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Dolphins must do something at RT

The Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens and New York Giants have made trades in the past week to try to salvage their season. Perhaps they were desperate moves. Perhaps, but they were moves by general managers who have each won multiple Super Bowls and believe in doing everything they can to help their teams improve now.

Perhaps the Dolphins need to get themselves in that kind of company and mindset.

The Dolphins, 3-1 and thick in the hunt for a playoff spot, have a serious problem on their hands in that they cannot protect their quarterback. They can't keep Ryan Tannehill upright as the 18 sacks they've allowed not only suggests but screams at full throat.

So rather than just sitting around and hoping and praying and acting like hard work is going to suddenly turn Tyson Clabo into a 26-year-old version of himself rather than the 32-year-old version we've seen give up four sacks in four games, perhaps the Dolphins should start shopping for an offensive tackle.

Or perhaps the Dolphins should consider moving people around to address that right tackle issue internally.

Either way, perhaps the Dolphins would be better off doing something instead of nothing.

So what can they explore?

Well, I do not blame the Dolphins for not being in on Levi Brown, who was traded from Arizona to Pittsburgh. He's frankly not much of an upgrade on any level. I don't blame them for missing out on Eugene Monroe, who was traded from Jacksonville to Baltimore.

Don't get me wrong, it would have made sense to get Monroe and start him on Sunday at left tackle while moving Jonathan Martin to right tackle. That would have been a good move, considering Monroe instead will be lining up against the Dolphins on Sunday because the Ravens gave up an undisclosed third-day-of-the-draft pick (somewhere between the fourth and seventh round) to get him this week.

A league source has confirmed for me that Jacksonville didn't really make the usual round of phone calls to the entire league to make Monroe available. So the Dolphins apparently didn't know Monroe was available.

But as the trade deadline approaches at the end of this month, perhaps it is time to be more proactive. Perhaps rather than wait on teams to call and say they have players available, maybe the Dolphins should start calling to see if players are available.

There's nothing wrong with being an active shopper.

The Ravens proved this when they called about Monroe and got a good player who wasn't really on the market.

So maybe a call to Tampa Bay to see if Donald Penn is available might be warranted for Miami. This, by the way, was suggested to me by a twitter follower. And looking at it, Penn is playing great and although he's very expensive, he's earning that pay. He'd be a huge upgrade for Miami.

Why would the Bucs trade him?

Well, they probably wouldn't but they did reportedly call the Dolphins to see if Miami would be interested in quarterback Josh Freeman. (The Dolphins obviously said no). So the Bucs are sort of rebuilding. Penn is 30 years old and maybe Tampa Bay can be convinced that a draft pick next year (maybe a third or even a second?) is good business because Penn is 30, expensive, and they aren't winning any titles anytime soon with a rookie QB, anyway.

It's a shot in the dark. And it beats taking no shot at all.

Maybe the Dolphins this weekend arrange a little discussion between Jeff Ireland and Ozzie Newsome. The Dolphins and Ravens GMs can talk about Bryant McKinnie. Maybe after Sunday's game is over, the Dolphins can send a seventh-round pick or perhaps a bag of bolts and door handles to the Ravens for McKinnie.

McKinnie, by the way, isn't the player he once was. He was once dominant. But he's partied too hard and gotten too soft to be very good anymore. His feet are slower. His belly is bigger. He's no longer a star, which is the reason the Ravens are replacing him with Monroe.

But you know what? The combination of LT McKinnie and RT Jonathan Martin is better than the combination of LT Martin and RT Clabo. And maybe McKinnie can lose weight in the Miami heat (Yeah, it is still hot down here). And, again, the Dolphins aren't exactly paying a premium for McKinnie, a player they liked in the spring.

McKinnie, by the way, is available according to a league source. And the idea of a deal is not unfamiliar to him as he raised it himself in an interview with the Baltimore Sun.

"We'll see," McKinnie said Thursday in his usual Australian accent (kidding), "maybe a trade, who knows?"

Obviously, those are not the only two tackles the Dolphins should explore. Explore everyone. Don't. Just. Sit. There.

Don't buy the fiction Joe Phiblin authors when he talks about guys working hard and getting better when the proof on the field truthfully counters that they are not getting any better. Some guys have maximized. Some guys have worked and they are who they are.

