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Dolphins vs. Ravens live blog (and other things)

Cameron Wake is active for today's game against the Baltimore Ravens.

That's a big deal for the Dolphins as they try to take down the defending Super Bowl champions. Wake will be matched up against Michael Oher -- you know, the kid from the blindside who happens to play the right side for Baltimore.

Randy Starks is slated to start at defensive tackle.

The other inactives are: QB Pat Devlin, RB Mike Gillislee, CB, Dimitri Patterson, CB Will Davis, LB Josh Kaddu, G Danny Watkins, and G Dallas Thomas.

For the Ravens, it is notable that WR Jacoby Jones is inactive. That's big.

It's also interesting that LT Eugene Monroe, acquired from Jacksonville this week, is inactive. Bryant McKinnie will start at LT.

Of course, if there's a live game, there's a live blog. Join below.


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FIRE IRELAND AND PHILBIN AND THE OFENSIVE LINE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep sack really hurt, and didn't gain a yard

team sucks back to normal why is the world did he spike it on first down


Back to reality people !
Sack show again.
3 hours of my life lost one more time.

This is so pathetic. This team ... GOD ... I can't think of any adjectives that describe how completely insane it has been to be a Dolphins fan these past few years.

half way to 6-10! Yea, baby!

This team will never reach it until this owner gets Ireland's nose out of his bung hole and ,,,,why did all the winning coaches refuse this job...they wanted to haev control over the draft.



Lol same garbage team. We're a pretend team

Damn. So close. That line is awful!! Sherman needs to see that and move tannehill around more. And can we get a 55 gallon drum of stickem

dusty ... because Tannehill is a complete idiot ... he may be a good quarteback eventually, but he lacks the common sense to swim to the top and eat the goldfish flakes ... why the hell don't they teach this kid a bit of common sense???????

4th QTR Summary:

Baltimore Drive 11: Gains 7 to Rice pass. Flaco good scramble. 3rd and 2. Pass to right side in front of Jones. Gain of 6 for first down. Abusing Jones. Shelby offsides. First and 5. Bad! Gain for 3 with Rice up middle. First down pass in front of Jones again. First and goal on the 3 yard line. Clemmons misses tackle and Rice walks in for TD.

Baltimore 23 Miami 13

Miami Drive 11: 12:06 in 4th QTR. Need TD here from Miami. Starting on the Miami 20 kicked out of end zone. Miller gains 8 on first down run. Sacked….THILL holds too long. Don't make this another short yardage set of downs where they can't convert. This will be the 3rd time if it happens. 3rd and 6. Great long throw to Clay on Right Side…hit him in stride! Nice play by Clay!! Ball at Ravens 32. Batted pass on first down. 2nd and 10. Dumervil not blocked at all. Bad pass to Hartline. 3rd and 10. 20 for 42 by Thill….sacked 3 times. 1 TD and 0 INT. Short pass for 2 yards. Bad play! Sturgis for 48 yard FG….Dead Center!!!!

Baltimore 23 Miami 16

Baltimore Drive 12: Ball on 22. Run left and loses 2. Flag down…Face mask against Ravens. 1st and 20 on 10 yd line. Jordan makes big deflection on screen attempt. Nice play. Huge rush and pass loses 2. Clemmons hits Flaco on Blitz. 3rd and 22. Ball on 8. INT by Jones for PICK 6!!! Horrible DUCK by Flaco. Jordan hits the ball!!

Tied Game at 23

Baltimore Drive 13: Sturgis kicks the ball out of bounds!!!! Ball on 40 now. Man that is a huge mistake. Rice hit on first down only 1 yd. Starks! Smith over middle again over Grimes. Grimes worst game by far!! First down Ravens. 4 yard run to 40 on first down. Come on D. Run right. Stopped for gain of 2. 3rd and 6 at 5:43. Blocked pass by Odrick! Have to PUNT! Fair catch by Thigpen at Miami 11. Flag down. Roughing against Ravens….15 yards.

