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Dolphins must do something at RT

The Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens and New York Giants have made trades in the past week to try to salvage their season. Perhaps they were desperate moves. Perhaps, but they were moves by general managers who have each won multiple Super Bowls and believe in doing everything they can to help their teams improve now.

Perhaps the Dolphins need to get themselves in that kind of company and mindset.

The Dolphins, 3-1 and thick in the hunt for a playoff spot, have a serious problem on their hands in that they cannot protect their quarterback. They can't keep Ryan Tannehill upright as the 18 sacks they've allowed not only suggests but screams at full throat.

So rather than just sitting around and hoping and praying and acting like hard work is going to suddenly turn Tyson Clabo into a 26-year-old version of himself rather than the 32-year-old version we've seen give up four sacks in four games, perhaps the Dolphins should start shopping for an offensive tackle.

Or perhaps the Dolphins should consider moving people around to address that right tackle issue internally.

Either way, perhaps the Dolphins would be better off doing something instead of nothing.

So what can they explore?

Well, I do not blame the Dolphins for not being in on Levi Brown, who was traded from Arizona to Pittsburgh. He's frankly not much of an upgrade on any level. I don't blame them for missing out on Eugene Monroe, who was traded from Jacksonville to Baltimore.

Don't get me wrong, it would have made sense to get Monroe and start him on Sunday at left tackle while moving Jonathan Martin to right tackle. That would have been a good move, considering Monroe instead will be lining up against the Dolphins on Sunday because the Ravens gave up an undisclosed third-day-of-the-draft pick (somewhere between the fourth and seventh round) to get him this week.

A league source has confirmed for me that Jacksonville didn't really make the usual round of phone calls to the entire league to make Monroe available. So the Dolphins apparently didn't know Monroe was available.

But as the trade deadline approaches at the end of this month, perhaps it is time to be more proactive. Perhaps rather than wait on teams to call and say they have players available, maybe the Dolphins should start calling to see if players are available.

There's nothing wrong with being an active shopper.

The Ravens proved this when they called about Monroe and got a good player who wasn't really on the market.

So maybe a call to Tampa Bay to see if Donald Penn is available might be warranted for Miami. This, by the way, was suggested to me by a twitter follower. And looking at it, Penn is playing great and although he's very expensive, he's earning that pay. He'd be a huge upgrade for Miami.

Why would the Bucs trade him?

Well, they probably wouldn't but they did reportedly call the Dolphins to see if Miami would be interested in quarterback Josh Freeman. (The Dolphins obviously said no). So the Bucs are sort of rebuilding. Penn is 30 years old and maybe Tampa Bay can be convinced that a draft pick next year (maybe a third or even a second?) is good business because Penn is 30, expensive, and they aren't winning any titles anytime soon with a rookie QB, anyway.

It's a shot in the dark. And it beats taking no shot at all.

Maybe the Dolphins this weekend arrange a little discussion between Jeff Ireland and Ozzie Newsome. The Dolphins and Ravens GMs can talk about Bryant McKinnie. Maybe after Sunday's game is over, the Dolphins can send a seventh-round pick or perhaps a bag of bolts and door handles to the Ravens for McKinnie.

McKinnie, by the way, isn't the player he once was. He was once dominant. But he's partied too hard and gotten too soft to be very good anymore. His feet are slower. His belly is bigger. He's no longer a star, which is the reason the Ravens are replacing him with Monroe.

But you know what? The combination of LT McKinnie and RT Jonathan Martin is better than the combination of LT Martin and RT Clabo. And maybe McKinnie can lose weight in the Miami heat (Yeah, it is still hot down here). And, again, the Dolphins aren't exactly paying a premium for McKinnie, a player they liked in the spring.

McKinnie, by the way, is available according to a league source. And the idea of a deal is not unfamiliar to him as he raised it himself in an interview with the Baltimore Sun.

"We'll see," McKinnie said Thursday in his usual Australian accent (kidding), "maybe a trade, who knows?"

Obviously, those are not the only two tackles the Dolphins should explore. Explore everyone. Don't. Just. Sit. There.

Don't buy the fiction Joe Phiblin authors when he talks about guys working hard and getting better when the proof on the field truthfully counters that they are not getting any better. Some guys have maximized. Some guys have worked and they are who they are.

Change is needed.

Look in all crooks and nannies for that change. (See what I did there?)

One of the places, by the way, where the Dolphins should look is internally. That's right, on their very own roster.

No, I'm not advocating playing Dallas Thomas. The Dolphins are not that desperate.

I am advocating looking to see if perhaps Nate Garner can compete at right tackle. I am further advocating looking to see if perhaps moving John Jerry from right guard to right tackle might be suitable?

