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Dolphins overcome disasterous first quarter

It was a terrible first quarter. It was 14-0 Bills after one period on Sunday.

Ryan Tannehill had two interceptions. The Bills were moving.

And then the second quarter began and the Dolphins kinda sorta recovered. The Dolphins trail the Bills 17-14 at halftime despite looking terrible coming out of their bye week.

Miami got touchdowns out of tight end Charles Clay and receiver Brandon Gibson, who went airborne for an impressive TD just prior to halftime.

The Dolphins have outgained the Bills. And they have not given up a sack.

But neither have they converted any of their seven third down chances.

Second half should be interesting.


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HenneHill strikes again,,,,

Dolphins take over last place in AFC Least !!!!!

Waaaaaaaaaaaaa fish biatches whine queer bait

Time to start our mock drafts.


Carpenter/Sturgis is just a minor sidenote to all this......Sturgis missed a 51 yd kick, hardly a gimme......Fins played terribly, brutal......TH, playcalling, execution--this inevitable FG just adds insult, but isnt the story of this game.


How did Colts let this team beat them ?

Tyson Clabo = Mark Columbo

We should draft a QB and two tackles.

Season was over before it starts when you idiots thought HenneHill was the franchise. October and the smelly fish are done. Start planning the draft losers

Now we make a tackle lol.

Does anyone think Tannehill can get us in FG range with 35 seconds left? Ya, that's what I thought

Wow, just wow.

I don't know how many years I have to say it about this organization, but being stubborn and stupid is a horrible combination.

cant play like this and expect to win

We lose to a bills team playing with a 3rd string QB and two injured RB's.

So were in the cellar of the East right?

Carpenter misses this in 2012.

Gee that bye helped. We just got better draft position.

Tasker is blowing his load in the booth

HenneHill = Sammie Smith

Dolphins haven't had a player of Taskers calibre since 1972

ROSS take your sorry ass along with your butt buddy Ireland and this embarrassment of a crap team out of Miami. We are proud people deserving better representation than this joke!!!!!!!

I think the Jags get more fans than this putrid excuse of an NFL city. What a disgrace. Miami sports fans worst in the nation. Sell the team. They wont even play a Super Bowl here anymore.

wow had game giving to them again and play calling horrible

This THill supporter is now a believer. I no+
w believe he aint the answer. So where are we? Cause Matt Moore is only a backup.

Sell the team Ross. Brutal city. brutal fans.

bye bye season and they deserve that team is complete garbage and coaching staff is beyond awful

nah, they didn't overcome a sh**.

I hate all caps but....

this is what people have to realize. odrick was laughing on the field with carpenter after the game. wake was smiling as he talked to someone. now, this message board is going to blow up with people furious about the game. why should anyone give shi* when the players don't care?

have to hope they lose each game now, no more of this stupid stuff of rooting to finish 8-8 like many of u do every year. seasons over, so u want to lose now as many as possible

Its official...dolphins suk...t-hill suks.

Wow, Fire everyone. This team is probably the worst in the NFL. How the F%^k do you lose to a practice squad QB at home? Fire IRELAND ROSS!!!

I am nauseated about this team. Two weeks to prepare for a sorry team like the Bills and this is what we get? really? I can't wait to see how coach Philbin is going to explain this disaster.

Fire the entire o line! They suck!








Nice offensive line you created there Ireland. No doubt about it the O line cost us the game.

Miami sucks, play calling sucks Tanehill sucks. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt but if you can't win after being handed the game, the season is OVER!!! Miami can't beat Buffalo with a 3rd string quarterback, what a joke!

Well, I thought Clabo did a nice job overall. A few miscues here and there but nothing we can't correct.

At what point do the 'Phins "BrainTrust" recognize that Clabo SUCKS!!!!! Averaging 2+ sacks a game, costs us the game, yet he continues to play....F#CK this team!!!!

it's very telling that with 26 seconds left, tannehill could not complete ONE pass. blame it on whomever you want. but players make plays, not coordinators.