Change is needed.

Look in all crooks and nannies for that change. (See what I did there?)

One of the places, by the way, where the Dolphins should look is internally. That's right, on their very own roster.

No, I'm not advocating playing Dallas Thomas. The Dolphins are not that desperate.

I am advocating looking to see if perhaps Nate Garner can compete at right tackle. I am further advocating looking to see if perhaps moving John Jerry from right guard to right tackle might be suitable?

If you recall, Jerry finsished the 2011 season as Miami's left tackle. And he did a credible job when Jake Long went to his annual December appointment with the injured reserve list. The next year, the Dolphins moved him to guard and he's been starting but not starring there ever since.

Jerry is no great shakes at guard. And he'll probably be a mediocre-at-best tackle. But mediocre is still an upgrade from Clabo's four sacks in four games. Four sacks in four games stares longingly at mediocre. 

(Peanut Gallery: But Mando, if you move Jerry from guard to tackle you just create a problem at guard. What are you going to do with that problem?)

Garner is on the roster. Danny Watkins is on the roster. Or look to the trade market for a guard.

Do something.

I caught up with Watkins this week. The theme I came away with after the interview was he wants to compete for a starting job but he's still learning the playbook and Miami's techniques that have been so successful while giving up 18 sacks.

"Definitely feel good about it but there are still a few chinks in the armor so to speak," he said of where he's at. "But I feel good about it. It's definitely a different element coming in at the beginning of the season as opposed to being here for OTAs or training camp so that changes things. I'll go upstairs see the coaches and spend extra time with them watching the film and reviewing what I got to do. We'll draw stuff up if I'm unclear because some of it is new concepts. But they're really good about it."

So how are practices going?

"It's going well," he said. "The biggest thing is learning the technique and the offense. It's a lot better than what it was two weeks ago. It's when you flat line that you start getting in trouble. I'm just continually getting better."

As Dolphins practices are closed, I have no idea if Watkins is improving or not. I do not know if he's any good or not. But I'm hoping the coaching staff isn't simply accepting the status quo for the sake of keeping the offensive line intact.

Garner is also a possibility. Maybe he can be a better right tackle than Clabo. Maybe he can move in as the right guard and let Jerry go at right tackle. The point is not considering it, not trying it is a big mistake.

Obviously this week's game is not the time to try this. But the Dolphins have have a bye next week. That is the time to make changes. That is the time to bring in a player in trade or move Jerry and insert someone else.

Would that upset the continuity of things? Would that seem a bit desperate?

Giving up 18 sacks in four games and perhaps more on the way against Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil should put the Dolphins on the brink of desperation.

And continuity on a line that gives up 18 sacks in four games is not a good thing. It's a bad thing. It only suggests more of the same is coming in the future.


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Excellent point Armando. This O-line is the weakest link right now. Why bring in these expensive weapons when Tannehill has no time to throw, 18 sacks, and always hurried? Makes no sense. Ireland did well during the off season but the job is not finished. I don't agree with moving Jerry to RT but its worth a try. Jerry hopefully will be adios next year. And Clabo just needs to be released ASAP. This year the team has potential, make the most out of it.

MassD, have to agree that Garner is not a good tackle but he is a useful interior guy ... but Garner or Watkins, I don't care, I just want Jerry at RT.








Funny, People say very easily, release this guy or that one!, but do we have somebody better to take their spot?

Don, there is no "we" you are not part of this ...

I really don't see anyone being interested in trading for Starks. I am struggling to think of a team who is ready to make a playoff run and just needing a DT to complete the jigswa, Especially when they would have to swallow his $8.5mill salary.

He will stay with us, and then either be signed instead of Soliai or allowed to try FA.


Be proud of your country. I just learned The Trailer Park boys have released a 3rd movie. I am almost in tears at this glorious news!!! Ricky,Bubbles,Julian have returned, to warm our hearts once again!!!

TPB is the best thing to come out of Canada!! I mean that in a good way!!!

So you want Ireland to panic like all the other GMs that might get fired because they didn't address the Situation in the Off season.