If you recall, Jerry finsished the 2011 season as Miami's left tackle. And he did a credible job when Jake Long went to his annual December appointment with the injured reserve list. The next year, the Dolphins moved him to guard and he's been starting but not starring there ever since.

Jerry is no great shakes at guard. And he'll probably be a mediocre-at-best tackle. But mediocre is still an upgrade from Clabo's four sacks in four games. Four sacks in four games stares longingly at mediocre. 

(Peanut Gallery: But Mando, if you move Jerry from guard to tackle you just create a problem at guard. What are you going to do with that problem?)

Garner is on the roster. Danny Watkins is on the roster. Or look to the trade market for a guard.

Do something.

I caught up with Watkins this week. The theme I came away with after the interview was he wants to compete for a starting job but he's still learning the playbook and Miami's techniques that have been so successful while giving up 18 sacks.

"Definitely feel good about it but there are still a few chinks in the armor so to speak," he said of where he's at. "But I feel good about it. It's definitely a different element coming in at the beginning of the season as opposed to being here for OTAs or training camp so that changes things. I'll go upstairs see the coaches and spend extra time with them watching the film and reviewing what I got to do. We'll draw stuff up if I'm unclear because some of it is new concepts. But they're really good about it."

So how are practices going?

"It's going well," he said. "The biggest thing is learning the technique and the offense. It's a lot better than what it was two weeks ago. It's when you flat line that you start getting in trouble. I'm just continually getting better."

As Dolphins practices are closed, I have no idea if Watkins is improving or not. I do not know if he's any good or not. But I'm hoping the coaching staff isn't simply accepting the status quo for the sake of keeping the offensive line intact.

Garner is also a possibility. Maybe he can be a better right tackle than Clabo. Maybe he can move in as the right guard and let Jerry go at right tackle. The point is not considering it, not trying it is a big mistake.

Obviously this week's game is not the time to try this. But the Dolphins have have a bye next week. That is the time to make changes. That is the time to bring in a player in trade or move Jerry and insert someone else.

Would that upset the continuity of things? Would that seem a bit desperate?

Giving up 18 sacks in four games and perhaps more on the way against Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil should put the Dolphins on the brink of desperation.

And continuity on a line that gives up 18 sacks in four games is not a good thing. It's a bad thing. It only suggests more of the same is coming in the future.


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Take a chill pill, Mando. The Dolphins are 3-1 and there is still time for this OL to gel. Pushing the panic button now and bringing in some new players may not yield the results we need right away. Keep in mind they will need to learn our system and develop some chemistry. That takes some time.

I believe these guys will get better and so will TH who is responsible for a lot of these sacks by holding on to the ball too long.

Don't worry about EJ Manuel, worry about Brady.

Posted by: oscar canosa | October 04, 2013 at 03:52 PM

Dont worry about Brady. It wont help.

What, you are giving up because we have a slim chance of beating Brady? I love slim chances, put me closer to Lady Luck.

Worry about Brady, obsess about Brady, think all the Time about Brady. That way, we'll be more prepared to meet him.

What is your prediction for Sunday?

= to LV, ETF.


I told my son that i will see how long I can go without taking the pain meds.





HoHo, ETF!



I hate to say it but my brother Phin fans and the Phins media are the most fair weather bandwagon fans around. Need I remind most of you that we are a 3-1 team that has only lost ONE game. It's just ridiculous overkill. We don't need to tear down the oline and start over. We just need some guys to play better. There's no shame in losing to a very good team. The Saints are going to beat a lot of teams this year and make a lot of teams look bad.

Armando gets very pissed when his bloggers fail.

Good News:

Tannhill doesn't have two terrible games in a row. Next game may not be elite but it won't be terrible.

Bad News:

Expect a terrible Tannehill game every 3 to 4 outings. By this count, Tannehill's next terrible game comes week 8 Pats or week 0 Bengals. Most likely week 8 against Pats because its a must win divisional game and it's on the road.

So, look for Tannehill to have another 2 to 3 turnovers in 1 of those 2 games.

Good News:

By week 8, Tannehill's next scheduled "BLUNDER GAME", we probably go into Gillette 5-1. But don't expect win. But, week 14's next scheduled Pats game looks be scheduled outside of Tannehill's "BLUNDER ZONE".

That gme's at home, so it looks like "a split" with the Pats this year.

week 9 Bengals


Final injury report for anyone interested...apparently the game against the Ravens this Sunday doesn't matter at all around here...cuz the best that can go up is bashing the OL...post after post...no updates...nope...just OL sucks...terrible...