2 weeks to plan this game?? ... this team is amazing , they are undisciplined , sloppy and even foolish ... well this forum reflects what dolphins has made to fan base ... The have dismissed fan base ... we dont ask them to win añll games... we ask them to play like pros every game... today they play like a bunch of colleges...
To loose against buf with a 3rd stringer QB is too much ... I dont wanna know anything about this team ... They are a bunch of coky and foolish players

Sick of this Dolphins team.

Everyone has to go starting wit Offensive coordinator,head coach, general manager, Tanenhill.

So tired of a mediocre team that after a bye can get a win, against a third string QB.
Horrible Play Calling, one series 3 consecutive runs, three and out, the next 3 passes, 3 and out.

Been a long time fan since 83 and I just can not stand this anymore, every team makes mistakes but this team makes a lot of them, turnovers, sacks, play calling, missed field goals.

So sick and tired.

Great use of the bye week to correct some issues,NOT. That's two games in a row the offense choked in crunch time.

Oh my God, we have to play in NE next week. It's gonna be 56-0, with Tannehill getting sacked on every play.

A practice squad QB has a better completion percentage than Tannehill?

T-hill should be ashamed of himself.

Well, I thought Clabo did a nice job overall. A few miscues here and there but nothing we can't correct.

Posted by: Joe Philbin | October 20, 2013 at 04:15 PM

Priceless there Philbin. Ireland did the impossible. Found coaches as stubborn as him.

No more football for me after this. We fans need to get on the streets and riot, break sh*t, go after Ross and Ireland! This team SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS worst than last season. Bye week and no personnel changes. The coaches are horrible. Philbin is not head coaching material, he SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS AWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

AFC bottom feeders once again. Don't know how many more years I can put up with this.

Good teams find ways to win...Dolphins find ways to LOSE!!!

We need to come out fast this week against Buffalo. Two weeks to prepare and we've had some stellar practices lately.

Its not all on Tannehill. The guy gets no protection and its impressive hes still walking at this point. Team loss all around. how many 3-10's did the Bills convert?
Pass rush on 3rd down was lousy. They are thin at LB behind Ellerbe. It's borderline criminal that the O Line is cashing paychecks.

"Turn out the lights, the parties over." Ugh what a terrible, terrible game. Who in the h*ll called that pass play????? All we needed to do was just run the ball, damn it anyway. Someone needs to take Sherman out to the woodshed for this one. Feel sorry for those of us who actually thought we had something going this year, but as usual just a pipe dream.

Oh well at least I still have the Hawks..I don't particularly like them, but when in Rome...

I'm glad we took two weeks to prepare for this

FAILBIN says they don't need to maek any adjustments or bring in new players.... the lint just needs to play better.... can't make chicken salad out of chicken crap!!... but please lets give FIRELAND and extension!!!

Another year, same results. Unless a miracle happens, looking at 5-11 at best. We barely stayed in game with Bill's team whose playmakers are hobbled. This team needs a complete housecleaning.

No mistake about Tannehill lost this game

Time for Hockey....God they SUCK!!!

Another season and the same thing, I am freaking done with this team again. I'm sick of hearing "well, we'll look at the tape and fix things" they can't do it anything right. The defense will save the offense and then they can't produce crap, or the offense will gain some momentum and then the defense can't get off the field on 3rd down. I mean come on 3rd and 15 and 3rd and 20, I'd be if the opposing team had to convert a 3rd and 75 they'd be able to do it. Why can't this team just get their freaking act together. They suck, and they wonder why people don't want to come to the games, I don't even want to watch on the television. I haven't been this mad since the so called "Miracle at the Meadowland" They need to figure out what they're doing, because they are killing the fan base cause I'm sure I'm not the only one. Play calling sucks on both sides, the protection is still horrid at best. Clabo is worthless. Sherman can't seem to get out of his own way of calling horrendous play one after another. If I was coach Philbin I would seriously think about firing the entire staff. This so called top 10 defense can't keep anyone out of the endzone, it's pathetic!!!!!!!!

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