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Dolphins work toward limiting Tannehill fumbles

The Dolphins, a team focused on limiting turnovers, spend part of a practice period every day running a gauntlet drill during which offensive players grasp foam footballs and try to hold on to them as defensive players attempt to snatch them away.

The players then run over pads as coaches smack them with other pads to get them used to carrying the football in practice. For obvious reasons, chief being that you don't want players tugging at your quarterback's arms, Ryan Tannehill does not participate in these drills.

The problem for the Dolphins is Tannehill leads the team in fumbles. He has six. He's lost three.

So I asked coach Joe Philbin today what the team does to get Tannehill to stop fumbling.

"We work the quarterbacks all the time," Philbin said. "here's drill work we do, maybe not necessarily in a gauntlet with guys pulling at his arm and things like but we have individual drills where we work on things like that."

Like what?

"There's a couple of different ones," Philbin added. "Sometimes we'll have a guy knock the ball loose from him. We'll have a guy come back and he'll try to recover it. We want to teach him how to step up on the pocket and protect the football type of things."


Cornerback Dimtri Patterson seems to be improving every day as he tries to return to the lineup after missing four games but he has been limited in drills much of this week and said today he's a game-time decision on Sunday.

Linebacker Dannelll Ellerbe seems unlikely to play as he missed practice for the third consecutive day this week.

The Dolphins have just emerged from a group of games against Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck, Drew Brees and Joe Flacco. One would think they'd be able to keep Patterson out this week against Thad Lewis so that he could be fully healthy and actually practicing in full before facing Tom Brady and New England next week.

The Dolphins injury report is due in a few minutes so check back for the update.

[Update: Ellerbe is doubtful while Patterson is questionable. WR Brandon Gibson (hip) is questionable but I expect him to play, barring a setback.]


The Dolphins still have only 52 players on the active roster instead of 53. Philbin declined to say if the team is going to fill that spot prior to Sunday's game -- obviously with a practice squad player -- or keep the spot open.



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No news on a new player.

We have until the 27th, that is the trading deadline

We are so good, we don't need 53!!!

Just bring up McNutt from the practice squad. This is a nice big bodied target that will work the middle of the field and also give you a long pass threat as we saw in pre season.

So much for your report of the massive amount of activity by Brian Gaines and the personnel dept. Exhibit A. of why the national media always breaks Dolphin news and the local guys pick their noses.

Mark, bad news for you. McNutt got signed by the Panthers. Can't say I'm thrilled, I liked the guy.

If Carolina didn't sign Mcnutt off our practice squad last week, that would be a great plan!

T-Fumble is a turnover machine. Make the swith to Matt Moore on Sunday.

What??? Ah dam, totally missed that. I liked that player

Ross figures he can pocket more money if he has less players.

Buffalo's front 7 is just a terrible matchup for the Dolphins O-Line and running backs. I don't think Buffalo's passing game has much success, but they will do everything humanly possible to get C.J. Spiller in space on our LB's who can't cover. Just hope for a grind it out, ugly win on Sunday. 19-17 Dolphins.

Fins 20
Bills 13

How about giving Tannehill a try at WR? He cant be any worse.

Look for the flea flicker this week. Finally. Result will be Wallace or Hartline wide open

DC answered on last post. :)

I think McNutt was picked up from our practice squad to another team.

Hey Poizen I'm still nursing the beat down you gave me in fantasy football last week. The worst performing week by my lineup by far. Even my subs sucked so not much I could have done.

Ha, Luck of the week basically. Vincent Jackson had one of those games, along with th Rams D, that was a lot of points.

Mark you only liked McNutt because you were waiting for him to have a great game so you could say the Phins busted their McNutt all over their opponents face.

Isnt Mcnutt gone

Yup the Rams D had an amazing week for sure.

Ha! There's that and there's the fact that I would like to see more big imposing ttargets for this team ... but yeah the marketing opportunites are bountiful

Is anybody gonna beat me in fantasy footbal??? cereal killer here

Can't wait til Sunday. The Fins will be ready to go.

Not saying that we needed those 2 losses. Definitely not the one against the Ravens. But those 2 losses probably help keep this team more focused with the task at hand. Playoffs. This team needs to stay hungry. Realize that they haven't arrived yet. Still plenty of places to improve.

