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Forget Nicks or Gordon trade to replace Gibson

The Dolphins placed wide receiver Brandon Gibson on their injury report Monday evening as having missed practice with a knee injury. That's close to correct seeing as Gibson will miss the remainder of the season with a torn patellar tendon in his knee.

So what will the Dolphins do to replace Gibson?

Will they chase big-name talent in the coming hours as Tuesday is the NFL trade deadline?

Well, don't bank on Miami going out and trading for Hakeem Nicks or Josh Gordon, a source told me Monday afternoon.

The Dolphins are going to conduct wide receiver workouts and sign someone at some point. But because the team plays Thursday night against the Bengals, Rishard Matthews will take Gibson's job as the No. 3 receiver.

And the Dolphins may possibly promote Ryan Spadola from the practice squad to the big roster to bring their wide receiver totals to four for this game. Understand that this move is necessary because both Marvin McNutt and Brian Tyms were signed off the Dolphins practice squad in recent weeks.

Spadola was added to the practice squad Oct. 9. So he's had some time to learn most of the Dolphins offense.

It may be time to prove it.


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Nahh, they are going to ride Tannehill out until he goes to Medical School.

Assuming this season heads south, Ross will sell the franchise IF he can still make a profit on the sale.

Nahh, Ireland presented the HCs candidates then Ross selected Philbin.


Can you find out if Sherman will still be doing the play calling on Thursday and beyond?

I tend to agree that Ross will give Ireland and Philbin one more year. I do NOT think this is a good idea, but it's probably what will happen unless Miami finishes 4-12 or worse.

IF Ireland and Philbin get another year, then they will focus only on the OL, DT, LB, and CB positions. The draft (filled with playmaking talent) will be one in which the Dolphins will miss out on many, many, many good players. And 2014 will be an epic failure.

And then, maybe, the seven year rebuilding project will be at an end.

Our front office has to go... We have once again imploded, from a weak coaching staff. Stupid moves by a GM, that couldn't run a High School Team. I don't think Tanahill is our problem. People said all sorts of Crap about Alex Smith, and how Kapernick was the second coming of Christ... How's that worked out this year.. ??? Alex Smith & the Chiefs are 8-0... We have some talent.. But our Hack of a GM can't get a decent O-Line.. Doesn't matter if we had Joe Montana in his Prime.. It doesn't do any good when ur scrambling every play, or on your ass. We need to get Rid of Ross, Ireland.. & go from there... Just my 2cents..

Get chuckie he will get a qb and bill polian I'm sick of this S--T!!!!!!

We can only hope that Pouncey has hidden Hernandez's gun in the trunk of Jeff Ireland's car for the cops to find. Perhaps then, Ross would look for a new GM.

Posted by: Sigh | October 28, 2013 at 11:39 PM

Hahaha ROTFLMFAO..... Sigh, we can only Hope & Pray

Lets tank the rest of the year for Manciel. At least hr can move around and make plays on the run

Hey, 8-8 would be improvement for the hapless Fins.

Hey, 8-8 would be improvement for the hapless Fins.

Posted by: Duck Dynasty | October 29, 2013 at 12:02 AM

So I guess a SB is out of the question haha

I think Sherman was n the booth hmmmmm!

Trade for Brent Celek or MJD? Celek will give our offense more options, and adding MJD would give us a real stud at the RB position. Either way, Tannehill gets more help to take the pressure of him! Will either happen? NO! 9 games left and I am already looking forward to the off-season!

How about kenny britt? I don't imagine he has a high asking price

ray el heat phins fan,

Give it up, Home/FIRE ROSS, etc., etc., etc.

G.ddamn boy! You are a pesky SOB!

I meant to say "moronic" pesky SOB!

Just boycott thursday game. Dont go to the stadium. You'll see the Ross reaction. Or in case you attend, then show your anger by displaying legends demanding Ireland's termination with extreme prejudice.
If we fans dont do something, Ross will keep filling his pockets with our money and giving us a low quality product.

What about Kenny Britt?

