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Dolphins must do something at RT

The Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens and New York Giants have made trades in the past week to try to salvage their season. Perhaps they were desperate moves. Perhaps, but they were moves by general managers who have each won multiple Super Bowls and believe in doing everything they can to help their teams improve now.

Perhaps the Dolphins need to get themselves in that kind of company and mindset.

The Dolphins, 3-1 and thick in the hunt for a playoff spot, have a serious problem on their hands in that they cannot protect their quarterback. They can't keep Ryan Tannehill upright as the 18 sacks they've allowed not only suggests but screams at full throat.

So rather than just sitting around and hoping and praying and acting like hard work is going to suddenly turn Tyson Clabo into a 26-year-old version of himself rather than the 32-year-old version we've seen give up four sacks in four games, perhaps the Dolphins should start shopping for an offensive tackle.

Or perhaps the Dolphins should consider moving people around to address that right tackle issue internally.

Either way, perhaps the Dolphins would be better off doing something instead of nothing.

So what can they explore?

Well, I do not blame the Dolphins for not being in on Levi Brown, who was traded from Arizona to Pittsburgh. He's frankly not much of an upgrade on any level. I don't blame them for missing out on Eugene Monroe, who was traded from Jacksonville to Baltimore.

Don't get me wrong, it would have made sense to get Monroe and start him on Sunday at left tackle while moving Jonathan Martin to right tackle. That would have been a good move, considering Monroe instead will be lining up against the Dolphins on Sunday because the Ravens gave up an undisclosed third-day-of-the-draft pick (somewhere between the fourth and seventh round) to get him this week.

A league source has confirmed for me that Jacksonville didn't really make the usual round of phone calls to the entire league to make Monroe available. So the Dolphins apparently didn't know Monroe was available.

But as the trade deadline approaches at the end of this month, perhaps it is time to be more proactive. Perhaps rather than wait on teams to call and say they have players available, maybe the Dolphins should start calling to see if players are available.

There's nothing wrong with being an active shopper.

The Ravens proved this when they called about Monroe and got a good player who wasn't really on the market.

So maybe a call to Tampa Bay to see if Donald Penn is available might be warranted for Miami. This, by the way, was suggested to me by a twitter follower. And looking at it, Penn is playing great and although he's very expensive, he's earning that pay. He'd be a huge upgrade for Miami.

Why would the Bucs trade him?

Well, they probably wouldn't but they did reportedly call the Dolphins to see if Miami would be interested in quarterback Josh Freeman. (The Dolphins obviously said no). So the Bucs are sort of rebuilding. Penn is 30 years old and maybe Tampa Bay can be convinced that a draft pick next year (maybe a third or even a second?) is good business because Penn is 30, expensive, and they aren't winning any titles anytime soon with a rookie QB, anyway.

It's a shot in the dark. And it beats taking no shot at all.

Maybe the Dolphins this weekend arrange a little discussion between Jeff Ireland and Ozzie Newsome. The Dolphins and Ravens GMs can talk about Bryant McKinnie. Maybe after Sunday's game is over, the Dolphins can send a seventh-round pick or perhaps a bag of bolts and door handles to the Ravens for McKinnie.

McKinnie, by the way, isn't the player he once was. He was once dominant. But he's partied too hard and gotten too soft to be very good anymore. His feet are slower. His belly is bigger. He's no longer a star, which is the reason the Ravens are replacing him with Monroe.

But you know what? The combination of LT McKinnie and RT Jonathan Martin is better than the combination of LT Martin and RT Clabo. And maybe McKinnie can lose weight in the Miami heat (Yeah, it is still hot down here). And, again, the Dolphins aren't exactly paying a premium for McKinnie, a player they liked in the spring.

McKinnie, by the way, is available according to a league source. And the idea of a deal is not unfamiliar to him as he raised it himself in an interview with the Baltimore Sun.

"We'll see," McKinnie said Thursday in his usual Australian accent (kidding), "maybe a trade, who knows?"

Obviously, those are not the only two tackles the Dolphins should explore. Explore everyone. Don't. Just. Sit. There.

Don't buy the fiction Joe Phiblin authors when he talks about guys working hard and getting better when the proof on the field truthfully counters that they are not getting any better. Some guys have maximized. Some guys have worked and they are who they are.

