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Dolphins vs. Ravens live blog (and other things)

Cameron Wake is active for today's game against the Baltimore Ravens.

That's a big deal for the Dolphins as they try to take down the defending Super Bowl champions. Wake will be matched up against Michael Oher -- you know, the kid from the blindside who happens to play the right side for Baltimore.

Randy Starks is slated to start at defensive tackle.

The other inactives are: QB Pat Devlin, RB Mike Gillislee, CB, Dimitri Patterson, CB Will Davis, LB Josh Kaddu, G Danny Watkins, and G Dallas Thomas.

For the Ravens, it is notable that WR Jacoby Jones is inactive. That's big.

It's also interesting that LT Eugene Monroe, acquired from Jacksonville this week, is inactive. Bryant McKinnie will start at LT.

Of course, if there's a live game, there's a live blog. Join below.


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Ted Ginn was better than Wallace, big FA mistake by Ireland


That was another Tannehill behind the receiver pass. That was not on Wallace.

can someone do the math and calculate how much each drops brickfingers is costing the fish?

Notice how Flacco remains calm no matter what's goin on around him...

I hope Wallace does not cry after the game about not getting the ball. He is he most overpaid player in the league. Major mistake paying him that much money.

The 60 million dollar bust drops a pass by the first round bust. It takes a lot of effort to be this bad, let us give the entire organization the credit they deserve.

Its the qb eh?

Yup, that one's on Tannehill.

Terrible kick coverage, Fins look like the fins of the past decade.

Lucky to be tied at this point. We got to stop making mistakes and we can get a W in this one.

No specials teams either

They just arent on the same page

Offensive line is terrible...Only Pouncey and Martin are good...Jerry and Clabo have had it or never had it.

Wallace is just awful awful

Tannehill needs to start throwing the ball to the best receiver on the team, Hartline. Forget about Wallace.

Tannehill's throwing motion is flawed. He is wildly inaccurate because of how hard he has to throw the ball. Another wasted high draft pick by Ireland. Tannehill's 3/4 throwing motion is not nfl caliber because it is wildly inaccurate when he throws the ball downfield. It's not going to get any better. Your are not going to be able to change his throwing motion this late in his career. qed

He got two hands on the ball, a pro receiver makes that catch.

Awful throw by Tannehill and you guys blame that on Wallace? WOW!

T-hill is pissing in his pants. Too nervous. Too scary.
Ok, now throw to Hartline or Clay !

Wallace too fast for Tannehill.

you can see lamar miller's frustration

Stop running outside, they cant block. Take a knee, punt, hope for turnover. This o is disgusting, I do not wish to see them.

Offensive playcalling is absolutely inept

getting ugly

bush must be bummed that he got traded and can't run behind the blow fish sieve

Wow, inept offense, Tannehill looks lost

At this pace, if Moore is not in by second half the season has been surrendered to yet another failed rebuilding effort.

Good grief Tanny. Hartline was wide open there.

Clueless troll doesnt even know that Bush was a free agent..

This team is just not good... Even if they win

Tannehill is shrinking into obscurity.

He will be a backup on someone's team in 3 or 4 years, after we waste time with him.

The offensive line is pathetic. They are being man handled again. They need at least 3 new offensive linemen next year. Our first two picks should be a tackle and a guard. Get another guard in FA. Good bye Clabo, Jerry,and Incognito. Yes you are all fired!

The ravens are going to live in contain all day with Miller he can't run between the tackles

Not the prettiest 1st qtr. glad it's only a tied game. Defense is playing strong but Tanne doesn't look comfortable in the pocket. Hope he shakes it off quick

This offense is hot garbage and Tannehill drives the truck.

Tannehill is way off,too early for Moore? We need a spark

First Quarter Summary:

Miami Drive 1: Start at their own 20. 9 yards to Wallace, Miller can't get first down on two runs. Sherman is a bad play caller. What a mess on short yardage this year.
PUNT - 60 yards by Fields - he is a savior.

Baltimore Drive 1: 5 yards on first, Grimes makes nice play on 2nd (tipped pass). 3rd and 5 Grimes beat bad over the middle - gain of 41 on short pass in front of first down marker.
Ball on Miami 28. 3 yards on first down Ray Rice run. Ellerbe makes nice play on 2nd down stopping Rice for 0 yards. 3rd and 7 need a pass rush. Good rush by Vernon and Starks and Wilson breaks up pass.
42 yard field goal - it's good. Defense lets up one play on that drive, otherwise they start well.