It amazes me that some bloggers here fall into Mando's trap?! Does anyone really think and believe that trading for a high-priced FA WR will help this ensemble get to the playoffs?!!? LMFAO!!! Hey, I am an optimistic individual, but also a realist. This coaching staff is FLAWED! Add to that the GM is 2 spoons short of a picnic and has proven it repeatedly for 7 years running. Jeeezzzzz! Does anyone on this blog truly believe in this coaching staff?! Damn! I like a lot of our players and I believe in moving the 2nd stringers off the bench when the 1st stringer goes down. Why do we have 2nd stringers? Why do we develop them? So ee can grasp at FA straws midwsy into the season? There is not 1 FA out yhere that can help turn this "collection" of players into aplayoff team. Coaching is sub-par. Am I the only fan that sees this?

If they lose the game Thursday night and look half as interested in playing than they did in the first half of the Bills game I will be convinced that this team has quit on the coaching staff. The signs are already there, no motivation, no fire. just going through the motions. I could see it creeping up after the field goal dinged off of the upright Sunday.

This is not the first time I have seen this happen and it wasn't to long ago. The older members of this blog will know what I am talking about.

This coaching staff has no personality and are like blobs of clay. The GM is well...the GM...lol These coaches need to find a way to get this team interested again or they may find themselves out the door. Even Ross can't be that blind or stupid, can he?

Lamar Miller, Dion Jordan, Charles Clay looked pretty good yesterday.


Business as usual in todays NFL. Cleary the league doesnt respect Ross or Philbin.

I don't think the league cares one way or the other about the teams as along as there are truck loads of cash moving in and out of Los Vega every weekend. Gambling on professional sports should be outlawed all together. There is no integrity in sports anymore, hasn't been in a very long time.

Horrible non calls got New cheatland back in that game. Everytime miami stopped a drive in the second half, a flag came out of nowhere. Bogus pass interference on jimmy wilson? I believe, a blatant push off that wasnt called that got ne a 1st down on 3rd and long, and tipping the football call on that fumble was a joke. Vernon tried to recover it and just missed. Philbin blew up on a ref and dude just laughed in philbins face . Ridiculous plain and simple. Sherman thinks he is mike martz calling pass after pass.

Ireland, Philbin and rest of staff must go!

It is telling that the fans are calling out ghe coaching staff a 1/3 of the wsy into year 2. Spo' didn't catch it until latd in year 3. At least he showed emotion one way, or another. I don't want to hear the Belichick comparison. He has an excellent staff, he trusts in his 2nd stringers and with inferior talent, he just out-schemes the competition. When we get a smarter staff (gawd, Sherman is awful!) and a better GM (Marino is available Ross. He would sell seats and there is NO WAY he does s worse job!), maybe we climb out of a decade+ slide.

Fire goodell. He is almost as bad as the kenyan in the white house as far as destoying an institution/country. The goodficials cost us at least 13 points against crafts creeps.

Spo's mumbo jumbo pressers doomed him. He was just as bad as Nick Satans
psycho babble.
Cameron was a idiot and Wandstedt even sucked in college.

Cut wallace and sign kathleen sebelius. They both suck, but at least sebelius can blame it on bush.

I hope that the First Half of Sundays game is indicative of how the O-Line will play out.

I posted how I believed Big Mac's presence will have a bigger impact than most realize. How McKinnie will actually allow us to upgrade TWO very important spots. I still believe it and I think we got a good glimpse of what we have coming.

Jerry is still a gigantic liability. If you recorded the game, watch him on our very FIRST run play. His assignment was the same as on Sherman's legendary 3rd and inches call two weeks ago. Fresh as can be, second play of the game, Jerry whiffs big time and his guy makes the tackle for a loss.

Ireland and Philbin seriously screwed up in trying to count on the guys we started the season with. Ireland could have and should have done a bit more for the O-Line in the off season. As it is, they pretty much cost us our season. Clabo basically being responsible for two losses. I hate blaming a single player for anything in a team sport like football. But in Clabo's case, it was pretty obvious.

