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Dolphins vs. Ravens live blog (and other things)

Cameron Wake is active for today's game against the Baltimore Ravens.

That's a big deal for the Dolphins as they try to take down the defending Super Bowl champions. Wake will be matched up against Michael Oher -- you know, the kid from the blindside who happens to play the right side for Baltimore.

Randy Starks is slated to start at defensive tackle.

The other inactives are: QB Pat Devlin, RB Mike Gillislee, CB, Dimitri Patterson, CB Will Davis, LB Josh Kaddu, G Danny Watkins, and G Dallas Thomas.

For the Ravens, it is notable that WR Jacoby Jones is inactive. That's big.

It's also interesting that LT Eugene Monroe, acquired from Jacksonville this week, is inactive. Bryant McKinnie will start at LT.

Of course, if there's a live game, there's a live blog. Join below.


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phins 31-20

AhhhhhMr. Soild Botoms. Long time no hear...

Hey now Mr. Menace


Tannehill looked just horrible Monday night.

mckinnie gonna try his hardest to impress fins today so they pick him up

Nat, Flacco looked worse. Tannehill out duels Flacco. Dolphins 31 Ravens 20 like beerphin predicted seems right.

Goin with the Phins 20 Baltimore 16.............

Dusty, Any Relations to Mr. Soiled Bottoms???

Happy that Cam is active that means he can be a force today. It never hurts to have one of your best players in the game. He needs to get after Flacco today like he can and make him throw picks.


Totals: 31 rec/ 463 yds/ 1 TD

Average: 4 rec/ 52 yds/ 0 TD

We dodged a bullet in Jacoby Jones being out.

three amigos cuban

buffalo destroyed flacco, no reason we shouldnt

Lets hope Tannehill does a better job of protecting the football today.

Good work, ETF

Puts things in perspective. Wallace's role in the first three games suits me just fine.

Suits Philbin just fine also. NO HEROES!

Time to beat this ugly purple bunch of losers!!
Flacco is flaccid!!

We come out with roll outs, sprints and a hard running game today.


This is a big game. Where is everyone? Did the trolls bore them away? Don't worry when the game is over they'll disappear for a few days. Anyway that's the hope.

I picked the Ravens to winthis game but I'm second-guessing the pick. Baltimore is beat up and how do you lose to a team who's only dressing three WRs today? Ravens are ripe for the pickings. Must-win game today, IMO.

And the losing continues.

Lookidat, Megatron is declared out and the line jumps 3 points!

I thought the same thing...where is everybody? Stadium looks spotty..

Miami 24 Ravens 17 - Book it!!

Wake and Jordan combine for 3 sacks today

Miller = 100 yards today

Clay = 5 catches & 1 TD

Craig M for Moron,

Canadiens should stick to ice fishing or hockey. You know nothing football!

Wallace = 5 catches but none more than 20 yards after 2 attempts at it. 1 TD.

Miami Secondary gives up 3 passes for more than 35 yards today.

If they are playing Wake, even sporadically, they think this is a crucial Game.

It's 87 degrees sunny and very humid...I'd be hiding in the shade too. That should help us and hurt them later in the game.

Wallace back on right side again.

Posted by: Canadien Bacon | October 06, 2013 at 01:01 PM

YG, Is that you????

Empty stadium??

Anybody got a link?

We will take them giving Wallace that type of cushion all day

link for what?

Miller just too small to short yardage plays.

Time Out??? what a joke!!!

What, another sweep?

1st time out ?
Are you kidding me ?

The game lol

Lots of Raven fans in attendance.

pls,a link to watch it online,anyboy?

Why the hell are they running Miller on 3rd and 1?? What the hell is Sherman doing?

OMG it's almost the same play as last week...that's pathetic

Thank god for Flaco

Man! I don't know what to tell you.

This is the biggest issue with the running game: getting a back that runs with power!! NOT Miller over Thomas. NEITHER is good enough on their own OR TOGETHER! Miller does not run tough enough. Period.

Lamar Miller = Another Irescum bust

3rd and 1 and nothing ?
These coaches lack of imagination. The story repeats ? Do they ever learn ?

Sherman is just plain stupid

OK, can we stop this playoff talk, this team has not done squat in a decade

Bwaaaaaa Haaaaaa Haaaaaa

Pathetic Phish Phucks!

2ND & 1 3RD & 1



Took a to for that eh?

We miss Bush

They would have as much luck heaving the ball way downfield on 3rd and 1 as they do trying to run for it

Jeff Ireland a winner...the OL on the left is terrible...2 years ago they could have had Riley Reiff who Ireland said could not play LT but is doing a very good job at Detroit at LT...this year they traded up to select a DE that has little impact and passed on OT Lane Johnson of Oklahoma.

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