Change is needed.

Look in all crooks and nannies for that change. (See what I did there?)

One of the places, by the way, where the Dolphins should look is internally. That's right, on their very own roster.

No, I'm not advocating playing Dallas Thomas. The Dolphins are not that desperate.

I am advocating looking to see if perhaps Nate Garner can compete at right tackle. I am further advocating looking to see if perhaps moving John Jerry from right guard to right tackle might be suitable?

If you recall, Jerry finsished the 2011 season as Miami's left tackle. And he did a credible job when Jake Long went to his annual December appointment with the injured reserve list. The next year, the Dolphins moved him to guard and he's been starting but not starring there ever since.

Jerry is no great shakes at guard. And he'll probably be a mediocre-at-best tackle. But mediocre is still an upgrade from Clabo's four sacks in four games. Four sacks in four games stares longingly at mediocre. 

(Peanut Gallery: But Mando, if you move Jerry from guard to tackle you just create a problem at guard. What are you going to do with that problem?)

Garner is on the roster. Danny Watkins is on the roster. Or look to the trade market for a guard.

Do something.

I caught up with Watkins this week. The theme I came away with after the interview was he wants to compete for a starting job but he's still learning the playbook and Miami's techniques that have been so successful while giving up 18 sacks.

"Definitely feel good about it but there are still a few chinks in the armor so to speak," he said of where he's at. "But I feel good about it. It's definitely a different element coming in at the beginning of the season as opposed to being here for OTAs or training camp so that changes things. I'll go upstairs see the coaches and spend extra time with them watching the film and reviewing what I got to do. We'll draw stuff up if I'm unclear because some of it is new concepts. But they're really good about it."

So how are practices going?

"It's going well," he said. "The biggest thing is learning the technique and the offense. It's a lot better than what it was two weeks ago. It's when you flat line that you start getting in trouble. I'm just continually getting better."

As Dolphins practices are closed, I have no idea if Watkins is improving or not. I do not know if he's any good or not. But I'm hoping the coaching staff isn't simply accepting the status quo for the sake of keeping the offensive line intact.

Garner is also a possibility. Maybe he can be a better right tackle than Clabo. Maybe he can move in as the right guard and let Jerry go at right tackle. The point is not considering it, not trying it is a big mistake.

Obviously this week's game is not the time to try this. But the Dolphins have have a bye next week. That is the time to make changes. That is the time to bring in a player in trade or move Jerry and insert someone else.

Would that upset the continuity of things? Would that seem a bit desperate?

Giving up 18 sacks in four games and perhaps more on the way against Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil should put the Dolphins on the brink of desperation.

And continuity on a line that gives up 18 sacks in four games is not a good thing. It's a bad thing. It only suggests more of the same is coming in the future.


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Hi Daytona


BTW Daytona, Fire Ross, what ever it is you tell your tricks too call you,

Please explain how ELITE Eli is again at 0-4!

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YG swore up and down that Eli was smoking hot and a real good QB too. He even called him Male Model material and ELITE as a QB-LOL.

I don't know about YG and his "Fire Ross" delusions, but "ELITE" QB's simply DO NOT go 0-4!

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Stupid Truck Stop wanna be-LOL!

I'm not going to sit here and complain about us throwing the ball too much because God knows that you have to pass the ball to score a lot of points. But... The number of sacks that you give up are bound to increase if you increase your quarterbacks number of drop backs per game. I'm putting the fact that we've given up so many sacks this year 40% on the offensive line, 20% on play calling, 20% on Tannehill holding the ball too long, and 20% on Mike Wallace never getting open deep.

I think on Sunday I will be looking at boobies instead of the game .

Posted by: Jackoff1 | October 04, 2013 at 08:13 PM

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No. 2, you're post would make a little sense if we weren't 3-1, Duh......you Idiot-LOL.

We stopped the Browns, Andy Luck and Matty Ice, In Their Tracks!


Now tell me again who has no credibility?

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I'm not Dashi, but I would like to hear how Eli is Elite again-ROTFLMAO!

Sure, when he had Osi and that defense and the running game, he BARELY got it done.

But Eli Elite........? ROTFLMAO!

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Just stopped in and checked the Blog. What do you know....? The Resident Fee-AggTard Troll is talking smack.