At least now, McKinnie looks like he can still play the game and Martin is already grading out well above Clabo. Tannehill strangely had some time in the pocket and our run game looked almost decent. And like I predicted, this in turn helped our defense.

All these knee jerk reactions aside, we have to pick up the pieces and move on to Cincinnati. No easy feat, but getting a win here will be huge and it will be the first step in getting our season back on track.

We have two options. We fold up and pack it in or we come out with a vengeance and punch the bengals squarely in the mouth. This is no time for the squeamish little cry babies. We have our back against the wall, it's crunch time and our entire season hangs in the balance.

I'm predicting we smash Cinci in a hard fought, low scoring affair! 4-4 here we come! You heard it here FIRST!!!!


WR; What does Miami need a receiver for when they have T-hill who will just overthrow the ball or fumble it away. I heard that Ireland is looking to trade up in the draft for 2015 and get a defensive end because by then Cameron will be out of his prime. Go find those acorns Jeff, he will find value I'm sure. Miami can wait for T-hill to develop before thinking playoffs under Jeff's new five year plan...

Ireland would never dream of squandering a draft pick to get an adequate replacement. He'll get the cheapest option he can find that will add no value to the team. Then he'll take that pick he could have used to acquire someone of value and use to select someone else worthless who will sit on the roster for years until they are unceremoniously cut.

Odinseye.....I like it. You are absolutely right, this team needs to show that they can overcome adversity. Not many teams go upto Foxboro and beat the Pats. But the Fins are coming off two really tough losses that should have been victories.

If Philbin is right, that his lockeroom is filled wtih high character guys then they should focus on their pride and get themselves ready for a war with the Bengals. That team is riding a high and can easily overlook the Fins this week. This Fins team needs to rally and look to execute on all sides of the ball for sixty minutes.

They do that and they can pull out a win. They don't and lose at home an drop to 3-5 and this team is likely doomed for the balance of the year.

I look at THILL's stats and can fully understand why so many fans are calling him a bust.

But when I see this kid getting killed with some brutal sacks (several against the Pats there we completely unblocked blitzing defenders with free shots at him) and then see him suit up the following game never pointing blame at his line....I have to respect his courage and his determination.

When I see a $60mill WR dropping passes that hit him square in the #11 printed on his jersey I have to wonder who is really helping this young QB be successful.

When I see an offensive coordinator abandon the running game and unable to adjust to blitzing defenders, I have to question who is helping this young QB be successful.

When I see fans placing complete blame on this kid I have to question if they really understand the game of football. I also have to ask them to go suit up and stand behind this piss poor offensive line and take the hits he takes each and every week. I really just don't see the 4 losses being all of his fault.

I just don't see Matt Moore coming in and doing any better. I just don't see Alex Smith taking the same beating every week and doing any better. The reality is that successful QB's are protected well and have several weapons who consistently make plays. I just don't see THILL having that support at all.

Why is Nolan Carroll doing anything on this team other than playing on special teams?

Our general manager is terrible. Lets recap just this seasons terrible mistakes. number one-letting Jake Long go without a suitable replacement. number two- reggie bush. number three- it seems like we had a talented group of up and coming receivers to try and develop when the season started, ie Chad Bumphis, Tyms, and McNutt. now someone gets hurt and theres no one there. Fireland...please. Its been hard to be a Dolphins fan this last decade. Im so so tired of "losing" football.

I agree with JPAO 06:13, RT is not the reason this team is tanking. Tom Brady, Drew Brees, any top notch QB can't win behind this line. Big Mac did make a difference, but we abandoned the max protect and NE took advantage of it.

What I can't understand is that we hardly ever do any edge blitzes to the weak side. Every time we blitz it's right up the middle with a LB that gets stonewalled by a OLman. We never take advantage of a mismatch on the outside, and if we do bring an edge blitz it's usually to the strong side or to the side the RB is lined up on and we don't get the QB with it.

We should have been hounding Brady all day with the blitz from all different angles on every play, and on 3rd down we should have sent the house after him. You can rattle him he does not like getting hit at all. But no we took it easy on him, the only pressure he felt in the second half was which open guy to throw it to.

