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Dolphins offensive line same, practice report here

The most asked question of any Dolphins observer since the last time the Dolphins played easily centers on what the team is about to do with its offensive line.

That's understandable since the Dolphins yielded five six sacks the last time they played (versus Baltimore) and that was the topic of much conversation among coaches and the personnel department both privately and publicly during the bye week.

Well, as of today's first day back to practice following the bye, the Dolphins answer to the question is simple: Nothing will be done.

No lineup change. No additions (as of this hour). No subrtractions (as of this hour).

Miami's offensive line is the same at practice today as it was last week, and the week before, and the week before and dating all the way back to the start of the season: LT Jonathan Martin, LG Richie Incognito, C Mike Pouncey, RG John Jerry, RT Tyson Clabo.

No changes.

Interesting because the Dolphins vowed to solve the issues that troubled their pass protection during the bye. "We’re going to spend a lot of time this off week, looking at what some of our issues are, even more specifically than we already have," offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said a week ago. "We’re going to fix what needs to get fixed, and I’m pretty confident that we can do that."

How that happened is beyond me. Obviously no personnel changes have been made. And as players haven't practiced since last Tuesday, there has been no on-field work to address the issues. So the only possibilities is the Dolphins might have made some schematic changes that we won't know about until Sunday's game against Buffalo.

(I doubt that, too.)

We'll see. But as of right now, the addressing of the leaky offensive line is at best a stealth project because no visible work or changes are apparent.


On the injury front, the Dolphins are working today without middle linebacker Dannell Ellerbe, who suffered a shoulder injury during the Baltimore game and indeed had to leave that game after about one quarter.

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson , who has missed four games with a groin injury, was on the field during the open portion of practice but didn't seem to be doing a whole lot. He didn't participate in many of the drills witnessed by the media.

Safety Chris Clemons, who has been nagged by little injuries, also was not working with the starters during period open to the media. No idea if this is indeed an injury issue or something else.

The backup safety is Jimmy Wilson.

[UPDATE: DT Paul Soliai and TE Michael Egnew also are not at practice today. No word why.]


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Can't wait to see how Sherman plans to magically turn Martin and Clabo into serviceable tackles!

I am hoping they just change the blocking scheme!

was hoping we could catch a break yesterday with the Saint beating the Pats..not happening though.. we have to fix this issue so we can handle the Pats ourselves.

Anyone else see Chandler Jones ripoff Jared Odrick, with the Pee Wee dance!! That is just not right, be original dont be stealing ideas from the Phins. Unless it is a blocking scheme!


I can also see 1 or 2 crappy plays that cause us to lose

The only way to hide the deficiency we have with our O-Line is to run the ball more, draw plays and screens. This is a continuing issue because teams do not respect our passing game and keep 8 in the box. I have been touting changes through a trade since the season began but the Dolphins brass are the experts and must have a plan.
Boy do we need a real LT and a TE that opens up the middle and takes pressure off Ryan....we would be SB contenders if we had these positions locked down.

Unfortunately they cannot fix strength or speed. Martin is just plain old weak. He gets pushed around like a child, and Clabo is just plain slow, defenders run right around him.

Ohh I think teams respect our passing game,but the do not respect the offensive line.

Dear coaches,Incase you have not noticed our OL guys are big bruisers that you expect to be able to move like ballerinas on the feild.Please wake the F up and get your heads out of your a---es.Thanks

I was going to type that it is a shame that we have all these playmakers and no blockers.

The problem with that statement is that the last time I saw the offense on the field, the "playmakers" had dropped 2 straight passes.

The pass rush does not cause dropped balls. Even with the Horrible O-line, we could have won that game if the receivers had done their job.

I guess a culture of losing is hard to overcome.

just protect Tanny...make some lanes for Miller...sounds easy, but even a small improvement - we can fight with any team out there...the one thin I like about this team, coaches, etc...is they are a group of FIGHTERS....short of the chickensh*t 3rd down call against the saints...that really disturbed me...less than ONE INCH, and you call a 5-6 yard hand-off?????
i knew that game was over at that exact moment.
the payers are tough, let them win or lose the game...not scared playcalling.
Bills are playing better, but this is at home...let's get our 1st conf win.