Baltimore 3 Miami 0

Miami Drive 2: Start at their own 20. INT trying to force a long pass to Clay. Stares at him the entire time. Horrible play by THILL! Another bad pass to the right side. This Offense is in a real slide. Lucky to have the INT reversed. 2nd & 10. Run Miller to inside for no gain…Penalty Illegal Shift…Declined. 3rd and 10…sack - Incognito misses DT up the middle. 62 yard punt by Fields - he is a savior!

Baltimore Drive 2: Rice gets 8 on first down on run to left. No gain on second w/ middle clogged. 3rd and 2 Flaco calls time out. 7:55 left in 1st QTR. Run to right and they are short!! Need to punt at Baltimore 45. Bad punt.

Can anyone say Wallace in motion? Can anyone say slant pass? Can anyone say middle pass to Clay? Come on Sherman get this started for god's sake. Wake UP!!!

Miami Drive 3: Miami starts at 30. Snaps the ball through THILL's hands for loss of 18. Kind of tough snap from Pouncey but it needs to be caught by THILL. Offense looks pathetic. They look like an 0-4 team at this point…what a mess. Good pass to Wallace on 2nd for gain of 12. 3rd and 16 screen pass for 8 and well short. Thomas can't break ankle tackle. Fields to punt AGAIN….Great one again 53 and pins them inside the 20.

Baltimore Drive 3: Need Defense to step up again and get a 3 & Out. Start at Baltimore 15 yd line. Great pass rush on first down…incomplete pass. Vernon makes nice run stop for loss of 1. 3rd and 11 full blitz but Flaco throws for first down on Grimes over middle again. First down. Rice FUMBLES on first down after Solai hit. Recovered by Ellerbe!! Ball on 29 yard line. Great defense!!.

Miami Drive 4: Long pass on first to Wallace - holding on defense 5 yards and automatic first down. They actually put Wallace in the slot. Screen to Thigpen for gain of 5. Thomas gets 1 or 2 on run up Middle..bad play. 3rd and 4. Need a first down. Bad pass to Wallace behind him over the middle. Hit Wallace in hands but it was bad pass and he was wide open. Bad chemistry between those two. Sturgis good for his field goa.

Game Tied at 3 with 2:16 left in first QTR.

Baltimore Drive 4: Start at Baltimore 43 after great return. Bad special teams play by Miami. Sense a big pass here. Nope run up middle for 4. Misi makes good stop on second down pass play. 3rd and 3. Need a sack. Good coverage by Carroll. Need to punt.

Miami Drive 5: Run Miller to right and no gain. 2nd and 10. Bad pass overthrown by Hartline.

First Quarter is over.
- Miami has no rushing yards!
- Oline continues to struggle all together.
- THILL looks sloppy!
- Defense playing very well!
- Special teams let up long return on Kickoff.
- Fields punting well sets good field position in QTR.
- Sturgis still hasn't missed - Rookie of the year?
- Getting solid rush but no sacks on Flaco.

Draw play coming up, and the predictable play calls continue

Clabo getting knocked 2 yards behind the line of scrimmage every run play.

look at the bright side, when the suckfish go 7-9 FIREland gets to screw up another early round pick!!!

Sherman adamantly won't adjust his play calling. He should be fired. He's not calling plays that exploit any weaknesses. What kind of game planning does he do anyway?

Hartline was wide open ! T sucks !!
Another Ireland product.


Miller can run if there were lanes. They are being manhandled at the line.






maybe the fish can get blowcells back!!

Hartline should have caught that ball. You guys blame Wallace for not being able to catch t6he inaccurate bricks.

Shermans play calling is horrible..

Next team to score a fg wins this snooze-fest.

Once you get past the front 4, this is a college team

tank the season. Fireland. Hire a real player evaluator. Get a high pick. DEMAND that the new GM fix the O-line FIRST! Rebuild Part 4,317.

Reshad Jones has shrunken too

Reshad Jones got his money and is now playing like garbage.

Reshad fucks up again. He stopped playing before the ink had deied on new contract

WOW, big play by the TE, thats out of character for the suck fish!!

We look so unprepared,unmotivated

C. Clemons, Stinks !!

Wow that's unusual a tight end gashing our defense.

I realized I'm being too negative. Brandon Fields is awesome. The NFL will remember us, we will be known as the best punting team this league has ever known. No team will punt longer, and no team will punt more. Fear us NFL.

Yea, very. Almost as unusual as the a Hennehill turnover. What a strange world.

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