But I'm not letting RT completely off the hook, when it was clear that a LB was lined up on the weak side, outside the DE but on the LOS, it's the QB's job to recognize the possible blitz and either change the coverage, or check out of the play called and take advantage of the blitzer by possibly throwing a screen to that side, or setting the RB over to that side to help out with the rush.

NE did just that a couple of times and RT paid the price for it. When there are 3 defenders rushing from the side of the OL that only has 2 blockers bad things will happen to your QB unless he recognizes it.

When I see the results Seattle is getting with a third round pick at quarterback compared with the results we are getting with a first rounder (8th overall),it makes my blood boil! It has to be coaching and Tannehill will nevr develope under the present staff,IMO. The kid is smart,athletic,good arm and size. There is no reason that he can't be a really good QB,but not with the coaching he is getting. Sad

since our practice squad got poached why don't we poach someone elses, like say the Saints or Broncos?
They gotta have some 'acorns' stashed for Jeffy to grab.

Didn't FIRELAND state he had picks and money. He picked his nose and spent the money on Baileys.

Sherman is a dork, and was spooning philbin 30 years ago to get this job. Both of them are being out coached each week and schooled by Hoodie! Philbin looks like a child molester (boys). For Gods sake they can't even teach these guys how to run a screen!!!! Everytime a player proves he can play we trade him away or let him walk.
I'm done with these queeens!
Go Heat!

Mando: Rashad Matthews is not a bad option. I like what I have seen from him. He has good hands, runs nice routs and has some power in his run after he catches the ball. I also think that Dion Sims should have a bigger roll catching the ball. I've been saying for weeks now to split him off the line of scrimage or put him in motion and match him up against the smallest D Back and throw him the ball 6 or 7 times a game and see what happens. Gibson was good for us but I believe we have players who can step up if givin the shot. Philbin dosen't utilize his roster to its fullest extent.

Why would they bother with some "big name" receiver? This is another lost season already and Irelands idea of a stud receiver is Wallace. Oh wait, what was I thinking ... it's because Ireland is still the GM.

The Rams WRs are as effective as the Dolphins,,,,both are ineffective.
Lets continue with the 13 games losing streak, lose #5 in a row will occur this Thursday night. Luckily the game will be blacked out for local viewers, not to worry my wife and I will play a great round of Monopoly, its more fun to play then to watch.

Bengal 44, Dolphins 10

Hey Mondo where is "whats his name" and the five reasons why the Dolphins will beat the Bengals ??? I laugh so hard at those articles....

We can win this game Thursday, hey look we have been losing, but at least the games have been close and really could have went either way. If the refs called that game fair , i think we could have won some much in football is about momentum and especially with this team, when they are rolling like in the first half against the pats they are really good, but they just don't have bounce back after adversity like a playoff team has or a championship team has , they played that way against the colts and falcons but they have been folding as of late, maybe they need a visit from Tony Robbins or something to get them to be intense the whole game and fight back after something goes wrong. There is enough talent still on this team to get it done , but we will need much better coaching especially in the second half of games the Dolphins don't make any adjustments while the other teams do, and lastly Tannehill has to play better or nothing else matters we will lose, maybe every game if he keeps turning the ball over this has to stop.

Rishard Matthews will do very well. He probably has the best hands out of the receivers. One thing for sure is this team misses devon bess. Trading for a receiver is useless, because this coaching staff does not know how to utilize the talent on the roster. Any of these players go to the patriots and watch them blossom. They do not know how to develop players. Wallace is going to get paid no matter what, but they are too stubborn to put him in his natural role, which is a support receiver to stretch the field, he is not a primary receiver. He has proven he can only catch deep balls, he cannot catch straight hard throws. So they sacrifice the offense to force a guy to play in a position he is not built for. Like I said he is getting paid no matter what, they need to do what is best for the team.

I think that Tannehill needs to improve on pocket awareness and needs to understand that when they stack up the box with so many guys scrap the long developing plays and go with quick screens or check downs to the RB's...I don't understand that.

Just get another lineman for the offense. Our WRs are not an issue.

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