

Jeff Ireland settled into his leather chair, drew thoughtfully on his enormous Cuban cigar, and made two things clear, his pride over the Dolphin's 3-0 start and the fact that he has some scores to settle.
"These so-called fans in Miami seems to make it a full time occupation calling for my firing in endless blog postings. While these losers criticize me, I have built a Super Bowl contending team."
Ireland pointed out that while he has the full confidence and support of Dolphins owner Steven Ross, that anonymous bloggers have made him and his family miserable. "When we mop the floor with the Saints next Monday night, there will probably still be endless negative comments on the blogs trying to link a few issues on our offensive line with me being some kind of a failure of a general manager or or castigating me for taking time off work for attending my son's soccer games or daughter's ballet recitals." Ireland called such posts destructive to his family and a threat to his work-life balance. "At some point I will get around to making our offensive line even stronger," said Ireland, punctuating his point with a wave of the cigar, "but it won't come at the expense of my family time."

While it's true that Miami's offensive line play has not been stellar I believe Tannehill magnifies the problem by holding on to the ball way too long way too often.
Why aren't we rolling him out once in a while? He is excellent at throwing on the run to the right side and pretty good while moving to the left.

I say wait until the by week and make any changes then. Trading Starks for a good ot is good idea but I am afraid it will leave gaping holes in our dline better wait til after the season IMO to address this. How many draws or screens or bootlegs have we run Sherman needs to be more creative and tanny needs to vary his snaps better.

Republican Army? Aren't you guys the ones who shut down the government?

I agree with the theme of ALWAYS looking at something from ALL Angles to improve.They have 3 offensive lineman that are good enough to continue starting at their positions.There are two other positions that need improving.I think if they even improve one of these two they could possibly scheme and game plan to compensate for the one weak link.

That leads me to what I have written on here countless times.The NFL coaches seem to live in a regimented world in which they are afraid to try new things and think that the system and the plays that they have in place is the ONLY thing that works.I think they should scheme and game plan not only to attack the weaknesses of the opposing defense but to compensate for their own weaknesses.They have trouble giving T-Hill time to throw and he is not helping matters by being a 2nd year QB and not having the pocket awareness(clock in his head)that a more experienced QB would have.I think they should run more plays where the pocket is moving or is not in the same place(target)Roll outs and screens come to mind although screens are just to slow down the pass rush if they are effective in gaining big chunks of yards.

....throw a darn screen once in a while to slow down the pass rush!

It can be difficult to throw a screen if you don't have guards who can get out to block it...

"I'm definitely worried".

I'm not sold on following Pittsburgh's strategy that probably doesn't make them even 1 win better. I don't want to trade a valuable pick for a player we'll be cutting after the season. I don't mind the moving people around route, using what we have on the roster. But unless we can land a RT that has a shot of sticking with the team, I see what we can do coaching these guys up and then fix our problems next Draft.

I think Dolphins should look at a Guard who can pull and move Jerry or Garner to tackle and sit Clabo for a bit. I am not ready to give up on Clabo. He is a seasoned vet going through a bad streak which admittedly puts him at a crossroad of get better or be cut. I still think he can get better but needs to sit for now. So, does Jerry which is why I would opt for a guard. Since Clabo, Jerry, and Icognito are likely gone at season end getting a decent guard now eliminates a hole in the middle and possibly two if Watkins pans out.

If we don't beat the Ravens I can honestly say we are still an average team and the wins over the Colts and Falcons were fortunate victories. We looked completely out of the Saints' league Monday night. I expected a loss, but not that kind of a loss. We still need significant upgrades at LT(move Martin to RT), RG, and TE(need a 6-7 basketball player)on offense or we won't be able to compete. On defense,we still need a CB(maybe Grimes, Patterson, Davis, and Taylor are solid and maybe they aren't...but regardless, we need a true shutdown CB that isn't 5'8". We need another Safety too. Jones is pretty good and Clemons is a great backup, but look at the plays that other Safties make in the league. Our defense still doesn't make any impact plays. I think we need another pass rusher too because look at our pass rush when Wake is out, it's non existent. I know that Jordan may develop, but who do we have after that? Vernon and Shelby are excellent backups but not impact starters. We also need a LBer that can cover a freaking TE! If not, we need to have Jordan cover them which brings me back to needing another pass rusher. I think this team is much improved but we're still not good enough to go any deeper than the first round of the playoffs......PLAYOFFS?????? lol I love that! Later all.