Please, No players over 30. Now, If a 25 yr old OT is available OK, go for it. BUT PLAYERS ARE BEING TRADED FOR A REASON. And Doubt any of that is because they are performing to their potential.

And it doesn't matter how many SBs you won. What matters is what have you done for me lately. Else, B.Polian will still have a job. Or S.Pioli.

Just remember ONE thing. IRELAND IS HERE TO STAY. So deal with it.

The Oline problems is exactly why at draftime I was high on the idea of drafting Eifert (to be there in case Keller got hurt) and trade for Albert. Taylor hasn't been productive anyways and still have/could've gotten Davis like we did (although he hasn't been productive as of yet either). I just hate the idea of Tannehill getting Matt Schaub'd into mediocrity behind the Oline we presently field every week. Changes can be made whether through trade or realignment and should be before we do end up losing at the last minute of a close season and hurting Tanny's psyche.

They could easily keep runningvthe ball to take a lot of preasure off Tanny cuz Miller is starting to find a nice groove IF THEY WOULD JUST STICK WITH HIM & forget about freaken Daniel Thomas ( the dam guy runs too upright and has absolutely NO MANPOWER. Change up Tanny's drops every snap if ya have to and for peete's sake have him change his cadence (it seems everyone knows exactly when the damn ball is being snapped and the DTs & DEs are all over the Oline before they get outta their stance.

OLine is the one unit on a Football Team where the starting Players benefit most playing together for the longest time possible. If you disrupt that chemistry it is a recipe for disaster. I think Philbin experimented in the pre-Season moving starters to diff positions. But they finally decided on who the best five they think are. We have what we have and we have to work with them as a Unit and individually to make them better. At least for this Season.


The terms of the trade were reported everywhere I don't know how Mando missed it.

Mando, great idea. Lets trade for McKinney. Aren't the ravens trading for someone to replace McKinney? Are you insane?

Some Bloggers and Journalist have the shortest Memory I have ever seen in my life. OR IS IT THAT THEY JUST LOVE COMPLAINING. I take the latter.

Agreed with Mark. A Bunch of you were Nagging this whole off season and last season. You don't need an O-line to function in the NFL!! Now you are the same ones complaining that we should've drafted a Linemen High.

How can a person be such a Hypocrite and be OK with it. Is beyond Dashi. The Lack of Character some of you show is astounding.

Now I am not talking about everyone. But 2 or 3 of you come on here and Spew nonsense religiously everyday here. I guess once it becomes a habit, you are not that far away from becoming an Addict to Talking Chit. Even though with some of you it is just hereditary. Some come from a long line of chit talkers.

And yes, I have upgraded the Troll Brigade to 3 Super Soldiers. 2 are in cahoots and the other 1 is more like a mercenary.

well said Dashi

I definetly recall a certain journalist saying olinemen are not impact players. A great analogy would be a car: Olineman are not the engine but they are the tires. When you have good ones it makes the ride that much smoother.

I always thought Chance Warmack was a great pulling G.

Wow all this blogging about the offensive line. I guess it's a forgone conclusion that not paying Jake Long was a major mistake...

Posted by: promichael | October 04, 2013 at 09:32 AM



Great analogy.

If I may add to it, You can drive on bad tires in perfect conditions, but the minute the conditions get rough you lose all control of the car.

Tires aren't the most important thing on a Car, but a good set can go a long way in extending the life of the Car.

As individual Players, with the exception of certain Centers, O linemen are not impact players. But as a Unit, they are more crucial to a Team than any D you might come up with.

I definetly recall a certain journalist saying olinemen are not impact players.

Posted by: Slam | October 04, 2013 at 11:07 AM

They're not impact players. A good QB doesnt need a top OL.

As the great Coach he is, Belichick has surrounded Brady with a great O line, Mankins, Solder, Vollmer, and, barring injury, Brady will have all the time in the world to continue picking apart Defenses, including ours.

Lineman are NOT playmakers!

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who said anything about playmakers??

but if your line is not great it prevents your QB to get the ball downfield to your playmakers. It also restricts the play calling cause the OC is worried about his qb getting killed. Did you see what happened when the fins called play action vs Atlanta?? QB got killed on blindside hit and fumbled.

Warmack was a Power G, not a pulling G. Zero lateral agility.

The Line is set.