I expect the line to play better. Yes, I know the Bills have one of the Top 5 D-Lines in the NFL. But I expect improvement from the Line. I know Incognito is on the Decline and won't improve much, but I expect Jerry and Clabo to start playing more like a Unit. They finally have a preseason set of work together. Which is big since they didn't start to play together until Week 1. Just a littler better work from the right side will be Huge. Just make it serviceable for the rest of the year.

The D line of the Bills is very overrated. Williams is all world and Kyle Williams is a tough dude but Dareus sucks and I don't even known who's on the other side anymore.

Alonso has the opportunity to disrupt this game tho.

I don't get the love for McNutt. The guy was just a faster version of Nanee, with a better name.

He isn't going to beat out any of our top 4 WRs for playing time and I would rather use Thigpen as our #5 anyways when we go empty backfield.

Plus, guys who are at the Bottom of the Depth Chart usually need to know how to play Special Teams. McNutt was Impotent when it came to playing ST.

Jet Hater, Have we played yet?

Dashi, just get out of school?

Dashi, he was our leading WR by a large margin in preseason. Is 6'4 220 lbs. Runs a decent time for his size. he was useful and I don't know how much better Rishard Matthews is...


Dareus is starting to live up to his potential. He is one of the best DTs in the league right now. Even before Wilfork was hurt, Dareus was giving him a run for his money as best DT in AFC East.

With that said, the Bills have Zero Depth on the D-line. They have 4 of the best Starters. Reminds me of the Seattle Secondary. Great Starters, Zero Backups.

Me personally, I don't like K.Alonso. Seems like a Real Dirty Player. There is a Difference between playing hard and playing Dirty. Alonso plays Dirty. He is benefitting from the great D-line in front of him.

what a bust ellerbes been

then why are the bills near the bottom of the league in run defense? usually points to the dts

It appears the Dolphins picked the wrong Oregon defensive player in the draft last year.


I thought it was Bumphis. And c'mon man. Leading WR in preseason. Where you play the guys on the Bubble more than you play your starters.

R.Matthews is a way better WR than McNutt. Or are you forgetting about McDrops in the preseason. Matthews is a Hard nosed WR that isn't getting his shot because our Top 3 are pretty good.

Matthews is our hardest WR to tackle. And has some of the best hands on the team.

Again, are you forgetting McNutt lead the team in Drops in the Preseason by a large margin.

Now A.Binns is sorely missed. But McNutt not so much. McNutt was another R.Wallace. He fits the Physical Prototype the Coaches want, just not the Football player prototype the Coaches want.

Philbin has said before the most important thing a WR has to posses for him is the ability to catch the ball. McNutt didn't do that consistently enough for the coaches to keep him.

Like you said, Philbin gave him more than enough chances to prove himself in preseason and he didn't.

Hey Poizen, thanks buddy. That makes sense. So it's basically teaching how not to make the same mistakes. Cool. Good luck this week. I see Lynch gave me a good start (too bad the rest of my team is nothing special).

Dareus has 4 Sacks in 6 games, which is pretty good for a DT.

M.Williams has 8 and I bet most have come when he is rushing next to Dareus where the O-line has to pick which one of the 2 to Double.

Lets be realistic here....Williams has 8 sacks Dareus has 4 and the Dolphins OL has shown they cannot protect Tannehill. The Dolphins coaches made absolutely no changes to personnel or scheme during the last 2 weeks. We are about to get Tannehill slaughtered. I feel 6 more sacks coming on!!

Whatever you do dont use any Dolphins on your fantasy teams.

Walker has the final injury report up on ESPN...Armanny must still be out on a boat...

Pray for new ownership.

Thanks for the injury update. Any chance we can get an update on the most important player, Cam Wake?

Dolphins average almost 5 sacks per game now so Buffalo getting 6 is not a reach with Dareus, Williams and Kiko! Tannehill is one hit away from IR...then everybody will see how valuable Tannehill is to this team.

Dashi, how many times do you remember McNutt dropping a pass in preseason? I would hear the stuff from practice but don't really remember it transfering to the games.

And come on, he made several catches and played with the starters in preseason too. A good # of his catches came form Tannehill. Anyways, doesn't matter, he's gone. I just thought he showed well in the preseason games.

As far as the Bills front 4 - why is it so susceptible to the run? usually it all stems from the Dts. I'm not calling you out, I'm looking for insight.

Mark Spicer, Wake practiced fully and is probable for Sunday, so he is good to go.