All I can says is coach Tannehill how to get rid of the ball faster. Or he will be on IR before we play the patriots!! We have 2 solid lineman. Pouncy and Incognito!! The rest will have to be replaced with high draft picks. But I dont know where we will get the management with enough savy or aggression to get that done. Will clearly not happen with the current front office. Just hope we can get some power around Pouncy and Incognito before they retire!!!

Sherman not being OC was the only change I wanted to see this week. Oh well.

And for those that say you don't change your OC mid-season and be successful, check out the Ravens last year.

Sherman is the problem right now. The O-line issues are on him, bad playcalling on him, poor personel choices on him, not setting his players up for success by playing to the strengths on him.

when you throw alot you have sacks...

when you drop 19 passes you lose games...

Let me see if I have this right. Going all the way back to March,we have had OTA's,training camp,five pre-season games,and five regular season games,and now without any changes of personell,they are miraculously going to fix our o-line problems? This coaching staff has had their bye week and there will be no more breaks,and this line in no way will get us a winning season. Not when we have NO running game and NO protection for the QB!!

I don't know how many of you actually go to the stadium to watch the games
I live in Melbourne so it's a 3 hour drive to go to the stadium so I only do it 2 times during the regular season
Two years ago I drove to Jacksonville to watch the dolphins win over the Jaguars
When I went to Jacksonville I noticed that there was a hefty dolphin presence over 2,000 dolphin shirts in the stadium
But when I went to watch the Dolphins play Baltimore I noticed that almost one third of the stadium was wearing purple and their chants and loudness made you feel like we were in Baltimore rooting against the dolphins.
After the game we stopped at the Hard Rock Café for a bite to eat, and noticed hundreds of Baltimore fans in their Baltimore shirts.

How Ironic that our team does not even enjoy home field advantage. The oh - oh - oh - oh - oh chanting was louder than our chanting for the dolphins.

Ok this is just an off the wall comment - back to our O-Line and it's problems - I certainly do not profess to have an answer but then I don't get paid to have an answer
This was a gross misread by our staff and GM during the offseason and even in the pre season games - I attended the New Orleans game and even though we won, we saw an incredible poor performance by both our tackles - wasn't this evident to our staff ??
who is to blame ??
what can we possibly do to fix this - or are we going to just wait till next year to address it in the draft and maybe free agency
many have said starks will be gone next year - why not trade him now for a tackle if we are going to loose him anyway - that would be one less position of concern we might have to draft next year.
Again just my observation and yes I am not an expert only a fan that loves the Dolphins.


Forget the line...we can fix it next year...what we need to do is get Wallace going..Aaron Rodges line stnks....I saw Brady get sacked maybe 5 times yesterday....Cutler gets sacked ALL the time....

If Tanne can make plays...the line will look better....he s WR for chrissake...make some las with your legs....

WE ALL begged for playmakers...and NOW we have ONE....get him the ball 10-15 times a game...and then see if we are talking about the line come Monday morning....

ad get ANOTHER playmaker next season....

I'm going under the assumption that Philbin is not stupid - he seems like a pretty smart guy to me. Assumption number 2 is, he is not afraid of making a change.

With that, then it HAS to be a blocking scheme change. They're struggling with the zone blocking, and frankly, other than Pouncy, none of them seem athletic enough to pull it off. Change the scheme and it can make it look like a whole new line.

I'm confident shcematically that this will be addressed. This team obviously isn't firing on all cylinders yet but once they do wooo the NFL better watch out!

We really should have pulled the trigger on Brandon Albert huge huge mistake

Just give him the damn ball

Kudos to Jeff Ireland for leaving the offensive line alone! Sometimes the hardest thing to do is sit on your butt and do nothing.

Two less drops per game, two less overthrows per game, two less underthrows per game, two less sacks allowed per game, two less inept running plays per game, two less bad plays called per game... it is just making a few things that are less productive alleviated that can have this team performing at a higher level.

Wallyfin, Comebacks were what we were told to judge Tannehill on. OK, how can he have comebacks without the receivers catching the ball?