Here is a nugget of Dashi info. Once Training camp begins Philbin doesn't like to bring in new players. Definitely not after preseason. And I agree with him. This isn't a Video game. Players need to learn the Playbook and build chemistry. Even on the O-line. You just don't plug and play during the season.

This season is an abnormality. Football isn't Basketball or Baseball. Trades don't usually happen during the season. Players need to learn the system they are going to be playing in before they see the field in the NFL. 16 games. 12 left. How long is it going to take a player that just got traded to learn the Playbook. That took the rest of the team OTA's and Training camp to learn.

Tannehill has to be quicker at decision making or no OL will be able to protect him.

We have 2 chances of beating NE this Season, even once. They are, slim and none.

That's just stupid..Tannehill does have to make quicker decisions and get the ball out sometimes but his decision making is better than last year and he didn't get sacked this much last year. The players around him(rbs and tes included) need to block better.

HoHo!, Dashi.

I agree with the assumption that the Center is the most important linemen. He is basically the QB of the Line. LT's are important but the difference between a Good LT and a Great LT is smaller than A good Center and a great center.

If linemen weren't important why don't they just play 7 on 7 this weekend.

The Republicans need to stop their assault on the middle class and reopen our government.

Remember, we said the exact same thing about Henne. He needed better players around him. So we got Jake Long, Pouncey, Incognito, Reggie Bush, and Brandon Marshall. IT DIDNT HELP A BIT. You could surround Tannehill with pro bowlers and it wouldnt make a difference. He's David Carr, Chad Henne. We need a QB.

Marc, the assault on the middle class happens in every capitalist country. The wealthy have access to loopholes and the poor don't make enough to contribute. It's a stupid tax system. Bring on the flat tax and have everyone pay their fair share.

DeVille, Tannehill has very respectable #s - stop putting him in the same group with nothings like Carr and Henne. Tannehill's first quarter against a bear schedule has him sitting in the middle of the league in passing and rating. The last thing that is wrong with this team is the QB.

It is all very well talking about the OL, but it is just as much about our RB's and TE's. They also need to do a better job.

All I want is for the Ravens to be handed a beating, and 4-1 to be the record going into the bye. We then have a little time to work on things, and are definitely in the mix for a playoff spot.

What about Dallas Thomas? Oh yeah another ridiculous OL draft pick wasted. Whomever is responsible for these OL draft picks needs to get sh__canned.

Probably a little late to find O-line help 1/4 way into the season. And it's true regarding o-line chemistry. But what about a FB? What was that guy's name we passed on?

I bet that same ones posting asinine drivel here are the same ones who blindly support the republican party.

Who wants to take me up on that bet.

Yet, they don't see the errors in their way. Delusional and Demented. Oh, and to them they are never wrong. Über Stubborn.

Ask a republican why has the Gov't stopped. Bet they blame Obama. They are the most easily manipulated individuals in our society. But don't tell them that. We are the ones that are brainwashed according to them.

Most republicans don't even know why they are republicans. Notice only Rednecks and Communist support the republican party. And no offense to some rednecks. Or my asian commies. But sometimes the stereotype fits. Else it wouldn't be a stereotype.

So, people are complaining about every aspect of the offence, RB, WR, TE, QB, and OL. Tannehill makes everyone around him worse. Good QB's make everyone around them better.

The Dolphins have been trying to build an O line since they drafted Jake Long 5 years ago. They have made countless free agent signings (Jake Grove,Justin Smiley, Marc Columbo and now Tyson Clabo just to name a few.) with no success.
The truth is they have had players on the roster that could of been developed but were let go BECAUSE of these free agent signings.
Case in point Donald Thomas OG. Before he got hurt was starting on a good Colts OL. Then we have Evan Mathis, starting and doing well in Philly at guard. Couple that with the ill advised decision not to sign Jake Long and this is what you have. An OL that that allows 18 sacks countless hits and hurries in just 4 games. Be careful that Tannehill does not becomes the next David Carr.

I see Troll #3 is here.

I need to see this defense unleash its fury on the Ravens Sunday...how about a SHUT OUT Brotherhood!!!

DeVille is definitely troll #3... Clay, hartline, Gibson all in line for career years around Tannehill and he makes everyone else worse ... yeah right. Buy a clue, man.