Nate Garner would do a better job at right guard. Rolling out Tanneyhill would help him, 3 step drops etc. The thing I don't understand about Sherman is he tries to get "cute" at the worst moments ie Daniel Thomas on 3rd and inches.

Don't throw away picks for a short term solution...if the answer isn't already on the team then someone needs to step their game up...even if it is Tannehill playing above the play of the OL...real good QBs can make that happen...or just roll with what they got this year and find the solutions in the off-season...just make whatever push you can in this year 2...I personally find it humorous how this is an issue now but last year (most) everyone was screaming who gives a crap about OL because they don't win games...well that does seem partially right at the moment because we are 3-1 BUT where would our offense be if we had 2 more GOOD blockers...I dont think tannehill can survive at this rate...and not even necessarily from a injury stand point...if he doesn't have TRUST in the blocking...he is going to have happy feet all year long...and happy feet in the pocket equals poor QB play...

Jack, I was one of "those people" you speak of, and you misstate (at least my) position. Yes, OL is important. But what this year shows is you can win WITHOUT a top notch OL, if you have good skill position players (we're scoring more points this year than last year). You don't improve your line AT THE EXPENSE OF skill positions. Actually, if you can't do it simultaneously, it's better to get the skill positions filled first, THEN improve the line (like we're doing now). That's what most of us were saying, we continuously drafted linemen in the 1st round, and thought we could get away with Clyde Gates as a WR and Matt Moore at QB. That doesn't work.

Yeah, got to agree with Mando here. The line is not a total mess as some would make it out to seem but RT play is unacceptable.

First postlast blog, i said it - move Jerry to RT. His blcoking metrics are very good as per PFF and as Mando mentioned and we all saw, he played a nice left tackle for jake Long when Long went on one of his in season injury sabbaticals. Played a better tackle than Martin actually.

Jack @ 8:35, that's a fair point but rectified if Garner or Watkins are playing RG. Much more mobile. Another possible advantage of making the change.

If you seriously look at the play of Manning, Brady, Brees and Rogers, you know we are not going to the SuperBowl this year. Can Tannehill get that good? At least we can say an honest maybe.

But do not give away our future for this season. If all these rookies and 2nd year players mature and we can help the o-line next year in the draft, then sell out.

With all that said, I still think we would play a lot better if the other team did not know what was coming. NO's defense was moving to stop our plays before we even started them. Whatever caused that, it needs to be corrected NOW.

I agree Mark. Gotta do something. I don't think it is totally salvagable this year but any tweaks are needed to keep Tanny in one piece.

It might mean the difference between the Fins making the playoffs or waiting again for next year.

PS, usually a football team will reflect the nature of their coach, which makes uncle Joe a piece of milk-toast.

Ok....so Tannehill gets sacked alot...he also is 3-1 this season beating some pretty good defenses in CLE, IND & ATL.

Let's not lose the fact that he BEAT three solid defenses and got hammered by one great unit.

Ravens D is always stout, but they are not the same unit as last year.

Great chance to be 4-1 going into the bye...gotta believe baby.

Yeah, we must have done something right when we beat good Teams Indy and Atl in a row despite horrible OL play. My only fear is that perhaps those victories were facilitated by some kind of circumstances(Lady Luck) and not mainly due to our own talent. The Game with the Ravens will clarify this situation on the way of defining our Season.

Buffalo's draft class is looking pretty damn good.

Robert Woods is a nice receiver and is a great route runner

EJ Manuel looks like he can be really good. Best rookie QB this year

Kiko Alonso - Holy crap, this is the kind of player our Defense needs. I think all defenses need an undersized white LB. Like him or Zach Thomas I really like how he flies around the ball!!