Miami Drive 12: Starting at their own 25 with 5:25 left. Sacked by Suggs….right over Martin. This line is HORRIBLE. CB deflects pass to Wallace. He needs to come to the ball. Bad play by Wallace. 3rd and 14. Time out Miami. Offense out of sync. Ravens rush 4….and he is sacked for 5th time. Suggs past Clabo. Pathetic!!! Punt 54 yards and 9 yard return.

Baltimore Drive 14: Ball on Ravens 40 with 4:07 left. Rice gains 5 on 1st down. Run Rice for gain of 7. First Down. Ravens running clock to set up field goal win. 14 yards to Smith over Grimes. He is getting killed! Ball on 35 of Miami. 2:20 left. Rice goes right for 1. 2 minute warning. 2nd and 8. Run Rice for 6. 3rd and 2. Miami calls time out. 1:52 left. Have to stop them here. Otherwise the clock will run out. Here we go……Starks with HUGE stop!!! Miami time out. 1:47 left. Here comes the field goal by Ravens….Tucker from 44 yards out. It's Good.

Ravens 26 Miami 23

1:42 left….no time out….need a field goal. See what THILL has.

Miami Drive 14: Ball on 20. Misses over middle to Wallace. 2nd and 10. Marin bull rushed by Dumervil. Bad pass to Wallace behind him…hit his hands and dropped. Bad route by Wallace. Clay pass would have been 8 yards LB makes break up. 4th and 10 THILL makes great roll out and hits Gibson for 46. Spike on first to stop clock. 1:01 left. ball on 39. Kid gets sacked! Clabo again. He looks pathetic. Clay drops the pass on 3rd Down. 57 yard attempt by Sturgis to save game. Misses it. Blocked!

Ravens win 26 - 23

4th QTR Summary:

- THILL does all he can to drive the ball. Makes huge 3rd down pass to give them a chance
- OLINE kills this game….again
- Sturgis bad kick off killed them to give Ravens the ball on their 40.
- Need to bench Clabo during bye week.

Henne > Tannehill

Simply put: If someone affiliated with the offensive line (coach, player, the OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR) isn't jobless after this performance, this team will never have hope

The offensive line lost this game.

Right now I think that we are down there with the Bills and Jets. We had a chance to get even with the Pats in first place.

This team will go no where with this offensive line. Clabo and Martin are awful. Fins give up 6 more sacks today and have no running game.

OK, the O line is unfixable. Whining won't change that. Time to adjust the offense. Quick slants, screens, etc. Wallace had his chance. Gibson, Hartline, Clay can stop the pass rush with quick throw play designs. But the O line is what it is. Ou go to war with the army you've got.

Ross must not ever want to win a championship with Ireland at the helm.


line is awful, but THill takes all day back there. Where's the 3 step drops?

awful team knew it wouldnt last maybe next year oline is horrible ireland has to go


I'm sick and tired of everyone saying how smart Tannehill is!!!! A smart QB doesn't take a sack with his team in FG range!!! A-hole!!! f-ing idiot!

Fire Sherman and put Philbin on notice that an 8-8 season is unacceptable. This team makes me sick

Wallace needs to go ... he's obviously got some prima donna issues going. Ireland needs to go ... this is simply infuriating. This team has no cohesion. I blame that on Philbin ... bench everybody ... play the practice squad from here on out ... I don't care. This team is a mess!!!!


All right Miami. We won the championship for the worst O-line. At least we are #1 in something.

All Ms. Ross cares about is how many Shekels SHE can put in her purse. Donated tampon dispensers to the University of Meeeechigan.

Eventually the QB is going to get badly injured with this many sacks and hits over the course of a year. Where did the OL men come from they are being bull rushed back down after down by 255 pound linebackers

this offensive line other than pouncey should be benched or released. a four man rush and you cant protect your quarterback. Someone has to be held accountable. I know Tannehill has to have better pocket awareness but when the pocket collaspes in two seconds i cant pin it on him. Long season boys if we cant run the ball to keep the pass rush honest. This loss could be a killer for future playoff chances

I agree Tannehill has the worst QB presence in the league He used to be a WR for Christ sake use your running ability if the pocket is callopsing GTFO there he just stands like a duck waiting to be sack. NO QB PRESENCE!!!!

