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Forget Nicks or Gordon trade to replace Gibson

The Dolphins placed wide receiver Brandon Gibson on their injury report Monday evening as having missed practice with a knee injury. That's close to correct seeing as Gibson will miss the remainder of the season with a torn patellar tendon in his knee.

So what will the Dolphins do to replace Gibson?

Will they chase big-name talent in the coming hours as Tuesday is the NFL trade deadline?

Well, don't bank on Miami going out and trading for Hakeem Nicks or Josh Gordon, a source told me Monday afternoon.

The Dolphins are going to conduct wide receiver workouts and sign someone at some point. But because the team plays Thursday night against the Bengals, Rishard Matthews will take Gibson's job as the No. 3 receiver.

And the Dolphins may possibly promote Ryan Spadola from the practice squad to the big roster to bring their wide receiver totals to four for this game. Understand that this move is necessary because both Marvin McNutt and Brian Tyms were signed off the Dolphins practice squad in recent weeks.

Spadola was added to the practice squad Oct. 9. So he's had some time to learn most of the Dolphins offense.

It may be time to prove it.


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we need jake back! his mediocre stats and bloated salary are too good for us no wonder why he left. jerk!

we lost mcnutt and tyms off our practice squad what are we ever going to do now that we don't have these two practice squad quality players! ahhhh! zOMG!


tannehill threw two interceptions and lost a fumble. so did matt barkley. that means? he's as bad as barkley!

If Hakeem Nicks could be had for a third round pick , I'm all for making that move.
After all , with our third rounder this year , we selected . . . Dallas Thomas , whom I'm not sure could start for a Dallas , Texas high school team.

When it's time to see more of Marcus thigpen as a slot receiver??? The guy have the speed to play more... Our coaches are too much conservative as ever.

Play the young guys. Afterall, we're already out of contention. Let's give everyone a contract extension.

The team takes on the personality of the coach and his staff, Coach Philbin is obviously a good person but head coach?
Football is a game of emotion and passion the dolphins though talented (on paper) don't seem to have that winning character, no eye of the tiger. Who are the leaders on offense/defense if you have to think about it for a minute they probaly don't have one. No leader no Tuffness no Tuffness no playoffs. They need to shake things up if only to send the message that loosing is not acceptable, no more positive words It's time for action!!!!!

The curse of the TUNA screwed us over!!

They should get...aw screw it, at this point adding anyone decent would just mess up the draft positioning for the next GM.

From 3-0 to 3-4. God I hate being a Dolphins fan

Put Wallace at slot receiver
his speed and size are better suited to be a slot receiver
He is not working out on the right side and never will. We just do not have 3 seconds to wait to throw him the ball deep - TH will be sacked halfway there
So the only way to get him to catch more balls is to move him to the slot - Otherwise he will not have 15 to 20 balls a game thrown to him - we just do not have the OL to protect TH that long. This is not Big Ben throwing the ball - big and elusive - this is TH he will go down as soon as he is touched. that is reality.
Get a taller stronger wide receiver to play the right side.

Has Pouncey been convicted yet ?

Just get a new GM and we'll see this thing turned aroung. Oh, and a new coach and QB.

You can bring in here the Seattle Seahawks
And this incompetent staff will find a way to
F u c k it all up! Don't you see that? Man what a bunch of homers. This GM and coaching staff are bad don't you guys get it?
WHEN IN THE F U C K are you guys going to accept failure of this incompetent staff when!

I would think we will see more of Thigpen in any kind of four man set. Or even Clay can fill in from time to time. Spadola would be a downgrade over either of these two at this point.

2 yards passing! 2 yards passing, and they ARE STILL WINNING! Teams can win games too, it's not always about the QB. Too bad we don't seem to have a team.

nobody should go to the game on Thursday nite that will show ross.

We need to see Matt Moore before the season is lost. Tanny is now worthless.

Pouncey is a huge jackass. Supporting a murderer showed who he is. Not the sharpest tool in the shed either.

Bring back Chad Bumphis!

Coaching staff is a band of idiots. Watch Sherman's press conference, he's like Elmer Fudd. Looks lost. Dazed and confused was a good song, not so much a good coaching strategy.

Franchise is laughable.

Hahaha no one goes to the games now, why would Thursday be any differrent? The team is already relying on 10,000 sold to opponents fans in order to make Sun Life look half full. Ross knows, will he do anything about it( if this plays out as bad as it looks) is the question I have.


Wallace is a jackass too

if you want Moore how is he going to stay up if our oline stinks he may not fumble but he may get hurt

Wallace hates T-Puke. But Irescum should have learned from Marshall-Henne that a top receiver is useless unless you have a QB.

yes he does I was so mad we blew that lead I took my tanny jersey n donated they suck

Our OL is rated average. Its not bad.

so many idiots, thank God you don't run my team

"WE WILL FIX IT" yeah right!!

okay they r not bad how many sack have they giving up

Jay you sound really stupid. If you want a jack ass look at Dez Bryant.

What team you own? I guarantee probably some fans on here that been around this team since the 70 know more football than Irescum and philbin the clown and his coaches.. Ha ha GO HHHHHEAT THAT'S THE REAL DEAL YOU FOOL!

Ill put Jay's momma out there before I play behind that joke O line.

Love my Canes I'm very proud of them. Long time coming. But won or lose on Saturday they still better than that sorry a s s dolphins!
Canes Heat = greatness. Why multiple championships since the last dolphin super bowl win! Oh I forgot the sorry a s s marlins too!

