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Dolphins offensive line same, practice report here

The most asked question of any Dolphins observer since the last time the Dolphins played easily centers on what the team is about to do with its offensive line.

That's understandable since the Dolphins yielded five six sacks the last time they played (versus Baltimore) and that was the topic of much conversation among coaches and the personnel department both privately and publicly during the bye week.

Well, as of today's first day back to practice following the bye, the Dolphins answer to the question is simple: Nothing will be done.

No lineup change. No additions (as of this hour). No subrtractions (as of this hour).

Miami's offensive line is the same at practice today as it was last week, and the week before, and the week before and dating all the way back to the start of the season: LT Jonathan Martin, LG Richie Incognito, C Mike Pouncey, RG John Jerry, RT Tyson Clabo.

No changes.

Interesting because the Dolphins vowed to solve the issues that troubled their pass protection during the bye. "We’re going to spend a lot of time this off week, looking at what some of our issues are, even more specifically than we already have," offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said a week ago. "We’re going to fix what needs to get fixed, and I’m pretty confident that we can do that."

How that happened is beyond me. Obviously no personnel changes have been made. And as players haven't practiced since last Tuesday, there has been no on-field work to address the issues. So the only possibilities is the Dolphins might have made some schematic changes that we won't know about until Sunday's game against Buffalo.

(I doubt that, too.)

We'll see. But as of right now, the addressing of the leaky offensive line is at best a stealth project because no visible work or changes are apparent.


On the injury front, the Dolphins are working today without middle linebacker Dannell Ellerbe, who suffered a shoulder injury during the Baltimore game and indeed had to leave that game after about one quarter.

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson , who has missed four games with a groin injury, was on the field during the open portion of practice but didn't seem to be doing a whole lot. He didn't participate in many of the drills witnessed by the media.

Safety Chris Clemons, who has been nagged by little injuries, also was not working with the starters during period open to the media. No idea if this is indeed an injury issue or something else.

The backup safety is Jimmy Wilson.

[UPDATE: DT Paul Soliai and TE Michael Egnew also are not at practice today. No word why.]


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at least Miami knows two areas where most improvement must come from in 2014 draft and offseason....OL AND RB!!!! just sayin

Craig M....

There is no reason why we shoudn't have beaten Baltimore...and even tho I hate to blame the refs....they screwed us on the 3 pass interference calls that handed the ball to b'more on the one yard line....having said that...we had plenty of time to rctify that..and we didn't....

Trust me...there is no book written on Philbin yet...Like I have always said...he should get 5 FULL years to fix this...but I do want to see some more imagination out of this offense....

Ireland GAVE you weapons...lets use them....

Next year Brady's recievers will be MORE seasoned...not less...and they will draft Hernadez's replacement....we have to get better...not worse...and I feel the coaching is a bit worse this year....even tho the talent is better...

never thought I would say that....

Jesus Kris, with that much time to turn this around, I'll be dead by the time we're good!

It is more than probable that they consider they have nobody better than those 5 starting Olinemen. I believe them. Our bench there is abysmal to non-existent.

This weeks game is super important, agreed.

And we will be facing the toughest D-Line yet. Good game to see if the O-line is getting better.

I won't blame the coaches for the Slow Start. I was expecting the fins to go 4-1.

I will blame M.Wallace. and even he gets a little bit of a break. This is his First season on the team. But Wallace has been at fault for dropped TDs and stopping on routes that led to INTs.

We still need that 1 Prototype WR. That guy T-Hill can throw a Fade in the End zone to. Or out muscle CBs for the Ball.

Not a T.Austin, but more of a C.Patterson type.

im not buying the bills are a bad team despite their record either coming in this sunday, their defense presents big probles for our suspect offensive line and their secondary has a knack for turning the ball over(just ask flacco)....

their QB situation will be interesting and their offense is a lot like ours , Inconsistant at best but they for the most part play hard and I don't thik this is a team Miami should overlook sunday by any means...


We can't fire the coach every 2-3 years...orwe will conmtinue to get what we have had for the past 13 years....

somebody he should t the full 5....

Philbin needs to be careful with the QB postition...he can't just be in love with Tanne (which it apears he aleady is)....

If Tanne doesn't get better than Medicre by year 3....and Philbin can't see it....the ...sey la ve...


I agree with most of what you've said but if this team had caught a few breaks in the Baltimore game we'd be 4-1 right now. Yeah i know, every team could say that but don't forget, we'd done a lot of this with a banged up Wake and Soliai and we've missed Patterson for four games, Ellerbe for some time and Keller for the season.

Yes every team has to deal with stuff like this but we're 3-2 right now and that's not all bad. I just feel its a bit too early to come down on the coaching staff, even though I question some of the calls from Sherman and how some guys are being used.

Nahh, bring in Larry Fitzgerald.


This is a game we should win. Yes the Bills played well yesterday but that home crowd can be a factor. They have who at QB to play Sunday? The 'phins are coming off a bye week, and should be rested and somewhat healed. The game's in Florida and it should be hot.

