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Dolphins overcome disasterous first quarter

It was a terrible first quarter. It was 14-0 Bills after one period on Sunday.

Ryan Tannehill had two interceptions. The Bills were moving.

And then the second quarter began and the Dolphins kinda sorta recovered. The Dolphins trail the Bills 17-14 at halftime despite looking terrible coming out of their bye week.

Miami got touchdowns out of tight end Charles Clay and receiver Brandon Gibson, who went airborne for an impressive TD just prior to halftime.

The Dolphins have outgained the Bills. And they have not given up a sack.

But neither have they converted any of their seven third down chances.

Second half should be interesting.


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Can we trade the Bills for Thad Lewis, give them our whole team.

FAIL to Manziel

from suck for Luck to Fail for Manziel!!

This loss will be the first defining moment of the end of Jeff Ireland in Miami. His gamble not to upgrade the offensive line will cost him his job. There is absolutely no excuse for the Dolphins to lose this game....at home....against what we thought was an inferior team.....after a bye week...after 2 weeks to make the adjustments necessary to protect Tannenhill. Those of us who were holding on to a thread that the Dolphins might be a playoff team are now rudely slapped across the face by reality. After all the moves made in free agency and in the draft...and after all the promise of 3-0....we are left with a team that is no better than last year. And whats more demoralizing is that there is no promise for the future. Those of you who are on here who will tell us "I told you so" can kiss my grits.

Tannehill didn't lose this game, our "fabulous" o-line and genius o coordinator did...

Coach Philbin your team was not prepared today and we lost the game because of it. You had ample time to do your "minor adjustments" but they sure were not enough. Except for Carroll, tackling allowed the Bills to make quite a few first downs. Wilson and Reshad Jones missed key tackles in the 4th. quarter. The "minor adjustments" did not include Tyson Clabo and we all saw how we lost the game in the 4th. quarter because of it. Great effort and heart by Gibson. He is well worth the money spent on him. So is Hartline. Wallace? I don't know yet.

You have said that your crew has the talent to be a good football team but what we saw today does not evidence it or, maybe, is the coaching that accounts for the losses. Tannehill is regressing instead of progressing during your watch. If today is the example of the team put together after investing all those millions, we don't need to follow this pathetic performance. Go Heat!

No way!! Fireland gives good face ross will keep him

We were talking about draft picks earlier. I mean why is Trusnik even on the field. Where is Kaddu. Another bust that's where.

Seeing rookies making plays all over the NFL. But not Taylor, or Jones, or Jordan. We're still trying to convince ourselves that Misi, Martin and Jimmy Wilson can play.

Looking at schedule, we should be able to beat the Bucs, but that's about it. Looks like 4-12 this year. Good draft pick, any good QB's coming out?

Wow this is a bad team,good bye Ireland,sure would like to see your face next week when we lose to New England again.

dion who

Fail for Manziel

No, we're not going to make any personnel changes at this time. We played them close, just made a few more mistakes than they did at the end. This is how it is in the NFL - tight ganmes every week. The Bills are a great team.

Fail for Manziel


jets best team in div, who would of thought

4-12 and thats only if the bucks have a bad game

Fail for Manziel
Fail for Manziel
Fail for Manziel

comical how bad they are 2014 better be a ton of changes, that stadium will be totally empty rest of season

FIRELAND will stay... he packs his own knee pads!!

Fail for Manziel
Fail for Manziel
Fail for Manziel

PHILBIN go back to Green Bay! WHhhheeeennnn are we ever gonna get an owner with brains? When are we ever gonna get a GM that actually can do his job right? When will we ever get a head coach with NFL coaching experience? And damn it, when are we gonna ever get the next Marino?? I despise this team!!!!

I really liked what I saw today from our offensive line. We didn't give up any sacks until well into the 3rd quarter.

manziel sucks hes not even 6 feet. no need for him. need entire new staff and entire new oline. clabo has to be cut now but hopefully they keep him for rest of year so we can continue to lose

I have came to the realization that its the head coach that have me puzzled. Every week Joe Philibin talks about turnovers and every week Tannehill turns it over. From my last count we have a total of 11 turnovers and all of them is from Tannehill. We had a bye week and coach Philibin made the RB's and WR's work on drills to hold on to the ball and kept Tannehill from that drill. Last year he bench Reggie Bush for not holding on to the ball and the last 3 weeks Tannehill have turned the ball over 7 times. When is it time to put in Matt Moore HONESTLY

as much as I don't like the jets I would take rex blowhard over FAILBIN!!

Fail for Manziel
Fail for Manziel
Fail for Manziel

A Jets win today will just keep us holding on. Maybe these idiots will actually go out and get an OT.

really, what coach and GM in thier right mind would want to go to the suck fish..... the days of this team being a coveted job are loooonnnnng gone!

Fail for Manziel
Fail for Manziel
Fail for Manziel

wilsons not 6 feet, but good thing t-hill is over six feet!!

FAILBIN says we don't need a new OT, he just needs to play better!!

The Jets and Bills winning with 1st year QB's. Our 2nd year guy throws two picks today and it killed us.

That and our defense not being able to get off the field on 3rd down.


real mistery why harbaugh and manning did not coach and play for the suckfish????

I think with a few minor tweaks here and there we'll be ready to go up to New England and give them a really tough game. Well, maybe at least for the 1st quarter or so.

FAILBIN and SHEETMAN the green bay connection... wow are we lucky!!

can FAILBIN go back to discount double suck??

The Experience with Tannehill has ran its course play Mat Moore

Tyson Clabo is an overweight, out of shape, fat booger who couldn't even block my 98 year old grandma. And Trannyhill plays scared and has horrible accuracy. Next on the road against Tom Brady. I'm gonna purposely not watch that on slaughter. Miami will be 3-4. Season on steady decline and shithead ROss gave Ireland an extension. You've gotta be sh*tting ME!

After 40 + years of watching this team, the last 10 have been the most painful...with that said I can no longer in good faith watch anymore, it is just too distressing. Like a fool I was baited in again, held out hope, only to get my hopes dashed again.

I am officially jumping off the bandwagon until either the owner moves on or the team moves out of South Florida, which could happen very soon. Empty seats = no revenue. TIme to close shop and move west. We have no home field advantage and haven't had one since we left the OB. We can't attract good talent unless we way over pay for it. We can't attract good coaching, because no one wants to work for this franchise, especially under Ireland and Ross. Poor fan base and crappy stadium, not going to work guys.

simple....new Gm with total control to head
coach... fire Sherman and Clabo...

Move up in the draft to the #3 and select Jordan who would've been there in the 8th? Then Jamar Taylor, Dallas Thomas, Will Davis? Where is this idiot getting his intel from? He's got to be the worst, most pathetic, incompetent GM in the freaking league. And the Philbin hiring was an act of desperation. Nobody else wanted to come down here and coach this team. I'm glad Ross is getting his money's worth ripped off. He's so stupid!

Great job Buffalo they came to Miami and showed us how a team pulls together and guts out a win.Meanwhile; we just realized that we wasted 5 more years on this Texas A&M train wreck.

Since we have Lebron James and the Heat, let Ross take this joke and move them to another city. Hell no to raising any tax to renovate this stadium. He's a tight wad billionaire. He can pay for it himself. Boycott this team, don't attend the games and waste hard earned dollars. Let this continue to be the joke of the league. What a disgrace!

Tannecrapenhill is regressing. He has no balls. Every time he gets sacked, he should get up and kick whom ever is responsible's ass! No matter how much bigger they are. Also, they need to get rid of the air conditioned practice bubble that Nick Satan's genius mind came up with. Boycott this team!

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