Without the high scoring defense and the strong run game, Eli has been exposed.

Simple as that. I can't believe any of you seriously thought he was elite. That's just ridiculous.

Odin is on the money when it comes to sissy boy Eli and YG, well YG is as utterly useless as Eli, LOL...

Just saying...

YG watched Eli play forever and thought he was elite-LOL.

Duh, YG, how elite is 0-4?

I thought elite QB's could pick their teams up and carry them. Like Tannehill does.

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So ah hows the credibility tinker bell? (YG loves it when you talk to him l;ike the little beech he is-LOL...)

We can tell Dummy.

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If Eli Manning is Elite, then so is Trent Dilfer.

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Don't worry all elite QB's go 0-4 all the time.

Just ask Mr. Credibility

If you gave Chad Henne the Giants that Eli had, he would have more super bowl rings.

Henne > Eli

It's a FACT.

When the Giants needed Eli most the wanna be turned to toast.

The numbers don't lie and if you were too stupid too figure it out on your own, I'm laughing at you.

Anybody with any sense could see he was a product of the team around him. Eli never made a notable play EVER. Unless you want to count hail marys-LMFAO.

YG thinks ELI is elite.

But of course, he also thinks Sporono should be the most sought after head coach on the market.

Dumb, Dumber and the Dumbest LMFAO and SMH.

The Fin's ability to beat the Ravens, Pats, Steelers and Cincy will be more to do with the Secondary than the OLINE. Our team needs to stop the other teams' offense from scoring TD's and put the ball back in the hands of THILL. The more we have the ball the better.

Yes, the OLINE needs to improve and likely will be remade in the offseason. But I truly believe Wins and Losses will be based more on the Secondary than the OLINE.

OL situation is disturbing. Blaming it on Tannehill holding the ball too long is absurd. The defensive linemen are shredding our OL and even a Drew Brees would get sacked at this speed. Tannehill takes the rap because he is a leader and knows that telling the truth and blaming the OL as well as his TE and RB who cannot block either would not help the team.

We do know from the performance of Long post trade that as it turns out, we were wise to let him go. Point for Ireland. We know that Martin is a less than average LT. He was no better than decent as a RT. I am surprised that Clabo is not the answer at RT. Still it is what it is.

I cannot see giving up draft picks for offensive linemen unless a truly stupendous answer appears - someone who would be a 3 year starter. Play the Ravens with what we have not and definitively test the hypothesis that our OL can pull it together with better coaching. If not start using our backups and potentially rotating Jerry and Martin while sidelining Clabo to see if we have a solution within. Meanwhile adjust the offense with more use of screens, roll-out and other maneuvers and god forbid actually get the running game going to complicate the pass rush. If the solution is not within then limp through this season and we know what our next draft will be about.

We WISH the team was mediocre. No playoff win in 12 years is NOT mediocre.

Does Jack! want to play with the trolls and haters today??? Mmmmmmmm...nah... HAVE A GOODWEEN!!!

Armando thanks for not posting the practice updates and looks at this weeks match-up...it's so much better putting up two posts in a row about the OL...like no one knew anything about that topic...SMH...

Go FINS!!!

I was out of town during the MNF game last week in New Orleans. I watched it again this morning and closely watched every single play.


NO Drive #1 scores TD - Blame Jones for poor play on Sproles. Blame Wilson for allowing first down in red zone. Easy TD as LB's blocked easily on TD run.

Miami Drive #1 field Goal - Great drive based on running and passing. 3rd and 1, horrible call to Miller (that's on Sherman). Jerry completely looks slow and misses block. He is a BUM!

NO Drive #2 - quick 3 and out. Good job D! Odrick awesome!

Miami Drive #2 - good run on First. THILL hit on screen attempt (due to Clabo). Miller screen on third, toe tackle, misses first by inches. First down called back. PUNT.

NO Drive #3 - DLINE doing nice work stopping run. Solai looks great. Ellerbe looks good on pass to flat on 2nd down. No rush on 3rd (Vernon is bad) and big pass (Carroll and Wilson screw up to allow big first down). Sproles gains 7 on first short pass (Jones can't cover him). Jimmy Wilson lets up first down. Sproles beats Wilson for 9 takes really bad angle. He stinks!! Odrick gets 2nd run stop for loss!