Playoff teams win games like this. No excuse for dropping games like this and that doesn't mean i'm saying Buffalo is a pushover.

I fully expected this team to be 1-4 or 2-3 at this point in the season. I still think this team. Can do some damage this season and it starts with a win over Buffalo this week.

Posted by: Craig M | October 14, 2013 at 02:52 PM

More talking for the sake of talking. What a contradiction you are!

In 1 sentence you FULLY expect Miami to be well below .500%. The very NEXT sentence you say you STILL think they can do some damage?

How can you think they can still be good when you FULLY expected them to be worse than their current record?

FOR GOD SAKES JUST SHUT UP ALREADY! If you must post, try to not make such an a@$ of yourself!

When I first read the article, the only thing I could think of is...does Philbin want to get fired?

But after I went through the possible explanations, I think DC comes closest...HCs (OCs too) don't like to be questioned about decisions.

To be fair, there aren't many good tackles and guards available at this late date. But that doesn't let Philbin & Co. off the hook either. They're paid to evaluate players and they clearly failed. What about changing schemes you say? See the previous paragraph.

That 2nd year NG Buff has + Mario Williams playing well it's enough to guarantee we won't be able to run the ball on them, = to Cle and Baltimore. They better be looking for alternatives to the ground Game.

Philbin will get the Boot if this team stops showing progress. But right now he hasn't done anything to suggest he should be fired before his contract is up.

Philbin and Co. Haven't put us in cap hell. Or have gotten worst since last season.

I believe we can make the Playoffs this Season. As a Wildcard Maybe. But by next season we should be legitimate Contenders.

Brady has 2 or 3 years left at best. And I expect BB to retire at the same time. And the Pats will return back to who they were before Mr. Kraft sold his soul to the Devil.

G.Smith will be a good QB and will present problems in the future. I actually think the Jets might keep Rex. He wasn't the Problem. Sanchez and the Old GM were the problem.

EJ Manuel Sucks and always has Sucked. But D.Maroone is a better coach than I expected. So I can see the Bills being respectable in the Future.


Yes, Agreed.

I said this earlier in the Season and got laughed at. But we can get him for the right price. And he will allow us to go 4 wide and be extremely dangerous.

Hartline as a Slot WR. Or Wallace. T-Hill will put up D.Marino Numbers.

Holy crap,

Glad to see you take SUCH an interest in my posts. For a guy who wants m to 'shut up', don't you find it odd that you spend so much time reading my posts and THEN. commenting on them. Do you know how demented that is?

For the dummies like you that can't read between the lines, very simply I saw what a difficult start to the season the Dolphins had. I'm sure this will be anything way beyond what you can comprehend.


DC always has some good stuff....thats what makes his stuff a must read on here...even when I disagree...

Dashi...our views aren't tha different...and like I said...nobody should be calling for Phillbins job....but I do think he needs to channel coach Joe fromlast year...the one that went for it on fourth down....and ran fake punts...i liked that guy....

I don't like the fact that his OC is his mentor....and that has to make it hard to critize him...maybe after this season...Coach Sherman decides he wants to spend more time with his family....

Definitely mistakes have been made by Ireland and the Coaching staff. The most glaring one to me and I know to odin also, was trusting that JMartin could handle the job at LT, no less. So Long didn't want to be here, there were other options at LT to be signed in pre-Season. Clabo is another mistake signed for the OLine. Could it be the scheme the O Coaches are using that we are so terrible as Clabo was serviceable last year? I hope so, for Everybody's sake.

Still, we should beat Buff rather easily.Should.LV has us at ~8 points favorites.

Kris@3:39, you have a point about the way games were played last year vs. this year. It was more wide open without a doubt. Why the change? But is it all on Philbin? I don't know but in the end, he's the HC and it's his responsiblity.

Great, no changes on O line in personel or philoshophy, so lets get ready for more of the same ol same ol. This O line is not built for zone blocking, most of them are maulers, Run the hell out of the ball early, work those guys into that " blow your guy up " across the line mentality. the scheme Sherman is trying to run does not match the specific talents of our O lineman. It's like sticking a square peg in a round hole. we have 1 lineman that is athletic enough to play zone scheme and that is Pouncey. Coaches { specifically Sherman} fit the scheme to your players natural strengths, don't try to force them to play your system. scrap 4 of the 5 lineman next year if you want to play that system or just use the strengths of the ones you have, or Tannehill is going to get killed. Also Miller is a good natural runner who looks mediocre at best because there are no holes!!! We have the talent just not the coaching strategy for the guys we have. from what it sounds like we are going to get more of the same after the bye, losing to teams we shouldn't. If we are going to win the AFC east we must beat the Patriots twice and go 8-3 the next 11 games. right now that doesn't look promising, but I an holding out the hope.

@ Kent

That's what I mentioned earlier. Seems like a blocking scheme could make a big difference. That's more likely to work than expecting Garner or another teams reject making a difference.

Ireland is a crappy talent evaluator. It starts there!