I wish could adopt another team. I leftSoFla a year ago after 35 yrs there, but I still care about the team I has season tix for 30yrs.

I'm close to NOLA & Houston, but I can't get into either, though the Saints Offense is quite exciting.

But I'm stuck with the fish and they just cannot break the decade++ cycle of mediocrity & stupidity & bad personnel decisions & p**s-poor coaching.

Ah well, another season where NEXT YEAR is the only thing to hope for.

3-2 going into the Bye Week. I'll take it.

Lose badly to New Orleans at their home stadium on Monday night. Everyone knew we would lose.

Home game loss to Super Bowl Champions but in the game the entire way.

Bye week needs to be used to replace Clabo. He is HORRIBLE...as bad as Colombo.

THILL plays with heart and gives them a chance to win.

Sturgis from 57? Can't expect a rookie or most NFL kickers to make that.

This loss was on the OLINE and Secondary.

Martin - Bum
Clabo - Bum
Jones - Abused most of the game
Grimes - Abused most of the game
Wallace - 107 yards but makes some bad drops

Alot of work to do.

At least the Pats lost.

Coaching stinks but it would help if receivers could catch.

What an disaster.

Get ready for more against the Bengals, Chargers and Pats.

Time to look forward to the draft.


The play calling is horrendous at best

The line backers of other teams bull rush our 320 pound tackles back into the QB...do these people even lift weights?

We cannot keep blaming Tannehill for the sacks. I was looking at the line, Martin and Clabo were getting walked right into the QB. Time to replace Clabo with Garner. They need to cut their losses with Martin after this year, he will not improve because he is just not strong enough.

And Wallace is not a #1 receiver.

nyfinfan ... taking sacks is the one thing Tannehill exceeds at! Maybe he just needs to be told that THIS IS NOT A FREAKING STAT TO BE PROUD OF!!!!! God this team is infuriating!!!!

FIRE THE FN LINE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

60 million on a receiver and an offensive line worth 6 bucks.



Its official...O-line sucks.


I do not get my hopes up as long as Ireland is part of this team.

First, great 4th down okay by Tannehill and Gibson. Second, I don't know who's call it is on the first down spike, but it does not make sense why you would do that. It only helps the defense get set and it wastes a down. Should we expect anything different, the phins have been making bad decisions on and off the field for many years.

There was 50 seconds left, no way should he have spiked that ball. we had so many chances to win this game, its not funny. All the talk about our line being ready was always a joke. We could have had Albert and Lane going into this season. Intead we got an injured tweener and an injured CB who gets burned on the rare occasions he is on the field.

In the final minute, how many drops did Wallace have?

He also dropped a first down catch on 3rd and 2 in the redzone and we had to settle for a FG.

Oh, and the Oline sucks!

No hope with this line. DJ as an 3rd overall as of today is a bust. His Oregon teammate -and 2nd rounder- Kiko Alonso was a better pick. I think to harshly criticize Ireland would be a knee jerk reaction but some criticism needs to go to the poor job he's done building arguably one of the worst OL in football. There was no need to trade up for an oft-injured and undersized player for his position instead of staying put and drafting Kyle Long or someone similar.

Now the one person that needs harsh criticism is Sherman. Enough is enough, he needs to be called.


Enjoy the bye week ladies.

How long will this general manger remain as part of the Dolphins?

Dolphins lost to the Ravens and the Ravens lost to the Bills. That says to me that the Bills are better than the dolphins.

Another miserable year coming. Tannehill did not have a bad game considering that he has been sacked 24 times.

The Chiefs are 5 - 0

Tannehill has worst feet than Henne. He won't even try to escape the pocket when protection breaks down.. The OL sucks so he has to move around more instead he sits there like a wounded duck. The OL is too blame but Tannehill has got to adjust and use his wheels more he has no CHOICE!!! Why can't Mike Sherman sees this????

The usual cycle:

new coach, dead end qb, bad oline

lather, rinse, repeat

Ross/Ireland will never win. Pray for new ownership.


The spike on 1st down with over a minute left was assinine and cost them the game.

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