O-line,Schmo-line. If Wallace runs the routes full speed and catches the ball we are 4-1. The o-line is a weakness but it has not determined games. If you catch the frigging ball, they will drop more people to cover, which means we can run, which means less pressure.

If you are going to feature the pass, you have to catch the ball!!

Posted by: dolphins #1 fan | October 14, 2013 at 01:30 PM

Good post bro. I thought the same thing. However, watching other NFL games this week (especially the HORRIBLE clock mgmt by the Saints), I've come to this understanding: HC's don't like to be 2nd-guessed. Harbaugh's whining today how he was right to go for the TD yesterday (they didn't make it). DC fans are calling for Shanahan's scalp here. Yet, these HCs do as they please.

There's a TE that's on a radio show up here now (Chris Cooley) and he gets real frustrated with us fans calling in with our 2 cents because he says we don't know the plays, the scheme, the defensive look, etc. and therefore aren't educated enough to really know who's at fault. I get that. Giving up sacks might not be as easy as getting rid of one player, getting a 1st down might not be as easy as calling a different play, but then again, maybe it is.

Point is, HCs and their staff listen to themselves NOT us. Whether we're right (in the end) or wrong. It's like a doctor getting advice from someone who read something on WebMD (maybe not the best analogy, but you get the point). Much like our politics today, sometimes the "professionals" just have to make their own mistakes to learn the lessons from them. I think that's where Philbin is today. He has lots of experience, but not as a HC. Sherman has tons of experience, but not calling plays for the Miami Dolphins. They are learning on the job like we see that they are. I think all we can do is hope they are quicker studies than we have seen in the past (meaning, other staffs). So far, I'd say yes, we're actually progressing rather than regressing. I guess we'll see vs. the Bills if they have a good strategy or need to form a new plan.

I was watching some video and even a complete novice like me notices wide open holes that we could drive a truck through. The holes are created by pass rusher teeing off on Tannehill and the oline.
A simple draw or quick short pass to a back or tight end (I seen New England do this yesterday) would stop that stuff teeing off in it's tracks.
Where is that hole. Right or left side of the line where one rusher is trying to go around the oline to Tannehill.

I think juts as large of an issue as the oline's play is the predictability of the play calling of offense. How bout you use Lamar Miller in a way that you refused to use Reggie Bush (and subsequently Detroit is doing & doing extremely well) and send him in motion to create mismatches?? Taking an extra linebacker out the box could help ease the protection "some".

agree that it seems hard to believe that we'd see no changes on the Oline, although you gotta think they looked at numerous options.....but it might be that the options arent very good, or not an upgrade, or they're not convinced they're an upgrade--all of which is not good either, because I'm not sure TH or the team can survive another 11 weeks of this, and have much success anyway.

When Brady's rookie receivers were dropping the ball, they were not scoring points. Now they are catching it and they are going to dominate again.

Hartline, Gibson and Wallace are fast enough. Now they have to get tough and fight for and catch the frigging ball.

And if Miller drops another ball he needs to be benched, period. If he is not a passing threat he is useless. His speed out of the backfield should be devastating like The Saints backfield. If he had caught those 3 wide open passes that he dropped, teams would have to worry about him the way we have to worry about their backs.

The o-line is a weakness, not THE problem.

For everyone who's ripping Ireland for the signing of Clabo in the offseason, you should read what the fans and media are saying about Dimitroff (probably one of thebest in the business) for letting Clabo go. Not saying he's played well, by any means but sometimes a player needs familiarity in a system and with new teamates before he gets comfortable. And please spare me any of tht 'he's a vet. It should be easy for him' BS. He's played poorly so far but so has most of the line. He started the year the same way last year and then played very well in the second halfof the season.

There's not a GM inthe league who gets it right EVERY time.

Your right Darkoak. Sherman got fired in Green Bay when he had Brett Farve as his QB. That should tell everyone what you and I already know. I wouldn't mind seeing Chad Pennington get a shot at OC but the powers that be will wait till he signs with another team in the division so he can come back and haunt us twice a year for a decade or so.