2012 trolls ... Tannehill is going to get killed because jake Long stinks

2013 trolls ... o line stinks because jake Long is gone ..

cue the clowns ....

The truth hurts. I know.

Interesting... CadillacDeHOME spouting negativity about 2nd year QBs that will take another year and a half to mature. Irish Republican citing publications that do not exist to further his bashing of Ireland. When the team is 3-1 and could be the best we have seen since Shula was bashed out of town by the same big mouthed negative know nothings...

My question is, why bother being a fan at all? Think of all the time you are wasting bashing something you obviously hate. Take up gardening, that will be nice and soothing. Maybe then the dog will come out from hiding under the couch when he thinks he may not get his teeth kicked in.

I would also like to see Tannehill have total veto power at the line of scrimmage!!! Ryan...forget what Sherman just called it...get us in the right play!!! And for the love of god...put the ball away and slide!!!

I would also like to see Tannehill have total veto power at the line of scrimmage!!! Ryan...forget what Sherman just called it...get us in the right play!!! And for the love of god...put the ball away and slide!!!

Posted by: Jack! 10.6 | October 04, 2013 at 12:29 PM

With you on that...I said something similar a couple of blogs ago. If we're lucky, as the season progresses he will 'see' better plays and audible more but more likely, it might be another year.

For the most part, I agree with you "Mando; but,I also agree with some posters who have written to say that T-Hill is personally responsible for some of those sacks by holding the ball too long. Just as he is responsible for too many fumbles, not all of which came as a result of his scrambling--T-Hill has lost some fumbles while simply being sacked.

Tannehill is way below average whether you admit it or not.

The OL in general is a absolute disaster and with the offensive set up is mess, i said a while back that the need to have outlet players ready for Tanny and to use a 3 to 5 step drop more, quick hitting wich is part of the WCO. Use Garner on the left and Martin on the right

The numbers and team record say otherwise DeVille.


So you haven't retired that name after all.

I talked about the importance of the OL in the offseason. Some on the blog were saying who cares just put anyone out there. Get a couple of picks in the 5th and 6th round to play. I was a proponent of keeping Big Jake.I know Long has been breaking down the last few years but he is way better than Clabo. Clabo brings back memories of Mark Colombo who was a turn stile.

To have a good offense you have to have a good OL. The fins seemed to forget that this offseason and are now paying the price. The Dolphins had depth at CB. They did not need to draft Jamar Taylor (remember they released Marshall). They could have drafted a guard or tackle with that pick. They could have just stayed put and not traded up for Jordan and drafted Long in that spot and then taken the DE in the second round. You cannot ignore the OL that is where the running and passing game starts.

Even Wallace is dissapointed with Tannehill. And Philbin cant be pleased with Tannehill turning the ball over constantly. Philbin was preaching WIN the turnover battle. Maybe a switch to Moore is coming if Tannehill cant play better or gets injured.

Meanwhile in 3 games for Detroit Reggie Bush has...
254 yards rushing & a TD (5.3 ypc)
179 yards receiving & a TD (16.3 ypc)
4 years $16mil

Lamar Miller & Danny Thomas 266 yards COMBINED (3.9 ypc) Hartline & Wallace 448 yards receiving (12.4 ypc) & 3 TDs for the low, low price of $90mil

and our OL might be the worst in football.

until the Oline improves, or the personnel improves, or a combination of the two.....Sherman has to call a game plan where the ball comes out quickly--bottom line--quick hits, slants, whatever....might be limiting but our QBs confidence is going to get limited too, if he continues to be under constant pressure--yes, some of the sacks are his doing, but TH often has 2 seconds to get rid of the ball....a few step drop and guys are in his face--help him out, build his confidence....quick hit plays.

Ireland has more busts than Dolly Parton!

and probably an obvious question (no need to remind me please), but why isnt Watkins in the mix at this point? dude was a 1st rd pick and even if a reach there, was considered a solid prospect--he's athletic, young, in shape....geez, we cant figure out any way to help the kid learn our playbook?--talk to him and give him direction in the huddle maybe?--cant imagine he's not an upgrade or neutral at worst, to a few of our current Olineman

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