Sam @ 5:59

I don't think Tanne has had 'great' games or 'terrible games'.
I think he's having the game that the team provides him.
When the game is even or close then we can run our balanced offense.
If we fall behind then we just have to pass every down and it looks like Hartline is the only one in the passing game that we can count on.

Jack@ 6:05

We took time earlier in the week to bash Wallace.

Those moves made by the Steelers, Giants and Ravens were ONY desperate. if the players available were any good at all, the Fins would have had them at training camp. we all knew going in that O Line was going to be iffy - we all knew going in that it would be impossible to address new starters at 13 positions int he off season. They Fins filled 10 of them - Ryan needs 1 more year of maturity (played 40 games in his life) - and Jeff needs 1 more off season to fill the holes before we're a truly dominant team. Let's not go all KNEE JERK after 1 loss on the road to a really really good time. GO FINS!


And I cannot straighten my leg to loosen it up because of the bandages on my knee.

"So rather than just sitting around and hoping and praying" what a moronic thing to say. Mando was singing their praises for the last 2 months - 1 lost later and he suggests that the Fins brass is now sitting around sipping cider and playing yatzee! Yup - Philbin sure comes off as that kind of guy to me... NOT!

To the Troll at the end of the last page, Just STFU Dummy-LOL.

Tannehill is getting/taking his fair share of the blame. He's even talked about it in his Press conference-Duh!

Hello.....? How are you going to make such an ignorant post? For real.......?

You know what......? As stupid as that comment was, I don't even want to know. NEVERMIND YOU!


Dannell Ellerbe played as one of two inside Linebackers in Baltimore's 3-4 defense.

This is his first shot at being "The Mike" Linebacker in a 4-3. This is a lot different, it's sideline to sideline and he has to make the calls and get everybody in the right spots.

Right now he's still THINKING and LEARNING as opposed to playing like it's second nature. He's 3rd in the league and on par to make 152 tackles on the season.

I believe we've seen him at his worst in these first 4 games. Because as he gets more comfortable, it'll soon be second nature.

In short: This is all new to him and he's improving weekly, WHILE doing a TERRIFIC JOB!

Dansby had 3 years in as the Mike and all he could do was **TALK** about 152 tackles! Dansby was solid, but he played out of position here. Everybody except Mike Nolan new he was an OUTSIDE Backer.

Ellerbe is ALREADY better than Dansby was and he's still learning the position.

I don't care how much money he makes. THANK YOU Jeff Ireland!

Get off Ellerbe's Nads and watch him have a spectacular game against the Ravens!!!!


get a REAL friend to tell ths random sh@t to..and STFU....

If the blame is between Wallace and Tanne..

then Tanne gets the LION'S share....

1. he is the QB...

2. Wallace has produced with a PROVEN QB....Tanne just needs to feed him....and then...feed him some more...

I am tired of SUPER STAR talent comming to MIAMI in there prime...and then US getting minimal productio out of them...



to name a few....our coaches have got to get better @ this...

Sean Peyton used one guy to and us our @ss...Sproles made the pro-bowl with his prime-timeperformance monday night....i you have a strength...play TOO IT..not away from it....and we have all scene teams use one player to bat us up with in the past...its called game planning....game planning to get the ball in to their BEST PLAYERS hands...

We need to figure out wat they are doing...and then do te same...Wallace IS NOT a 60 MIL decoy....he needs to be a 60 MIL dollar play maker...and that is NOT on Ireland....it is on Philbin/Sherman/Tanne...

Kris @ 6:41

You guys are my real friends.


if thats the case...then post away....my "friend"...

Tannehill is the sack problem, he needs to make quicker decisions and then they will not be able to tee off on him.

Can we trade for Jake Long?

Odin has no credibility at all.

Ellerbe better than Dansby lmao.

Tackle numbers lmao.

The Dolphins run defense has been terrible.

Ellerbe and Wheeler have proven that they can't cover.

You don't find starting middle linebackers in free agency because quality middle linebackers don't hit the free agent market, they have to be drafted.

Jeff Ireland hasn't drafted a MLB prospect in his entire time here.

You and Jeff Ireland are both idiots.

Run along now homer delusional retard.

Phins will always be mediocre with a GM and fans like you.

Lauren Tannehill has no butt.

Tannehill is the turnover problem. No accuracy or pocket presence. Now I'm wondering if they're gonna waste 4 years with Tannehill like they did with Henne.

So the Steelers and G Men are 0-4 and looking awful and yet Mando and many fans start all this controversy on he O Line for a team that is 3-1. Seriously?