Move J Martin back to RT. Bring back Jake long at LT.

mando I like the thinking but people are only trading their sorry players right now.. Monroe is on a Jacksonville line that has the 2nd overall pick on it and they still have allowed more sacks than the fins. Monroe is not a baller. He's pretty much Tyson clabo. I agree with you on the internal thing. Any news on Dallas Thomas?

Yeah, well Rdubs, that might be so, but the fact is that Cle beat Buf by 13 and we beat Cle by the same amount. So, we are 26 points better at this point than Buffalo is. How bout that!

Wow all this blogging about the offensive line. I guess it's a forgone conclusion that not paying Jake Long was a major mistake...

So, just let me try and understand, Miami has all these problems with a young team that's 3-1, but in some alternate universe Buffalo's youngsters are damned good, having just lost to the Browns who were playing their backup QB? The same Browns Miami demolished Week 1?

If you mean good in the sense of a cute team that hasn't gotten sick of mediocrity yet, then yes, Buffalo's that team.

I don't see Miami giving up any picks in next year's draft for anyone other than a pure beast of a Pro-Bowler O-lineman! As long as Ireland is working his "plan" for the team, it ain't happening. And, I do think that they'll explore their options on the right side during the Bye Week. I believe that putting Garner at RG and Jerry at RT would help. A lot depends on Watkins' development. Not knowing where he's at right now, I'm unsure if he's a Guard or a Tackle. Or, if he's going to be a rotational guy. The way I see it, it's not all on the O-line anyways. Some of the problem is Tannehill and some is on the RB's and TE's not blocking worth a flip! It's a problem that MUST be addressed, and soon, if Miami intends to have a winning season. Everyone is studying the tapes of the game with the Saints. And, the sharks smell blood in the water...


True, but is would have been closer if Manuel is still in the game. Dont forget Tuel threw a pick 6. So it really wasnt a 13 point difference. But I see what you're saying. I hope Manuel misses the game against us.How is an undrafted rookie your back up, when your starter is a rookie.That is just dumb. I would love to play against Tuel in 2 weeks!

Sigh... anyone who saw last weeks Rams - 9ers game saw Jake Long go down against Justin Smith. If they manage to bandage him together again - he will not be 100% for the rest of the year. I wanted jake back but those who said let him walk because he's doen were obviously right. He's finished.

I still think Jerry is the answer at OT ... at least in the short term

DC, excellent point. All these people crying about our shortcoming but yet wow, we should envy Buffalo (2-3) and at least one year away from being a playoff contender Buffalo... not to pick on rdubs as he's far from the only person to mention this but come on... stop looking at the skank across the club when you have a good girl right on your arm.


I dont know if you were referring to me or my post, when you said that "If you mean good in the sense of a cute team that hasn't gotten sick of mediocrity yet, then yes, Buffalo's that team."

I was just giving props to Buffalo for their draft class. Nothing more nothing less......

Letting Jake Long walk was totally moronic. We have the cap space 3 times over to sign him. J Martin wasnt bad at RT. Now, Tannys getting killed back there.

cant keep wasting 1st round picks. Should have drafted Warmack.

We saw the problem with the OL before the Draft and I wanted to draft G Jonathan Cooper first. Forunately, Ireland paid to attention whatsoever to me as he should do, because the guy soon broke his leg and is out for the Season. btw, Dallas Thomas was the 6th drafted G and NOT as a Tackle.

I don't want a large farva...I want a GOTDAMN liter of cola!!!

Lane Johnson seems to be having a crap year in Philly...so looks like not going there in the draft has initailly been a good move...Dallas Thomas has been a pretty big disappointment to me so far...of course I don't know what the heck he is doing nowadays...

but I think this discussion needs to go on the back burner until Monday morning...they really need to beat Baltimore and go into the bye at 4-1...thats when you can start making adjustments and looking for other possibilities...just focus on B-more and the W!!!

Ireland wanted to concentrate on D Brady oriented last draft. That is understandable. Probably OLine next year.

