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Dolphins overcome disasterous first quarter

It was a terrible first quarter. It was 14-0 Bills after one period on Sunday.

Ryan Tannehill had two interceptions. The Bills were moving.

And then the second quarter began and the Dolphins kinda sorta recovered. The Dolphins trail the Bills 17-14 at halftime despite looking terrible coming out of their bye week.

Miami got touchdowns out of tight end Charles Clay and receiver Brandon Gibson, who went airborne for an impressive TD just prior to halftime.

The Dolphins have outgained the Bills. And they have not given up a sack.

But neither have they converted any of their seven third down chances.

Second half should be interesting.


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Who cares.

This team will stink for the rest of the century.

brady pick 6 hhaaaa

wearing them down

No more QB runs please

thill showing heart

pats losing

specific to this game.....I think Sherman gave up on the run too early, or at least went away from it when he shouldnt have......also did not love either of those designed QB runs on the goal--running game working, RBs doing fine, let them take the punishment.....why subject TH to several hits?--the dude finally isnt getting sacked.....give him a break!

dusty we can all see the scores on the internet.

agree dusty.....I like THs heart today if nothing else

jets just beating da hell out of pats now


move over lambo leep! joe philbin didn't only bring his concepts from greenbay, he also brought his new and improved touchdown celebration...
way to go brandon gibson, 2 touchdowns while accidentally stumbling on to the new miami touchdown celebration.....were you actually MOSHING with the fans..that was great!..mr. ross is going to love that!
hey philbin, say goodbye to the lambo leap and say hello to the MOSH PIT!

sorry, and I know football players arent necessarily rockets scientists....but Don Jones and J Jenkins made 2 of the stupidest plays/decisions youll ever see today--Jenkins had the opportunity to go at the waist......whats he doing?

both of those mentioned above, the Jenkins/Jones plays, gave the Bills big yardage, big momentum.....and points--terrible.

probaly cost us game also benz

No sacks! So maybe it's not the personnel after all. Hmm.

More sh$tty play calling. Sherman sucks.

3 straight passes, unreal sherman wake up

Fire Sherman!!!

my hair is on fire... no it's not

mando.....specifics to this game, again....why no running plays for the last 3?--why go away from whats working?--eat some clock, with the lead....?

Seriously though...I'm not trying to be a negative nelly...+r one of the FIRE trolls around here...but we need a legit OC...


Maybe not during the season but Sherman needs to be replaced in the off-season IMO...

with a shaky OL (better this week) and up-down QB play, use the run to setup the pass.....not vice versa--run the ball.

first play, pass/sack.....why?


can we please release clabo

Williams sack wasnt a helmet to helmet shot? Isnt that a penalty?

If they want to salvage the season, Tyson Clabo needs to released first thing tomorrow morning!

IT's only a penalty if the fins touch a qb's helmet

huge down here, keep this field pos

A lead and time runnning down in the 4th and we throw first...can only manage read option runs out of shotgun??? Terribly called game on the O side...

Nice D, finally get a 3rd down stop

make your money here and put this game away

who thinks brady will somehow pull that game out for pats?

Thank god they only have ONE bye week.

id go play action deep ball wallace right here

dusty you are the most negative pessimistic whiny wart here.

play to win the game here not dont play not to lose

and there goes the game, f u clabo u pos

How bad is this team, I mean, you've got to be Fuc%^ng kidding me

mando.....do we need to be more specific.....AGAIN, why pass there and not run?--they deserve to lose this game, lets be honest

Sherman can take Clabo with him on his way out the door!!!

Tasker is cheerleading in the booth

Tanne has to be more aware with the game on the line.

and Carpenter could beat us.....nice

if carpenter hits a fg to win we cannot sink any lower. this season will be maybe the worst ive sat through so far ever

Makes sense Carpenter will kick the game winner, while Sturgis missed his FG

Oh my god! Trannyhill gives up another enormous fumble. They're gonna loose to this horrendous Bills team with a QB found somewhere in a flea market?

stop them here and have chance to comeback with a fg

sorry, but how do they assign an Ex-Bill, Tasker, as the announcer for this game?

and that clinches it. 3 straight losses and season over amazing

Game over. How do let him get away??? Snakebit!!!

Terrible plat calling, terrible line play, terrible QB, terrible coaching... clueless

why not let bills run it in, else game is over philbin wake up and coach

Waaaa waaaaa .... listen to the fish biatches whine

Fish biatches hennehill bwaaaaazaaaahahaha

all time low right here heads have to roll. 2014 will need to be a totally different staff


2 weeks to prepare for this shyt and this is how they come to play??? Shyt play calling...and Clabo doing what he does best when it matters....FK this...I'm done with this team...

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