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Dolphins vs. Ravens live blog (and other things)

Cameron Wake is active for today's game against the Baltimore Ravens.

That's a big deal for the Dolphins as they try to take down the defending Super Bowl champions. Wake will be matched up against Michael Oher -- you know, the kid from the blindside who happens to play the right side for Baltimore.

Randy Starks is slated to start at defensive tackle.

The other inactives are: QB Pat Devlin, RB Mike Gillislee, CB, Dimitri Patterson, CB Will Davis, LB Josh Kaddu, G Danny Watkins, and G Dallas Thomas.

For the Ravens, it is notable that WR Jacoby Jones is inactive. That's big.

It's also interesting that LT Eugene Monroe, acquired from Jacksonville this week, is inactive. Bryant McKinnie will start at LT.

Of course, if there's a live game, there's a live blog. Join below.


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Have you used enough names for one day????

Please give it a rest. You have been 72% of the posts in the first half.

I see u. I will bust you forever.

Make a note of it.

Your only friend here is gullible Kris.

Phins are really missing Don Jones today on special teams.


You are too lonely. If your wife won' t swallow, the teetee bars here all have back rooms where you can negociate a reasonable price.

mike butterfingers wallace.. certainly not the million dollar bar. very disappointing.


2nd QTR Summary:

Miami Drive 5: 3rd down and 10 to start 2nd QTR. Wallace gains 9 but can't get first down. PUNT AGAIN. Field standing on the 5 yard line. Kicks it to 27 of Baltimore and no return again.

Baltimore Drive 5: Run Rice to Right and gains only 1. Here comes the bomb! Yep…it was overdue. .Jones abused by TE Ed Dixon trying to break up pass. He fails and gains huge yards. Ball now on Miami 29. Run Rice on first for 0. Deep pass into end zone and pass interference on Torrey Smith against Jones. Good defense that time. Tough call by refs..we will take it. 2nd and 20 back to 40 yard line. Screen to Rice and gains 8. Stopped by Jenkins. 3rd and 12 Wide open WR but Falco misses him. Bad coverage by Carroll and Jones. Got lucky. Field goal attempt 50 yards….it's good. Defense letting up a couple of big passes but holding tight overall…so far!

Baltimore 6 and Miami 3

11:52 left in 2nd QTR. Miami needs a long drive here ending in TD. Baltimore will get the ball after half time.

Miami Drive 6: Ball on 20. Miller gains 4 on 1down run up the middle. Wallace gets first down on 11 yard pass to right sideline. Miller runs to right and gains only 1 on 1st down. Only 49 yards of offense so far. 4 catches by Wallace. Nothing to Hartline or Gibson. 2nd and 9 bomb to Wallace!!!!! Great play by Wallace. Nice pump fake by THILL. 49 yards!! Ball at 13. Horrible screen to Clay for loss of 2 Baltimore was all over it. 2nd and 12 Wallace on right sideline gains 9. 3rd and 3 at 7 yd line. Good pass break up in End Zone going to Gibson. Field goal by Sturgis is good! 9 for 9 this season. Missed opportunity that time. That first down TE screen was a bad play to start in the red zone. Why throw behind the line of scrimmage when you are at the 13 yard line? Sherman!!!

Tied at 6

Baltimore Drive 6: Starting at 20. Gain only 2 on first. Gains 5 on second down run. 3rd and 3 7:00 minutes to go. Sack by Vernon after niche pass rush from Odrick up the middle. Vernon playing much better this week. Great 3 and OUT. Nice Defense!! Punt and Thigpen gets 9 yard return.

Miami Drive 7: Ball on Miami 37 with 6:02 left in 2nd. Thomas runs right and gains only 1. This OLINE is bad. 2nd and 9 pass over middle to Thomas for 4. Good protection for THILL. 3rd and 5 SACK. Pouncey let him go right up middle. OLINE is BAD! Fields another great punt to 16 yard line. Nice punt AGAIN!!

Baltimore Drive 7: Philbin getting good press by announcers for pushing team on Friday for bad practice. Good for Philbin. 4:00 left in 2nd. Rice gains only 3 on first down. Looks like Baltimore wants to get out of the half tied. 2nd and 7 gains 15 on pass to Smith against Grimes. He can't cover him. Just too big. Great run stop by Misi loss of 2. 2nd Down and 12…Ellerbe is out of game. Incomplete and Shelby crushes Flaco. 3rd and 12 with 2:06 left. No good. Need to punt AGAIN…Defense continues to play big time. Good coverage by Jones and Clemmons over top.

Miami Drive 8: Start at 40 after horrible punt…only 26 yards. Good field position here. Need to take lead ending the half…Baltimore gets the ball to start the 3rd. Another short pass on first down to Gibson this time. Thill seems hurt a bit here with left foot stepped on. False start on Martin….come on man!!! 2nd and 10 long pass to Wallace but under thrown….allowed CB to break it up. 3rd and 10….great pass to Hartline!! Good scramble by THILL. Gain of 30. Time out Miami. Here we go!!! Another great pass to Hartline. THILL warming up for 21 yard gain. Ball on 9 yard line. 58 seconds left. Has to throw away on first…confusion on Offense but everyone was covered. Good decision by THILL. 2nd down and goal…incomplete to short route to Wallace. Forcing him too much now. How about a pass to Clay? 3rd and Goal. TD to Clay….called it!!!!!! Play is under review….did the ball hit ground and move? TD is confirmed!! Great pass by THILL. Clay is really coming on…Keller who????