I blame the problem with the O-line on the play calling by Sherman! No QB can function back there with only 2.5 seconds to make decisions. A running game would help! Where's the balance in this Offence? Injuries are the problem on Defence and hopefully some of those will be resolved during the Bye Week. Clay and Sims need to step up at TE. This team would look a lot different if Keller was healthy and playing, but he's not. Clabo isn't the answer at RT and they should try to find who is! Changing blocking schemes may help, but not if you don't have the personnel to pull it off. Zone blocking is fine if you have small athletic linemen, we don't. And, the biggest thing is confidence! When we play confident, we play better. Minimize the mistakes, we play better. Buy in to the game plan, we play better. So, a lot of that boils down to coaching...

Watching the Saints v Pats yesterday and the way the Saints allowed the Pats to comeback was eerily Dolphin like, hopefully Dolphins of past years. Your Offense has 2 chances to get 10 yards for a fricking first down and they can't do it! Then the defense allows Brady to go 80 yds with rookie receivers, wow, just wow.

So, Sherman should call a screen to Wallace that he drops or stops short on for a pick six. Or a wheel route to Miller that he drops.

This team was built to pass. Until Miller and Wallace, or their replacements, step up and make some plays we will be blitzed and rushed till the cows come home.



I have to echo a lot of the comments here today,. The play-calling has been mediocre and predictable. A sweep play on 3 and 1 against the Saints, when clearly it should been a QB. Sneak. Miller has been usedcreatively and the guy does have good skills.

I hope the coaching staff took the week to brainstorm how they canstop being so predictable.

no worries, sherman is going to pull bugs bunny out of his axx.

It is called practice. That is how you get better. Doesn't take a genius to figure that out.

If the coaches didn't see progress then you best believe we will see changes.

I'm not making excuses for the Unit. BUT Jerry and Clabo started playing together for the first time during week 1. Jerry was injured all preseason. I know some have selective amnesia.


Unlike Spo and his Staff who spent his first couple seasons trying to build the line first. Philbin & Co. have decided to fix the Skill Positions first. This is the first year of the rebuild. (Again, last season was the Evaluation Season, This Season was the first year Philbin was allowed to REBUILD)

And please can we stop comparing Tannehill to QBs that have over 8+ Years of experience in the League. It doesn't make any sense. On top of comparing him to Future Sure Fire HOFers. Judge him against his contemporaries. Gabbert, Ponder, Lockler, and other young Qbs of similar draft pedigree.

AND I can accept T-Hill getting sacked from time to time. If it means he doesn't do something stupid with the Ball. Ever heard the Old Adage sometimes it is better to take a sack than throw a INT. As long as T-Hill keeps making good decisions this season and I see Progress. We will be alright. I care more for his TD-INT Ratio than Sacks.

Unlike other Young QBs T-Hill didn't reach his Zenith his 1st Season. He is steadily getting better running a Pro Offense. Only Luck can say the Same. And that is like comparing T-Hill to P.Manning. Not bad if you ask me.

T-Hill is having a better season than guys who just signed $100M contracts or about to sign $100M contracts. And he is only in his 2nd Season.

Sherman is a goof and Philbin doesn't seem to be any better. Dolphins are doomed for a losing season.

Take off your rose-colored glasses Dashi. Things will seem much clearer for you



When Tanne does well...then we can compare him to WHO EVER....but after two straight losses....we are back to the "only 2nd year starting" argument...

how convienent....for those who make the rules....

IMO...Tanne gets judged week to week just as ANY OTHER young QB who hasn't done SH@T in this league should be judged....

Now when he throw 11 TDs and 0 picks enroute to a SB win (like some other QB)....then he will have earned the benifit of the doubt....and then can be judged on SEASONS....instead of games....

Until that time comes...ITS GAMES....and your only as good as your last one...

With that said this isn't FLAG FOOTBALL OR ARENA FOOTBALL.

You Need an O-Line in Pro Football.

There is a reason Cutler is having a better season this year than last. Same as Romo and P.Rivers. Those teams fixed their lines this Off season.

Wonder why P.Manning went from dropping 50 on everyone every week but can't cover the Spread on the Jag's this past week. Look no further than the guys who are blocking for him. He lost his All-Pro LT and 2 other starters on his line the past couple of weeks.