Besides players, it continues with his choice of a coaching staff. Although Ross wanted a star coach, when they could not close the deal, Ireland settled for a deer in headlights looking yes man in Philbin.

I'm sorry but Philbin is dopey and emotionless. Sherman is a has been. As for the OL coach, even with these weak link OL linemen (IE., Martin, Jerry, Clabo) a Hudson Houck type could make them efficient. So the OL coach must be weak too.

So if you can't coach excellent play out of your starters, it just might mean that you should try other players (IE., Watkins and Gardner) Maybe a trade. The fact that they aren't trying anything at all, shows how dumb, afraid and stubborn they are.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

I say if this crappy play continues without a plan or hope, us fans should start calling for heads to roll!

Dolphins fans united voices can make things happen!!

I have been preaching changing the blocking scheme for weeks now. I certainly will not take any credit for something that the coaching staff should see as very obvious. Hope they at least gave it some consideration, we will see Sunday.

God bless. I read all these comments and I am just blown away. We have some of theworst fans in sports. None of u guys are experts. You will never truly be heard. I agree that there are things I wish we could try that I believe would improve things. And I have been around football my whole life. Coaching and playing. Obviously not in the nfl tho. Let our team do its job. We r still above .500 w one of the hardest schedules in the league to this point. We barely lost last week. We r showing progress. Even the best teams have shitty moments. Be a fan and root for your team instead of bashing it. We r getting key players back from injury so lets go out and whip on buffalo!

What will some of you blind cheerleaders be saying after we lose to the Bills? Again...just like last year.

Spiller and Jackson will run wild...it doesn't matter who is playing qb he won't have to throw the ball 30x for them to win.

Skill positions still aren't fixed. Clay is not a prototype seam threat te he is a fullback/H-back. Hartline is awful...Gibson is not a slot wr and Wallace needs a dominant x or y to take the pressure off of him. He is not a no. 1 wr. We need a tall wr who can run on the outside.

Rb's are still awful. Daniel Thomas shouldn't be in the NFL and Miller is a 3rd down back who doesn't have the hands...lateral quickness or elusiveness.

O-line with the exception of Pouncey are all terrible. This team won't win 3 more games this year. Mark it down!

No changes to the offensive line will only mean one thing- the losses will continue piling up. This team is now on a steady downhill path once again. They are crazy if they think they have a miniscule, remote chance of beating the Patriots. Brady, as usual, is on fire. And they better not think that beating Buffalo is gonna be a simple task. I'm beginning to dislike Philbin. ANd as usual, its time for Ireland to take a hike and Ross to sell!

Well, don't know yet about Philbin, but i'm starting to dislike Sherman a lot

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that somehow the blocking gets better. Use your talent more effectively as well. If Belecik was coaching this team, he'd kill us by playing Thigpen more and creating huge matchup problems. Sherman either never finds the mismatch or goes to it one time and then goes away from it. Payton, Belicik, Manning (he's basically the OC) when they find a matchup problem and attack until the well runs dry. This then creates another matchup problem and so on and so forth. Sherman calls the same game every week with little regard for mismatches with linebackers and safeties.

Carl Aten:I would friggin'love to see Pennington as an OC for us. Was talking to a friend during the Balt. game about the very same thing. Is Pennington still announcing NFL games this year? Being that Sherman and Philbin are so tight, why can
'we get Penny on board as a QB coach and see what happens. I'm sorry, but Sherman is beginning to remind me of Mr. Magoo (Henning) with his play-calling.

I dont understa likes it that wand it and I'm sure Philbin likes it that way but no practice for this long??? IDK, I'd have em out there constantly working on the basics and fundamentals. But hey, I'm just a loyal fan and not an NFL coach but these guys up front (w/ exception to Pouncey) need to be better,the only way that happens is with repetitions and looks

I like alot about Philbin, including his origin and the culture he comes from in G.B but he doesnt seem to be a guy that will push and shove when need be, they need someone in their face letting em know jobs will be lost if this current level of play continues.I dont think day's off are helping anyone......repetition!!

Why do teams keep and pay 53 players, when it doesn't think some of them are good enough to play on the team. Our RT- No 8th highest paid guy on the squad is a turnstile and is ranked No 66 OL man by Pro Form football. Names experience and salaries of depth chart back ups are shown below. If a player is 3 yrs plus in the league, a club must know his capabilities, otherwise big question marks against the coaching staff. If he is not up to the job, why pay him a wage. Trading for the No 65 ranked OL man as your potential saviour is really a desperation move and says you have no trust in the depth chart- so why keep them at all!
We need to pray for Tannehill's health and well being over the coming weeks as his OL will get him on IR if something doesn't change and quickly.
Experience. Name. Salary. Salary rank
9 yrs. T Claybo. 2.5m. no 8
6 yrs. N garner. 1.1m. No 15
0. D Thomas. 0.4m. No 67
3 yrs. W Yeatman. 0.6m. No. 34
3 yrs. D Watkins. 1.0m. NO 16

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