First Quarter Ends: 7-3 Saints
- Solai and Odrick look GREAT against the run
- Wilson, Carroll and Jones look bad against the pass
- Can't get rush - Vernon does nothing
- Miller looks good in the run
- No long passes called by Sherman - all runs and screens
- Horrible 3rd and inches call to Miller and Jerry kills the drive - has to kick field goal


Tannehill looked horrible.

The 3rd down play was to Thomas if I remember correctly jpao...

Jack! and Phins 78 same person. They both say goodbye but dont leave LMAO!!!

I am not a big fan of shuffling players around on the OL, it is way too disruptive and can cause more issues than it solves IMO. It is true we need some serious help at RT, but that will have to be addressed at the end of the season. There is no one out there that jumps out at me to replace anyone on the OL. Internally we may have a fix, but that in itself can be problematic considering it is way to late for anyone to get into the mix and make a difference.
We will simply have to limp along this season with what we have and hope THill learns to get rid of the ball more quickly or runs out of trouble when pressured. I still believe the running game is not being utilized as much as it should to take pressure off of the OL. Play calling is another factor to consider, bubble screens, quick outs, anything to get the ball out quicker would be a big improvement over being a sitting duck waiting for the fly pattern to develop. Deep patterns take far too long to develop and without the blocking required it is pretty much not going to happen.
We will have to depend on YAC's on shorter routs to get what we need and run the ball way more often than we have been.

And hypocrite phins 78 was complaining about using mutiple screen names. He should change his to Insecure Moron, LMFAO!!!!!!!!!

Dolphins should have drafted Lane Johnson with their first round pick. Dion Jordan hasn't contributed anything this season, a couple tackles and one sack is not enough from that high of a pick, he isn't even the starter! At least by drafting Johnson for RT the Dolphins would have had a starter to protect Tannehill and give him time to throw down field. They have Ireland a contract extension for what? The players he drafted this year are mediocre at best and the guys from last year are contributing anything, we should have kept Reggie Bush for 2 more years.

while reading some of this some people are forgetting a few main things..
in having a solid o line it allows the offense to stay on the field longer which keeps the defense fresher and KEEPS OPPOSING OFFENSE OFF THE FIELD...
this being said i say experiment.

make the trade for mckinney, put him at LT, put Martin at right, possibly move claybo to right guard and see how he holds there since movement is minimal in some instances and let him battle with jerry..

also find out what happened to LYDON MURTHA who filled out nicely for Long also when he went out.. is his foot fully healed or what?

also if RT is holding the ball too long then that means SHORTEN THE PASSING PLAYS UP instead of having ones that take long to develop...

2nd Quarter:

NO Drive #3 - starts 3rd and 4 at 45. Odrick huge sack! Kills drive.

Miami Drive #3 - Starts at 9 yard line after great punt. 1st down long pass to Wallace and THILL hits the #11 square and Wallace drops the ball!!! Thomas gains 4 on 2nd. 3rd down Gibson gets to 40 after great pass from THILL standing in collapsing pocket. Huge play for 28 yards. 12 yards to Hartline to NO 48. THILL sees broken screen and scrambles for 4 but FLAG on formation - 1st and 15 due to Wallace. Thlll scrambles after collapsing pocket and fumbles after 6 yard gain. He needs to slide and protect the ball. That is on THILL.

New Orleans Drive #4 - NO get it at their 38. Brees hits Pier Thomas for 12 on screen against blitz. Great play call. Jones does good job against Meecham long. Holding call. Now 2nd and 20!! Deep pass to Colston but Carroll covers him well. 3rd and 20!! sScrren pass to Sproles for 21 - Wheeler, Misi, Carroll all blocked - only 3 man rush. HORRIBLE Defense!!! 1st at Dolphins 38. Penalty fallse start. 1st and 15. Jamar Taylor starts game and everyone knows he is in. Brees scrambles for 5 after rush from Vernon. 2nd and 10 Sproles gets 12 after scorching Wheeler. Deep pass to Graham for TD - between Taylor, Grimes and Clemmons - 3 on 1 and they loose - HORRIBLE!!!!