Alright Miami!!!! Miami takes lead 13 - 6 with only 46 seconds left.

Baltimore Drive 8: 35 yard return saved by Sturgis. Personal foul for face mask saves Miami there. 39 seconds left. Dump pass for 8 to Rice on first down. Wheeler stops him. Time out Ravens. 28 Seconds. You know the Bomb is coming. Need a pass rush here. Or they throw screen after seeing tape of NO game? SACK!! Misi playing great today. Baltimore has had enough.

2nd QTR ends with Miami up 13-6
- THILL warming up
- Like the aggressive play calling getting Wallace into the game.
- Hartline makes two huge catches/gains.
- Great pressure on Flaco
- Great run stopping by the Fins' D!
- Keep throwing and then set up the occasional Run.

D. Jordan finished his chili con carne lunch, but is having now a hard time in the shitroom. He won't make the 2nd half.

And now the Peyton Manning halftime show.........


your posts are too long,. nobody reads more than two sentences.Nobody cares about your attempts at analysis.


Well, son, you have to catch them with your hands and not with your asss.

russel wilson is really good

Jpao keep posting not all have access to view game and bloc ducks for what is happening

Is Jordan playing? I am starting to wonder if he was worth trading up for. We could have used that second round pick we gave up. Also, we could have used our first round pick to take Long. Then used that second round pick to take a guard. Dumb fans would have been upset by the picks but how good would this team be with a top OT and OG on the right side. Our Achilles heel is the OL without a doubt.

We should be able to beat this Ravens team...their Oline might be worse than ours by a lot. They have been exposed and don't have enough weapons.

7 rushing yrds for the Dolphins at half time . Nice !

jpao, are you really that bored? Nfl.com anyone? Please, jpao, it's really unnecessary to pollute the blog with qtr summaries.

I know your heart's in the right place, but, totally unnecessary bud.

Can I add a touchdown to my prediction of a win for Phins? Is it too late? Seriously..we need to keep up the pressure on Flacco. And if we could stop giving the ball to Thomas.

We'll see the adjustments.

Only 7 yards rushing in first half...OLINE is BAD

prdolphin, if they are online, all have access to nfl.com game center to see the game summaries for themselves.

Not sure why some people are complaining about Tannehill, he is 14/21 for 178 and 1TD. Pretty good numbers playing behind one of the worst o-lines in the league. It's to bad the o- line was not addressed this past offseason.

Odrick didn't maintain pass rush lane discipline and allowed Flacco an outlet to scramble out of pressure.

D. Jordan was ugly handled. Does he ever get a sack ?

Bad call! That was actually good defense from Carrol.

Terrible call by the refs!!

Terrible call

Listen, Armando, what's with all these nay-sayers here. There's Game in progress. Is it you?

Watching Bears/Saints, not only is Brees a great qb, he's as smart as he is great.

Saints 20 Bears 7

Posting game summaries for 2 buddies who are unable to get the game on TV. Sorry for those complaining....just don't read them. Move on.

The only way to pullout Carroll from a game is by an injury. He sucks ! Our DBs are worst than our OL. This is too much.

I guess the refs want to give the Ravens a TD here.

Two terrible pass interference calls.

Got jobbed by the refs on that drive. Unbelieveable.

WTH do you want us to do, open our cheeks wider?

That's BS! What the hell!

2 very bad PI calls in this drives. WTH are the refs seeing?

The Refs are taking over this game. You have to let them play. Ravens and the refs have just scored a TD. The Refs should be ashamed of themselves. They are no better than the replacement refs. The refs should scored.

Wow, so it's m ami vs the ravens and refs??

Great coverage and effort. Terrible referees !

refs suc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the refs are handing out TDfs now???

let the players play. That was an impressive drive by the refs.

hey guys!

refball sucks.

Well, fukkk your friends, pal. Post + things, also.

Referees are a disgrace too. If that was a pass interference by Grimes Ireland is D. Shula. Horrible call. Shame on you mthrs f&$rs.

Wasn't a lick of PI on that last call.

Team got jobbed there. Refs killed them not Flaco. Need to keep passing deep to Wallace to get similar calls to make it even. Flaco will keep throwing Bombs the balance of the game knowing the calls are coming his way.


jpao, are your buddies smart enough to realize they can go to nfl.com?

Also, I'm watching a link myself:


Post this for them instead. Hope it helps.

Refs got a call during half-time. Can't let the defending Super Bowl champs get shown up by the lowly Dolphins.

Tannehill can never lead Wallace - QUit undertrhrowing it!!

Wow, another Tannehill to Wallace underthrow.

I rather see Tannehill overthrow Wallace for a change. Underthrowing him is getting ole, really old.

Every flag is crucial now.

Wallace hates Tannehill lol

tannehill has the arm to get it there. he needs to trust in wallace's speed that he will catch up to the throw

Tannehill will not survive a full season,the o-line is a disgrace.

The oline is going to be the death of us. Gotta roll Tanny out a little more. Especially on sure passing downs.

Sam I Am - thanks for the tip. We didn't know it. Will use it next time. Just move past the summaries. Not a huge deal for you or anyone else here.

Wallace speed is useless if T -hills passes dont get to target. They should focus on Hartline and Clay.
Lets see another gift by the stinky referees.

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