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Dolphins vs. Ravens live blog (and other things)

Cameron Wake is active for today's game against the Baltimore Ravens.

That's a big deal for the Dolphins as they try to take down the defending Super Bowl champions. Wake will be matched up against Michael Oher -- you know, the kid from the blindside who happens to play the right side for Baltimore.

Randy Starks is slated to start at defensive tackle.

The other inactives are: QB Pat Devlin, RB Mike Gillislee, CB, Dimitri Patterson, CB Will Davis, LB Josh Kaddu, G Danny Watkins, and G Dallas Thomas.

For the Ravens, it is notable that WR Jacoby Jones is inactive. That's big.

It's also interesting that LT Eugene Monroe, acquired from Jacksonville this week, is inactive. Bryant McKinnie will start at LT.

Of course, if there's a live game, there's a live blog. Join below.


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Philbin is as doomed as Sparano was with Ireland as his GM.

The only thing worse than the Dolphins are the commercials.

WTF is wrong with this inept team, every farking year they suck in some facet or another. Shermans calling is terrible,the OLine is a disgrace abd Tabbehill is not looking good at all. I am sick and tired of this year after year after year!

Well, I can hear plenty cheering for us.

Looks terrible....again :(. Still time. Oh, and can still sack Ireland if this isn't a winning season

Sems Miamians won't pay good money to come out and see bad garbage rot right before their very eyes.

You never saw people run on the Phins under Nolan the way they are running this year. Is it Nolan's departure or the change at LB?

The run defense seemed better last year with Burnett and Dansby. Some on this blog wanted to see those guys go. Perhaps this is why our run defense has regressed this year.

3-0 get embarrassed on national tv, then show zero I mean zero heart or moxy in first 8 minutes at home

Holy fuc@ please sign josh freeman tannahill sucks. Why cant the fins get an oc who csn call a good game

Take a knee, no need to risk it

Good, boy, good.

Can anyone say Wallace in motion? Can anyone say slant pass? Can anyone say middle pass to Clay? Come on Sherman get this started for god's sake. Wake UP!!!

Is it me or does Tannehill look scared and lost out there? Almost like he doesn't want to play and if that is the case hand the fking ball over to Moore~

The Bills rushed for 203 yds against Baltimore. Pouncy is getting eaten up by Ngata. They need to max protect with an extra TE.

This team is soft. Sherman's play calling is anemic and predictable. I know it's only his second year but Tannehill is showing no signs of improvement.

This is like a 3 Stooges episode.


Another Tannehill FUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See? Should have taken a knee.

Wow, just, Wow. This is like Major League bad

When it rains it pours eh?

WTB: professional running back

What else can go wrong? Tell me about it.

Thomas can't even break a foot tackle. Time to cut him

At least we can punt.lol

Time for Moore!!!!!

This is a bad football team folks eh?

good to see FAILbin has the prentenders ready!!!

Team looks unprepared early on.

We are lucky they punted on 4th and 1 at the 50

Anyone at the game see Moore warming up? Mando?

lucky it is only 3-0.

Our offensive line is so bad that Tannehill is in a permanent shotgun. Struggling.

theres the dfense I know

Does anyone on offense have any pride at all?

They play so uninspired..

Seriously, guys, this is what we expected this year: Hennehill is a bust, no db's, no oline, got rid of best offensive player. The first 3 weeks were a fluke.

If the fins do not score in the first half and continue to be anemic, does Philbin start considering Matt Moore?

It looks like all of the sacks are getting in his head.

3rd and 11 and got it ! Gizz !!!

Take a knee, no need to risk it

yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally a fu%^ing turnover for us

play great 2 downs Defense and then give up the 1st

Ok d eh?

The D is playing today!

Let's see if our defense can win tne game .

A dolphin defender actually fell on a fumble, wow..


Fumblehill will give it right back watch !

Ugly pass by T too Wallace. Pat white was better.

lol and he wants the ball more?

60 million dollar man not worth a penny

another drop by Wallace!!!!

Wallace sucks, I want our money back

$60 million dollar brick fingers yes!!!!

60 million dollar blunder~ want the ball catch the fking thing!

Nice drop by Wallace. Ugly pass too. What a tandem we got here.


Fireland. This team sucks.

That is pathetic,a fg? We start on their 29 and only get 3

Wallace dropped it but Wonderboy's pass was thrown behind him. Offense sucks!

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