Why would they trade for a WR, they don't utilize the ones they have. It would be nice for once if the dolphins coachs could get the most out of their players.

Given that the Dolphins pass so much, why did the team not have five WRs on the roster?

Perhaps instead of using almost the entire draft on defense (more on the offense picks below), perhaps Ireland should have got another WR?

A decade ago Wanny drafted a CB when Madison and Surtain were on the roster. He bypassed Drew Brees. Wanny wanted to invest in the team's strength. Nothing was done about correcting the team's weaknesses.

Ireland invested two premium picks in Jordon; in doing so he neglected needs on the OL, WR, and TE.

Yes, Ireland picked a RB who is inactive every week. Yes, he picked an OL who is apparently so bad that he cannot even earn a chance on one of the NFL's worst OL.

Simms may be a good TE one day. He's not being used enough. Clay has played very well, but having two pass catching TEs would help this team.

Except for Jordan and the choking kicker, no rookie plays. It's ironic that the old kicker came back to kick Ireland's tail last week, which pretty much sums up Ireland's lack of competence at his job.

The signing of Louis and Keller hurt the team as both were injury risks that...got injured. Many pointed this out back in the Spring.

Tannehill is looking like a bust with each regressive outing.

Egnew, lest anyone forget, is still a bust.

Finally, Pouncey has some legal concerns. It may be nothing or it may be serious.

Pouncey was picked with the highest pick ever used on a center - at a time when the Dolphins had a screaming need for a QB. Instead of Kaepernick or Dalton, the Dolphins got themselves a center.

Ireland has managed the cap well overall and he is always focused like a laser on DT and DE players. He loves Dallas players so much that even a over-rated prospect like Dallas Thomas got picked in the third round. But his personnel moves have not made the Dolphins a good team. This could the five straight losing seasons with the Dolphins getting worse, not better.

Philbin and his staff messed up with Marshall, Davis, and Smith. Now they are stuck with Wallace (who is a Wide Dropper and not a Wide Receiver). The two drafted CBs must be awful.

Finally, the two new LB 'upgrades' -- why would a GM with a horrid offense spend so much on two players who are not near-superstars.

Irescum has no idea what to do or how to win. Not a clue. Its laughable how totally incompetent he is.

Where's Fiedler when u need him?

Hey, even the Marlins have TWO World Championships in the last 15 years! LOL!

"Supporting a murderer showed who he is."

Damn straight.

Pouncey is a lowlife and a moron.

I hope they find evidence to convict the s.o.b. of gun trafficking.

I'll wear a hat that says "JAIL POUNCEY"


Damn near impossible to root for the Dolphins nowadays.

Dazed and confused was a good song.

Feel sorry for the fools that bought Henne and Tannehill jerseys.

Damn near impossible to root for the Dolphins nowadays.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS JAIL POUNCEY | October 28, 2013 at 11:27 PM

Yeah, they get rid of all their good players and no player stays more than 3-4 years.

Sometimes when I need perspective I come here and listen to the whiny fans cry about the same things over and over. So many morons to laugh at and brighten my day.

The Dolphin coaches and front office are going to go all out to win a few games against the likes of the Bucs, Steelers, Bills and so on in effort to show that this is a team on the rise. All of this has been done before under the Parcells/Ireland circus.

It's all about getting a few million more while doing nothing to improve the team.

Bring Wannstedt back please!!!!

Feel sorry for the fools that bought Henne and Tannehill jerseys.

Posted by: R williams | October 28, 2013 at 11:30 PM

Im think some idiots have both lol

Well, as soon as I no longer have any life at all, I will come back and spend all my free time complaining with you all.

Ross will either fire Ireland or ask Ireland to fire Sherman (or reassign the play calling to someone else) IF the team loses its next two games.

Ross could let losing to the Bengals slide but not losing to the Bucs. Mark my words. Everyone's wish of someone being fired will happen.

The team would be at 3-6 and definitely out of the playoff picture.

The girls don't care who's on the jersey as long as IT and you look good.


Yeah, put Thigpen in the slot. He has the best hands on the Team.

We can only hope that Pouncey has hidden Hernandez's gun in the trunk of Jeff Ireland's car for the cops to find. Perhaps then, Ross would look for a new GM.

Remember when Wanny would run Ricky on 1st, 2nd and 3rd down.

Ryan Tannehill, the worst starting QB in the league?

Hey, odin, where are you?

Wanny was our last good coach...

Hartline has been clutch. He has the best hands. But Rishard was a find. Wallace was a pricey desperation move. He doesn't fit.

Ireland/Philbin will get one more year. This year will be 8-8 at best.

Tannehill will not be benched.

They're going to evaluate his entire season's work to see if there's progress.

Assuming he continues playing as he is now, a QB will be selected in the 1st round next year or a trade for a veteran QB with 3 to 5 years left in the tank.

Posters on this blog need a mental health professional to explain why we care about a team that has not even been relevant in twenty years. Most of us know that Ireland is going to deliver a prototypical product (about 8-8) each year. He's never done anything better.

We heard all year what a great job Ireland has done, but the games show otherwise. This is a team with limited talent in both personnel and coaching - both of whom were selected by the GM.

St. Louis gave that game to Seatle, just like the phins St. Louis passed the ball when they should have run

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