The Line is Important. Else you wouldn't have 5 of the 11 guys on Offense designated to block on every play.


what are you talking about....Manning lost those guys a MONTH ago...and put up 50...after they were injured...

tannehill behind center.

yes its that simple.

I love Phillbin...

but in reality...His coaching is NOT as aggressive, daring...or as imaginitive as last year....

Last year I thought his coaching was the reason for about 3 win...he just OUT COACHED the opponet...even tho we were out played....

This season....to date...I have seen NONE of that....

Huge (in the words of Dusty Bottoms) game this week...

1st game in the AFC East....and one we should win...

I hope....


buffoonalo will stampede the phinz.

Dashi, I agree. Tannehill is great.

Wallace and Miller suck. They think they are great, therefore they are. MAKE A PLAY!

I hope Philbin the Clown and his coaching staff have a magical scheme or plan which will contain Buffalos pass rush. If not, we are doomed.

GO TK....

Here's to hoping your RIGHT!

Tanneyhill should drop back a few more steps, he would get an extra second and have more room to avoid rushers than when he is stuck in the middle of the pocket shaking like a leaf.

Also put Lamar Miller in motion like the Lions do with Reggie Bush to open up the middle, read coverage before the snap and get mismatches vs LBs.
Why have him in there trying to block a DE or blitzing LB?

Sherman has no clue on how to use speed players other than as decoys.


I think you're being a little too tough on Philbin. The team could have very easily lost to the Colts and Falcons. Everyone on here in their hearts KNEW they would lose to the Saints. If someone was surprised by that hen. They're not being honest. I expected a loss against Baltimore too but it would have been quiet the statement game if they'd have won against Baltimore. I fully expected this team to be 1-4 or 2-3 at this point in the season. I still think this team. Can do some damage this season and it starts with a win over Buffalo this week.

Dashi,Kris,TK,Craig,JUMP onboard and lets take a ride through the land of make believe.TOOT!TOOT!

Not rose colored. I wear those HD Joints so the glare of the media doesn't get in my eyes.

When has Dashi proclaimed that T-Hill has Arrived? You need to make at least 1 Pro bowl in my eyes to Say a QB or any player has Arrived.

And like I said, Unlike someone who went 11 and 0 in the playoff's off the Fear of Ray Lewis. Tannehill hasn't reached his Pinnacle. (And there was about 5 times in those playoffs either Boldin or T.Smith broke up an INT, Take the rose colored glasses off)

Funny that Flacco reverted back to his same Average ways this season. Flacco isn't a leader. Never was.

The Definition of Excellence in Sports is being Good or Great for an extended period of time. Not just 1 Playoff run. Even a garbage can gets a steak.

When has Flacco ever ranked in the Top 10 Statistically in Passing. Ever.

The Ravens as a team won the Superbowl. It is only right Flacco finally did his job. With that defense Flacco should've won more than 1 SB.

Compare Flacco to Big Ben. Both had great defenses early in their career. Heck, you can even throw Eli in the Mix.

Are Big Ben or Eli, Elite. Is Flacco Elite?

Then why compare T-Hill with real Elite QBs, when you proclaim Excellence on others who don't stack up.

R.Horry won 7 NBA Titles. Does that make him better than Jordan?

Individual Greatness and Team Greatness, are 2 different things.

Heck, Spoelstra has won 2 NBA Titles going on 3, that should've been 4. Does that make him the Best Coach in the NBA. Or is the Team the reason.

And to the Spo fan not you. After this Season you can enshrine Spo in the HOF. Only 4 NBA Coaches have ever won more than 2 Titles. Spo will be the Fifth. Check the list, Spo shouldn't even be mentioned in the same Breath. Some of us are just Lucky.


And Spo after this season.

their wont be any changes mando, theres nothing out there for Miami to go out and grab a proven commodity with unless they offer a high draft pick which isn't happening....

Their stuck with their mistakes at offensive line this year and its sink or swim with guys like clabo and martin...

Seriously other than pounce,noone on the offensive line deserves job security after this year, and the same can be said for lamar miller and daniel Thomas in the running game....

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