Even though we are not there yet, we can say we've only had 1 terrible half this year which cost us the NO game. And let me remind you that that same terrible OLine contributed to 200+ yards in a half vs a defense that is pretty good this year and was moving the ball well. if it was not for a horrible play call on 3 & inches or a T Hill fumble to close the half, the offense was getting it's way against Rob's group

Look, every team in this league needs work (maybe with the exception of Denver) and the fins are no different. We need to fix several aspects of our game but We're good enough to beat Balt and Buffalo and come 5-1 against a beatable Patriots team

Kris I hope the Dolphins dont play any more teams with quick midgets(Sprolls)because Coyle doesent have an answer for it,In fact he took the blame for the loss.

Guys our defense is a fraud we can't stop anyone BIG problem,,,,,,,,,l,,,,it's Tom olivadotti all over again


Phins will always be mediocre with a GM and fans like you.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS | October 04, 2013 at 07:42 PM

After 4 consecutive losing seasons, mediocre would be great.

Baltimore should score like 42 points on our shitty defense

We can't even defend a freakin screen pass what a joke ,we play off the receiver like 15 yards ,and we rush 3 that is pathetic

I think on Sunday I will be looking at boobies instead of the game .


if they drafted warmack I would have put my foot through the TV

Dolphins must do something at RT??

What about QB??

If Suggs and Dumerville watched the N.O. game they know how to beat us.

Obviously Wallace didnt know that Tannehill was this bad.

ExposingTheFraud I dont think Suggs and Dumerville study their opponents.They were probably studying a crack pipe and a malt liquor.

Got it

The Most Critical Fans in Football!! Miami Dolphin Fans!!

We Demand Perfection. We say a QB sucks if he is not the equivalent of Dan Marino. We say a RB Sucks if he does not play better than R.Williams.

3-1. .. 4-1 after Sunday!!

Flacco will be Exposed. Again. 28-13 Dolphins.

Ryan Tannehill will out preform Flacco this Sunday.

We are still in the picture.

Manning or Brady might lose on Sunday. The Chiefs aren't a sure thing either.

The Fins are 3-1 and could be 6-2 by week 8. This team just needs to get better.


Crap team = Crap fans

*31-13. Dolphins. Sturgis is pretty good.

L.Miller will or should get enough carries for his first 100yd game of the season.

If you are a Fan how can you hate the Fans?

Tannehill will also have a good game. He will out preform Flacco.

This is Flacco's 6th Season. And they are already rebuilding.

Hi there Dashi!!

Dashi, would you tell us again how soccer players arent athletes? LOL

Miami's offensive line is like the Government shutdown...They are there and get their pay but don't work to solve the issues!

im laying most of the blame on mike sherman. tannehill should be in the gun most of the time flinging the ball around. have him under center is just slowing down the time he has to throw the ball. also sherman has to mix drop depths. i see a lot of 3 and 5 steps. get him back in some seven steps so he is away from the line of scrimmage more. i feel like the line is closing around him. if he gets back there 8 yards then he has some space to avoid a pass rusher who is getting through. when he is in a 3 step, he has no where to escape, he has no room. also another reason to change depth is to keep the rush guessing. i feel the opposing rush is just rushing to a spot because our predictable offense always has tanne taking the same drop. get him in the gun, have him take a 3 after he gets the ball, that way he has some space to make plays. also, the pistol looked great on monday in NO. AND WE ABANDONED IT! miller ran better out of it and tanne looked more comfortable in it. also it was something different that the NO defense obviously was not ready for. bottom line- mike shermans offense has become so predictable that it is pathetic. i know what plays we are running as soon as we line up, and im sitting on my couch. let the kid air it out instead of throwing 5 yrd slants all freaking game like a high school offense. one more thing. PLAY DION JORDAN! HES OBVIOUSLY READY! HE LOOKS GREAT WHEN HE IS IN THE GAME! WHAT IS COYLE WAITING FOR! im not too happy with coyle either by the way. he seems to be getting out coached quite a bit.

The Dolphins ranked 17th in the NFL in rushing yards per game (112.6) last year, but have slipped to 24th this season with 81.5 yards per game. Clearly they should've signed Reggie Bush. Miller is dissapointing and Thomas is totally pathetic.

lamar miller is a good running back. he just needs to get the ball more. im telling you guys , mike shermans predictable, old, washed up offense is the problem.

Bush, Long, and Fasano were all big losses to the offense. Tanny hasnt improved and Wallace is a cancer.

Phins will always be mediocre with a GM and fans like you.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS | October 04, 2013 at 07:42 PM

You just make sure you don't try sticking 17 inches of.........ANYTHING(Ahem)..........up "Yur Ass" anymore BOY!

Ya Hear....?

Now STFU and wash those stains out'chur panties. You'll be alright Be-Atch-LOL!

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