If Tanny gets hurt...we improve.

...People bang on Incognito. He s by far the teams highest rated lineman both in run, and pass blocking. in fact before last weeks games(our bye) he was a top 5 LG. in the WHOLE league according to PFF. He had graded out positive in every game this season. So we see 1-2 or 2 plays that stand out as what we see as blown assignments(even if we are right in our assesments) and forget about the plays that the lineman did his job.

If you want to point fingers..Look no further then the right side of the line. There in lies the problem on our line. Jerry, and Clabo are among the 2 worst rated at their positions, and combined could be at best bottom 3. Mix in the issues that the tight ends have blocking, and that we do not use a fullback in this offense(Why we do not?? Not my call, but a mistake)...and the right side of this offensive line is the main reason we are seen as such a poor group.

James Walker, espn -

Analysis: The bye did Miami a lot of good heading into this game. This is as healthy as the Dolphins have been since Week 1 with the exception of Ellerbe. He was optimistic during the week, but backup Jason Trusnik is expected to start in his place. Gibson has played through his hip injury and is expected to play. Patterson has practiced all week in some capacity and will be a game-time decision. The Dolphins could use Patterson in the slot as a nickel corner if he’s ready to return. Miami Pro Bowl defensive end Cameron Wake looks close to 100 percent and should get a lot of snaps.

Miami Dolphins facebook page lists Wake as probable

I dont know if there is anything wrong with the Dolphins a franchise QB couldnt fix.

I'm Bill friggin Arnsparger. The Dolphins haven't won a damn thing since I left. I was the brains behind the early 70's team. I was in charge of the most dominating Defense this league has ever seen...look at 71, 72 and 73 teams. I challenge you to find a better 3 years. Back to back Super Bowl winners with a perfect season. Lost 5 games in 3 years!!

...Here is some fodder for ya' Andy Levitre. A guy many of you wanted to play LG this year. He has a negative grade overall -1.8. He has given up 18 total pressures(sacks,qb hurries, pressures)combined. Inconito 7. That is 11 less with more chances for Incognito.(Miami has thrown a higer percentage then Tennessee)...Incognito has a better run block grade as well.

McNutt couldn't catch the ball. Lots of drops in preseason. I specifically remember one that bounced off his hands and was picked. Oh well, he's gone. I like Matthews, he catches everything . Not sure why he doesn't get more snaps.

I'm afraid for Tannehill against the Buffalo pass rush. Just make enough plays to win!!! Maybe we'll get lucky and the o-line will play like they did in the first half against the Saints, and Sherm will actually try to run the damn ball.

Levitra works well ... helps you get that footbal through the tire ...

Yea DC,. we will see , I will be on a plane to Arizona for work Sunday night... ugh! Have a great weekend all. Go Phins. Phins 34 Bills 13

I'm afraid for Tannehill against the Buffalo pass rush.

Posted by: Jj | October 18, 2013 at 04:28 PM

That powerful Buffalo D? Really?

..I think the matchup to pay attention too. The Bills outside rush v our tackles. The combo of Mario Williams and Jerry Hughes has been formidable this year. I watched the Bengals use a lot of short passes last week. The famous bubble screen that so many have been begging for. Cincinnati ran a bunch of them. Many of them for little or no gain. But what it did was slow down their rush enough to give them a chance to get the ball down the field when they ran the same personel groupings.

Cincinnati doesn't need much help on the offensive line. They are one of the top groups in the league. It was telling to me that they respected the Bills front 7 enough to run these quick hitters to keep the rush away from their quarterback. The linebackers looked very good defending the pass. But a bit suspect tackling. BJGE has a lot of extra yards after initial contact..

We have had 2 weeks to prepare. I would bet the team looked at how Cinci attacked the Bills then went back to see if other teams had used this strategy. I am interested to see if we run a quick screen to open the game. If I could put 10 bucks on a prop bet I would.

JJ, that was Bumphis, not McNutt

DD, I was one of the people hoping the Phins would've snagged Andre Smith from Cincy. He was hanging out there quite a while in free agency.

Folks Tannehill cannot complete a pass from his arse!! We still will win but Tannehill gets murderized I tell ya he's gonna get murdered!

This week we hit 30 sacks after 6 games....aren't we all PROUD Dolfans? Thank Gawd we have Tannehil any other QB would be a basket case!!

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