Miami Drive #4 - Starts at 18 after Thigpen runs it out (why?). Miller gains 10 on nice run between Martin and Incognito (Martin playing well so far). Miller gains 3. Great slant to Hartline for first. THILL looking good so far. Fun to Right for no gain (Jerry on his butt). THILL hits Gibson for 8 but he drops the ball on tackle. Screen to Thigpen for big play and ankle tackle - great blocking by Clabo. Miami scores TD on big run from Miller - great blocking by Martin, Incognito and Pouncey.

14-10 New Orleans Fins are right in the game.

NO Drive #5: Stop run on 1st down. Pass for 7 - beats Wheeler. Carroll makes nice break up on 3rd and 3....PUNT!!! Gruden says "this is what Miami does, they hang around, hang around until 4th QTR and find a way to win...I'd be worried if I were New Orleans."

Miami Drive #5: Get ball at 32. Thomas gets 4 on Draw. 2 MINUTE WARNING. Gibson gets 7 for first down. Horrible INT on slant to Hartline....can't keep running the same plays. Plenty of time with good field position - why not run the ball on first down?

NO Drive #6: They go for jugular - Brees Hits Stills for 12. Payton is excited and you know he is going for TD with 1:13 left. Penalty on Miami - neutral zone on Vernon! Miami falling apart. Vernon makes SACK (2nd of the day for Miami). 1:06 left with NO timeout. 2nd and 11. Spread formation - Carroll breaks up another pass. 3rd and 11. Miami calls timeout on deadfall. Carroll tries to jump pass to Sproles and TD on 3rd and 11.. All he has to do is tackle him short of first down. Poor angle taken by Carroll.

Halftime: 21-10
- Fins were losing 14-10 with the ball at midfield at 2 minute warning...right in the game.
- Sproles kills Miami (Wheeler, Carroll, looked bad).
- Jerry looks bad.
- Odrick and Solai looked good.
- Running game looks good
- THILL INT and FUMBLE were the killers in the 2nd half - both were on him. His fault for sure.
- Can't make mistakes against NO at home on Monday night. Nobody can win like that there.


We lost the game Vs. N.O. because of mistakes and horrible play calling!

Explain to me how your #1 RB is basically eating up close to 10 Yds. a clip then on a 4th and an inch (I've seen refs call those 1st downs and wonder if when showed the measurement on TV was alone in my thinking given you couldn't have squeezed a sheet of paper through that supposed 4th down measurement) then call a toss sweep with your backup RB, instead of something up the gut? Tannehill should have gone behind Pouncey and picked it up. That play netting 3 points already had us chasing N.O. in a track meet game.



Inside I see Cogs (getting a pass) giving up alot of inside pressure as well, no wonder he, Jerry and Clabo are all slated for 2014 FA while some of you have been harping CAP space and the DT's it's me whose been reminding you all about this OL issue were even Pouncey has stunk it up at times but at least he's trying to help in protection and gets caught out of position.

The mistakes really pilled up in contributing to this loss, how about Wallace dropping what would have been a 91 Yd TD at a point we were within a score of taking the lead. I almost felt he threw the game purposely (N.O. HOMER) watching him play! If he catches that pass with BFF Keenan Lewis jumping for the swat at the ball Wallace (ball went through hands scores easily on the longest TD Rec. in team history!)

The Tannehill pick hurt BAD before the half because replay showed R.Matthews hand extended running alone about 15 Yds behind the D which was sitting on the slants knowing that Tannehill goes to it (safety) before challenging coverage. On that one had Tanne seen Matthews and Wallace caught his team record TD we go into the half 24-14 with 2 bombs for scores and if not for the ridiculous toss sweep to Thomas maybe 28-14 and it's a different game given our Front-7 was eating it up early.

Some of you feel the team exposed by loss, I personally feel I saw a team that beat itself and by the way abandoning the run which had put up 115 1st half Yds only further illustrates this. I won't jump on N.Carroll to much because on his pick attempt before the half he would have scored getting us back in the game and I can live with that the way I did with Terrell Buckley and his gambling back in the day at least he tried to make a game changing play after Tannehill's VERY UGLY PICK.

3rd QTR: NO winning 21-10 but Fins get ball first. If they can score TD it's only a one score game - Gruden says it perfectly as the 2nd half begins.

Miami Drive #7: Miller gains almost 5 on left side again. THILL throws behind Wallace for 15 yard attempt over middle - he is wide open! Gibson and Hartline in same spot and cant get open. Bad play. Good blocking for THILL. Punt after 3 and out. NOT good.