Obvious that neither Cooper nor Johnson would've fixed our line this year. And if we drafted Warmack 3rd overall ... holy smoke this board would've hit an all time blog troll record for picking an OG 3rd overall...

From what I saw last year, JMart only played better overall when he was moved to his natural LT position. It would be a grave mistake to play him as a RT. If he doesn't cut it, he could be a great LT backup.

rdubs, it wasn't meant disrespectfully (though on re-read it did sound condescending). I'm just in season-mode, where I give nothing to the enemy (meaning division foes). Not one iota of respect. With that said, I do like Manuel. He will probably end up being their long-term answer at QB.

I keep thinking of all the Good or Decent Offensive teams over the years that everyone always expects is playoff caliber yet always seem to fail at even making the playoffs ie Houston for yrs and Dallas for example, and all due to the fact that their offensive lines were getting their QBs killed week in and week out. Not until those Olines were fixed have teams like that making the playoffs (Dallas excluded since they're just cursed or something).

Ireland and Philbin HAVE TO get their heads wrapped arounf the situation and MAKE SOME CHANGES regardless of who or what it affects. If they continue to let Tannehill get Destoyed behind this Oline then he WILL NEVER become the Franchise QB he presently has the chance to become due to fear, timidness and always believing he's fixing to get hit. This team could be SO DOMINATING given one or two Correct Players.

Midseason trades are hard to pull off but really, What would any rrally good team be willing to guve up to have a Joe Thomas or a Richmond Webb(Great Long Career players). I say Sale The Farm RIGHT NOW AND GET THAT KIND OF DEAL DONE THIS NEXT MONDAY heading into the bye week.

This division is sooo there to be had and all this team is.missing is that stud game changer and YES A LEFT TACKLE at Present Time WOULD BE A GAME CHANGER cuz Martin then could man the RT spot and THEN THIS OFFENSE COULD BE DOMINANT BY SEASON'S END.

Oscar, have to say nobody ripped on martin more than I did last year. however, this year I haven't said anything. I know the kid isn't perfect but I do see the work he's put in and the improvement he made. He's a better player than last year. Not a stud left tackle but serviceable and capable of improving further. No problems with the LT.

OK, I'm going to pull a reverse troll post...

Funny, the same people who said picking a left tackle over a QB are the same people who are now saying trade everything for a left tackle ...???

Well, Jonathan Cooper was picked ahead of Chance Warmack. btw, how is Chance doing with the Titans?

and mando btw..Pittsburgh, nyg and Baltimore all suck! Dolphins are 3-1

I know j-mart has 4 sacks allowed. If I recall correctly, I believe 2 were Tannehill holding on to the ball too long.


I feel you on not giving other teams any credit or acknowledging what they have done. But Kiko Alonso was all over the place. I look at a rookie who is always around the ball, before its a 10 yard gain, unlike Wheeler who always looks like he doesnt know what he is doing.

No way do we trade away a draft pick to pick up an OL for what would basically be an 11 or 12 game loaner. As for Mando's idea about getting a left tackle and moving JMartin back to RT, ?????.

No way should we be moving Martin back again, which will do nothing but harm to his continuing development as an NFL tackle. He needs to be left alone to continue to improve at LT. Dallas Thomas is not and will never be a tackle in the NFL. I suspect he was drafted as Incog's replacement at LG next season.

I am cool with the idea of moving Jerry to RT, a position for which he is much better suited and think Garner or Watkins could easily start at RG. We do not need to bring in new players, just a little shuffle around will do.

Going forward we will draft OL early in the next draft. We have the majority of our skill guys in place, which means we are in a very good position going forward. We will not drop back again as we dide after Sparano's first season

For those who want Nate Garner starting - have you forgotten the latter part of last year when he did start, and was just another in a long line of turnstiles we've had at RT?

Thing is that the Dolphins didn't attempt to bring in (draft) OL bodies to compete. They drafted 2 DB"s when I was thinking they would be going for O. Linemen. could have kept Richard Marshall as well which would have allowed them to draft more O. Lineman. Your seeing it around the league. Lineman drafted late or free agents making a difference. Denver for one.

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