New Orleans Drive#7 - Start at 41 after penalty on punt. 8 yards on first down on pass - Clemmons. Sproles gets first on run. Run on first gains 3. 2nd and 7...big pass to Colston for 14 - Grimes. No pass rush at all. Huge slant to Colton right in front of Wheeler - he looks pathetic!!! Patyon is calling some game. Jelani Jenkins looks good as a rookie LB (some good news). 2nd and goal. - pass to Watson in Falt against Jones - he looks really bad!! TD for NO!! 28-10.

Miami Drive 9: Screen to Thomas only gets one. Great throw on second to Wallace for first down but Wallace drops it as he gets hit. That is on Wallace. 3rd and 9 - Martin is killed at LT and THILL SACKED - Now it's getting really ugly. That is all on Martin. PUNT again!!

NO Drive #8: After bad punt they start at Miami 42. Brees throws deep to gram on first down - right over Clemmons for TD. Clemmons looks absolutely pathetic.

That makes it 35 - 10 and this game is already over with 8:12 in 3rd QTR. This is a route already.

No need to track it anymore from here...obviously....but I will for laughs.

Miami Drive #10: Thill holds it entirely too long and gets sacked on first down. That is on him for sure. Hits Hartline on Second and Flag on NO for automatic first down. Fins get lucky there. Vacarro looks good as rookie Safety. Clay makes a great catch for 8 (he looks good again tonight). Wallace gets 5 for first down. Clabo gets run by and another THILL sack - that is all Clabo. 2nd and 19 - screen missed nothing there at all. 3rd and 19 for god's sake - in NO on Monday night - forget it. Here it goes....good rush causes THILL to scramble and he attempts a weak shot to RB on broken play. They are a mess! PUNT. 53 yard punt by Fields but Sproles gets 18 yard return...he kills MIami.

NO Drive #9: Ball at NO 42. Rookie RB gets 6 - Vernon looks bad there. Shelby makes nice play to break up 2nd down play. 3rd and 4....Huge pass to Colston - Taylor got USED again. Welcome to NFL rookie CB! Austin makes nice run stop on first for loss. Good play by newbie DT. Thomas drops wide open screen on 2nd. 3rd and 11...now 3rd and 16 after delay of game penalty. Should be a stop here??? No pass rush. Colston gains 14 on Taylor but short of first down. At least Taylor makes the solo tackle to kill the drive. Here comes the NO kicker....Misses 43 yard attempt.

Miami Drive #11: Good pass to Hartline for 12. Ball on Miami 46. Can the line hold up? Wallace gains 7 on outside route...good pass by THILL. Gruden calling Wallace out for being too quiet. Clay gets pass for first down. THILL running quick tempo offense well. Ball at NO 40. Ball deflected by DT on Jerry (he stinks). THILL runs for 15 and SLIDES this time. OK at least he learned that. ball on 25. Great back shoulder pass to Gibson...great throw for 18. BAll on 7. End of 3rd QTR.

End of 3rd: 35-10

- Clabo looks BAD!
- Clemmons, Jones, Wheeler looked pathetic.
- Vernon had one sack but not doing much of anything else.
- Defense is getting no rush on Brees and secondary can't stop Colston, Graham and Sproles. Passing D looks foolish.
- Down this many points how does Sherman not throw another deep ball to Wallace?
- Sacks killed the Fin's drives in the 3rd Quarter.

I think we need to address THill scrambling techniques first and then look at the OLine.

Lets not forget that we have a rookie qb who holds the ball way too long and two running backs who are absolutely TERRIBLE at pass protecting. Not saying the I-line should be excused, but it's a multitude of factors


It is obvious that Miami burned itself in not taking offensive lineman in the draft...and now guess what? We've got a sack problem! Shame on Jeff Ireland...more dumb moves....like pitching the ball backwards on 3rd and inches while your QB is an ex-wide receiver. DUMB!

The FINS coaching staff is bottom shelf, was highly exposed against the Saints. This will be an on-going theme throughout the season. Coyle was clowned in front of the entire universe.

Losers period. from top to bottom...I'm done...best of luck to you that stick around with this nightmare...35 years of this garbage...this is groundhog day every year.

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